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I am going to call to find out about that.  I think they will at least let me find a little extra time for the payments. As soon as I get the proof that it was a clerical error, I should be able to take it in and hopefully get it removed or reduced, I hope!

But hey, a good old fashioned background check is always fun.  BAH!  they checked EVERYTHING! Found nothing, but still, sitting on the side of the road for half an hour was stressful. 

If you find that you are still stuck with the fine, you may be able to do community service instead. That's what they do here. I ended up with a monstrous fine for driving uninsured. I told her there was absolutely no way I could pay it, but I didn't want to go to jail either. She said that you could do community service at any not-for-profit with each hour counting as an hour working minimum wage toward your fine. I went and worked at my daughter's school, for months....

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sorry ladies i have been out of the loop! I have one final left to wrap up and I will be back to catch up on all the happenings. I glanced and saw someone mention a discount dental plan. Anyone know of a good one? I found aetna in my state for 7$ a month. How does it work exactly? I really want to get the rest of my dental needs taken care of in the spring at the latest. I need 2 more crowns and 1 filling. The dentist i went to has just the 2 crowns, filling and everything costing me about 2800$ If I could get that cut in half that could be manageable for me after I work on paying down this first crown and root canal. I am super stressed about needing any more root canals so i want to get these teeth taken care of before i need to go through that again =(

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I'm still here, working on my finals and stressing out over the $5000/year not covered by the pell grant...

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Its snowing! We plan on playing in it tomorrow. Otherwise Im just doing some baking to keep the house warm. Chocolate chip banana bread, yummo! After paying rent and buying a few neccessities we have thirty dollars and whatever is in our change jar until next payday. Im grateful the apt manager worked with us on squeezing past late fees or we would have been broke. Depending on the weather we are going to visit santa for our free picture and look at christmas lights sat. We will keep warm by roasting up our second turkey. My poor chest freezer is bare but we have enough food until payday so Im feeling blessed.
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So cold in arizona,i actually turned on the heat (something i swore not to do this year).  it was 37 degrees on the way home late tonight.

total score, my yarn club friend gifted me 7 skeins of totally snooty yarn... i love her.  

I finished my shawl for the girl at the dr's office, she is so sweet to me and she deserves something for putting up with the crazy person i am  lol.

i want to curl up and not deal with life this weekend.  ugh

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-a completely beyond generous gift from an MDC mom that arrived in the mail yesterday.  :joy  I cried a bit.


-3 jobs all scheduled for today, just a few hours each.  I start at 6:30am and don't finish until 8:30pm.  But it's MONEY.


-Wow.  SO many hours at work next week.  The bills will get paid.  Thankful beyond belief for that.


-delish blueberry muffins this morning.  Mmmmmmm.


-a finished cowl.  FOR ME!  It was yarn I was gifted a few years ago and it's in these gorgeous rich shades of reds and browns and it's all fancy and expensive.  Nothing I would typically buy myself but I fantasi*e regularly about it.  :rotflmao  But it feels so luxurious to be wearing it.  I had wanted to make something special with it and not just waste it on something I wouldn't use so it sat unknit forever.  But it was destined to be a cowl.  It finally spoke to me.  

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Things are going here. My regular job has slowed down so I have only worked 3 hrs in 2 weeks time. Thank goodness we seem to be getting by on DH's check without any extra but enough to pay the bills. After looking at the FS paperwork and stuff it looks like we will be kicked off of them when our renew comes up in Feb because we make to much on paper. I think we will be a few dollars over. We are preparing for that now and stocking up and hopefully my hrs at work go up around that time. I have been in a funk and really just blah lately. Not really sure what to do about anything.





-A MDC mama sent my son some legos! He adoress building and tearing down those and sits happily doing it.

- We have food in the cabinets

-Bills are paid even if late

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-it's drill weekend, which means I have the baby all weekend.  Yay for money!


-we have plans with friends to go get a Christmas tree this evening.  it'll probably be the smallest, saddest(ie, cheapest) tree on the lot but it will smell good and be festive.


