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I freeze when I cook large amounts.  I don't freeze in a baggies, I freeze in stackable containers. (easier for DS to find and feed himself)


Pitty whine going on.... DS ate EVERYTHING for dinner...  no left overs..  bag of frozen veggies, 1/2 bag of french fries, johnsonville apple sausage (2), yogurt and granola.  no leftovers...  I need a grocery discount due to swim team.  He is only 13.... what are the teen years really going to look like??

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Zebra I have three teen boys. All I can say is protein! The veggies, fries and granola bars are okay but honestly they burn right through those. We serve meat every night. Honestly good meat is cheaper in the long run because they don't eat again before bed. If I serve carb heavy meals they eat again at 1030 or so. My kids are all tall and thin too. They have very little body fat. I make muffin quiches and freeze em. Those are great for breakfast or Lunch. peanut Butter is a must have. Milk milk milk. Add cheese to lots of stuff. Eggs of all kinds. Its rough. We don't qualify for any assistance. Its not going to get better. As you know it doesn't really stop til 21 or 22 for boys.
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we always freeze(sorry rhu, on my phone) the extras in half point mason jars so they are very nearly a single serving.

Sooooo....... bad news and bills. like usual. my ex is a govt employee and considered essential personnel so he's working for free right now and neither of us are getting paid. my rent won't get paid today unless I come up with $250. so the child support that is the largest portion of my income monthly isn't coming in.
in other news, my boss effed up the schedule again at work. she scheduled me to work 3 days that she needed me for the baby and now wants to change it on me. grrrrrrr. again.
honestly I just have no idea how everything will go this month financially but I'm just really crossing fingers that it all works out. trying to do something completely outside my comfort zone and take it one day at a time.
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And, because I did buy some shoes and clothes for the kids yesterday- still coming in way under the agreed on budget with my husband- I got guilt tripped for a good three hours.  I am so tired of his trying to convince me to live on absolutely nothing. HE chose to rent one room in the town he works in for more than we pay for housing here. HE chooses to eat out for every meal. He will not, however, buy the clothing he needs for work, and instead complains that it is cold, 


And he begrudges my spending money on food, clothes for the kids (they were still wearing summer sandals... in October) and other needs as though they are frivolous wants. I am just tired of the fights.  The insane thing is that we discuss everything, set a budget, I spend LESS than budgeted, and he still does this.  It is making me so angry and resentful that I really don't even want him to come home. All he is going to do is complain, yell at the kids, and generally whine about how hard he works while criticizing my spending money.. 

(Ugh- I know it isn't all bad, but he's so incredibly negative.  I can deal with things being hard at times, but the negativity on top of it is too much.)
Oh, and my almost 70 year old father is coming up for a visit, and I have absolutely no bed to put him on. *sigh* 

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Zebra, my husband was home Saturday and his negativity and mean spirit was hard to bear. I look forward to finding a weekend job so we can passively coexist : x Any special precautions for freezing glass? I broke a jar that way before, but It was a gallon pickle jar so that's probably where I went wrong. I have a dozen wide mouth pints and a dozen quarts but can never seem to find enough lids. We were denied for reduced lunch price, but we should qualify once the baby is born. Though DS doesn't even want to have pizza Fridays because he doesn't want to wait to eat he can sit and get started right away with a packed lunch. He gets pb and j, baby carrots, cheese, 2 cookies and fruit - everyday- but some mornings he'll ask for pb&j for breakfast too so I guess he likes monotony : p
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I make homemade popcorn in a big pot with some oil- no need for a special popper.

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There's a way to make homemade popcorn in the microwave; I'm not sure on the how, but I remember reading something about it. I'll have to google and find it.

I'm still doing well in school. Ds is awesome at daycare! I wish I didn't have to put him in one but its working out better than I planned. He's learning so much, and I enjoy the time I spend with him a bit more throughly than when he and I were home 100% of the time. BD started trouble, and we've been going back and forth a lot lately. I'm really in need of a new therapist. I don't have a very good support system. I have a few friends but they're all too disconnected/busy to really understand what I'm trying to vent about. And godness knows my parents are waaaaay too judgemental and cloae minded to just take a step back and listen. I'm hoping to hear from an old therapist of mine on some recommendations for someone she thinks I'll work well with. I wish I could stay with her but she doesn't do private sessions anymore.
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Not much to post....Just been working working working....I start my classes next week..Little worried how that will go..it is a pretty good drive and I have to put L in daycare after school on Fridays until probably 6:30pm...Not happy about it and my family won't help ...lit will only be 2-3 Fridays a month for 2-2 1/2 hrs...But in the long run it will mean so much to my little family to finish this program..Praying it all works out in the end..Allergies are kicking my butt...I think my voice will be gone much of the winter as per regular protocal...


