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Todays gratefuls-  loaded books on my NOOK. Gosh I love that thing.  Took Kiddo to the science center (love memberships) and got a discounted rate to IMAX, saw 'Into The Artic" and let kiddo explore the Science center while I found a quiet bench in each exhibit room and read my nook.  The museums are much more tolerable for me with the Nook.   I am going to aim for $$ to see the other IMAX movie and the Planetarium shows this summer.  (Being members they are reasonable $) and then DS can explore the museum for an hour or so.  I can't believe we've been members almost every year and never ever done the planetarium.


Had left overs and deli for dinner.  Tonight I just want to read.


*Kiddo is NOT GF.


Called my mom for $$ for kiddo for theater camp later this month and $$ for shoes.  gonna need to call again for rent.  


Tomorrow I have an appt for keloid injections then I may spend the afternoon at the library. Kiddo has swim team the rest of the week from 12-2 so that really messes up the day.


Going to try another graduate program for the fall.  this one is only a masters level and ive been to this school before.  hopefully i can get in, cuz i really need the financial aid money.

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zebra, that sounds like a lovely day!  I'm glad you enjoyed your museum trip!



It's been pouring for days here and I'm just about done with it.  I'm sure my garden is thrilled but I'm a little done.  This has been a very chilly wet spring indeed.  I guess I can be grateful that it's free rain for the garden and that for sleeping, this weather is delightful.  I would like to be able to spend some time outside though.  It's not even like it's just drizzling or it's fine in a rain jacket and boots.  It's straight up POURING kittens all day long.  *sigh*


11 more days of school for my big girls and then we are done for the summer.  I'm ready.  Packing lunches and dealing with homework and after school activities and concerts and plays is getting OLD.  


The kids' dad is gone for the week out of town so I get his car, which is very nice.  It's a brand new fancy one.  It's nerve-wracking driving such an expensive vehicle but it IS nice to have complete faith in the vehicle to NOT break down on you and to know that it fits your family without complaints and whining and fighting.  It was really nice of him to put that trust in me and I'm enjoying every minute of having such a nice vehicle.  


Tomorrow is supposed to be ANOTHER day of pouring rain and thunderstorms so I think maybe we'll go to the library and see what craft there is this week.  I'm climbing the walls in this house.

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We had a lovely weekend.  The graduation party was nice, and the ride up there was peaceful thanks to our gifted dvd player for the car.  Then on the way back I was able to pick up some free clothes via facebook freecycle and use another 10 kohls cash card.  I was able to get my daughter two pairs of leggings for fall and a magnetic fishing pool for ds for birthday/Christmas...for less than two dollars out of pocket.  Loving those coupons we seem to keep getting.


The lady gave me two huge trash bags of goodies!  All really nice things.  I gave a few things to my older sister, and I'll be letting my younger sister look through the stash as well, and then my sister knows a friend of her daughter that could probably use the rest. 


We had a bit of a snafu with the children's insurance this month.  They said we didn't pay our premium and were about to cut them off.  So dh called today before work and kept getting hung up on over and over.  He probably called ten times.  Finally got through to someone and everything is sorted out.  Wheewww!  We are putting the insurance on auto pay for my own peace of mind now. 


Only yucky news is that my a/c seems to be going out right as its getting hot and muggy.  I will have to really ride maintence's butt to get it fixed but I sure will.  Luckily tonight wasn't too bad because we opened all the windows and put the fan in the living room (the room with the worst air circulation).  I know I shouldn't complain because there are a few mamas on here with no a/c at all, and I admit I am spoiled.  I will pay for climate control, lol.  But also I don't like keeping the windows open when we are asleep, and the house would become an oven eventually because we sleep during the day (hubby works overnights and I'm a night owl so we've worked our schedule around him). 


Anyone buying for their dads, or for their so's for fathers day?  I don't think I'll do much gift wise for my father...maybe a pack of beer I know he likes but never buys...because he really doesn't want anything.  We will probably just do a family bbq.  I'm thinking I will give hubby a new book, and let him chill out and read as much as he wants that day.  I'm also having the kids make him a poster and we'll make rice krispie treats, and probably do pizza or some kind o inexpensive dinner out. 

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Can I join? 

Im a pretty much single mom of an almost 3 year old and due with #2 in september.

Im below low income, pretty much no income lol but i really dont have much bills just my cell phone and insurance and gas, but I've been living the last 2 years on pretty much less then 200$ a month plus food stamps of course. its sad to say but im actually looking forward to september when i can apply for tanf just to have a little bit extra!  soon i wont have a vehicle and will have to figure out how to make the craptastic public transportation work with 2 kids and the cold of alaska. yay lol. anyways ive been lurking here for awhile and ive just gotten lonely enought that i decided to join in lol.

