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Originally Posted by mamarhu View Post

The springtime choices at the produce market have inspired me to take advantage of the sales. So I have committed myself to twice a month (my pay schedule) buying a case or a crate of whatever is in season (or discounted for whatever reason - really cheap!) and preserving it. So far, I have chopped and frozen about 30 pounds of onions ($3), and 20 pounds of bell peppers ($6). Last year, I did this on a smaller scale with tomatoes, apples (we love homemade applesauce), peaches, and a few others. This year, I plan to get carried away, and fill the freezer and the pantry! Strawberries and mangoes are next, $10/flat, if the guy on the street corner comes back (haven't seen him for a week, since last payday). I might even go farther and can spaghetti sauce, salsa, things like that that can be done in huge batches. I also make chicken and veggie broth (separately) from veggie trimmings and bones, and freeze quarts.  I am only growing fresh lettuces and spinach and herbs this year (tiny garden area, limited time). But add a pot of rice or noodles or potatoes, and it sounds like dinner to me!


It makes me feel rich to know we have food, come what may.



Those prices are amazing!!!  Our farmer's market isn't even open yet.  Sometimes I despise the short growing season/cold of New England.  We are a hearty people and yet, plants just aren't.  I can't WAIT for the farmer's market to open.  We do the same thing though.  Last season we canned salsa, tomato sauce, grape jelly, applesauce, apple butter, etc.  I'm running out of everything.  We are running out of all the kale and squash and peppers from the garden last year too and we won't make it to the summer.  Good thing it's raining today, drenching my garden!

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Hi everyone! Been a while since I've been on. I think we're all better from the cold we caught at the hospital. Baby still has a cough but those can linger for weeks. Ladies. What the heck. I am still seeing brown spotting about once a day from the miscarriage. Tomorrow is 4 weeks since it started. Ugh. Gotta plan a visit to my midwife now to get the IUD. 


Wedding is mostly taken care of, just have to come up with the final fee for the venue while still paying our bills. 


Been having a few heart to hearts with my fiance about him finding work he's passionate about so that he puts 100% into it every day and can get decent hours. He applied for a State Park entry level position about an hour away. There's a lot of room for growth. It's park maintenance but we saw the listings for the higher maintenance positions. Basically if he works for a year to three he can move up to the next position and get paid another 500-1000 a month. 


My computer is throwing a temper tantrum so I haven't been able to work. Taking it to my tech genius dad Sunday if he's not too tired from Saturday events. 


Heavily considering opening a store selling hard to locally find natural products (natural soaps, laundry soaps, essential oils, amber necklaces, stuff you can't find in stores and order online instead). working on a business plan for it. 


There's an abandoned house across the street from our apartments here out in the country. It's sitting on 5 acres of land and has a separate 2 car garage. We've got our hopes up about figuring out how to get it because we're in love.



That's about everything that's been going on. Hope everyone else is well

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Hi everyone - been a while since I've been on too. Broke my glasses last week, and medicaid won't pay for the lenses I need {I have a very strong scrip}. So I ended up selling some stuff and buying a pair from Zenni Optical - praying they get here soon. 


Things are okay for us - haven't been able to pay bills and we're broke, but so far we have everything else covered. My safelink phone finally got here yesterday, which is a huge relief. I had 4 minutes left on my old tracfone, and they were going fast. 


Trying to sell some more stuff to be able to pay bills. I have a chance at a 2 day gig at a local homeschooling conference - they need someone to run a scholastic book fair. But it only pays $100 and it's a day and a half work, plus bus time to get there. Not sure if I'm going to take it or not - it seems like a lot of work for $100. I also need to look into some of the local mystery shopping gigs after my glasses get here - thinking I might be able to fit one or two in on days when a friend can watch my dd. Some of them pay $20 or more for a shop that takes maybe 45 minutes, so that's not too bad of a deal. 


I wish our farmers markets were that cheap - here they are higher than just buying from the grocery store :( But they do take SNAP & WIC though. I do need to try a couple of different ones around town though - the one I go to is a tiny weekly one near my house. 

