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I"m so excited for this weekend!  Tomorrow we have the craft fair plus I'm excited for my freecycle freebies.  It's like Christmas morning, where you don't know exactly what you will get, lol.   I've got our backpack all packed for the kids and I remembered the jcpenney coupon.  I just need to put a magazine in there in case I get stuck in a play area for my kiddos to jump out some energy, and I'm making muffns for the inevitable "mom...I"m huuuuunnnngrrry"  LOL.   My mom and sister are meeting us there and we are going to try to eat at an awesome local restaurant together, part of my hubby's birthday gift.  Then Sunday is the hubby's actual birthday.  Thanks to the aldis coupon we can have a "fancy" breakfast of bacon and eggs for free, and I'll make some brownies for that night.  (I'm no good at cake making, but I make a mean brownie if I do say so).  I happen to know he is getting one of his favorite movies as a birthday gift from my sister, so we will probably watch that that night and I arranged for him to go out and get some "guy" time with a friend so I know he will enjoy himself.  This is the kick off for my favorite time of year, and while this time of year is also stressful and can be expensive I just love fall and winter (well, at least the christmas season...a couple weeks into January and I'm ready for spring, lol).


Tonight I'm going to try to get the kiddos to relax some so they will get the rest they need.  We rented them a free redbox movie, the newest Scooby Doo (major Scooby Doo lovers here!) 

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Just realized i still have a best buy gift card left... I should be able to get a blueray player. I have about $100 left on the card.  hummmmm.... richness abounds  lol

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oooh, that could come in handy for christmas, zebra. Meanwhile I am totally failing on the homemaking front lately. I screwedup dinner last night and the muffins today. I hate food waste, boo. I think the muffins may still be salvagable with our pumpkin butter but not as a portable snack. Thank goodness we have extra money this weekend and have carnation breakfast and fruit for portable breakfasts.
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Originally Posted by Sativarain1 View Post

I think it's time for  me to join this thread. (Thanks Justmama for all the yummy recipes) :)


I'm a single mama of 3 children and now that school is back in session I've recently began looking for a job. I finished up my degree last year so hoping it will help me find employment faster. I live simply and thankful for this forum!




Welcome!!!  I'm partial to single mama's with 3 kids myself. 











-a "free" camping event for Brownies for Middle Girl today


-the money to go get a coffee on the way to pick her up from daddy's house and drive her an hour away at 7:30am


-a beautiful sunrise this morning


-a pale blue, super soft skein of yarn I found at the bottom of my knitting basket that had been lost and forgotten about and is now on the needles to become wrist warmers for me


-my anxiety makes me hyper organi*ed(that's for you Rhu!) and so my kid has her stuff organi*ed, labeled, and packed neatly in her bags and she WON'T be missing a darn thing thankyouverymuch. 

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For the love of all things loveable??  I have pinkeye for the THIRD time since school started (august 7th).  So in 6 wks I've had pink eye 3 times.  My eye didn't look right last night and well.. this am its full blown, literally.  And to add wine to my cheese and crackers I feel  like I might be getting streph.  I do NOT want to go sit at urgent care today.  Its Saturday, the weather is beautiful - why do I feel like crud this school year?

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Maybe you never really got rid of the pinkeye?  Maybe you just keep dropping it down to low levels and then it flares again when you start feeling sick and your immune system drops down.  You don't have contact lenses do you???

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justmama= no contacts, got rid of all the eye makeup and didnt replenish yet, and the odd thing is its only the right eye. Never gets to the left eye.


Today I officially ran out of foodstamps until 10/7.  I need to get better with coupons again.

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Zebra - you don't deserve all this medical strife! Can't the fates see that your plate is full enough!?! Pinkeye and strep - neither are much fun at all. This is the voice of experience speaking.


BigGirl was sick with some sort of fluish stuff last week, and this week it is YoungSon's turn. Sore throat, fever, lose-your-voice - all that misery. I know I am next - I have felt it coming on for a week already. But I hope I can hold out through Tuesday, as I have an important training necessary for licensure coming up. We had planned my birthday dinner for tomorrow, but if we are sick, that will be cancelled. Even if I could make it, I wouldn't want to expose my 95 year old Mom to this.


I am in a thoroughly cranky mood. For various rational reasons, I talked myself into buying a smart (sez who?) phone today. I got the stupid thing home and it is DEAD. I have had it on the charger 3 or 4 hours now, and I still can't turn it on. I will take it back in tomorrow, but I didn't sign on for all this hassle.


The good news is that I got both my sewing machines (regular and serger) to work. I am trying to start a new home business (baby clothes upcycled from adult t-shirts), and I feared that my machines would be dead after sitting several years in a damp, mouse-filled shed. But, with several hours TLC, both are working! The downside is that I didn't find as many snaps as I expected - I have a snap-setting machine, but need to figure out where to order more snaps from. It has been a few years, and I don't remember where I got the originals, what sizes I need, etc. A project for tomorrow morning - I am done for tonight!


