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I finished my sweater!  I was so excited, I snapped an awkward selfie in my in-laws very orange bathroom, lol.



I wanted a sweater I could breastfeed in and that was casual enough to throw over my pj's.  I think this will do nicely.  I do wish the body was a bit longer, but not enough to do anything about it!



My dress is still being obstinate.  The directions for the collar were not helpful in actually getting the thing to go in nicely.  Instead of laying close to my neck, it flares out from it.  Dh said it looks like something out of the matrix.  I didn't discover the problem until I had already secured it in with the facing and serging, and understitching, and everything.  I was in denial for a while over it, but finally started picking it out today.  I worked with my seam ripper for an hour, and it's still not done.  Here is the offending collar. 




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Angelorum, that sweater's awesome! I LOVE that colour. In fact, I spent about an hour today in the fabric store trying to find material that colour so I could make a dress. No luck (grr). If I were a better (read: remotely competent) knitter, I'd make one just like that. The buttons ad cables and everything - gorgeous!


I kinda like the Matrix collar look... which isn't too helpful now you've started ripping it out, now is it? :p The dress looks like it'll be neat, though! How BF-friendly is it? Is is double-breasted? Is the fabric stretchy? I've been wanting to make a dress with a double-breasted bodice for awhile, but I can't figure out how to do it so I can BF on both sides, unless I make the whole dress double-breasted (ie with buttons all down the skirt, not an unbroken waistband), and even then, wouldn't I have to unbutton it to unseemly depths in order to get at the "wrong" breast? Nursing clothes are a pain....


I went to a 40%-off-all-fabric sale today. :) My little sister chose the fabrics for the winter coat I'm making her, and I also got two coordinating quilting cottons for an autumn dress for DD; 8 metres (!) of slightly stretchy dark brown wool-look checky fabric, with which I plan to make an awesomely awful full-skirted winter dress; and some BUTTONS for DD's top. Finally. I bought some perfectly good buttons the other day and then made the buttonholes too small, academic whiz that I am, and had looked EVERYWHERE for slightly smaller ones. These aren't perfect, but they'll do. And then I can tick off another project! I haven't dared to see how far behind I am. What should we be up to this week?

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Yeah, the collar looks less awkward in the picture than it does in person I think.  I tried to rationalize it for a while, but I think I would just end up not wearing the dress because of the weird collar, and I don't want to waste all the work and fabric. 


The dress won't be the greatest for nursing, at least on my left breast.  I should be able to manage feeding on the right without too much trouble.  The fabric is all wool, no stretch.  The bodice is only doubled up for a couple inches at the button band.  So, not really double breasted.  I'll likely only wear it for a few hours at church and then take it off as soon as I get home, at least while my little guy is still small.  If I have to feed on my left side while I'm there I can go to the mother's lounge.  Lately he's been so distracted I have to go there to feed him anyway, if I try and feed him in the meeting, he just cranes his head around looking at everyone, while I start spraying milk in his face. 


Maybe you could get a double breasted sort of look with a center panel that buttoned onto the rest of the bodice up both sides?  You would have the center panel overlapping on both sides, instead of just one, but it might not turn out too weird looking.  And I agree, nursing clothes are a pain.  I miss the days when I didn't have to consider nipple-accessibility when selecting clothing. 

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Ok- this is a bad pic (I had to take the camera away from DD who wanted to photograph my messy room rather than the cardigan)- but it is a Burda Style lace cardigan.  I actually made this one for me and a matching one for my sister.  I also made myself a hot pink one as well.  Ignore the lime green tank.  I wore it for Easter with a dark denim maxi skirt and a white tank.  The buttons are silver sparkle and I have a sparkle skinny belt to go with it too.  I did the hot pink one first and made it according to the size chart.  Well it is a little too fitted- this one is about perfect and I made it much bigger...  




These are thrummed bunny slippers.



This is a burlap bag I made for my mom for her bday.