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so i got a bill, my insurance is not covering any of my mole biopsy, not surprised at all, but now I have a 243$ to pay and I am hoping i won't have to pay anymore to the actual office (243$ was just the biopsy) Grhh. Oh well. I know now why i love my savings fund so much, and seeing the need to keep it fully funded. I am vowing to not stress about money while I am in my classes the next upcoming 5 weeks and focus on making money by selling stuff etc after classes are over. I had the option to take out the full loan amount for my classes this summer and it was 4300$ I think. My classes only totaled 1850$ so I opted for 2300$ thinking that should cover classes and books. My books only ended up costing 200$, so I will probably take the left over money and pay down my cc. It starts accruing interest once dspursed so it is not free money! I am just so overwhelmed with all these money decisions. Not much else going on here, need to pay my car property taxes and may need to get new break pad for it the car soon.

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*deep breaths*  Just took my 8 year old to the orthodontist.  It's going to be $1428 AFTER her insurance picks up part of it.duh.gif    And that's just phase 1.  That's the PRE-braces stuff that deals with her baby teeth before she gets to the braces on her adult teeth in phase 2.  I'm hyperventilating here.  Apparently if I can come up with $300 down, it's $75 per month after that.  Or I could try to get a loan but they may not loan anything to me because I am not working.  I just wanna bang my head against the wall.




-I'm eating an AMAZING vegan pad thai right now and it's making my tummy very happy.  It's SO easy to make.  http://vegweb.com/recipes/easy-pad-thai


-my "baby" graduated from preschool today and is getting ready for full-day K this coming fall.  So grown up!


-we saw a new pulmonologist/allergist today and the plan to deal with my "baby's" asthma is encouraging.  Apparently she's allergic to mold and multiple kinds of tree pollen(birch, beech, maple, oak, sycamore) and we are waiting on food testing results from the blood test.  We are discontinuing a med and starting two more and the best part........it's ALL covered by insurance!!!joy.gif


-I have broccoli coming up in my garden!  I can't WAIT to eat from it.

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Ok. I was laid off yesterday. Deep breaths.

I've already done the unemployment thing, and I've started using the extra time to get the garden going. I'll be getting about three or four weeks pay yet, and I'm looking for a job but it's mostly in the freelance arena. Hopefully, dh will be able to pick up some overtime soon.
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Prayers wolfcat. Ouch, justmama. Now I understand why braces were never an option growing up. Not suggesting that or anything though.
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Good luck wolfcat, I hope something comes quickly.


Justmama, I AM suggesting it lol Unless it's a need and not cosmetic. 


I am officially stressed out again. We're $125 short on rent and just found out that my fiances seasonal job is at the end of it's season and they didn't make enough sales to take on any normal employees. He's going to call the state park thing today to see if he can get in for an interview. I'm going to try and do live ops work but working from home isn't working like I'd hoped for us.


Went ahead and applied for TANF (the cash assistance) and realized that I can apply for medicaid for my fiance who really needs it so I did that. 


Grateful is that we do still have food and my parents have offered to pay the rest of the venue fee if we can't come up with it. 

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Yardsaling again tomorrow. Been having good luck getting nip or great quality gifts for everyone. Hoping for more goodies.

I have jury duty next week, ugh. I actually think it could be interesting or at least a day of quiet. Im nervous though because we cannot afford hubby to take off more than a day or two, thankfully he still has a little vacation. Also they don't allow cell phones un the building so I need change to track down a payphone if there are nt lockers or anything.

We are celebrating sil birthday sunday. Im making brownies, I let the children sharpie a picture on a plate and put that in the oven to make it permanent, and I have a small gift.

Crockpot steel cut outs with applesauce is cooking for tomorrows breakfast. Tomorrow will be porksteaks and potato salad, maybe we will even borrow my parents portable grill. Thankful for the good weather and good food.

Also thankful for my fathers health. He was in the hospital last week for a lung infection but is home and doing pretty well.
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steel cut oats and applesauce is my FAVORITE breakfast of all time!!!!  




Went yardsaling with my mom this morning and found a box FULL of legos for $10.  It's the box that a case of wine bottles comes in so it's BIG.  Probably a few hundred bucks worth of legos in there.  I'm saving it for my oldest daughter's birthday this July.  She's turning 13 and she is very creative and loves to build with legos and draw anime and such.  She's gonna love it!  


