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52 Project Challenge, 2013

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Here we are! Anyone going to join me for this year?

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I am in :)


My first project is going to be organizing my sewing room.  I need to find room for my sewing machine and serger to be side by side and find some place for DD's new sewing machine.  

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I am going to commit to 12.  Sis is having a baby in April so I want to get a blanket and x-stitch bibs done.  I still owe DS a blanket from xmas.   52 overwhelms me and I get failure every year.   I am saying 12 this time.

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I think I will try again.Last year I made the mistake of separating Christmas presents from the 52 and that just doesn't seem realistic for me right now.

So my list so far :

1.clean up my making space(FINISHED)
2.wool hot pads(FINISHED)
3.mittens for my girl(FINISHED)
4.a blanket for Stanely the stuffed dog(FINISHED)
5.a hat for me?
6.bag for friend(FINISHED)
7.mug rugs(FINISHED)
8.wool barrette (FINISHED)
9.bass bag(FINISHED)
10.sweater blanket for my girl(FINISHED)
11.shark towel
12.hot mitt(FINISHED)
13.sweater blanket(FINISHED)
14.lap blanket for MIL(FINISHED)
15.trick or treat bag(FINISHED)
16.family cloth(FINISHED)
17.pay it forward for A
18.pay it forward for H?
19.pay it forward for R
20.pay it forward for H(FINISHED)
21.pay it forward for C(FINISHED)
22.valentine garland(FINISHED)
24.valentines for the swap(FINISHED)
25.lip balm holders(FINISHED)
26.doll bib(FINISHED)
27.pet pillow to donate(FINISHED)
28.doll chair pouf thingy(FINISHED)
29.felt thingy for us(FINISHED)
30.dress a girl around the world(FINISHED)
31.new slippers(FINISHED)
32.valentine for my husband(FINISHED)
33.skirt for my girl(FINISHED)
34.dragon tail(FINISHED)
35.more hot pads(FINISHED)
36.band dolls(FINISHED)
37.cousin gift(FINISHED)
38.photo collage(FINISHED)
39.dog bed for my Aunty(FINISHED)
40.doll clothes and shoes(FINISHED)
41.doll jammas and socks(FINISHED)
42.pants for me(FINISHED)
43.wool beer coasters(FINISHED)
44.pillows for my girl(FINISHED)
46.headband for B(FINISHED)
47.super hero stuff for Z(FINISHED)
50.bubble wands(FINISHED)
52.fox scarf(FINISHED)

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I'm in too. I include holiday/birthdays in my 52. Now I just have to figure out what is up with my right thumb.
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I'm in again :) I don't know what Ill be doing yet but Ill be working on a few things.


January's goals:

DD1's birthday(Jan 29Th)- jean skirt, stuffed horse, hat/scarf

DS's birthday(Feb 4)- stuffed monster, monster sweater (maybe, I might buy one if I can find one cheap enough),

Household items: a travel jewelry case, kindle case and purse

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I am in!  I have big plans this year and I'm bound and determined to keep much better track.  Like taking pictures of everything I finish so I can actually show people and not just tell them what I make.  I have even cast on the first knitting project for this year.  I am 6 rows into a "In Three's" for my niece for her birthday in may.  I actually hope to have it finished this month.  And I started the quilt we are giving DH's Aunt for her wedding present.  Another project I would like to finish this month, before my next quilt guild meeting would be nice. 

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I'm in! I hope to keep better TRACK this year as I'm sure I did do the 52...I just didn't note them down efficiently so I couldn't remember what I did LOL 


I have many UFO's lying around I'd like to FINISH! 



HALF DONE 1. NB diapers I cut for baby who is now 18 mos old, but I ought to finish and either sell/gift/donate.

DONE 2. Boxers I cut for the now toddler as we're working on PL'ing. 

3. Adding snaps to some diapers that need converted with blown out velcro. Either use/gift. 



New Projects

DONE 1. 75 Felt Fortune Cookies (Must be done before 1/5! So this is top priority this week!) 

DONE but now needs Xmas jammies 2. PJ's for the babe

3. 2 Pettiskirts for surro-daughters

4. Cape for surro-son

DONE 5. Duvet cover for babe.

DONE 6. Curtains for boy's room.

7. Curtains for my sewing room/office. (Half done!)

8. Curtains for my bedroom.

DONE 9. Knit a hat for my brother. (About 1/2 done. Finished...but it didn't fit...monster head guy....so I need to redo!)

DONE 10. Working on making headphone cords untangleable.

DONE! 11. New cover for high chair. 

DONE 12. Prayer Flags

13. hanging wet bag for kitchen

DONE! 14. get tiny hat pattern written and scanned for teeny tears


All year kind of things that are really sort of 'one' project for each thing.

DONE! 1. Sew at least 200 sets of diapers for Teeny Tears donation (nearly there as of Feb!)

DONE! 2. Replacement family cloth/unpaper towels for kitchen as some of ours need retired.