I made 4 of these hobo style bags with various red linings.  Actually 3 hobos and mine is a cross body.  I love it.  I love it so much it made sense to buy coordinating shoes.  And the combo- so cute :)  




This is a little bit of decorating I did for Easter.  this is my old stove that I used for a year when we moved here and were too broke to buy a real stove.  Then one day we were less broke and bought a gas one.  This one is wood and awesome but too much work.  I love it and didn't want to sell it so it sat in this corner collecting homeschool crap for a long time until I decided to make it pretty.  Burlap cover (because I have it oiled and covered with heavy plastic to keep from rusting) and the oil pitcher is from my husband's shop as is most of the "industrial elements".  My favorite is the gas can on the oak cabinet.  I have more random junk for the wall- but individually they are all really cool items that still work.  I also faked out my neighbor on the flowers- she totally thought they were real.  In fact she smelled them and commented on how great they smelled.  Hehehe.  It is a rose candle.  I feel pretty darn clever.  yet annoyed because I never go to walmart and that is where the flowers and candle are from and I am in love with that candle scent and will have to go buy them out of it.


So that is what I have been up to.  I am currently making my girls coordinating tunics for spring- just trying to figure out the details since I am changing up some patterns.  I am also working on my tiered skirt- and decided I would like a hot pink lace skirt that would match my girls' easter dresses my mom made.  Already have the perfect pattern in mind for that.  I am supposed to be making a king size quilt for my neighbor in exchange for babysitting but I need to actually think out the measurements before I order fabric.  Ohh I forgot.  I also am going to make one of my friends the same white lace cardigan.  And I have a couple of baby dresses planned for my baby...


 Holy Amazing dresses!  Beautiful for all!  I wish I could go to an actual fabric store that wasn't like JoAnns or Hobby Lobby.

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Finally Project 6 completed - Princess Turret for my newly born niece Leyna. She arrived April 2. It is going to hang over her bed to provide an extra layer of darkness for her to sleep in. She has a round crib, so the fabric is gathered so it will expand around the outside of the crib perimeter. It turned out so cool.  I can't wait to take photos of it in the house where it is going. I used a 24 inch quilting hoop to connect the cone shaped part to the "circular curtain portion". There is dark pink batik on the inside of the turret and the Michael Miller pink Giraffe love fabric on the outside.  Thankfully my brother was able to stand on a stool to hold the thing up, because it really needs to be connected to the ceiling.


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lilac- you have created what I imagine will be a magical room for your little niece!  I would love to see pictures of it all together :)

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Made a new cover for our hand-me-down high chair. The plasticy one that came with it had to be covered with a towel or it grabbed at his legs/clothes. I'm really happy with how it turned out! This one goes to a chair for the table too, so we'll get more use out of it :) 


Project #11


I didn't get photos of my baby hat before I sent it out....so I am not going to count it. I wanted to have 52 pictures in that folder at the end of the year!!! 

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Hoping to work on crocheting the blanket yet again.  Hoping to be able to focus.

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12/52: Finished DD's seersucker autumn shirt.


13/52: Made DS a hasty and somewhat unexciting pair of denim trousers for winter. Last time I made him clothes - which was only a few weeks ago! - I used the 74cm pattern... for the trousers, I used an 86! He's really only 82cm tall - I was allowing for growth - but still! He must have had an enormous growth spurt. Maybe that can be his excuse for biting me.


lilacvioletiris: I like the canopy thing! With the pink, I can imagine it being all dark and warm and womblike inside. Perfect!


DS is sleeping and DD's out, so I should really sew some more. But the logical thing to sew is DD's half-finished nightie, which I'm feeling distinctly uninspired about. Maybe I'll practice the violin instead.

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Got a couple little things over the weekend.


Finished edging this baby blanket



And made some new flip flops for the lovely weather we've been having.  I made a pair like these last year, and they got thoroughly thrashed.  I got a better length on the braid for these I think, but I also made the braid a lot fatter.  I like the look of it, but it's a tad bulky between the toes.  I just can't stand the toe gripping regular flip flops require, these are much comfier. 