Best wishes to all - I love and appreciate checking in here to see how everyone is doing, even if I don't always take the time to respond.

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Having a rough day.  *sigh*  Stupid family drama.  





-Middle Girl had an ama*ing time camping last night.  Came home with lots of smiles.


-I couldn't go to visit family yesterday but they sent a bag of clothing for Youngest Girl with my mom that I got today which was very exciting. 


-a few free organic tomatoes and a handful of free organic kale today


-kids are outside in the sunshine playing at a neighbor's house while I eat my lunch and clean up before the baby comes for the day.


-bills are finally caught up.  Not much money in the acct.  We'll just squeak by.  But I finally caught up on the internet and the phone bills which I'd been getting disconnects on for months.


-Youngest Girl had an asthma attack last night but she seems much better this morning.  I havent' been able to isolate the trigger but it's not illness which is an EXCELLENT thing.  That would mean DAYS of meds.


-I finally made the appt with that psychiatrist for Wednesday so I'll finally get meds.  I'm desperate for sleep meds.  Poor girls can only afford so much "tea" every month ya know.



SO much to be grateful for today.  I had sister drama this morning so I'm glad to read my own list and know that there's tons of things right now to be grateful for and enjoy.  Feeling blessed again.  Above all though, grateful for you ladies.  Being amongst others who struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on makes the load a little lighter.

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10/10 sale at our local grocery store!! And on things we use!! Luckily I made some extra money at my one day per week job. Won't get a full check from my primary parttime job for two weeks.
We got our electric bill for mid august to mid sept it was painful. We have an all electric house. However still way way cheaper than the house we sold last year.

Found dh three eddie bauer shirts at goodwill for 12$ total. Very nice long sleeved fannel for fall.yeah for warm clothes.
We made a pot of split peasoup for dinner last pm. It was wonderful. Inexpensive and oh so good.
Hoping to hear from charity care this week. My mammogram is due this month.
The weather here is phenomanal. In the mid 60 s and sunny.
Every day I am trying to be positive and find the good. Not dwelling on my credit cards which I have no idea how we will ever pay off. Or trying to catch up other bills.
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I know someone here mentioned Gleaners as an alternative to Bountiful Baskets - do you have a website for Gleaners? Or is it just local to you? We love BB, but had to stop ordering as I simply couldn't afford the $30 a month plus another $5 in bus fare to get there. If they took SNAP, I'd be ordering every week :(


Going to try to get electric and maybe water bill assistance on Monday. I got $10 to my name right now, and a bill of over $200 that must be paid by the 7th or they will cut us off. Praying we can get help with it.


Still having PC issues, so can't reply to everyone. But I am reading & thinking of you all.




~Yesterday was the free Museum day - we went to one that was hosting a Girl Scout exhibit. DD had a blast, and it only cost bus fare. Also found a new park in downtown that will be a nice place to stop & eat picnic lunches, complete with tables & a large playground for dd to run around in.

~sold 2 items on ebay - stuff I picked up at thrift shops. Slowly developing a business selling vintage kids clothing & scout stuff on ebay. Hoping in a month or two eBay will raise my selling limit so I can really get it going. Plus I have a $5 coupon from selling on ebay that I will be using to pick up something American Girl for x-mas for dd.

~CVS & their extrabuck deals. Spent less than $10 this morning and walked out with a bunch of stuff, some to use & some to sell. And I ended with $25 in ECB's that I can use on almost anythign in the store. Plus I'll get another $8 or so later in the week when I do their food deals & convert SNAP to ECB legally. The ECB's expire in 2 weeks, but I can just keep rolling them or use them to pay for stuff we need like trash bags & wipies.

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Just wanted to say 'hi'.... I haven't been on this board in awhile. I'm still here, have just had a lot of stuff occupying my mind! I'm going to catch up reading the thread and I'll be back! Hope everyone is well and getting ready for colder weather. I've had tons of stuff going on and I'll share when I've caught up on everyone. lol

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Hi mama's, I have skimmed through the recent post a couple days ago, things have been crazy busy around here. I miss checking more often.


I am doing okay over here, managed to save 400$ to put in savings, but I did charge some things so it is probably more like 200$ after I pay the bill. I have been going to a single parent support group and it is really shaping up to be a great group, all women and it is nice to hang with people that get me and my situation.


On the bad news, I have a new cavity and it is hurting quite a bit. I was really hoping to avoid the dentist for another year when hopefully i will have insurance, but i don't think i can go more than a few more weeks with the pain. I did do a search and found an income based place and it looks like i will qualify for the discount and will only pay 30$ per visit, so I am going to call tomorrow or tuesday and be sure and try to get an appointment in. I am ashamed to say I have not been to the dentist since i was 19 so it has been 12 years. The clinic doesn't do crowns, which i need 2 of and have for oh 13 years, but maybe i can get them to just redo the fillings on those two teeth. I really have become a bit self concious about my teeth and think getting them worked on a bit may help my confidence. The clinic is only .5 mile from my house too so no need to drive into the city to get the work done at the dental college unless i decide to get the crowns, which I may not because the teeth do not hurt me at all. 


