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Holy crap, that's hardcore!  I am SO not good with numbers and spreadsheets and such.  You are quite impressive.

It takes a while to set up. I have some things that occur on a day (Thursdays) and some that occur on a date (15th). But I'd be willing to share the template with the formula and formatting, if anyone wants it.
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Hi mamas.... I'm a single mama of three (soon to be four) and I am about to lose my job:/ (I'm self employed and the project I'm working on is ending and I have nothing else lined up.... nothing else there TO line up:/) I already don't make very much money (live paycheck to paycheck, have no savings, etc.) and bf (new baby's daddy, but we don't live together) is unemployed atm also).... I'm about to freak out. I really am not sure what I'm going to do:/ I need to learn very quickly on even more frugal living (I think I already live pretty simply).... I"m looking forward to going back through this thread and learning some things and making some friends :-)

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FEEL like i am posting a lot here this week:


update: went to first family gathering today, sister and all her kids showed up, including the one that she said took the money from my purse. He never called and confess or apologize so I didn't feel comfortable bringing it up. I talked a little to my sister but didn't talk to him. It was very awkward but got through it and kind of glad I got that first event after the stealing over with.


Grateful: my aunt gave me a trashbag full of clothes for DS, with a lot of athletic/track pants that he desperately needed. (he still has issues with buttoning pants and he wears track/elastic waistbands most the time, especially to schoo) I had only bought him one pair for school and most the ones from last year were too small or too ripped/stained to stay in the wardrobe. Debating on taking the one pair i bought back, but will probably just hang on to them. 




almost forgot, got a reimbursement check from my insurance due to some law in the new healthcare plan it was a mere 19.86, so nothing compared to the 343$ i paid to the insurance bills this month, but nice to have a little unexpected check in the mail. 


DS got some more money/gc for his bday from people that didn't make it to his party. I told him he could use the giftcard for whatever he wanted 25$, but the 30$ in cash we would use for school supplies. He had already spent some of his other bday money from the party on legos so  he has already spent some on things he wanted.

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Highlandmum, Welcome.gifWe may whine a lot over here, but we are awfully nice people, full of support and good ideas!


Thanks to all who commiserated with me re: the home inspection. I got the place fairly clean, with much help from BigGirl and even some from YoungSon, and was feeling sort of proud of myself. Then I checked my calendar to confirm the time of her appointment. It is for Wednesday, not tomorrow! That means 2 extra days to re-mess the house, and 2 more days to stress over it! Oy, vey!


On the grateful side -


The landlord unexpectedly showed up and replaced several rotting planks in the back deck. He has been aware of these for months, but decided to fix them this weekend. This is important, as they would be seen as a safety hazard in the inspection. He is also planning to replace the dilapidated fence this summer. That has been needed for at least 2 years.


Next weekend, BigGirl and I plan to visit a local farm and get 50 lbs of corn to freeze (inspired by the post above!). We blanch it and cut it from the cob, and it lasts us much of the year. Will see what other fruits and veggies are available too.


I shared my cleaning panic with my 95 year old mom, who offered to come over and help by doing my laundry for me. I didn't have any laundry that needed doing, but it was so sweet of her to offer! She had even figured out a ride here, so I would not have to go pick her up.

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awww, that's so sweet of your mum, mama.  Tell her she's earned her rest, lol! 


Welcome highland mum.  And babybird, keep on chatting.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just chatting to myself, lol. 


Well, next week will be rough but then, THEN hopefully we'll be back on solid footing and be able to throw some serious money at the credit card and have some more comfort.  But next week we'll have to cash in change and suffice on fifty bucks for gas, groceries and anything else that pops up.  Not fun.  And there is a book fair I'd love to go to, but I don't think I'll be able to do that...which leads to the great mama guilt even though we have tons of very nice books at home.  On the plus side, I got the speakers to work!  So the computer is in working order again even though I can't print anything quite yet. 