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hi-  not doing fathers day for 'fathers' ... having a second 'mothers day' around here. I figure since i'm a single mommy and my own dad is a POS it's the least I can do for myself.   This is the 2nd or 3rd year we've done things this way and DS really likes it.  We won't do much but at least it wont be 'fathers day' in this house ;)


This am i had a dr's appt, then stopped at one library on the way home.  DS is at swim team now, once he gets back he will have lunch (left over deli stuff) then we are going to library #2.  No plans for tonight.


I did get 2 movies from library #2 and a couple cd's to transfer to my computer and phone.

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happyhats, I don't know if we'll celebrate father's day.  My ex did nothing to take the girls shopping for Mother's Day.  He didn't even used his Saturday with them to encourage them to make me cards.  My younger two made little projects at school thankfully so I got presents and my parents were very generous this year like usual.  But my oldest daughter in middle school doesn't do projects at school and she didn't think or care to make a card.  So......nothin.  I was very disappointed.  My ex didn't even call to say happy mother's day or even text me until late afternoon which really hurt me since we've been dating for some time now(don't ask.  yes, I'm dating my exhusband).  I always strive to be the bigger person but I'm thinking this year maybe we'll just make cards.  That's still more than he did for me.



Welcome RaeRae.  I hear Alaska's cost of living is OUTRAGEOUS.  How are you surviving on so little????  You are a superhero!  



Zebra, enjoy your movies.  

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Well I started an Amazon seller account, since there don't seem to be fee's to start, only fee's when the books sell and I can change my mind w/o penalty??

I am getting a list together for the book samaritan.  I've started the list and letter before but this year I have no choice but to send it out.

Zen just isnt happening this summer.  I need to find my way back there...  Maybe zen just doesnt happen in the heat?

Fingers crossed book samaritan has high school level texts plus novels and such for DS.  (I figure I can try now - June, then again in September??)

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I've heard good things about book samaritan, Zebra, but have yet to try it out.  And I think having two mother's days is a great idea.  Maybe you should do that for yourself too, justmama, even if you do cards too.


Well, fathers day plans have changed around here.  DHs dad and uncle are going to be stopping in, which is quite a suprise and treat.  His family is all in CA, except my sil, and fil and uncle are truckers with a stop only a few hours from here.  So they will get to spend some time with us.  Neat since his uncle has never met our children, and really is as much as father figure as dh's own dad.  Financially it won't change much because we were going out to eat, and now we will be planning a pot luck/bbq for here.  We are going ahead and buying a pit but we wanted to anyway, and if funds are an issue we can borrow one.  The only real change financially is buying fil a gift rather than just calling, put I know hubby is very happy about the visit.  I am pretty pleased as well, but of course I'm also anti social so I have a bit of anxiety about the whole thing, lol.  Mostly because I've been burnout out already from a tough week with the children, and now I'll be entertaining.  But hey, I'm happy for dh and I was planning for sunday to be his day anyway.


I'm getting my father some new jeans.  He desperately needs them, according to mom, since he has lost weight.  The man is so small he is in size 16 boys, slim.  My father has always been small, and its hard for him to gain weight but easy for him to lose it.  That's a whole other topic though..it's so hard to see our parents in a position of frailty.


Nothing much else around here.  Luckily my a/c is working well again.  It was a scorcher today, the kids barely wanted to play outside it was so hot.  Luckily I didn't have to turn the oven on.  I used my roaster to make pork chops with worstechire sauce and a tiny bit of homemade apple sauce, and I'm making crockpot baked potatoes.  I'll sear some green beans in a bit.  We had leftovers for lunch and made rice krispie treats.  We're eating pumpkin baked oatmeal for breakfast this week.  Thankfully, for now at least, groceries are under control.  I plan on trying justmamas bread recipe once I can stand turning on the stove...I'll probably end up picking up a loaf though.  I mastered a yummy bread but it was just too thick for it to make good sandwich bread.  Try, try again..

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Mom of the year award ahead.  redface.gif  We were getting our bulk foods at Whole Foods and I asked my 5 year old to scoop some lentils into the bag and I walked to my cart to get another bag for something else.  So she YELLS across the aisle, "THE CAT FOOD ONES RIGHT MAMA?  THOSE ARE LENTILS?"  And of course I turn bright red and there's at least half a dozen people snickering around us as I rush back over to direct her attention to scooping instead of insulting the legumes and I hear: "I know what lentils are. Cat food! There's all different kinds of beans. Black beans, red beans, white beans, cat food color........"  




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Happyhats, can I have your recipe for pumpkin baked oatmeal? Two of my favorite things - I've actually thought about trying to combine them, but if you already have a recipe I would love to have it!