In other news..the fall weather (aside from wreaking havock with my allergies) is just gorgeous...I took my L to the farmers market Saturday to see all the animals..Going back this Saturday for their yearly Harvest Festival...Hayrides,animals,games ect...the whole enchilada and it is free...


Haven't had to read the other post yet but  I hope everyone is doing okay...It is rent day and I hope everyone was able to make that...I know I start stressing about it 2 weeks before...I am still watching little man and that $$ is sure helping a lot with a few of the bills...I heard Michigan is one of the states that is expanding the Medicaid Program for adults...I should be eligible and honestly can't wait to be insured again so I can get some business taken care of...I def don't like being without...


Thankful for...


A warm apartment that is mine...

Enough $$ to pay the bills this month.

Lots of free fun Harvest and Halloween events in my area to keep us busy and happy all month :)

Free WIFI(I live over a store and he offers free wifi to his patrons so I automatically get it) because I wouldn't be able to afford it..

A happy healthy 6 year old who doesn't have a care or worry in the world right now...

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Rant alert:


I am so tired of being sick and tired.  I am home sick today. I can not afford to miss work when im mentally healthy enough to take assignments.  I have some cold/flu/bronchitis thing.  My eye is semi better. I have no idea whats going on with that mess.  I wish I could get healthy - both physically and mentally.


There will be no grocery shopping this week.  FS don't hit until Monday and there is barely enough in the account for rent to clear.


Tomorrow is 1/2 day of school so I hope there is an assignment and I have a job for Friday. (high school math)


I feel cruddy.  If this is any indication of how 'winter' is going to be, I want no part of it.

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Ugh, so I called about the discounted dental place and there is a 3+ month wait to get in. I cannot keep popping pain pills for that long. So i have to figure something else out and may just have to pay full price. I really do not have time to get to the dentist until the 15th or 22nd, but really wish I could get in next week but  my darn final is the 8th which is when xdh will have the kids. I am bummed, but I have to do something about this soon. I know it is my fault, I should have taken better care of my teeth and flossed more. I used to floss religiously until i had ds and then at times i barely even brushed them because he was so needy as an infant.  Oh well, I just need to get it filled so I am out of this darn pain and can eat more normally  again. 


On a side note, does anyone know how much this stuff costs? I got 3 fillings back at 19 and it run me about 300$? 

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Mamas, I'm officialy starting to enter panic mode. We have until the 7th to get the electric bill paid, and I have no idea how we're going to do it. Went one place yesterday, They paid $100 of it but still need another $166 to keep it from being cut off. Everyone else I call either has no funding right now of can't get me in until 2-3 weeks from now. We've already gotten 1 extension & I'm pretty sure the electric company won't give us another. I've got a lead on a place to try tomorrow, but I don't even know if they do bill help or not, but at least they are a walk-in place. If that doesn't work & they don't have any other ideas, I'm going to go down to the county office & beg them to see me even though I don't have an appointment.


Trying to sell stuff, but not having much luck. Listed a bunch more on eBay today though which will help pay other bills when it comes in. Trying to stay upbeat & not let dd know how close we are to gettnig it shut off.



~Found a free pumpkin patch at a local car dealership, and they are giving away 1 free pumpkin per kid. DD really wanted to carve a pumpkin & I had no idea how we were going to do it. Plus they are doing hot dogs & games & stuff too.

~Stuff to list on ebay - so glad I am able to do that & bring in some income.

~That I was able to say we DIDN"T need clothing or food or anything else other than bill help when we went to the assistance ER {that's the local place's nickname}.

~Coupons, that let us have some treats for cheap plus lots of free stuff to either use or sell.

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Our church has helped us before, but they also help the community as they can. Maybe you could check with local churches?
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I haven't posted in here in a really long time. Things are going okay over here. I did end up quitting my 2nd job at the grocery store and while it wasn't smart since my first job has cut my hours it has been a blessing for my family and on my mental health so I don't feel bad. I picked up a cleaning and organizing gig off Craigslist helping a military couple and for now it is only on Sundays and temp it could lead into full time down the road. That will help. Now updating my care.com page for date night babysitting on Fridays and Sat nights and I should be set. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Found a 1/2 day subbing job for tomorrow and a full day for Friday.  So thats 3 1/2 days this week. Still feeling cruddy but with tomorrow only being 1/2 day hopefully by Friday I will be better.