I am also going to see if i can get ds in there as well as he has only been to the dentist once. I know the community college does cleanings for 10$ but the location of this place makes it worth just going there. 


Also need to get in for my well woman exam. Just too busy to deal with any extra appts. But my intense 8 week class ends in 2 weeks and my final is actually a week from this tuesday, so once I am done with that class I will be able to have more free time and check in here more.

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To answer Frugalmama re:Gleaners - yes, the program is local to the county here. But other areas have similar programs, perhaps under different names. Does your area have 211? It is like 411, but specifically information about social services. Worth trying - just dial 211 (duh!).


My local food banks are all partly supplied by a state program. There is a monthly distribution of their excess time-sensitive stuff - fresh produce, dairy, eggs, whatever. No one seems to know about this - it is at a local church, no signs or advertisement. That sort of program would be worth investigating in any area.


I work in social services, and even I keep learning of new resources. Food banks, free sources for school supplies, kids' clothes, furniture, medical and dental programs - they all come and go. And they change their requirements and hours. It seems sometimes I spend the majority of my workday researching and confirming resources and programs.

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Finally- our direct deposit landed in our account!  This means a trip to the town about an hour away to stock up on groceries- I usually avoid the trip there and get things locally as I hate spending money on gas, but some of the pantry items are half price there- just have to talk the car into behaving.  My new one will be later this week, so I am counting days until I can sell the POS car (please tell me someone else knows that song...) for scrap/parts.  


I am going to splurge on cocoa and Tim Bits on the drive home for the kids.  :eat  It is our treat on days like today- and usually costs about $5 total.


I need to head to the thrift stores while I am there too- we have almost no winter clothes here, and it is getting cold!

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Not too much new here.  I am hopefully getting some free apples.  Met a lady on freecycle that is allowing us to come pick with her and we are sharing the loot.  She said we will probably be able to get a bushel.  Woot!  I also found out about a local place that sells grass fed beef, which my sister and I keep talking about going in on together.  I haven't found out the details yet though.  So now I'm just cleaning up the house and taking it a bit easy as its the first day of my period and I always have ZERO energy when that happens.  I too need to schedule a women's exam, it's been a couple of years now. 

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Spent way too much $$ this weekend but had to get fracking light bulbs for the place.  SEVEN flood lights ugh.. $20 and I still need regular light bulbs next week.  I also splurged and bought a blender $30 but hopefully I won't have to buy DS 'naked' smoothies at $2.50 each and 5-7 a week.. the blender should pay for itself in a couple weeks.  DS is on swim team and goes thru smoothies like nothing.


My next thing to look for is a popcorn popper.  DS is going thru 2 bags of microwave popcorn a night.  Yes its cheaper than chips (store brand is 3 bags for $1 but still...)  


I need to find a way to make up that $20 loss of FS.  making popcorn and smoothies at home would more than cover it  LOL.  I spend about $3 a week on popcorn and at least $10 on those darn smoothie things.


I can't buy applicances 2nd hand because of food allergies so I need a good deal either at target, the grocery store or amazon.  And it needs to be kid friendly so DS can use it too.   Thoughts??


I want to cry.


I cancelled therapy for weds and cxld a dr's appt for weds... I can not deal this week.  I did reschedule them for next week.

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You can make your own microwave popcorn by just putting popcorn (very cheap in a lb bag, like less than $2) in a paper bag . Put about 1/4 cup in the bag, fold over the end, microwave, and enjoy.
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I  picked up a hot air popper for just over $15 recently.  Popcorn is a staple around here, and I don't have a microwave.  1/2 cup kernels makes a giant bowl of popcorn, and I can melt butter in the top as it pops if I want.  I figure it was a worthwhile expense. 

Today was a painful day financially- but new shoes for 3 kids and new wardrobes for three kids... all we had were summer things really and it is getting cold here! Oh well, at least the kids will be happy and warm.  I managed to get a few good deals thrifted.  My big kid though  still needs stuff.  She's in adult sizes now though, and my thrifting for her isn't as successful.

I did manage some great deals at the grocery store though especially on close dated stuff- 30 to 50% off, and a turkey for less than $1 a pound! I spent just over $130 for some great staples as well as some meats and a bunch of fresh veggies.  Oh, and the requisite 4 gallons of milk- we use insane amounts of milk here.

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Just wondering, when you make things that are inherently big batches. Like slow cooker chicken soup, do you then freeze portions or eat it til it's gone? DH doesn't like the idea of a meal coming out of a ziplock, but if we still have leftovers after 2 days, I've been freezing the rest. I haven't yet thawed any to eaten because this is a new thing for us. So far we have spaghetti, chicken and dumplings and potato and leek soup in the freezer.
Oh and before my ILs got me a Whirley Pop, I used a pan with a lid on top and shook it as it cooked.
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