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Started my 'filler' job today and its going to test all my patience for the next 15 working days. OMG... an hour each way... INSURANCE business with I loathe, call center, $10.hr (which i realize is better than nothing)...   15 more times zebra.... 15 more times...   the first pay day is next thursday... it pays weekly... praying that direct deposit gets set up .. i have checks dated for THIS friday... generally my bank posts a day early... so thats weds... they dont process over the weekend  crossing everything my deposit gets there in time for the utilites...(and it still may not be enough to cover)  I filed exempt on all taxes.


 I dont need this stress..... come on subbing... i can make more per day subbing, have zero commute and a shorter day.


15 days zebra.... 15 days.


Kiddo is having hamburger helper taco for dinner (they were cheap) and I'm having salad later.  Then I need to pack my lunch for tomorrow (and breakfast and snacks)

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hang in there zebra!  You can do it!

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jammin.gif  You are a rockstar Zebra, you got this!




Today is oldest daughter's birthday.  13.  ELDERLY!  I'll be attempting a rainbow mustache cake today at some point.  I really don't "get" the mustache thing but okay.  She has requested the children's museum which fortunately is free for us to get into.  It's 20 miles away and in a bad part of the city......but it's free.  We'll be packing lunch since it seems we are in for flash floods and torrential downpours today.  Anyone think I should make her wear the birthday tiara today???lol.gif  I don't remember if I told you guys but like a month and a half back I found a wine case box full of legos at a yard sale for $10 for her birthday and it went over really well.  All 3 girls are sitting on the floor digging through the pieces playing right now.  Breakfast is sitting half eaten on the table.  joy.gif



Bills are gonna be a challenge this month.  I think we'll avoid shut-offs but some won't get paid for sure.  It's been a while since I've done the bill shuffle so I suppose it's time.  *sigh*  





-13 years of relative health for the birthday girl.  She's survived a lot of parenting mistakes being the first guinea pig child of a barely 19 year old mother.

-a $10 yard sale present that was very very well-received.

-2lbs of free green beans sitting in a colander in my fridge to be blanched and frozen this afternoon at some point and more on the way.

-tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen.  And these tomato plants were from February school vacation planted for a Home Depot project so they were completely free, seed and all.  I'm very impressed that we've kept them alive from seed and they are now taller than I am.

-got some time in the garden yesterday and got some of the fall stuff planted like carrots and spinach and lettuce.

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Originally Posted by happyhats View Post

 A little tired, a little stressed, and my allergies are bugging me already (typically they are fall allergies but who knows, maybe mold is high right now or something) but otherwise things are going well. 




My 5 year old has started a mild cough at night already so while I'm seeing low pollen counts for our area at least, I know the mold counts are up and she reacts strongly to that.  Unfortunately there's not much you can do if you react to mold and it's not in the home.  

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Going to the JAG office today to talk about the divorce. Hoping to finalize January 1st! STBX is giving me what I want in regards to custody and support. 

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Hang in there Zebra - you can do it!



Thinking of everyone else too.


I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to reply or post. Over a week ago, we found a water leak in a pipe right at the foundation in our house. So we've been playing the on again off again water game, and the leak is getting worse so I've been trying to not do it much. Finally got in yesterday & certified for the city plumbers to people program that will fix it free, only to be told that it's a 2-3 week wait for the plumber after you certify. Just great. I'm going to go out & stick more of this putty repair stuff on it, in hopes it at least temporarily seals it enough to shower & do dishes. 


Still waiting on FS - have to go fax paperwork back to them & then pray they accept it. Apparently there was an across the board change with FS & assistance programs that they will no long accept a selfdeclaration of self-employment income - they want notarized statements from EVERYONE. Even if it's just babysitting - they want a notarized statement saying how long, how many kids, and how much you got paid. And the statement has to come from the person paying you - not yourself. Yeah that's real practical! All it's going to do is make people not declare it because it's such a hassle. If I hadn't been honest & said I was selling stuff on CL to pay bills I could have had my FS 2 weeks ago. 

