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I think peplums are so cute. Definitely make one with it.

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Meh, I'm kind of on the fence about peplums.  I avoid peplum styles lately, because I tend to wear a lot of a-line or fuller skirts, and you just can't do a peplum over a fuller skirt.  I do think they can work for people though, just not me usually. 


Congrats on your fitting muslin!  When I want a pattern to last a long time, or if I need to reinforce a well used one, I fuse cheap lightweight interfacing to it.  Quick and easy, and I always have some on hand!

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I made a new nightgown!  It was sort of an experiment with using elastic thread instead of making casings for wider elastic.  It went together so fast!  I did all the gathering with the elastic thread in the bobbin, after hemming the edges.  I ended up having to rip out the gathers on the sleeves and make a quick casing with bias tape, because the elastic thread was too tight when I lifted my arm up to put under my head while side-lie nursing.  Next time, I'll make the sleeve a little wider so I don't have to mess with the casing.  The fabric is a cotton seersucker leftover from my very first wearable sewing project!  My mom found it when she was cleaning out a closet and sent it to me.  I had 1 full yard plus some large-ish scraps.  I had to make the skirt a little narrower than I wanted because of lack of fabric, but it's not too bad.  Overall, I love it.  I don't feel quite so boorish lazing about in my pajamas when they are actually cute :D



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Cute nightie! Shirring is great. I've made DD a fair few shirts with wrists gathered into casings (or worse, knits gathered with elastic tape and bound), and shirring a few rows is SO much less hassle.


I just had the brilliant idea of adding a peplum to the muslin so I can see what it looks like. Genius, that's me. I'll be interested to see how it looks - I've tried peplum tops on and they always looked boxy and unflattering, but that might have been because the tops were too short for my freakishly long torso. I agree that peplums and full skirts are a bad combination, but they might look cute with jeans... but then, I don't wear jeans that often. And I like to wear my button-up shirts under pinafores, and the peplum would spoil the line. Ehhh... we'll see. Cutting out the pattern now. :)

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Love the nightie!  Very cute.

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I love peplums.  One of my favorite outfits for church is a cute pink sheer top with a peplum and a super dark denim pencil skirt.  I also love the nightie Angelorum.  I need to work on making or at the very least buying some pjs or nighties or something.  What I have is embarrassingly awful.  

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1. Blanket for Marley (rainbow)
2. Blanket for Abby (white and pastel)
3. Blanket for SC baby (mint and white)
4. RTA furniture (2 bar stools, 1 lamp, 1 butterfly table)
5. 3 intense journals for therapy
6. Blanket for CM ( grey, green, blue, yellow)
7. Blanket - for HH or donation (pink and grey)
8. Blanket - for HH or donation(mint and creme
9. Washcloth - for HH or donation (green/white)
10. Blanket -for D (peacock colors)
11. Blanket- for HH or donation (dk gray/purple/lt gray)
12. Car seat/lap blanket for Abby (peach)
13. pink/red/green baby hat -Abby
14. Dark gray/orange/light gray circle blanket-ME
15.Green sweater - Abby
16. Kiddo blanket (blue, yellow, multi green, yellow, blue white)  - bday gift
17. ruffle scarf (rainbow)- unknown present
18. ruffle scarf (purple alpaca) - unk present
19. ruffle scarf (purple, grey, drk gray) - unk present
20. ruffle scarf ( purple, grey, drk gray)- unk present
21. Care Bear Latch Hook - unk, maybe frame and keep?
22. ruffle scarf (purple white alpaca)
23. using up *^^**^^&*((^*(%^*(&**)(*)(* yarn and making a granny square blanket for donation.  
http://www.emilyshatsforhopeinitiative.org/      my yarn club is sending a box at the end of the month.  What a good excuse to dig into that %%&*&%^%%^^& red heart yarn  right??
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I recently made a scrap ball bag for making donation blanket squares.  There are definitely a few stray Red Heart balls in there :)

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Red Heart yarn?


I'm making myself Shirt Number Two. Shirt Number 1 is all done except the buttonholes and buttons - got the buttons today in town. Very exciting.


Also, I need some ideas. In a few weeks a friend of mine is having a Film Noir party, and wants us to come in costume. I'm not hugely up on film noir, but I want to make myself a dress. Can anyone think of a good one? Even a screencap would be useful; I could maybe adapt something to go with it. One of my vintagey Butterick patterns might be OK, but I'm a bit nervy about altering the dolman sleeves for wide shoulders. I'm assuming it's possible, it just seems... hard.


I have a small bust, so can't pull off anything too vampy; and I can't wear black or I'd look like I was dressed for a goth party, not a film noir one. :p Other than that, any and all suggestions welcome!


Also, any ideas for DH? I'm not about to construct him an entire suit, but I could maybe manage a waistcoat, or a... heck, I don't really know what film noir gentlemen wear. I could make him a plush cigar? :p I think he has a fedora kicking around somewhere...

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Never heard of film noir, so I am no help on this one.