Went to the zoo with our zoo membership that my parents buy me for mother's day every year, so that was a nice free activity.  Brought a picnic lunch.  I ended up spending $7 on two frozen lemonades for all 5 of us to share which I shouldn't have done but the kids were dragging and getting cranky and needed a little pick-me-up and I NEVER indulge in things like that.  So it was a special treat that they all enjoyed and slurped down in moments.  It ended up being really worth it because it revived them all and the rest of the trip was fun instead of their dad and I getting cranky because they were dragging and cranky.  Worth $7 in my mind!



My lettuce in my garden is ready to harvest!  I think I'll have a salad tomorrow for lunch.  joy.gif










Oh and this morning when I saw my mom she handed me a quart of applesauce from last September that we canned together.  I just finished our last jar last week and the kids were sad when it was gone so we'll surely treasure this one.  We were lucky enough to pick up like 50lbs of the drops at the local low-spray orchard for $.50/lb and spend a few hours processing them while my dad kept the kids busy in the yard.  Apparently this year it's gotta be more like 100lbs.  horrors.gif  Damn kids are just growing like weeds.  They NEVER stop eating.

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I hear you about the kids growing and eating. Believe me. Awesome score on legos. Thats something I'm on the lookout for as a christmas gift for my children. They love blocks and building. That and a train table they can use for multiple purposes. I may end up making that from something found yardsaling.

Did pretty good yardsaling myself. Some tins that Im saving for christmas goodies, a nib christmas mug set for friends, some dean koontz paperbacks, three I gave dh now and three Im saving for his birthday, a vcr, and a craft set for my kids. I got the vcr since it was a dollar and it came with a remote, which our handmedown did not. Going to check if it works and if so I will give away the spare.

Made brownies for sil, and we are giving the kids a chalkboard and easel my two no longer use. They gravitate towards in when they come play, and Im proud of my littles being excited to give something away. Tonight I need to do more laundry and go through my gift closet and write down all the goodies in there.

Going to do the best with jury duty. Saved some magazines for reading material, will write down any numbersmI need and bring change, and hopefully we will be able to do a park or something afterwards. Just hoping the judge will be reasonable about length of time Im there, if need he hubby can get his job to write a note about how much he is needed there. Right now it is only him and one other guy at his job so he cannot really miss lots of days.
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I got a hold of unemployment. I can start making claims tomorrow. Because I was laid off and they will call us back in, I don't have to look for work to collect. We have been working on the garden all week, and we set up an outdoor clothes line. We bought two unfinished screen doors (our house has no screen doors and only a few windows open) and we are going to paint them with some left over paint. With that and only running the dishwasher in the evenings, we should be able to drastically reduce the cooling bill. My normal gas use is h thatalved if I don't run around during the day.

Dh is on track to get qualified on a job that will let him "double" (double shifts). If he does that, he can double, triple, or even quadruple his take home.

Meanwhile, I'm going to job hunt, work on my writing and build up my freelance writing.
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I've been trying really hard to be positive, but today it just isn't working. I need a pity party vent post and y'all are the only ones who understand where I'm coming from it seems. I'm hot from no a/c and having highs in the upper 90's, cranky, and my leg is hurting from a mystery sore that won't seem to heal up. I was scratching a mosquito bite {we're covered in them from having the windows open at night to cool the house} and a quarter sized section of skin just peeled off, which of course then turned into an ulcer. Neosporin generic isn't working - will have to try something else on it tomorrow when I can get larger bandages. 


The electric bill came today - $217. Granted that includes 2 full months plus a portion of a 3rd, but still - where am I supposed to get that $$$? I've also got the water bill to pay yet  {$35}, plus I have to have $51 for the internet by the 29th or it gets cut off. Without net at home, I can't sell stuff online, which is my only income right now. Oh and we need new bus passes for June - that's $52. I'm got the grand total of $2 in my wallet, and .66 in my bank :( None of the bills will do a payment plan either. I've got 2 craigslist sales lined up for tomorrow but it's only $17 and dd needs pullups again {she wears them at night and when we are away from home as she is scared of public restrooms}. So there goes that $17. I don't have any other sales leads - I've got a TON of stuff posted, but nothing is selling. I desperately need to find another source of decent income, but haven't had any luck. I need something I can bring dd with me which cuts most things out, and it seems like all the rest of the jobs I'm finding require you to have a car :( Going to try mystery shopping again but it's a 30-45 day wait for pay & reimbursement, which right now I can't afford.