Overall GOALS for the year relating to craftiness! 

1. Sew at least 2 somethings a month to put on etsy (and then actually do it!) (Feb....sewed...but not doing great at getting them up! Nov update....I don't know that I've done it each month, more in fits and starts, but I have 100 items listed--yay me!)

DONE....but I think I made 300 more! 2. Get at least 25 UFO's finished (I have probably 5 times that many....I love to over cut/prep and am unrealistic about how much I can ACTUALLY get done with a toddler.) (Done a handful...working!....done a few more....definitely up to 25....I'm going to keep on trucking!! As of April, over 75....sadly many more to go!)

DONE and still doing but nothing quilted yet!! 3. Attend at least 3 Quilt/Craft Club meetings a month and actually make something 'quilted' (I've been a quilt loser, but still go to club as it's 'crafty/sewing' too LOL). (Made the meetings so far...nothing quilty yet! Still nothing quilty....still making the meetings!)



01 01.07 Fortune Cookies

02 01.19 Reusable Shopping Bags Child Size

03 01.19 Grocery Sack Stuffers (6)

04 01.21 Teeny Tears Diapers

05 02.10 PUL backed bibs

06 02.23 Duvet Cover Baby

07 02.23 Curtains Boys Room

08 02.23 Curtain Office

09 03.09 Layette Set

10 03.19 Sashay Scarf

11 04.06 High Chair Cover

12 04.17 Lots of UFOs

13 04.22 Cord Keepers

14 04.23 Prayer Flags 

15 05.05 Teeny Tears Hats

16 05.23 Boxer Briefs

17 05 28 Pull Over 

18 06 11 Garage Sale 

19 06 22 Stroller Repair

20 06 23 Chew Buddies 

(I actually did these over the summer....but didn't come back to post everything until November!)

21 Family Cloth

22 Chew Buddy

23 Chew Buddy

24 Infant and Preemie Hats

25 Wipes

26 Spinny Pinny

27 Boxers

28 More Wipes and Lots of 'em 

29 Another baby gift hat

30 Wipes again

31 Another Spinny Pinny in smaller size

32 Hat baby gift 

33 Training pants

34 Tiny Infant Hats for Service Organization 

35 Christmas PJ's and Boxers 

36. More Boxer Briefs


Note to self to photo PJ's, wipes, and more recent projects.

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Marking my space.  I WILL do 52 this year.  It's my resolution to work through my craft stash...

1 - Mr. Rogers/wee little stitches piece for C's school (1/6/13)
2 - LOVE magnets (1/16/13)
3 - Valentine bookmark for C (1/16/13)
4 - Valentine bookmark for G (1/22/13)
5 - C's class valentines (2/6/13)
6 - G's class valentines (2/6/13)
7 - C's valentine skirt - hemmed with felt heart added (2/10/13)
8 - LOVE magnets for K (2/19/13)
9 - K magnet (2/19/13)
10 - handmade birthday invitations for C (2/28/13)
11 - dessert table banner (3/7/13)
12 - name game for party (3/7/13)
13 - bench cushion (3/21/13)
14 - foyer wall (3/25/13)
15 - Kid Craft Night - canvas paintings (10 kids) (5/17/13)
16 -Troop Organizer files are organized!! (6/13/13)
17 - Troop Organizer party supplies are decluttered and organized (7/3/13)
18 - landscaping (got rid of 97 pavers and moved all the lava rock to better places in the yard, mulched the five trees) (7/4/13)
19 - t-shirt bag for shopping (7/18/13)
20 - Kid Craft Night - accordion books for Dad (8 kids) (7/24/13)
21 - 40 day decluttering challenge (7/24/13)
22 - guided the troop and moms through sit-upons (7/27/13)
23 - 14 Brownie shirts into bags (8/1/13)
24 - GS recruiting board (8/21/13)
25 - sew starter badges on Brownie sash (8/21/13)
26 -
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Finished one!A set of wool hot pad.
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I'm in - only I'm not separating my holiday stuff from my projects, because usually they are one and the same. I've got an excel spreadsheet that now has 84 items on it... duh.gif :help


So I guess I can pick and choose a bit. The UFOs on the list will get top priority over other projects. So first on my list is sewing my kitchen curtains! I've got the fabric, now I just need to decide if I'm doing tab curtains like I did in the living room (See the Handmade Holidays 2013 thread for pics), or if I'm going a different style. I want to push myself with sewing...so I guess I've answered my own question. Dear god...I need coffee or sleep.


