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iowa, glad that you are feeling good during your bedrest and that you are accomplishing something useful. Hopefully the extra rest will do the trick.


Yesterday, I made my mom a fleece tube sock to wear with her walking cast. The regular socks were cutting off her circulation - so I am up to 14/52. This weekend I am going to a sewing retreat weekend. It will be great time to get several things done with focused time.

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Yikes, Iowa, that's no good. :/ Ever read Pride and Prejudice? That strikes me as a good bedrest book. Or PG Wodehouse.


Angelorum, that is a GORGEOUS newsboy cap! Where's the pattern from? DS had one when he was tiny, but kept pulling it off - he might be old enough to actually wear one now, at least for ten minutes at a time. I love caps.


Well, I finished 50/52. It's an I-think-it's-woollen waistcoat from op shop fabric (the cheapness of which was rather spoilt by spending $10 on four self-covering buttons. Is it just me, or is that ridiculously expensive for eight tiny bits of plastic??)


It's not quite what I envisaged, but it turned out better than I expected, if that makes sense. :p I have some fabric left over for a skirt - not enough for a big poofy skirt, but a modest amount. A pencil skirt would suit the waistcoat but not my hips. An Anne-of-Green-Gablesish gored skirt might work, but I'm not sure I have enough fabric. And I kind of fancy something with a ruffle on the rump. Ideas?





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Lovely waistcoat!  And I adore your cap, that little button detail on it is just perfect!


The newsboy cap pattern is from McCalls 6575.

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Thanks Angelorum! I didn't make the cap - bought it about eight years ago and have been wearing it ever since. I love it dearly. I've been thinking of trying to copy the pattern in a chocolate brown pinstripe...


Last night I cut out fabric for three pairs of leggings for DD's Disneyland outfits. She wants to dress up as the princesses (and Wonder Woman, but that's another story), but I don't want big poofy skirts to hamper her at the parks - it seems there are lots of playgroundy bits with ladders and the like, to say nothing of climbing in and out of rides. So I'm making the dress bodices with little peplums, and then she'll wear matching leggings.


I'm using panne velvet, which is cheap, one-way stretch, and frankly kind of tacky. :p But for the purpose, it'll work just fine. I figured it'd be warmer than a lycra-type knit, and I'm too lazy to draft a well-fitting bodice out of woven. I bought fabric for Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora - I may add in another princess later if I have the energy. We're only at the parks for 5 days, so with Wonder Woman I think she'll have plenty to wear!

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I love the waistcoat!  The buttons were definitely worth the $10- they make the look!  Would you like my measurements???  :)

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Which Disneyland are you going to? 

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The real one! :p Anaheim. We're not going so much for the rides as the history of it - I got obsessed with it a few years back and DH finally suggested we take a trip (to shut me up, I think!) So any other park wouldn't do. It has to be the original 1955 one that Walt built. We're really, really looking forward to it. :)

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Wow!  That's going to be quite a trip!  I've only been once, I was about 8.

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It will be! Then again, we live in New Zealand... going *anywhere* is quite a trip. We're in the middle of nowhere. :p

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1. Blanket for Marley (rainbow)
2. Blanket for Abby (white and pastel)
3. Blanket for SC baby (mint and white)
4. RTA furniture (2 bar stools, 1 lamp, 1 butterfly table)
5. 3 intense journals for therapy
6. Blanket for CM ( grey, green, blue, yellow)
7. Blanket - for HH or donation (pink and grey)
8. Blanket - for HH or donation(mint and creme
9. Washcloth - for HH or donation (green/white)
10. Blanket -for D (peacock colors)
11. Blanket- for HH or donation (dk gray/purple/lt gray)
12. Car seat/lap blanket for Abby (peach)
13. pink/red/green baby hat -Abby
14. Dark gray/orange/light gray circle blanket-ME
15.Green sweater - Abby
16. Kiddo blanket (blue, yellow, multi green, yellow, blue white)  - bday gift
17. ruffle scarf (rainbow)- unknown present
18. ruffle scarf (purple alpaca) - unk present
19. ruffle scarf (purple, grey, drk gray) - unk present
20. ruffle scarf ( purple, grey, drk gray)- unk present
21. Care Bear Latch Hook - unk, maybe frame and keep?
22. ruffle scarf (purple white alpaca)
23. using up *^^**^^&*((^*(%^*(&**)(*)(* yarn and making a granny square blanket for donation. - still working on this
25. ruffle scarf (blue orange grey) unk present
24. ruffle scarf (purple, white, etc) - unk present

25. ruffle hat/rainbow- Abby

26. blue snowflake hat - abby

27. pepper hat - kiddo (halloween costume piece)



pink and green circle blankie is WIP

cant figure out how to join all the strips of yet another baby blanket WIP

shades of blue square blanket WIP

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There is the pepper hat and the snowflake hat....  (im not making this stuff up   lol)

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Snowflake Hat is cute!
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I made the silver jumpsuit for ds1's robot costume.  Dh made all the cool lighted panels/armor stuff.  His costume was a hit!