And my laptop is running HOT - really hot. I think either the battery or a fan is going. I've already got it on one of those cooling things for laptops, but it isn't working to cool it down. Trying to remember to shut it off when we leave the house to try to avoid a fire. 



okay, pity party vent over. Time to pull myself up, start calling agencies for help with the utility bills, and listing more stuff to sell. Praying something big sells so I can pay bills. 



And so I don't post all bad stuff - here is something good that happened to us this week:


We went to the local homeschool convention on Friday for free. It was free for Widows, and to me a widow is the same or better off than a single parent with no other parent in the picture. DD actually behaved excellently during the workshops - I was amazed she didn't have a meltdown from the crowds and noise. And she got a neat kit given to her at one of the booths - it's a paint that turns into stickers when it dries! She is thrilled with it, and I'm saving it for a rainy day when we can't go anywhere. 

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So I'm about to be a single mom. I'm really happy and excited but I will only get about $1000/mo. I don't know if I can raise my 3 boys on that. My oldest has asd and has to be home schooled...

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Frugalmama, use real honey (check the ingredients list) - maneuka honey is best but any honey will work better than the medicated junk.
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First make a budget. See if you can get wic and other assistance, are u getting a divorce* can u get alimony?
Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

So I'm about to be a single mom. I'm really happy and excited but I will only get about $1000/mo. I don't know if I can raise my 3 boys on that. My oldest has asd and has to be home schooled...
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So we have $210 on us. Fiance officially got laid off yesterday. Rent is due on the 1st and I'm not even thinking about any other bills. I went ahead and got us a little ahead on the internet and electricity can be put off for a long time with no late fee since we have a government assistance discount now. Doesn't seem like working from home is going to work out at all and I'm really disappointed. I'm back to looking for babysitting/nanny jobs and anything in our two towns nearby. He's got two or three job prospects, hoping at least one follows through. 


Gotta say the investment we made in essential oils has been awesome. I hope that we're better financially before we run out so that I can keep them on hand. I also think I figured out what the skin condition is that my fiance has and I had $10 in discounts for Plant Therapy so I ordered him an oil that should get rid of it. yay!


I'm entering giveaways like crazy right now to try and make money for rent. A lot don't end until after rent is due, but late rent is better than no rent.


Phone interview on Thursday for cash assistance as well as medicaid for me and fiance. I have insurance, but medicaid would cover the copays and etc. Fiance is having big time gut issues (hernia? who knows. he's had colon issues since he was a child and gut issues off and on since we've been together but it's been almost a week with no improvement so hopefully he gets approved so he can go to the doctor)

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Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

So I'm about to be a single mom. I'm really happy and excited but I will only get about $1000/mo. I don't know if I can raise my 3 boys on that. My oldest has asd and has to be home schooled...

Have you looked into eligibility for SSI for your child with ASD? Look under Child Disability at the Social Security Administration website. Eligibility is based on your family income, as well as the severity of the child's disability. It helped me to be able to homeschool my YoungSon, similar diagnosis. Application process begins online, and sometimes can be completed in a phone interview.

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I did a little googling really quick and here's a quick review pamphlet for you: http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10026.pdf  

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Originally Posted by ILoveMyBabyBird View Post

First make a budget. See if you can get wic and other assistance, are u getting a divorce* can u get alimony?

I can live on $1200/mo if I have food stamps. I already get wic. I don't know if we're getting divorced or just separating or what...we talk to the marriage counselor tonight. I'm worried about seeking alimony because I want custody more than I want money..kwim?

Originally Posted by mamarhu View Post

Have you looked into eligibility for SSI for your child with ASD? Look under Child Disability at the Social Security Administration website. Eligibility is based on your family income, as well as the severity of the child's disability. It helped me to be able to homeschool my YoungSon, similar diagnosis. Application process begins online, and sometimes can be completed in a phone interview.

I've looked into it, I have been told I will likely get declined and have to reapply a couple times for a small amount of money..any amount is helpful so I'll get on it.

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