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I hope the shutdown gets resolved quickly too. I keep the checking the news, hoping to see a good headline. I can't imagine where we'd be without SS payments. 


Frugalmama, I'm in Oz and I've signed up to those types of survey websites but barely anything comes my way because of the location. I'm going to revisit it once more and see how I go. I'm really glad we are able to "just make it" every month too.. such a relief.. but it's not without sacrifice. We only have enough (break even) for the new mortgage payment, basic utilities payment (water/electricity/gas used very frugally) and $100/per person/per month grocery budget. Anything else is now considered non essential, including gas for the car. DD has fully outgrown her only pair of shoes, I need to have 2 scans (that are not covered by medicare) and DD will need to have her foot looked at very soon (more $). We're already in a pickle and the CC balance is slowly rising, but at least we've got our house. DH is looking for work and pretty much applying for anything and everything on a daily basis, but no luck as of yet.

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October is taking a nasty turn financially.  That stupid field trip of my daughter's is killing me.  I'm supposed to have $220 for a 3 day trip by next week.  Gah!   PLUS her chorus teacher raised her hopes telling her to sign up for All-State which means $15 to register and audition and $65 if she's chosen PLUS I have to transport her at least once a week(we don't even know yet) 25 miles away through cra*y city traffic.  I had to say no.  I feel like a douche but she wants to do a drama class after school plus one other and the other girls have Brownies and Daisies and they see their dad(who won't drive in the city or take her out there and I just can't.  Even if we could do it financially(probably not) I just cannot deal with that every week.  She's pretty disappointed.  She's at that weird age where I kind of expect her to think about long-term ramifications of things even though she's probably not capable of that.  She saw $15 to register and didn't think about event fees, driving, time complications, etc.  I saw, "holy crap! That's a massive commitment for all of our family!!!"  My kids all needed new sneakers desperately this weekend plus we needed household supplies like toothpaste, etc and it ended up coming to $136(including some food) and that was painful.  I'm just feeling really overwhelmed.  


I'm going to destress and fix things the only way I know how today.  I'm going to clean and organi*e and throw crap away.  I am hoping it will lower my stress levels.  Our budget at work is low for hours so I don't have enough and that doesn't help pay all these bills that are popping up.  I have several things on my to-do list today and I'm hoping to get a bunch accomplished.  That will hopefully lower the stress levels and organi*e my life.  I've been letting the smaller things slide like making sure my middle girl does her 20minutes of reading per night and checking it off in her folder and her teacher isn't thrilled.  I really need to get my act together.  

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I hope the shutdown gets resolved quickly too. I keep the checking the news, hoping to see a good headline. I can't imagine where we'd be without SS payments. 


In my Social Problems class, we were talking about what would happen to America if the government REALLY shuts down and stops paying out SS/SNAP/TANF/UIetc. Riots. What happens if you take away the only lifelines for about half of the country? Because if you think about it between just the four programs I listed above, it's easily half our country (I'm not saying that's a bad thing). An increase in poverty lends itself to an increase in violence, sadly, because people will do anything they can to survive. I know it sounds very "conspiracy" like, but it could happen. Maybe some of those preppers are on to something. lol


ETA: As soon as I got done typing this, I realized that you may have been saying "we" in regards to your family, not the country. Sorry!

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It's so nice seeing this thread as such an active place for support. Sorry if it seems like I'm lurking redface.gif DD2 turns 4 tomorrow, our very low budget party at the pumpkin patch was rained out ( we were going to buy a gallon of cider and mini pumpkins to decorate). My sister,niece and mom came to the house Saturday to help celebrate they brought cake and the kids had a great time. I have enough left over to buy a pack of mini cupcakes to take to women's study tomorrow for her class to share. I think she would be fine even without that though. It's getting so hard for both DH and I to leave his summer school pay alone in savings until we hear back just how much we need to get our mortgage current. We have a pretty good idea and have just enough if we're right. I just spent $30 getting toothpaste, flossers and batteries and I felt scandalous. DH is working extra respite hours, but any thing we spend above our $180 grocery budget is money we're not putting away for this big looming bill.
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If she is good enough to audition for Allstate- I would talk to the teacher about possibly getting some help to make it happen. She can probably carpool with someone else going, and the fees can sometimes be covered or waived. 

(Then again, I majored in music performance, so my opinion may be skewed.)

As for us, things are good. It is a little chilly, but hopefully the furnace folks will be here later and we can use real heat instead of small heaters (safe ones, not the scary sort!) But, that's going to be be $75 on top of the $130 I already paid to have them come service the system and they didn't bother to show up because it was hard to schedule it in. I am angry that I have to pay twice for a service that was supposed to be part of my heating bill at $13 a month. And now it has to be all up front. 

But, we have food, warm clothes, and even some extras like cream for coffee!