Here's my ENTIRE list:



Finish cross stitch on Robbie's quilt
Make curtain holders from driftwood
Sew Christmas tree skirt
Create Thanksgiving tablecloth
Make beanbags and tossing hole table
Make placemats from Sara's artwork
Finish garden cross stitch
Kids apron for Sara
Finish and seal Sara's time capsule
Finish and seal Robbie's time capsule
Recipe in jars gifts
Sew more family cloth wipes
Hankies, w/ embroidery
Make party banners for Robbie
Make party banners for Sara
Paint bedroom
Felt wool food
Knitted mason jar holder
Firewood Tote
Finish Sara's baby book
Work on Robbie's baby book
Christmas pjs for everyone
Photo books for Mom
Curtains for living room
Frame painting in Sara's playroom
Repaint living room
Repair braided rugs
Garden markers
Paint bathroom
Crochet 100 Flower Scarf
Finish flower prints for living room
Paint kids room
Make info center poster thingy for kids
Make snack bags
Reorganize closets
Make menu/shopping lists for 3 months
Look up bean recipes
Empty last totes in bedroom
Take stuff back to owners/Goodwill
Create a photo backup on disc for firesafe
Start work on Birthing Mothers stuff
Do budget/DOLP worksheet
Make resolutions list
Make meal plan from freezer inventory
Coffee cup cozy
Dream Pillows
Knitted party bunting
Dishclothes/towels for Mom
Dishclothes for us
Stupid Creature
Mason Jar Candle Holder (Hanger)
Star Garland
Cover lampshades w/ homemade paper
Finish cloth pads for me and Mom
Make scarves
Mitten warmers
Sew up some pretty aprons for me to wear
Make salve blends
Birdseed ornaments for outdoors
Christmas tree ornaments
Embroidery fairies 
Birch Tree Hearts Picture Frame
Snack napkins
Knitted Swiffer covers
ABC book
Vanilla extract
Make scented sachets 
Wrap skirt for me
Nightie for me
Chili Salt
Homemade Mascara
Do felted chicken kit
Make curtains for the kitchen and bedrooms
Make clay tiles for mantle and stairs
Waldorf style wood platform thing/fairy house
Wood burn elements markers in backyard
Make tea bags
Personalized key chain
White clay ornaments
Sugar scrubs
Print, matte, and frame 6 LR pictures

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I finished number two!!A sweater/blanket for Stanley the stuffed dog.This project was not very labor intensive but it's the type of thing that I would tell my daughter we could make and then just put it off.So glad to have got it done!

Triana,you are organized!
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1/52 done. A wraparound baby apron/pinafore thing, for my friend's upcoming baby shower.


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So sweet Smokering!

My daughter had one like that when she was a baby and I loved it.
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I'm in.  


I'm going to count the cloth masks I made for DS yesterday (well fixed them as I actually made them on the 31st! but they didn't work well so I had to alter them yesterday)  1/52

I'm making a sweater vest for my friend.  Her birthday is 1/25 so I need to get that finished asap.  I had some nice long knitting days when we were driving to IL's but now we are home and I haven't picked it back up.

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Wow Trina- that gives me panic.. you are gonna be busy ;)

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LOL - I am so scatterbrained that if I didn't have it all written out like that, I'd forget it ever existed. I've crossed of and made red the projects I've completed (since Christmas) but I'm only taking points for the kitchen curtains since they are the only ones I've done in 2013.


@Zebra - I have 84 things on my list, but I figured I'd put everything on, that way I can pick and choose what 52 projects I want to do this year. Some things have a deadline, some don't.


So - 1/52!!


My new kitchen curtains:






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Can I count canning?  Good!  I am finally canning some turkey and pork that has been hanging out in my freezer waiting for my attention.  I have 5 quarts of turkey done and 7 quarts of pork ready to go.  It feels good to get this done but I still have more pork to do...  Probably a good 40#s more...  maybe tomorrow I can get that done.




I should add on kitchen rugs to my list- don't care exactly what they are or how they get there....  Our puppy just ate a hole through one of mine and lets face it- they were on their last leg anyway...

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Me!  I'm in!  I was thinking about this thread a couple days ago.  I participated in one 2 years ago?  Or was it last year?  I lost track though and stopped posting, I think I made it about half way.  Anyway last year was crazy busy, with getting my degree, and moving several hundred miles, and having a new baby, and now that that's all over, and my postpartum body is in serious need of clothing that fits and is boob-accessible, I have a serious crafting itch!  Not going to bother making a list of all my grandiose plans, because I just want to get on with the making!  Can't wait to see all your creations!

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iowaorganic: Canning meat? Gosh, you're brave! I'm too nervous even to can fruit! (I really should - a woman at church wants to teach me, and even lent me some Mason jars, which make lovely vases, but haven't seen any more productive use...) How does your meat turn out when canned? I can't quite picture it. Do you use it for casseroles and stews, or eat it straight, or...?



Not going to bother making a list of all my grandiose plans, because I just want to get on with the making!

That's the spirit! And I hear you on the need for breastfeeding-accessible clothes. I like dresses, and dresses have actually been cute and available for the first time in my life, these past few years... and I haven't been able to wear one of them. Grrrr. I've determined to make myself at least 6 garments this year, to get myself over the "sewing for grownups is scary" mindset.

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