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45/52: Red gingham shirt with a tractor applique for nephew's birthday. Will upload photos later. I got enough fabric to make one for DS as well, minus the tractor; but goodness knows when I'll get around to it.

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So I have been busy.  I did the ties for my friends wedding, I did alterations for her husband and I got that quilt done :)  It turned out lovely if I do say so myself.  I finished it about 3 hours before we had to leave for the wedding.  


Next up- Operation Christmas Child!  Our family packs a box/kid and then this year we are sending 2 special boxes to the ones who have written us back and we are also contributing to our church boxes.   Soooo lots of things to find/make/buy.  I have found loads of great ideas on Pinterest and am hoping to get a bunch of pillow case dresses made (so far I have made only 2), tote bags for boys (or drawstring backpacks?), and a bunch of stuffed animals/dolls and hopefully some scrunchies and hair clips.  I would also like to turn my wool sweater stash into some halts and mittens for the boxes.  Must get cracking on this but we never seem to have time....

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46/52: Made a cute wee set of denim 'farm-boy' overalls for DS. They're currently in the wash, as I managed to get olive oil all over them halfway through the sewing process. No, I don't know how either. Hope it comes out, as it'd be a shame to ruin them before he even got to wear them once!


Iowa, pics of the quilt? :) Were the ties proper silk ties? For some reason I imagine them being fantastically hard to make... maybe because they're so expensive in shops. Were they?


ETA: Here are some 'orrible blurry photos of the tractor shirt for my nephew's birthday. There's a cute tab-and-button detail on the shirt sleeves, if you can make it out. :p


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Let me see...  can I link to my fb?




Does that work?


Smokering- 2 were poly and one was woven  (both were awful- but what the bride wanted...).  I used the collate tutorial.  I hate hate hate hand sewing- so it sucked.  

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Wow that is a beautiful quilt!
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Oh my goodness, that is stunning! So vibrant and such precise piecing! Well done. :)

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So it has been a while since I last updated you all. Let's see what I've finished.

~a boxy zippered pouch

~a backpack for Fynn's first day of preschool

~2 floorcloths

~finished my sister's quilt top

~a table runner for a swap

~I quilted a quilt my husband put together

~A knit alien for Fynn's Birthday


I think that's about it....but I'm not sure. 

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This would be stunning on you and you could totally wear it out. 

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I need some help ladies :)


I want to make one of these  http://megannielsen.com/collections/sewing-patterns/products/wrapped-maternity-top-sewing-pattern


I found this free tutorial http://countrygirlie.blogspot.de/2012/01/maternity-wrap-top-tutorial.html  but the front looks really weird to me.  I can't imagine it should attach at the bottom.  I have enough jersey to make it just really really long in front instead of having a seam if I just make the wrap part come out of the front like I really think it should.  But that said- I don't want to waste 4 yards of jersey- it wasn't free and it is really pretty green.  


I think tomorrow I am going to have a "me" day :)  I haven't said that out loud yet because I don't want to jinx it lol.  I have a lot of projects I want to get done or started or at least worked out somewhat- maybe tomorrow I will have something to show you all!  I am pretty excited about my plans so far.

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That second link isn't working for me, Iowa.  I found the right post through her archive though.  Her drawing does look weird, and I think your instincts are right, just make each side really long to wrap around and tie, like this sweater pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/airy-wrap-around-lace-sweater

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 This would be stunning on you and you could totally wear it out. 

That is gorgeous! Breastfeeding, though... Praps I could put an invisible zip down the front?


Here are DS' overalls:

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Well my day started as a road trip across the state with DH- which was fun :)  But as soon as I got home I whipped up a cute rushed side maternity long sleeve tshirt that actually fits me!  So Yay!  I am going to try another one tomorrow and then the wrap front sweater.  Thanks for the link Angelorum- I do believe my gut is correct.


Smokering-  those are so cute!  As hard as my boys are on their clothes I can't bring myself to make anything for them.

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47/52: Second pair of DS' overalls. Made from some $3-a-metre microsuede I bought awhile back, which has proven to be very handy!


Iowa: A LOT of the trousers I make DS aren't in any condition to be saved for a future baby. He's not so hard on tops, but golly, he can mess up a pair of jeans like nobody's business. If they don't get actually worn through or torn, they get dirt ground into them past the point of removal. Even denim. It's kind of impressive! Luckily, toddler trousers are pretty quick and easy to make.


I just got a bag of hand-me-downs for DS, which takes some of the pressure off making his summer clothes. DD complained that I haven't made anything for her for aaaaaaages (I pointed out the rompers, and she said "That was weeks ago!"), so we looked through the Ottobres together and found patterns for a knit dress and a woven one which I'll make her for summer. Might have to wait until next week, though - the film noir party's on this Saturday, and whatever I make, the skirt'll need time to hang, so I should get on with it. Looking up 'how to alter dolman sleeves' now...

