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Originally Posted by Blonhrt88 View Post

Oh damnit. Everyone's getting BFP's and leaving! I better get mine this month! I want to stay with you all!

I'm so early. Nothing but a bunch of tacky cm and sore nipples. Typical pre AF. Grrrrrr! She better stay away.
I'm feeling the same way!! I don't want everyone to leave so I need a BFP greensad.gif
Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post


These are so bad@$$! Why are they not available in the USA?
Ummmm excuse me, US?!? We're supposed to get cool products too! I want!
Originally Posted by katiecornflakes View Post

Ok I think I am crazy an am obsessing over an evap only to be disappointed. Tell me I'm nuts and go to bed already you are not pregnant.

FRER from this morning, out of the package, from the front


From the back

Too gray. Evap right??
I see a littl pink but I am on my phone greensad.gif keep trying dear!

Dahlia, I never gave you a real congrats I don't think but yay congrats!!!

Danielle I am glad you're feeling better!

AFM I finally got to sleep in today but the weather is HORRIBLE! So windy and a snow and ice mix. Yuck. I had some cramping last night that woke me up- 5-6 DPO would be about right for implantation I suppose. But I am really not trying to look into this too much so I don't go tooooo crazy! Did anyone else have leg cramps this early? I was having calf cramping but I don't know if I am just imagining it.
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Sereynd, thanks for the link. I'll keep that in mind for next week!

Katie, I hope it's not an evap for you! I have gotten many of those in the past, with a late period. Talk about frustrating.

Dahlia I hope your results come soon to ease your mind wink1.gif

Cindylu and Danielle, I hope I can join you over in the dd club!

So just to clear up, am I the only one we are waiting on to test? No pressure, no pressure. Lol.
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I have a week.....
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I haven't even O'd yet...looks like I will be heading to the February TWW!
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I'm waiting till Monday or Tuesday I think.... if AF hasn't arrived by then that is. That would be 12/13 DPO.

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Good luck to everyone waiting to test!! The tww sucks! I hope it goes fast for you guys :)


I'm staring at my tests, waiting for word from the doctor. I'm so nervous. Here is a pic of my test with yesterdays fmu on top, and today's fmu on bottom. Does it look good to you guys?



I just want to know for sure tha my hormones are doing what they're supposed to! ugh!

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15dpo today still no sign of AF Woohooo!! Ive been fighting my urge to test early and me and my DH have decided to test after im a week late, so i wont be testing until next tues, or wed sometime. Good luck to all of the remaining testers. O yea dont know if it means anything but i puked my stomach up after taking my prenatal this morn, it was awful but i loved every minute lol. Have awesome thursdays ladies!!!
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Wow Nova! Amazing will power right there haha! I can barely wait when it's a week before my missed period lol. Good Luck, I hope your upset stomach was a result of a little baby getting cozy!

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Dahlia your FMU from today looks so much darker!!
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I agree, way darker. Perfect!
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Thanks jj, I'm a bundle of nerves! How are you doing? I had leg cramps on 11dpo, but it was more upper thigh/butt area lol. I also think I implanted late. I'm pretty sure that's why  I was so uncomfortable at 11dpo. Which also lines up with the darkness of my tests, I guess. Anyway, I'm rambling a little haha. I hope what you felt was implantation!

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Aw thank you guys, I feel like I could cry. I don't know what I'd do without all the support here <3

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loving this thread! and dying to test as a result! today is 10dpo for me, but i've wasted both my tests on 8 and 9dpo (figures) and now my car's in the shop. feeling quite pre-menstrual, like somethings going on in the ol' uterus--off and on heavyness, twinges, but of course it could be AF gearing up to show.

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Thanks Dahlia, you and the other mamas on this thread give me hope. Thank you girls for all of your support:)
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dahlia, i keep looking at your tests. theys perty. :)

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Ladyelms, "the ol' uterus" hahaha love it. I hope your twinges turn into a bfp!! I didn't get mine until 13 dpo, so don't lose hope :)

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Thanks Ladyelms, I hope my little noodle stays put. I had an early loss last month, so my husband and I are on edge. These tests look wayyy better than last months, though. And I'm glad they're getting darker each day. It keeps me from panicking!


I just talked to my doctor's office, and my damn blood test results won't be in til tomorrow morning! It's because I also had my progesterone and a few random things that the doctor checked off on the sheet tested too. At least I'll also know my progesterone levels are normal. But I want to know now!! haha. Oi.

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Dahlia yours tests are looking fantastic! So excited you have a sticky little noodle in there! We are lucky herein nz you are able to get bloodwork done in the morning and results in the afternoon.

Nova, I take my hat off to you I tested on cd21 cause I have no self control and just needed to know. Thank goodness it was positive. Hope this week goes fast for you so you can test.

AFM- now the whole household is sick, both boys are very grumpy especially mr2 and we have school starting on Monday. And we're dog sitting for the next week. Nearly Friday for you ladies! Lots of neat things happening around here! Keep the BFP's coming!
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So, I tested this morning: negative. I am choosing to believe that means that the second candidate for ovulation was the correct one, and I'm only 11 dpo.  I had a little spotting and cramping all day yesterday, but this morning my temp was high and there was still nothing more than light spotting.  In all my previous cycles, my temp has dropped drastically before any spotting shows up, so I'm going to hang onto hope.  I got a box with two tests in it, so I'll test again in 3-4 days, provided matters stay looking hopeful.


Dahlia - good luck! I am hoping for the best for you :)


Nova - I'd really wanted to wait, but the suspense just got to me, lol.  Good luck :)

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Dahlia, your tests look good! I've been testing every day too, to make sure my tests are getting darker. So far so good! FX!

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