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"...pretty much to sum it up - just about everything is okay for October. But if it stretched into November, things are going to start shutting down due to lack of funding."


So it looks like the poorest people in the country are going to suffer while the rich congressmen act like toddlers...


God Bless, America.  :irked 

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Yes.  The most vulnerable populations will pay the greatest price.  My brother is furloughed- but is a single guy.  He's ok for the moment though he hasn't got a lot saved (recently divorced).  He is also among the better paid federal employees with 12 years of service, and a decent payscale- as well as a law degree.  
He's mountain biking to run away from it all. 

The employees he supervises- who earn less and have larger families- they are really struggling already.  He's sent all of them grocery cards- anonymously- dipping into his own credit lines- and he has put together a list of resources for them, but nothing is good enough to make up for the loss of income. 

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Between yesterday and today I cooked five cups of applesauce and six batches apple pie filing. I am also cooking up some chicken stock tonight. This week will be a bit rougher since hubby didnt have overtime. My only real complaint is the loss of my beloved keurig. It bit the dust randomly over the weekend and I am missing my caffeine.
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Just sold my soul to the dental devil. Went in and my cavity was so bad I needed a root canal and crown. They knocked off some of the costs about 15% but it was a pretty penny and I signed up for a payment plan because I don't carry around that much money to spend on my dental needs. Will go back for the permanent crown in a month. I swear I almost cried, I felt like I was losing a limb. Oh well. I will survive. Guess my lesson has been learned that I need to take better care of myself. I was kicking myself the whole time knowing that it could have been prevented and I have vowed that I will never let my health be put aside again. I remember years I went without healthcare and regular paps at the beginning of the marriage eventhough my mom died of cervical cancer all because ex said it was too expensive to put me on the insurance plan. I don't wan to turn this into a mega rant about my ex, but I really sacrificed my health in the name of that marriage and now I am out of it have a fraction of the income and yet somehow know I will manage  to pay for my bills and appointments and be okay. 


Thinking now I need to pare down my belongings and try to find a way to pay for the dental bill....


But to leave this on a more positive note: I got a 91% in my 8 week lit class! Thank goodness! that was a very difficult class and I made it through okay!

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I am having a blessed day - had to share somewhere where folks will understand.


Pulled up my electric bill this morning to check to see if the pledge payment had come in yet, so I could go to another place to get this months paid before they sent out a disconnect tomorrow. Said ZERO balance. Figured it was a glitch, error - something wrong so I called the company. After waiting most of the day for them to call me back - it's not a glitch! One of the agencies that I went to last week, that I didn't think would come through in time for our disconnect - did! They paid $150 and now we have a zero balance until next month. So relieved! Now just waiting for a letter - this was the agency that had to send it to another agency, and then on to the county office so I'd been told 3-4 weeks before you will hear anything. We might *fingers crossed* have qualified for 6 months of bill help or just a co-pay, but I won't know until I get the letter. 6 months of bill help would be a huge help right now to get back on our feet a little & stop living paycheck to paycheck.


And now I can go to the place I was going to go for this month's electric bill, and they'll pay the water bill instead! Just need to pay $20 to get it under $100, then they will pay the $100. Will wait to see what program we qualified for with the county office first though - just in case.

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totally awesome thing as I want to name something I am grateful for! The local grocery store has coupons on the back of their receipts, I found that 5$ off coupons are being printed for savers, so far I have gotten 3 so that is essentially 15$ in my pocket! 

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Anyone else starting to get nervous? 


I found out that if the government doesn't resolve this by November 1st I will be laid off until it does...My classes have already been postponed until "sometime" in November...


I will qualify for unemployment but will that even be available? 


This is getting crazy.... :irked

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I'm not grocery shopping. Yes I have FS but im terrfied to use them.  Weird huh... I have no idea if we will get any FS next month, nor if FS will be any good next month but I want to hold on to the FS that we have for as long as I can.  Instead of doing a huge shop, I've been doing $20 shops just to fill in.


Subbing is not a plentiful as 2 weeks ago.


The weather has been cooler, at least the a/c is finally turned off.  Hoping the next electric bill is much lower.

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Originally Posted by Mylie View Post

Anyone else starting to get nervous? 


I found out that if the government doesn't resolve this by November 1st I will be laid off until it does...My classes have already been postponed until "sometime" in November...


I will qualify for unemployment but will that even be available? 


This is getting crazy.... :irked

Very nervous. While my income comes from selling things online, we heavily rely on FS & medicaid to get by. If medicaid isn't funded I have no idea how I'll afford my medicine - it's $25 but might as well be $1000+ as we just don't have it. And without it I end up in the hospital :( I last filled on the 6th, so going to TRY to fill again the last day of the month - I think medicaid here still does that 7 days rule about filling. I'm supposed to have an appointment in November too, but that could be pushed back if needed. I'm debating calling a bit early for my bus tokens to get to my appointment, just in case. My medicaid plan does rides / bus tokens - I always do bus tokens as they send extra ones which are a big help.