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Wellllll!  Guess what?  DH and I made a kitchen island!  Out of pallets!  Now before anyones says they are toxic and gross- I have to say that they have been completely cleansed by the sun and weather and sheep lol.  They were kind of part of the fence lol.  I will post a pic when I get it painted and sealed- but I must say that DH outdid himself today :)  And we also made a faux ladder (out of a specialty pallet lol) that I am going to hang in our bedroom to make a faux canopy on :)  I just need to paint and distress it as well.  Sundays are usually our lazy day once we are done with church- well no church today because every kid complained of a sore throat- so we did these fun projects instead and wow do I feel productive!  We also then picked a friend's apple tree and filled the back of our big van with boxes of apples.  Tomorrow my goal is to make about a million quarts of applesauce and paint my treasures.

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I can't wait to see pictures. Our in the back neighbor has about 1000 pallets and I've always wanted to reclaim some. Not loosing on the 1000, and this is in a neighborhood...
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I pulled out my vintage repro patterns yesterday to decide which to use or adapt for my film noir party dress. Finally decided, only to discover I only had three metres and change of the fabric! I don't know what I was thinking buying that little, given that I intended it for one of my vintage patterns and they all use 5-6 metres.


So I dithered for a bit and eventually decided to make a trench coat dress. I've always liked them, they're very film noir, and I have a double-breasted coat pattern I got years ago and never got round to using. And it only took 3 metres of fabric.


I've made a Frankenmuslin out of several different bits of scrappy fabric, and it all seems to fit except the sleeves. They were really binding and I couldn't move my arms, so I found a great tutorial on sleeve adaptation... version 2 was better, but not perfect. I'll try to fix it today, adding an elbow dart and maybe making a nifty vent detail at the cuff if I can be bothered.


Except, being a coat pattern, it's not quite as voluminous as I'd like around the skirt. So I'll go to Spotlight tomorrow and attempt to buy more fabric after all. :p I want it a little longer too. In the meantime I might start cutting out an actual coat from some winter fabrics I've had stashed away... it really is a nice pattern. I like the idea of a bright red coat with the skyline of London embroidered in thick black wool around the hem, but I look funny in red. I have some brownish houndstoothy/tweedy fabrics stashed away, though.

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Your ds looks adorable in his overalls, smokering!  And looks like his curls are growing back?


I finished a couple things recently.  This one was quick, an idea off pinterest.  It's a weaving/lacing board.  I just measured the ribbons, melted the edges, and then sewed them on.  Ds1 likes it okay, but it's a little bit frustrating for him, because he wants to be able to do it perfectly, and getting the ribbons to cross each other is a little tricky. 



And a new dress!  I've been planning this one for a while, but it took 5 tries at the pattern to get the bodice to fit right!  And even then, I ended up taking in some extra width at the last minute.  You can't really make out the details in the photo, but it's a classic shirtwaist dress.  The front skirt is pleated, it has pockets, and the back has an ingenious panel of elastic shirring to keep the waist fitted yet comfortable.  I had to do a substantial full bust adjustment, and I swapped out the sleeve pattern for the one from my green blouse (this worked surprisingly well).  The FBA made the neckline really weird, so I also had to redraft that and the collar.  I think that the neckline could still use some improvement.  And I want to raise the underarm seam a bit next time as well.  I am definitely going to use this pattern again, it's a good basic dress, and I feel like I need capitalize on all the fitting work I did. 

The picture is kind of dopey. 



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Cute dress!

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Lovely dress, Angelorum! I have a few shirts with shirred waists at the back - they really are great. I love the fabric you chose! And shirt dresses are neat... you can breastfeed in 'em.


48/52: My film noir coat dress. Finished it 20 minutes before I had to leave for the party! I did several silly things while making it - I kept sewing panels inside-out, for some reason, even after double-checking, and got the front and back panels completely confused at one stage. So talented. Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with it. I started with my coat pattern, made a V-neck at the back, lengthened the skirt by 3 inches, widened the panels at the bottom (sort of Eiffel-tower shaped rather than A-line, if that makes sense), and changed the sleeves. The original sleeve pattern was ridiculous! It had a really deep curve at the top, which (I discovered after frantically googling) meant it was really binding and pulled if I moved my arms too much. Plus the sleeves were loose, being a coat and all, and I wanted narrower ones. So I tried about six different variations, adding an elbow dart, making the top curve shallower, adding a kind of faux-gusset thingy at the underarm, tapering the sleeve... I can't say the final result is perfect, but I was done tinkering and it's an improvement... I think.


Oh, and I added a sash with a bow. So, yeah. It's all lined except the sleeves. The buttons (which I self-covered - first time I've done it, and it's fun!) are shams - it does up with four big metal snaps I salvaged off a hand-me-down top and secretly wondered if I'd ever use.


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smokering, your dress is beautiful!

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