My sister had a car accident today but luckily her and her children didn't get too banged up.  Unfortunately her car is totaled, and she is pretty sore (she already has back and hip issues).  Grateful it wasn't worse, that she has comprehensive insurance so she will come out okay in the end, and that I live closeby so I can lend a hand.  We've offered to let her use our car for work since she works opposite hours of my hubs. 


This happened after our outing, which was lovely.  The kids got to see a lot of animals and it didn't cost us anything besides gas.  Of course after the turmoil of my sister's accident hubby went to stay with her so my dad could go home (my dad had brought her to the er after he convinced her she was banged up and needed checked out) so we ended up with dollar menu mcdonalds.  On the plus side hubby won a whole meal from those silly token on there so we basically broke even.  At least there was that. 

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mini, whine, xdh just paid support today, the 29th, so that means it will be probably friday or monday before it hits my bank account, grhh. He said he would give me a loan until then, but in theory I don't need a loan, as I have my EF, but it just irritates me. My savings account has 500$ in it, which is the lowest it has been since the divorce. I have most of the EF in checking, waiting for my rent check to clear. We have our camping trip coming up and I am just so tired of spending money, blah! 


sorry about your sister happyhats, glad everyone is okay!

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Thanks for the hello's, mamas. It is really nice to find a place to vent/talk/(even whine!lol) where everyone is in a similar boat. Today was a pretty good day.... despite being down to basically nothing in my bank account, I worked out a trade with a friend, for me to take photographs of her family, for several weeks of fresh organic produce! (she has a mini farm) so today she brought over tons of chard, tomatoes, spaghetti squash, and some beautiful flowers. So, we had a great pilaf for dinner! I also just realized I think I qualify for WIC (especially with baby #4 on the way) and so I'm going to contact my case worker (I'm already on Medicaid) tomorrow and see if she can help me out with that. Pretty sure I have about $2,000 coming in from my last project and that will probably need to last me a couple/few months. Between that and child support, I THINK I can do it. Rent is the worst thing for me right now.... $800/month..... and then school starting (clothes, supplies, etc)... .UGH. Now Im worrying typing it out. We'll see. 

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good night. It is still BEAUTIFUL here where I live, very fall like, so we are all enjoying time outdoor (great for free fun!)

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highlandmum, welcome to our little corner of the interwebz.  Sucks when you have to be here but at least you are in good company.






-traded my neighbor some hand-me-downs for her daughter for some tomatoes from her dad's garden.  They look awesome.


-while looking for that clothing I realized that my littlest one will fit into all her sisters' jeans this year as she's finally consenting to wear jeans.  I don't have to buy anything for them this year other than probably socks.  Even their snowsuits and boots will fit this year.


-coffee.  caffix.gif


-my cat is recovering from his adventure outside overnight without vet assistance.  Thankfully I was a tech in my former life and I've kept him from serious infection.  He had some big wounds to clean and treat unfortunately.  Hard to tell what it was but we have fisher cats, coyotes, hawks, etc here.  Could have been anything.  

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oh wow @justmama glad your cat is ok! 

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Can't handle the 'job'.  Emailed over resignation this morning... is it even resignation after a week of training.  Hoping subbing starts (like day one)


Kid had hamburger helper for dinner, i had salad.  ordered Bountiful baskets and added on 7 dozen torillias for $12 for this saturday.

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 haven't posted here for a while but this week has been a bit hard. my car stopped working on Friday. it went in to an appt and when I came out it refused to start.

The guy that looked at Saturday said I needed a whole new engine. well that started me looking for a new car. :( When I mentioned it at work one of the girls there gave me a number of  mechanic she trusts. He said it didn't look like whole engine needed replacing just  the part with the timing chain.

Without my emergency fund I would have been up a creek without a paddle. because 2 yrs ago the same thing happened lots of car repairs but no money. So I am in a much better place.

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Zebra - Hugs. I would be sure to document it as a work attempt - if you ever need to apply for SSI it can help. 