My only phone is safelink, assuming that would shut down too. Worst case I could either get by without a phone or buy a phone card for my old tracphone that has double minutes - $20 would get me 120 minutes which I could make last a month if I had to.


My coping mechinism is to prep for the worst case scenario, so I'm filling the pantry & lining up places to go for help if we need it. Found a couple of places that will pay for my meds if needed, if they have funding of course. I'm trying to get places to pay bills now, so that if things do get bad we can go a little longer than most. If things don't get bad, well then I'm a little ahead.

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Hey everybody - I haven't posted in a long time - been crazy crazy busy.  Things had been looking up for a while too, but now I am afraid things will drop drastically back down again. With the government stuff, we are looking to lose more than half of our income.  I know that some are losing all of their income, so I am trying not to complain... I'm just stressing a bit I guess. We have three kids - one with severe special needs and one that's a baby. My mom is disabled and lives with us too.  It's just a difficult situation. 


Mom has SNAP benefits, but they were late in funding them this month.  I'm afraid the rest of them are going to go away, so I am going to head to the store in a bit and pick up some staples for her that can last a while - rice, beans, peanut butter, etc. Hopefully the $ is still on the card. 


Somehow I did my banking wrong and we have had to take a payday advance to make sure our bills fund correctly in the account. 


Just very stressful right now, financially, and trying to make the best choices possible to weather this storm.  Sending lots of hugs to you mamas who are marching in the trenches and doing the best you can. <3

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WELFARE SHUTDOWN: Can this be true? ~Q ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States to Withhold Transfers to Food Stamp Recipients Mac Slavo October 15th, 2013 This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to feed their families rushed grocery store shelves to obtain everything they could while the system was down. The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium. But if you thought that isolated incident was bad, imagine what could happen next month. We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. In a letter obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center food pantry, the USDA is directing state agencies to, “delay their November issuance files and delay transmission to State Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.” What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards. What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive? Think this past weekend and multiply it across the entirety of the United States of America. In the State of Utah the immediate effect of the USDA’s contingency plan will be a freeze in benefits for 100,000 people. Richard Phillips, a homeless man who depends on the government’s monthly distributions, warned what would happen next: It’s going to cause problems… because then you’re going to come to find out that you’re going to have people starting to steal and do what they have to do to survive. Video Report via The Daily Sheeple: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/alert-government-freezes-ebt-funds-orders-states-to-withhold-transfers-to-food-stamp-recipients_102013

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Justmama - basically what that USDA memo is saying is "If you are a state that disburses EARLY {i.e. apply on the 16th of the month or later, get benefits for both October & November right away}, DON"T give out November Benefits." Doesn't say 100% that there will be no SNAP in November, but definitely points towards it.



I stocked up, and have about $40 left on the card out of the $347 we get. Going to use that right before the 1st for milk & eggs {I don't like frozen milk}. We can go 2-4 months without SNAP if we have to, but meals would get interesting towards the end of that. Might could go 6 months if we HAD to & rationed what we have a little more. I can always buy milk at CVS with store bucks if I have to.


So glad we've moved - my old neighborhood is going to be rioting for sure if there is no benefits in November. I think our current neighborhood would be okay - but we'd probably hunker down & stay home for the most part.

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Things are going okay here. Hubby starts new job tomorrow, he has been doing side work, I have been doing my side work so things are okay. Eating out the pantry til Saturday when foods tamps hits.

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Well we sold our camper and paid off some stuff but just found out we are going to take a 225$ per month reduction in income. So we just got nowhere. Although we needed to sell it as we had no funds or time to use it I thought we would be able to use the payment money to pay down our big cc. Sigh....

Grateful for:
Caught up at the moment on bills.
Food in freezer and pantry.
We all have warm clothes and shoes although youngest ds is almost out of his shoes.
We have jobs! Even ifthey don't pay what they need too.
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Hugs to everyone..I hate feeling like we are just pawns.


Stressing out a tiny bit. I got birthday presents for the boys (Oct and Nov birthdays). $32 "Little People" super hero set on sale for $18. There are 7 of them and I will wrap them individually. Big boys get 3 each and the baby can have 1. I got stocking stuffers, 4 tiny rescue bots..just need an orange each and some dye free, chocolate free, cinnamon free candy. :/ Last on the list is their actual presents. $125 total on those. Then I have to get stuff to make presents for everyone else.

I also need to get my van in order. Replace rollers on one sliding door, change an engine mount, tune up, new tires, new bumper. Argh.


Not to mention the stress of the divorce. I need a pill.

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