Gratefuls:  food for dinner,  DS has a free weekend up north, yummy yarn to work with,

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that girl, have you tried clove oil for your tooth pain?  And xylitol works wonders as well, absolute wonders.  If you google here on mothering you can find lots of natural dental health, cheaper than the dentist by far.  Are they miracle cures?  Probably not but at least it could possibly help you until the discount dental place could get you in. 


Prayers, frugalmama. 


As far as me, we did our big grocery shop today.  We will stop off at costco for a cheap lunch out and for butter and tortillas.  We are mainly going into the city because my husband got a gift card to barnes and noble for his birthday.  Finally caught up on bills and finally moving forward on debt in a bigger way.  Now if we can just get some savings started.  One step at a time, right? 

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This is my first post from my phone. So far I do not think it is fun. But that is what happens if you don'pay your Internet bill. Hee hee.

Zebra - I have had this flu for a week now. Hope you are over it quicker!

Oh forget it. I was going to post more but my thumbs are too fat!
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Rhu, what kind of phone do you have?  I have the galaxy s3 and it comes standard with the swype keyboard which I adore!!!!  It took a little getting used to but now I'm pretty fast.  I think my ex said you could download it for other phones but that our phones were the only ones that came stock with swype.  It eliminates fat finger syndrome because I have it too.  It's still way easier and faster to get on the computer of course because I type very quickly but swype on my phone does cut down on mistakes(though you have to watch for autocorrect fail).  


*ebra, glad you could find work for at least a few days.  I hope it's enough.


averysmomma, I'm struggling too with the jobs.  We'll make it through but it's no fun right now.  I'm glad you could make peace with your situation and do the thing you needed to do for your sanity.


frugalmama, I'm keeping you in my thoughts for a miracle.  Glad you were already able to get a bit of help on that bill.  And we are heading into winter so hopefully you won't have big electric bills in the winter too.


Mylie, glad you checked in.  Seems like everything is busy but well which is what I like to hear.  That Harvest Festival sounds ama*ing!!!!  You and L are gonna have a great time!  I wish we had stuff like that here.





Just popping in really fast while the girls all eat breakfast.  I have to work today and every day this weekend at the store.  Unfortunately it's also drill weekend for their dad so I have to bring them to my mom so I can go to work.  And that's fine, they love to see her.  But it makes me feel like a tool getting free childcare from my mom.  I don't like to take up her entire weekend.  Littlest girl was sick for the last two days with a high fever and some sort of stomach bug.  I missed 2 shifts with the baby plus a shift at the store that someone offered me because she was sick.  And now drill is cancelled for the baby's dad(he's considered non-essential for mission support while my ex is considered essential) so I don't get the weekend with her outside of the store hours too.  So basically I'm losing a LOT of money this week.  This shutdown is really starting to piss me off.  It's really affecting my financial situation which was precarious to begin with.  WTH government?????


*sigh*  All right.  Can't hide anymore on here.  Have a great day/weekend ladies.  I'll miss you.

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DH was let go from his job this morning because they lost a big assignment. I am really sick of these f$$king jobs shutting down and us going through this 2x this year already. BULLSHIT. Yes, I am bitter and pissed off. So far he has applied to go to trucking school and work for a company, and we are getting ready to go to the towns 25 mins from us to apply for a few more jobs. He takes a test on 15th for a really good job so  hopefully something works out. Until then I am stuck at home crying like a baby pissed off.

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Quick pop-in while I keep robo-dialing places to help with the bill. And no luck on that so far either. I have a few places I can go next week, but not until Tuesday. It seems to be an unwritten rule that every assistance place in town is only open on Tuesdays. Going to call the electric company and pray they give me another week. Going today to try to make as much $$$ as I can - taking scrap metal in, taking kids clothes to the resale place & books to half price. Posting stuff on CL like crazy too.


Hugs to everyone else, and I'll try to reply when I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off lol.

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I hate being sick.  Maybe this is the universe telling me I need a real job and subbing isnt the way to go?  Since August I've been sick 3 times with pink eye and 1 time with bronchitis for a total of 4 times in 2 months of school.  I can not afford this (add in my mental cr@p and its not working).  My left lung is on fire.  I hope the meds start working soon.

I have an invite to 'girls nite out' tomorrow and since DS is out of town IM GOING.  I need to patch myself together enough to go out.... I have not been 'out' with real people, non toxic people in ages. I am NOT missing it. (and its free, except for soda)

Right now I'm resting.  Hoping the coughing will STOP.

Got a shut off on the internet/cable and waiting for one from the electric.  Paid rent but I'm sure it got there a few days late, as of yesterday the check didnt clear my account yet.  have $30 until payday and need to put $20 for gas and the rest for 'girls night'/  Payday is a whopping $200 next thursday.  Hoping that food stamps hit the account on Monday.

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