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Originally Posted by justmama View Post

I just had to come on here and do a little happy dance and share because my dryer is working again!!!!!  Two years without a dryer and I finally have one again!energy.gif  My mama friend up the street asked her husband to come over and look at it and he got it working.  I don't know what he did but I thanked him about 30 times and handed him a huge bowl of sugar peas from my garden.  I was gonna make him cookies but he's a diabetic so I gave him veggies.  lol.  



So that's my grateful for today.  I have a dryer!!!  I'm practically giddy.

This made me laugh, because I so relate! My dryer at my old house was broken for 1-1/2 years...ex decided we didn't need it (though I did 90% of the laundry!) and never bothered. When I moved into my new house, I was so excited to run a load through the dryer, lol! I still use the line for most everything, but that dryer sure came in handy last week when it rained every single day :)

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So...I'm recently single, just filing for Medicaid and food stamps today.  Feeling guilty about it :(


I also filled out the initial paperwork for child support, since my ex has provided absolutely nothing in the month that we have been moved out and apparently does not intend to provide anything until September 15th because he claims to be broke until then.  So while I'm struggling to buy basics, he gets to take the kids to the beach and ice skating and out to ice cream and pizza when he has them for 2 days every couple of weeks.  Awesome.

I'm at the point where I can feed the kids, barely pay rent, and keep gas in the car, etc., but it's at the expense of my other bills, which is further destroying my already terrible credit and I'm scared of the long term consequences.  I'm also super stressed when my groceries are dwindling, my bank account is close to zero, and I'm still a couple of days away from a paycheck.  I'm looking at this as temporary solution, at least until I start receiving child support. 


In good news, I got a rebate check from my insurance company-not much, but enough to pay for my daughter's dance class sign up, which I had no idea where that was going to come from-hooray!

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Frugalmama, that's so unfair.  I mean, if you meet someone on craigslist are you really going to get their info for fs?  Come on. 


Welcome, greenemami! 


Happy birthday to justmama's daughter!  Teenager land, fun stuff!  I'm sure you've been a great mom.  I started out much later than you and I'm still not sure I have any idea what I'm doing.


Roasting one of our free chickens.  I'm going to make homemade mac and cheese and broccoli tonight, and I'm chopping up potatoes for tomorrow.  Hubby is the best mashed potato maker, so that falls to him, I just do the prep work.


I woke up with a headache and allergies acting up.  Even had a bloody nose, and I cannot remember the last time that happened.  So I'm taking it relatively easy today. 


In crappy news my desk broke.  One side just came right off, lol.  So now I'm sitting on my handmedown desktop on my table, and I brought the kiddo's little table in for them to use at meals. 

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feeling a bit discouraged.  Remember how I partially wanted the pc for homeschooling purposes?  Well, the ink has run out of the printer and the speakers aren't working.  Boo.  I know I can probably get the ink printed for inexpensively at staples, and I know that the speakers shouldn't be a pricey replacement either.  My husband may even be able to fix them for free.  I'm just feeling a little down on myself and doubting my abilities, and finances always seem to make me feel like I'm not good enough.  I"m sure other low income mamas can relate to that!


Meanwhile we are having a care bears marathon over hear, and my dd (4) is starting to try to learn to read.  She was telling me all about vowels the other day, and was putting words together on starfall today for about fifteen minutes before she lost interest since the speakers weren't working. 


On the plus side I looked up the allergy index and I am now reassured that the high mold count is what is making me sick and not something more serious.  And luckily I was able to get some of my allergy meds on sale and be able to afford my oj, which seems to help me a bit. 

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hug2.gif  If there's anyone who has come so far from so little and made life sit up and take notice happyhats, it's you.  You do SO much with so very little.  I know how easy it is to get discouraged but just remember that it will pass.