And I think I'm finally satisfied with my dress collar.  It took 2 tries to find a good length, and then one more insertion to get it in without the layers shifting.  The directions had you baste the collar closed (it's folded over) before sewing it to the dress, but you have to stretch it as you sew it to the dress to get it to lay closer to the neck (it's cut on the bias).  The basting got in the way of the stretching.  I ended up tacking the collar together every inch so it could stretch in between.  Then I marked it and the dress neck in quarters and matched them up so I was sure I was stretching it evenly all around.  All that's left now are the sleeves, buttons and hem!

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I know that I am several months late, but I'm in :) Right now I am working on a knitted blanket, two hand embroidered Mei Tai carriers, and have two gauze wraps tie dying. I have a short attention span and always have a few projects going at once. lol. I will make a list of what I want to craft this year and then type it up on here in a bit. I have already made quite a few things so far this year, but I won't include them.

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Welcome imjustamommy!  


I have had about NO time to craft- but I did manage to make DD1 a cute little summer top.  I am going to make DD2 a similar one and when that is done I will post a pic.  It turned out pretty cute for having no pattern.

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Just wanted to say you guys are awesome. Totally not even attempting the challenge this year after last year's pitiable showing. But you all are doing great! Inspiration abounds. 

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Today I made an outfit for the Waldorf doll that my daughter found at the Goodwill for $0.49



And I remade a dog bed for my aunt.


That's 2 more!

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Project 7: Made a pair of ruffly pants and a top in size 3T - forgot to take a photo as I rushed off to the party for my friend's daughter.


Project 8: Took a hand towel and edged it with blue ribbon and made the hand towel into a hood for a bath towel and then attached it to the bath towel.  It will be a baby shower gift for a former student of mine.  I think she will love it.

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This morning I made jammas and socks for the new dollie to match the reverse side of her bonnet.





And last night I decided she needed shoes.


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rere, the doll clothes are adorable.  And what a find that doll was!  49 cents!


I finished my dress!  Here it is side by side with the style I was trying to copy.


The waist is more fitted in the store version, but I wanted a little breathing room.  Also, it looks like the button hole side of the skirt flairs out to the side, where my buttons go straight down. 


I added pockets!  They are still a little low, I ripped them out and put them in higher once already.  It looks fine standing, but they gap out weirdly when I sit down.  I could take them out again, but I might just try sewing them closed for an inch or so at the bottom, it might solve the problem.  I'm much  happier with the collar now, but all the ripping out made something go awry with the dress front, the facings that fit perfectly before were suddenly way too big.  I took some weird tucks in the facings to make them fit, but I think the good bodice fit I had got distorted a bit.  You can see the wrinkles around the first two buttons in this shot.



I also did not add width in the right places to the skirt, (the pattern I was modifying had a straight, pencil skirt).  So I had to add some kick pleats to the center back and princess seams.  I think they look intentional enough, right?



Here is the pattern I started with.  This is definitely the most changes I've made to a pattern before, and I learned a ton doing it!




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Oh, and it's not as awkward to nurse in as I thought it might be.  I can get to the right side by undoing the second two buttons and leaving the collar together.  To get to the left side I just have to undo the collar button too.  I thought I'd have to unbutton to the waist to get the left side, but it falls open enough with just the first three.  The only thing is there isn't much dress left to cover my right breast.  That could be solved by making the dress truly double breasted, but then you'd have to have an inside button to keep things in place, which is just one more t hing to undo with a squirming hungry babe.

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I like your finished dress. It is really cute!  I think the kick pleats and princess seams look like they fit.

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Finished up a TON of UFOs (over 50!) 


Just taking one point for them all as it hardly made a dent in my UFO bin...ugh! 

Washable/Reusable Car Trash bags, some boxers, 33 diapers, and 15ish bibs. 


My verve for cutting often overtakes the reality of my sewing time! 

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