-a friend gave me a big bag of old maga*ines to read.  Some fun cooking maga*ines in there so maybe I'll come up with a cheap and delicious idea.


-Hours pick up like cra*y next weekend at work and continue until after Christmas.  


-I think I'll be okay for Christmas gifts this year, just stocking stuff left to get.  It's mostly clothing unfortunately but it's something to unwrap.  I might be able to get one more toy type of present for each of them so they have something to play with since I have a check to cash from work for $80.


-found a pack of socks that my daughter needed last night at wal-mart for $1!!!!!  That was really exciting. Lol.  I'm such a grown up.  Cheap socks excite me.  Either that or I'm poor.

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Some old same old here. Still plugging away trying to make the tax money in time. Got an app in the mail for the county program that has been paying my electric & gas bill. Fingers crossed that means we can stay on the program in 2014, at least for part of the year. Would be a HUGE help. Gotta go down to that office 1st thing Monday morning as I got the app Saturday and it's due Monday! And they didn't send the right form I need for self employment, of course. While we're down there I'll hit up Goodwill & take dd to the park that is nearby if it's not too cold. Maybe take a picnic lunch too, otherwise we'll use the Mcdonalds Q's that we got in the mail last week for a cheap lunch.




~Friend gave me a ride last night to do a big grocery run & get all the heavy/bulky stuff. Paid her for gas but still a huge help.

~Great sale on Eggo Waffles at Target, plus I get a $5 target e-GC back for every 4 boxes through another program. Now I can go buy stuff like paper towels & TP!

~Found a pair of warm leather gloves when I was cleaning & going through stuff & they fit!

~The MDC Holiday Helper program, which has been a HUGE blessing to us this year. And I was able to give back a little and help out another mama with things I had :)

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Ahh! I just got a notice in the mail that Medicaid for myself and the kids and food stamps are being cancelled because I didn't get the renewal info in by 12/04-but the letter they sent me said it was due 12/10 and I mailed it last week!!!! 


It looks like there is a process to go through to get it reversed, and I will call tomorrow to see what is going on, but that is so frustrating-they are going to cancel our insurance the 21st of this month!


Just one more thing to worry about-I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet.


Please send me some good vibes that this is easily and quickly fixed!



-plenty of food in the house and still have most of the money on the EBT card left so I'll be okay for this month.

-Oil in the tank so we can be nice and warm in this crazy weather.

-Should have a higher than usual pay check this week that will almost get me caught up plus some $$ for gifts.

-My very nice landlord let me split the rent into 2 payments this month, so I haven't had my usual overdraft fees to pay.

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I love making chocolate chip banana bread too! Everyone looks at me weird when I say I add chocolate haha

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My kids LOVE chocolate chip banana muffins.
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A little stressed about the upcoming holiday and the expenses it brings like extra food for potluck, the few more gifts to buy, and hubbys angel tree gifts. I want to sit back and enjoy the holiday before its gone. Tonight I think we will take a christmas light walk. Its not as cold as it has been and we have some beautiful lights in our neighborhood. And tomorrow the fire dept brings santa to our neighborhood. Thet come right near our apt. complex. Very cool. Im almost done wrapping gifts, but I think we will need more paper. Since we need to grocery shop this week the cabinets are pretty bare and Im really trying to squeeze a costco trip in this weekend but hubbys schedule makes it tough. Oh, and ontop of it all both of my kiddos birthdays are next week. My mom wants to do cake and ice cream sunday but other than that we dont have much planned since they fall during the week. We are thinking maybe taking them for ice cream one day. Im not even sure what we are giving them. We were going to give them gifts dhs uncle is sending just because they would work out well(one large and one small) but we will have to see if they arrive in time. If not I will pull something from christmas gifts.
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So now Im a bit bummed. We missed the fire dept santa. Either I messed up the days or they changed them. And the kids were cranky so no walk to see lights. At least we can still do that tomorrow.
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Woot Just did my SNAP phone interview & actually had a NICE caseworker!