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Oh, justmama, don't go saying that.  Sure, life handed me some lemons when I was younger (and rotten ones at that, lol) but I have a lot to be grateful for.  Hubby has a stable job and keeps slowing moving up the ladder.  I have a supportive family and a couple great friends, we all have our health, etc.  I've been able to get off the assistance track for the most part, and I know so many of you out there are still struggling with getting your fs to feed your famiily or other assistance to keep up with daily life.  But thanks, hug. 


Hoping to have the hubby pick up a free coffee table for me today.  I don't know exactly what I want to do with it, I have a few "ideas" in mind, from a lego table to just refinishing for an actual coffee table or footstool, etc.  Have to get it first!  I also plan on making a couple batches of muffins and making bbq sauce for our shredded chicken.  Oh, and I need to go drain the stock from last night and freeze it.  Yay for being self sufficient, lol!


Did you daughter have a good birthday at the museum?

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I remember bits and pieces of your story from the old low income thread and other boards and believe me, you've always impressed me.  I think if we all dig deep, there's a lot to be grateful for.  The new coffee table sounds great!  You'll have to look at it carefully and see exactly what it calls out to be in it's new life before you make a decision.  My coffee table was a roadside find that needed a serious cleaning and some re-drilling of the holes and bigger screws because they were stripped but it's AWESOME.  Round with these beautiful curvy legs in a gorgeous medium toned wood.  Very classy.  Very NOT poor person.  ROTFLMAO.gifEldest girl child had a great time at the museum.  My husband got her a new heavy duty bound drawing pad and a package of pencils and a package of colored pencils and she loved that almost as much as the legos.  The kid is an amazing artist, definitely leans towards anime and such.  She's always reading or drawing or writing stories.  Very nerdy.  I love it.lol.gif



I ended up getting the start date for that babysitting job for the infant, next week actually.  She'll be 15 hours per week plus the one I currently have for 5 hours per week.  That will be great money to supplement my child support until I begin working.  The hours will most likely fit in WITH the CNA training and job because they live right next door(literally we share a driveway) so that'll be nice.  I dropped off a bunch of our frozen stuff at my parents' house to use their freezer so I can refill my own with all of our garden produce as it accumulates.  I would love an extra freezer but....it's not in the budget.  So I made eggs and pancakes for dinner and an extra batch of pancakes for freezing.  Worked out nicely actually.  I'm going to make banana oatmeal muffins for breakfast tomorrow to freeze the extras too.  Starting to really pay attention to the newsfliers for back to school sales with 3 going to school this year.  It's gonna get pricey.  I have some extra stuff from last year like a few gluesticks and all so we'll see what I can get cheap.  Deals this year don't seem to be as good as last year.  Crayons are $.50 a box at Wal-Mart as opposed to $.25 last year.  Hmmmm.

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Alright ladies, I need some advice from my low income peeps, lol.  As I've mentioned, hubby is moving his way up at his job.  He's currently in a lead position, but not salaried or management.  However, there is rumor that may happen for him soon.  The company picnic is coming up end of August.  It will cost us about forty dollars to attend.  Its at six flags, and its ten dollar tickets for him, myself, and our daughter (our son would be free).  Plus ten dollars in parking, and if we want refillable drink mugs those are 12 bucks a piece too.  So pricey, right?  And I told him I didn't think we should go because for a fourth of that price we could go to the zoo, or another local attraction the kids would enjoy just as much.  I mean the zoo is free other than the dollar to refill our cups and if we were to eat anything, another animal park is 12 dollars to park but free for anything inside, etc.  He didn't say much either way, but I get the feeling he feels he should attend to put in a good appearance.  Now, he is going to a bbq the week before at his boss' house and he has a good reputation for being friendly and personable (but also responsible and hard working, etc.).  Personally I don't think it will negatively affect him to not go to six flags, nor do I think he'll be getting a lot of time one on one with any management types while there.  But, I'm also not one to "play the game". 