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That is really cute, Angelorum.


Last weekend, thanks to a sewing retreat, I finished 9 microwavable bowl cozies/hotpads. They are shaped with darts to make them fit around a bowl so you can pull a hot bowl out of the microwave.



23/52 now. All the fabrics are different combinations. The ones with gummy bears have either red or purple fabric on the back.

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Cool projects everyone!


I spent a little bit of time last Sat sewing.  I made myself 3 maternity long sleeved tshirts.  They are quickly loosing their roominess.  And I knit a ruffle scarf for my sil.  I have also been working on a scarf for myself.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get more sewing done.  I am planning on making myself a scrappy batik skirt and making DD2 a batik patchwork down comforter.  But we shall see what I actually get done.  I need to bake bread and make these hungry people some snack food so they leave me alone for more than 3 seconds before I hear how starving they are.

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So, sounds like the bed rest is over, Iowa? 


What do you make for snack food?  I am in the phase of nursing where I have trouble keeping up with the calorie demand of making the milk.  I feel like I'm raiding the kitchen 10 times a day for snacks in between meals, and I'm still a few pounds below my normal weight.  I could use some fresh snack ideas.

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51/52: Four pairs of leggings for DD. Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White came together so quickly this afternoon I got inspired and whipped up a pair of grey everyday ones too. (Blasted ingrate then informed me she's 'not very keen on grey', but bah - my stash of knits is on the scanty side. Anyway, they'll go with a lot of her stuff.)


I also started knitting a baby blanket. Ha! I'm a slow and dreadful knitter, but I was chatting to a friend online who's learning to knit via YouTube, and she was so keen and we were talking about easy projects, and before my senses could return I was casting on. It's good, though. A nice mindless portable project to do during DD's music lessons when I'm out of buttonholes. :) I'm using a nice dusky pink bamboo yarn - I'll either buy cream and brown to go with it, or cream, brown and green. I'm just doing simple 30-by-43ish squares in double moss stitch. I'll give it to SIL, who's expecting a girl, if it gets done in time - although I made a very complicated patchwork activity floor quilt thing for her first boy and nothing for her second, so that'd really make him feel like the middle child, wouldn't it? :p In my defense, I was very pregnant when he was born.


It occurs to me we'll be TTC in a few months! Scary. Do you think it would be tempting Fate to make some maternity shirts? I'd really like SOMETHING cute to wear after two frumpy pregnancies, and I was so sick last time that my whole 'I'll sew things in my first trimester while I can still fit normal clothes' plan really didn't work out. But I keep having visions of the church gossip popping round for a visit while I was hemming them. :p Iowa, what pattern did you use? A ruched-up-the-sides kind? Can you BF in them too?


Angelorum: roasted chickpeas? Soft-boiled eggs? Roast nuts? Dried mango strips? (Dried fruit in general, I guess, but mango's my favourite!) Those little cans of flavoured tuna (on crackers with cream cheese, if you can be bothered)? Jerky or biltong?

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Good thought on the roasted chickpeas, I think I pinned a tutorial for them once, but never made them.  I do need to pick up some jerky next time I go shopping.  What is biltong?  Boiled eggs and nuts are regulars around here.  And I have some delicious dried coconut right now.  I have to take it easy on the dried fruit though, it's kinda pricy, and I'll eat it all in one sitting if I don't watch it. 


I say go for it on the maternity shirts.  You can tell fate and the church gossip that they will be gifts.  When you conceive you can give them to yourself!  I'm planning on making some early pregnancy/postpartum wrap dresses this spring, but I don't anticipate conceiving until at least late summer. 


And I realized I forgot to post a pair of mittens I finished a couple weeks ago.  Here they are:


I made them out of some recycled laceweight cashmere that I plied together into a worsted weight.  They feel so yummy!



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I am off bed rest!  I can't lift my sewing machine though or really anything- but that is ok.  I bought a sample shirt at target for $3 and used it as a rough pattern along with an old regular shirt of mine.   I made them extra long.  They are not sexy- but they work and cover the belly band of my pants and skirts which is way more than I can say for anything else I have.


Snacks around here are kind of....  well it is tricky.  They will do spelt bread and peanut butter, hard boiled eggs (I just did 2 dozen), oatmeal low sugar cookies, I would like some apple turnovers (which is really crap- I know).  I should peel carrots.  I just cut into an 8# wheel of cheddar I made and it worked!  So I should slice that whole thing for them.  I need to experiment with some carb things for my DS2 (he is wheat, sugar, and dairy free and I think he isn't getting enough carbs at all to support him).  


But I have been doing nothing so far today and I should get some sewing done at least and then after that make the bread so they can enjoy it hot when they get home :)


Those mittens are lovely Angelorum!

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Hooray for no more bed rest!


 I need to experiment with some carb things for my DS2 (he is wheat, sugar, and dairy free and I think he isn't getting enough carbs at all to support him). 



I have chickpeas all ready to roast :)

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