And my pc is up & running, after a near death experience. Got a virus 2 days ago & had to do a complete wipe & re-install of windows. But thankfully it's working now!

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Ack, somehow a transaction for $350 was pushed through our checking account (unauthorized) minutes before pay was deposited. Instead of kicking it out for NSF, the bank put it through, leaving us short for the next two weeks and they are telling us it is our job to contact the place that put the unauthorized transaction through to have them  reverse it.  Um. I now have the car payment left in the bank  and $80 to do for groceries and gas for the next 2 weeks- oh, and to cover Christmas. 

Bah, I had set things up so carefully to have it all budgeted for breathing space. 

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Wow, rainbow, I think I would go to the bank and speak to management. I would want to see the documentation they had putting this transaction through. If it was suspicious activity they really should have checked with you first. I would also contact the transaction and possibly involve the police. You dont want your identity stolen. Hubby has worked tons of overtime,which will hopefully result in a nice check. Just need stocking stuffers and calendars/photo gifts and we are done.
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Rainbow - I agree with Happyhats. The bank should have either refused the charge or called you to confirm.


Justmama & Zebra - y'all have both been on my mind lately. How are you doing?



I'm here, still plodding along. Next month is going to be really tight as my ebay sales have been pretty much non-existent this month. Hoping for a better month next month - most of the stuff I sell just isn't holiday shopping material. Not sure what I'm going to do on the property taxes - have a big yard sale & pray I guess. If I can get enough to pay the school taxes then I can work something out for the county taxes.


I have a question for the mamas here though - don't have anywhere else to ask it that is other low-income folks who will understand. I found, totally by accident today while picking up from Toys for Tots, a local client choice food bank that gives out really good stuff - produce, eggs, milk, bread items, etc. I used to buy most of this stuff from local stores when they would clearance it, but they now just donate these items instead of clearancing it, and we can't afford to buy most of these at full shelf price. The food bank also gives out clothing & non-food items like toiletries, paper goods, etc. I often am scrounging to afford things like TP & stuff we don't tend to get free / cheap after coupons. We get the max on SNAP, and it's JUST enough to cover groceries if I am careful, use coupons & eat from the stockpile. We never go hungry, but the last week of the month is often pretty inventive as we are out of SNAP for fresh things like milk, eggs, produce etc. My SNAP is going less & less far each month it seems, and I worry as my stockpile is going down too. We don't buy a lot of produce anymore unless it's either canned or on sale. Given all that - I am tempted to start going to this food bank occasionally. Not every week {you can go weekly} but maybe once or twice a month & being careful to only select things I can use? But I'm not sure as we aren't going hungry because we have SNAP & I am careful, KWIM? WWYD?

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Hey friends :grouphug

I have been gone and haven't read here in weeks. hope your all doing well. I had a family emergency and was home visiting family and missed two weeks of work. Now I'm not sure that I still have a job despite a hospital note verifying my absence. So stressful to think about financially but I have hope we'll somehow get thru it.

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I'm back! again lol It's been a hectic few weeks.. But my husband is now employed very close to home and we are moving to a two bedroom house rent free. Things are definitely looking up. Which also means that we can start TTC. My period is actually due today and hasn't shown up yet. 


I just got back from babysitting and housesitting for my parents while they were on a cruise. It's so nice being home! Their house is so not toddler proof! Came back sick. I'm so kicking myself for not taking my elderberry syrup over there. I have successfully fought off numerous colds before they got started with that stuff. Plus my husband still isn't sleeping well. We think that a big part of it is that he needs to be in his own bed. Because he can sleep during the day when I'm not in bed and slept great when I was at my parents and he was home. Unfortunately we don't have the space! We might have to figure a way to make that happen though. So I'm feeling like crap today but overall things are good. I also just found out that my psycho mother is moving 4 hours away. Judge if you will, but our lives will be much more peaceful once that happens.

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