He could go alone, but I kind of don't like the idea of that.  For one, he works a lot during the week, up to sixty hours, and he will be going out the saturday before.  I get burnt out, I admit it.  I also don't want him to decide to go out drinking, etc, with buddies after the picnic and get home even later and spend more money.  All his non management co workers are big partiers.  And even if he goes alone and doesn't go out with his friends, etc he will spend about thirty bucks (his ticket, parking, a cup).  I mean, I think it sucks to pay to go to your own damn picnic personally, especially since they haven't had one in three years.  His workplace has a history of kind of shafting them for these kinds of "fun" things like picnics, the Christmas party, etc.  And I doubt I would get a babysitter but I could try, though honestly I don't care that much about attending myself.  Hubby won't ride rollercoasters, of course it will be ultra crowded since it's a saturday, etc.  But it would be a date night for only ten bucks more....


Sorry for the ramble. Any advice though? 

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I think we posted around the same time, justmama.


I'm glad your dd enjoyed her birthday.  Do you have any churches or organizations that give away backpacks with school supplies?  We have a few churches here that do that.  I think even homeschooling parents can do this, other mamas.  The only stipulation in my area is that the child must be present, I guess so people don't get backpacks they don't need to sell them.  My sister has gone a few times for her children, and usually the places have a bounce house or other entertainment for the children while they wait, and often even free food. 

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I think I would ask him to skip it.  That's pretty pricey for one event that not everyone will enjoy.  He's going to the BBQ already.  I'm sure you guys can come up with a valid excuse quite easily that means you will be unable to attend that day.  If he's already the friendly, approachable, management-type guy at work then one more company event won't change that.  You are probably right that he won't get a whole lot of one-on-one time anyway, so it's not even like that money is an investment in his career.  Personally, the BBQ sounds much more like an investment to me.  I would make certain he goes to that event.

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I can NOT stand this new job.  Today was day '3'... ideally I have 13 days until I my first subbing job. But this job isn't going to make me any money. I need to buy a full tank of gas every THREE days ($50) so $100 a week in gas.  

Yes I just basically sit in training and don't have to do anything but OMG, i think my brain is going to fall out.  Training on medicare/medicaid all day long plus compliance and stuff... when I know I'm never ever going to do the job.  I can't pay attention, I just want out so badly.  2 days left this week.  I might net $275 a week after gas and taxes. I mean we really really need the money but IDK if i can justify the drive, the hours in the car etc for 2 more weeks.   I really need to think about this over the weekend.


Wise ladies... opinions??

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Oh, Zebra. That sounds miserable!


I don't know what I would do in your shoes. Probably just muscle through it, I guess. I would want to bring knitting or something, but I guess that wouldn't look too good? For the driving time, I love audio books. I get them on my Kindle (with a cord to run it through the car speakers), or get Books on Tape cheap at thrift stores. I probably average 3 or 4 hours of driving a day (I see clients in a 50 mile radius), and I keep my brain full this way.


My heart goes out to you.This is not fun.

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I suppose you have to ask yourself what will happen if you don't net the money.  Is there any other way to get that money?  What will happen without it?  Plus are you guaranteed you will get another sub job in the two weeks?  Or maybe the job won't be so awful and boring after the the training and would turn out to be something more stable for  you?  I don't have the answers obviously but that's just what I would consider in your shoes. 


Yeah, hubs isn't going to the picnic but is going to the bbq.  If he needs an excuse, guess who's fictional cousin is getting married that day, lol. 


In good news, I got a check from jury duty.  Only 9.50 mind you but I wasn't expecting anything.  I also think I've found a desk for 12 bucks online, meaning it's really only 3 bucks out of pocket.  Now just to figure out if I can fix the speakers or those are next on the to buy list.  I also found out I can fill my cartridges, hopefully, at costco while I shop.  So no extra gas and/or waiting around.  Hopefully we can at least fill the black next grocery shop, then do color after that if need be. 

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So right now I have $0 in savings. I'm going to be able to save more when STBX is giving me $2000/mo while I'm in school and I want to put as much in savings as possible for when I'm out of school and support drops to $500/mo.

What kind of savings account would you put this kind of savings in?

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