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I found the recipe for pumpkin pie baked oatmeal on budgetbytes.com.  Its a great, low cost recipes blog.  I've tried out a few other baked oatmeals on her site with great success, and her pumpkin molasses bread.  She has veg, global, and other options...not your typical budget food blog.  But enough plugging, lol..


I'm so burnt out this week.  So, so done.  I'm thinking of making a nice face mask for myself, taking a quick shower and trying to get the kids to watch a movie that I would enjoy while pigging out.  I've been catching up on cleaning, foods thawing for dinner, and I just need a friggin break before I lose my mind. 

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I don't know about father's day. It is actually a pretty sore subject for me.  I have never met my father, long story, but I am still searching for him. I took a DNA test through ancestry in hopes of finding some long lost cousinsthat would lead me to him, and so far I haven't found anything.

So I am with zebra on a second mothers day. I didn't get anything for mothers day except the picture Ds made for me at school. So i bought myself a few things. I guess I did the same thing today because I went out and bought myself some new dresses and shoes, they were on sale, and I am glad I did buy some, because I need to dress business casual for my orientation at the college. Whew. Of course xdh was all like "i thought you were broke" , as i went to pick up dd and mentioned i went shopping for myself. I guess I am not 'broke' but I am not where I would like to be. I still need to pay off some debt and things, but I also want to have decent clothes to wear. Xdh used to complain about me not dressing up in the marriage, and then he would also tell me not to spend money on clothes=one confused lady who rarely bought herself anything for 7 years of a marriage. So now I do spoil myself from time to time.


On a side note, my car insurance went down by 20 dollars with the new car and me being such an awesome driver. My 5 weeks of schooling=no social life=very little driving, I haven't filled up in weeks and I will finally need to fill er up tonight. But I miss going out on my days without the kids. I am literally in minor panic attacks when they leave now to go with their dad. I am like what the heck is wrong with me? I think it is because I am not socializing with anyone. Thank goodness my classes are near the end! I already some things planned this week as well. I am leading the local single parents group on a zoo outing tomorrow. Me and the kids have a membership and we bring our lunch so little cost to go and hopefully meet some new friends.


Still not talking to my sister, and trying to avoid the xdh, I think he may be part of my panic feeling when he gets the kids, not sure..Why is it so hard to make friends?

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I think that many of us need to reinvent some of these holidays.  After years of confusion about Mothers Day, for example, I worked it out for myself.  I was confused because in my mind there was supposed to be "somebody else" helping my kids make the cards or the cake or whatever.  And their father, even when we were married, just wasn't interested.  But it seemed important to help my kids have a nice memory of mother's day and could I really be the one there prompting them to make the card -- for me??  That seemed soooo wrong.  So finally I decided that I would celebrate myself being a Mom and I would do it with my kids, not as in getting them to acknowledge me, but as in my celebrating them.  We go out for dinner or whatever.  Sometimes I even get them a small gift.   Soooo much better.  We eat burgers and fries and milkshakes at a real burger place and I tell them how much I love being their mother.  It has reversed a painful legacy from my own narcissitic mother.  Father's Day is still a challenge, because, what?  I should do something for that other parent who isn't really the nicest guy?  Still working on that one. : )

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Hi all! Its been a whole since I've posted. Things are so super rough right now. I'm on my phone so please excuse any spelling mistakes. I'm not even sure where to start, but I need to get it out.

-Every job I've applied for is a no go. They ALWAYS find someone they like better. I'm honestly starting to feel defective.
-Me and BD split for good because he was lying and cheating a lot. So I'm trying to deal with that greensad.gif
- I've had to move in with my parents because I can't live at BD's house. Which sucks because my mom and I don't get along well when we live together.
-Due to a mix up at Walmart I have zero food stamps left for this month. The cashier took the total out wrong so I haven't had stamps since like three days after they got put on my card. I can not wait for the eighteenth!!
- Mom and I have been fighting more lately. I'm trying really hard to let it all go but I'm worried it will get too bad and something will happen that either of us will regret.
- I have zero help from BD and lately I've have zero peer interaction. greensad.gif
- DS started daycare for one day last week. OmG clingy to the max! He literally plays that game where the floor is lava if I hold him. He wont let me put him down.
- I can't decide if I want to try and start a job training program (pharm tech or medical assis.) It doesn't last long and they help place you when you're done BUT its a good thirty minute drive and I don't have the money for gas because I don't have a job.
-DS isn't wantig to eat after his last set of vax, I'm not sure if he's getting enough nutrition. He eats a few bites and is done :/ I'm worried because he's been bruising a lot lately too.
- I fight a lot with BD because he doesn't shoe any interest in DS but expects to be treated like his father. I believe you get out what you put in. You shoe the effort to be his father and you get to be treated like (ex. See hin on father's day) I'm not going out of my way for you to blow us both off.
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And I'm worriedim pregnant again from when I still lived with BD. -.- I need to take a test but I hate POAS.
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Hugs, heyx, I hope all is well for you.  Can you share where you are in MO?  I'm a MO mom too...maybe I could help you find support or even meet up depending...