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Red Heart is a brand of super cheap, super scratchy acrylic yarn, available in gigantic skeins at just about every chain store that sells any amount of yarn.  New yarn crafters often get drawn in by the cheap price (and availability), then once they discover better quality stuff, the red heart lingers in the stash unloved.  At least, that's how I wound up with mine. 


Have you tried doing a google image search for film noir dress?  There are some good screen shots there, but of course, the darkness of the film style makes it kind of hard to see design details, haha.  I think something on the slinky side of 40s fashion would fit nicely.  Bonus points if you can find/make a good fascinator hat with a bit of netting to go over your face.  Maybe a hat from Vogue 8052 (in darker colors)?



I like the curviness of Vogue 2787, though I always picture deeper necklines when I think film noir.


I've had that dress pattern in my stash for years, but it so wouldn't work with breastfeeding. 

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That's the trouble - I want it to be something I can wear regularly (maybe just when I'm feeling dramatic!), so it has to be BF-friendly. I did google film noir, but as you say, it's not easy to see what's going on! Lots of them are very vampy, which I can't do; I could breastfeed in those funny hourglass-shaped coats with the shoulder-pads, but I think they're hideous. :p Might need to enlist the advice of a friend who's hugely into retro/vintage/costume/burlesque... she'd probably have some ideas, although she's a completely different shape to me...


I wonder if a double-breasted coat with a really full skirt would work? It's 50s, not 40s, but there is 50s film noir, surely? Or isn't there? Need to Google more. 40s style is definitely more prevalent, but I have too many hips and not enough bosom for that era.


I understand about Red Heart yarn. :p I managed to mostly avoid hideous yarns when I started knitting... sadly I stopped knitting, so my perfectly respectable skeins are sitting in my sewing cupboard, judging me. I wouldn't feel so bad about neglecting Red Heart yarn!

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How about something like Vogue 2494?


Looks like it's recently out of print, but maybe you can find it somewhere online?  I've been wanting to make this in a cocktail length sometime.  I did make it once, to wear to a dressy occassion, but I didn't finish it well, and the insides are all frayed.  It's sitting in a costume box now.

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44/52: Finished The Shirt!


I'm pleased with it, for the most part. I'm making the next one a bit longer with a shaped front hem - this one's a bit short and the hem goes straight across, which looks slightly odd, but I like it tucked into/worn under things anyway. I'm of two minds about the puffed sleeves. Shirt #2 will have long cuffed sleeves which are less boofy, but with a cinched waist I kinda like the look in a slightly Heidi way, my enormous shoulders notwithstanding... what do you think?



Truly odd shot of me mid-twirl wearing a black stretchy faux-corset waist thing which looked better in real life, though not super (it can de-wrinkle, but it's a pain). DH bought it for me - I like the concept, might try making myself a chocolate brown one with actual corsetting.

So that's done. The next few weeks will be quite busy - my nephew's birthday requires a red shirt with a tractor applique, plus I have two birthday cakes and a surprise birthday party to help plan, plus I need to make a dress for a friend's newborn, plus I should finish my second shirt, and then I have to make the film noir dress and start to think ahead to the clothes we'll need for Disneyland (costumes for the kids, general wearing stuff for me and gifts for a friend who hooked us up with her timeshare)... plus my ill-fated Dress of Doom which still needs fixing/finishing/redoing, and my Skirt of Doom likewise... and DH is pestering me to make him an apron... and there are some cute overalls I want to do DS, and he'll need new short-sleeved shirts when the weather gets warmer. And I suddenly want to make a grey 3/4 circle skirt and a waistcoat and a corselette. And DD needs a new backpack...

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I like the puffed sleeves!  Especially with the waistcoat.  I like a puffy sleeve as long as it's not too extreme (and those aren't).  And your boots are super cute too.

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I've made a few things in the last week.


A dragon tail.

A few head bands.


Some "plarn".This will be an ongoing project.The plarn is made into sleeping mats that are then handed out to the homeless.


Some super hero things.


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Is there directions for the sleeping mats?

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I've made a few things in the last week.

A dragon tail.

A few head bands.

Some "plarn".This will be an ongoing project.The plarn is made into sleeping mats that are then handed out to the homeless.

Some super hero things.

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Originally Posted by swede View Post

Is there directions for the sleeping mats?
i learned to do it from a charity organization but when I googled I found some instructions.

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I love the shirt! I think it is super awesome! First thing I thought of was Heidi lol. I have not had a chance to sew in a while. I need to get to that machine too! I have been busy hostessing a bridal shower for one of my close friends and helping with little odds and ends for her wedding. I painted some mason jars Americana style for part of the shower decorations- that has been the extent of my craftiness. I must make 3 ties for the wedding that is next week! That is first on my list. I really should work on their wedding gift (that quilt). I was thinking that if I could get the strips sewn by thursday I could take them to moms night out to cut.... perhaps that is wishful thinking that I could get them all sewn by then and I am not working on that until after I get the ties made. Ah anyway. Rere- your dragon tail is so stinking cute!
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Originally Posted by rere View Post

i learned to do it from a charity organization but when I googled I found some instructions.



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