Highlandmum - Welcome!


Justmama - Hope your kitty is okay, and YAY on not needing clothes. 


Everyone else - Hugs



Still here, still broke. In a bit of a funk over everything - it's just too much to deal with, KWIM? I wish I just hit fastforward and everything be okay. Still waiting on FS - it's been nearly 3 weeks and nothing yet. Everything is in, just the caseworker hasn't processed it :( I have no idea what I'm going to do it it takes the full 30+ days for FS. We have food, but with this broken water pipe I can't fixed 90% of what we have on account of very limited water - so no dish washing, etc. I've been thinking of trying a food bank, but not sure how that would work because most of what they would give we can't use either due to food allergies or on account of the no water. Still haven't heard from the plumbing program - as soon as I get my safelink minutes, I'm going to call and see what is going on. 


I'm off today to try to raise some funds so I can pay the internet bill & buy bus passes. Going to take a load of books to half price to sell, and then the last of my mom's jewelry to the gold buyers place near there. Hoping I get enough to pay the internet bill & buy bus passes so we can go somewhere cool in the afternoons. If not I am planning on having a garage sale Friday & Saturday and hopefully I will get enough then. 




~babysat my handyman's kids for 8+ hours while he worked odd jobs elsewhere. In trade he is going to mow my lawn & install the screen doors on my house once I get them. And I don't owe him $30 from coming out to find the broken pipe :)

~The free summer lunch program, which also does breakfast or snack depending on location. It's been a huge help with the water off - we can go to the library where it's cool, and dd can eat for free.

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What are 'Bountiful Baskets' ? Seems like you all post about them....

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http://www.bountifulbaskets.org/  It's a food program that a lot of people save tons of money doing but they don't accept food stamps.  Unfortunately there's no location in my state.  

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Getting down to mother hubbard time.  Luckily we will be getting to the store in the next couple days.  Unfortunately it will have to be a bare bones run, as we still have to pay both the car payment and the rent.  Eating oatmeal for breakfast with cinnamon, butter and a touch of maple syrup.  Yummy.  I've decided to hold off on paying the card completely down so that next week we can do a thorough grocery shop.  I hate carrying a balance but I hate not having a kitchen of healthy food even more.  Some things that need stocked up on (wheat flour, sugar, coconut oil) won't be bought again for a while, neither will the apples I want to buy and make sauce with to sub for certain recipes and eat when produce runs low.   But bah, getting tired of skimping on everything.  And I'm bummed out about there being loads of good yard sales and the book fair this week I cannot attend because we're broke.  It doesn't help that today is gloomy again, and the kids are arguing because they cannot go outside for the second day in a row.

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Getting a bit discouraged while looking for ways to cut our costs more.  We cut cable, but can't change internet or phone providers thanks to a monopoly.  We could downgrade to dial up but then that makes my internet nearly useless for many of our needs like dd's schooling.  We have cut eating out to only costco, which is only once or twice a month.  It's our student loans and car payment/comprehensive insurance that is really killing us, but we cannot do anything about those bills except pay chunks off when we get taxes.  I'm also feeling the squeeze of having upped the amount hubby is having taken out for his 401k loan, but I really want to pay that off.  Oh well, in a week or two if we are still struggling this much we will have to reassess paying less on that.  I'm hoping that things will even out after next week but it's been a really rough month and I"m just burnt out on trying to find more and more we can give up. 

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Anyone ever been so behind on car insurance/credit card payments etc that they have been canceled until a payment was made. We're there right now and it sucks.

We applied for FS/Health Insurance. We have to go down there with documents. I don't think we have ever been this behind on bills. Its so stressful. I am trying to stay positive, but its so hard.

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Is this forum private?!

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Originally Posted by EuroMama View Post

Is this forum private?!

I don't believe so. Very few forums on mdc are private
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ahhh justmama .... i checked into to it. There aren't available in my state either. 

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