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I'm a mama on a limited income, obviously, but I try to be generous as I can.  One of the ways I try to do this is by giving things away rather than selling them.  I recently gave away a very pretty, wrought iron headboard that I really loved but didn't fit my new bedframe.  Anyway, I know once you give something away it's that persons, etc, but I just saw it for sale on the exact same site I gave it away on, ugh.  Oh well, this lady is known for being tacky (I didn't know it at the time I gave it away) and people don't like buying/selling to her.  Karma I guess.  I just feel a bit taken for granted, especially since it was kind of hard for me to part with it.  I don't know why I'm venting on here since it's not even a money issue, but I thought my ladies on here would understand.  Not selling something is hard, not hoarding something is hard, when you don't have a lot of disposable income, ya know?  But hey, my karma has been great lately and I have a lot to be grateful for, so I'm shrugging this off. 


I got a good deal on new pants for my dad, we ate at a very yummy sub shop, and I'm wearing a fifty cent outfit that had been given multiple compliments throughout the day.  Life could be much worse, lol. 

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Decided not to to amazon for selling books.  Took them to 1/2 price books and ended up with like $1 per book- eh, but they had just clearanced out a ton of DVD's to $2 and I had %15 off your purchase so DS got 2 new dvd's , they didnt have any books he wanted and I got $6 cash in my pocket. (put that toward his shoes I ordered).


I am happy I have my printer set up, I am able to print coupons and there are some GF coupons out now.  I need to cut back on the grocery budget and make FS work.  So I can print here, the library and 2 friends houses.  (lots of coupons that way)


I had to get some more summer clothes for myself as well.  Many of my things are just too big.  I keep loosing weight and while I need to lose weight, I'm down another couple sizes in the past few months.  Stuff I bought in Feb and March is now too big again.  I'm deciding what to do with all these too big clothes.  part of me just wants to donate them but we really need quick $$   I might try $5 a piece on craigslist??

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So in the spring I am taking the boys to my home town to go to school. I'm using my husbands GI bill. I will essentially be a single parent, homeschooling and going to school. I'm excited but nervous. I look forward to having my own place though.

SO my question is...how much extra money to give myself and the boys a month? I'm setting up allotments so some money will go to his account, some to my account and some to a joint account (which will pay the van, insurance, etc). I'm unsure about how to budget it. Part of me wants to put $$ aside for us and the other part of me is like...dh will notice and be mad that we're getting so much of "his" money. But considering we probably won't stay married after I finish school I want to provide for our kids.


$600.00 Rent
35 Diapers
110 Chiro
150 Utilities
$360.00 Food
300 Gas
100 Phone/Internet
200 Extra




350 Rent
150 Utilities
200 Food
300 Gas
100 Phone/Internet
100 Extra


What do y'all think? Gas is so high for visitation (we will be 3.5 hours away), plus my oldest has autism and has lots of therapy..dropping kids off to grandparents so I can go to school, etc.

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@ Micah_Mae - looks good - maybe a little low on the food amount? I know I spend about that much for myself and my daughter, and you have 3 kiddos instead of 1. 



We're here, surviving in the heat. Got a lead on getting back into working for a WAHM company - fingers crossed it pans out. Would be enough, if I work hard, to pay all the bills every month. So praying it works out, as it will let us get a small window a/c and run it at least at night and on hot days when we have to stay home. 


Still selling stuff to cover bills. Did another homeschool used book sale and did okay, plus picked up a bunch of what we needed super super cheap. Thinking of organizing another one sometime in the next 6 weeks or so, just so I can try and sell off a bunch more of my stuff. 



I did a splurge last week, and I'm so glad I did. Ordered from Bountiful Baskets - just the basic basket though nothing fancy, and we will definitely be trying to fit it in the budget again. They don't take FS, but they have the most wonderful produce I've ever seen - so super fresh! We spent $20 cuz it was our first time {there is a 1st time basket fee, next time will only be $16.50}, and ended up getting 2 big cukes, 8 nectarines, 8 golden delicious apples, 1 casaba melon, 1 tub of mushrooms, 3 avocados, 2 orange bell peppers, 1 huge bag of white grapes {and they were super sweet!}, 1 living butter lettuce, 5 bananas, and 10 big brussel sprouts. I traded my avocados, mushrooms, and brussel sprouts to other folks picking up, so I got extra cukes, extra bananas, and 2 onions :)  Not sure what to do with the melon, the lettuce, and the bell peppers - we don't normally eat those things and neither dd nor myself like salad. Might end up giving the melon to a friend :) 

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