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caffix.gif  Morning!  





Six kids today.  dizzy.gif  I'm just hoping to make it through to the end without drinking heavily.  It's hard to turn down jobs when you are broke ya know?  This class will be paid for this week.  And either today or tomorrow I get my tuition appeals answer.  School starts tomorrow!!!!!!  

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We just moved back to the U.S. and hubby's enlistment in the military ended, and we are happy, as it was very much not the lifestyle for us.


Now we're hoping he'll find a job.  At least my income pays for food shopping and our utilities.  I'm really grateful for that.  Also, we don't have a mortgage (we own our house) or car payment so, again, gratitude. 


Since the movers brought our stuff last Tuesday, we decluttered and had a yard sale, so I'm grateful the $22 we made off that will more than pay for the lunch I'm supposed to have with someone today.


Things are tight until hubby gets a job (he interviewed for one on Friday and I hope we know more today), but I try to find things to be grateful for each day.  It's not always easy, but I like starting the week off on a positive note.  :)


Well, lots of work for me this week, so another reason to be grateful!

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Gosh, Justmama, you are a busy woman!  Today I will be busy as well, but it's all domestic stuff like cooking and cleaning. Going to be starting on my applesauce, and making a double batch of banana bread (this batch I will just make with butter since I'm going to give one loaf to my father on Thursday).  Need to mop and clean up bathrooms and all that fun stuff.  Hubby had all the checks officially stopped on Sunday, but now the acct is going to be frozen and another reopened.  And with keeping an eye on our credit activity, it's a minor annoyance but things will be okay. 


Also had one of hubby's deductions taken off his check, aflac.  That's a bit more pocket money now to go towards debts and other needs. 

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Hi all, hope I can join in. I was an active member here a few years ago (goodness, time flies) but can't remember my old screen name for the life of me, and maybe it's time to move forward anyway. :)

We are a one-income family with four kids.  Our income is in the middle of an upswing after several very tight years, but things are still- snug. We just relocated to a small town with low housing costs, but our house is going to be a work in progress, and we are making do with minimal furniture for a few weeks as we slowly rebuild.  In the end though, it is a good situation. I have some great neighbors with  giant gardens- so for $20 I stocked up on tons of fresh veggies- including fresh garlic, leeks, cabbage, beets, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn on the cob and several braids of onions hanging on my back porch to dry.  Definitely stretched our grocery budget!


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Happyhats- I didn't find your sentence rude at all haha. I had to share my excitement even though I believe everything happens for a reason it would have been horrible right now.


Rainbowasylum- Welcome!!! I wish I could find someone around me with a huge garden! We go to the Farmer's Market sometimes but it is expensive. Hope you enjoy your stay here!


Justmama- I regularly have 7 kids ( that includes my 3, other 4 are niece and nephews). I don't envy you at all! LOL


Jinixefox- Welcome! I hope your husband gets a job soon!



So, I have been working so that means I will have at least 1 small check in Sept. Today I got paid $234 for the month of July. Not much but hey it's a job I LOVE and it is something. I have been applying for a night job but not much luck yet.


Insurance company called today about my floor getting messed up from a window leaking and nothing was covered so now we need to come up with the $$ to replace everything. That stresses me out but it is what it is!


Hubby has messed up disk in his back and somehow messed them up again Saturday cleaning a yard with my dad so he had to call out of work last night. He is a temp so I am praying that they forgive him and don't fire him or make a big deal out of it. He applied for 4 more jobs just in case but I really hope they are okay about him being out 1x.


Does anyone ever get paranoid about people being able to view this thread? Sometimes I am like oh well who cares but I feel like lately I wish it was more private so that I could discuss more.


I have no energy lately and am looking natural remedies to try to boost it does anyone have any thoughts? I don't want to much or anything nowadays.


Anyways, I better go clean and do some coupons and finish dinner.

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My tuition appeal was granted!!!!!  That saved me $1155.00.  joy.gif


AND I put all three girls on their buses this morning.  I promised the little one that I would follow the bus and wave to her as she walked in.  She was brave and held her sister's hand on the bus and then saw me standing in the rain taking pictures and waved with a big smile on her face as she walked in the building.  happytears.gif  So it's just me and the baby today until 2:45.  We are off to run errands for the day.  I bid thee adieu ladies.  Have a wonderful day.

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I screwed up - had the money for the electric bill which has to be paid on time or they take me off the payment plan & the full balance is due but I tried to do another sweater box to ship to make some $$$ for other bills too. Ended up not finding enough sweaters, and now I don't have enough of the bill money left to pay it either. Praying something sells - I have stuff listed on ebay right now, and hopefully today I'll be able to get the part for my desktop PC & fix it so I can get to listing clothes on the local fb sales groups. I'm debating listing the kids clothes in lots on ebay - it's all nicer stuff mostly Children's Place & Gymbo. IDK how selling kids clothing on ebay does though, but I know on our local FB pags I am lucky to get $1 an item. Going to try to send what I've got to the lady who buys sweaters - I need at least 20 sweaters to ship a box. Probably will try to hit a goodwill or two today to see if I can find a few more so I can make a box. If I am going to ship it to get to her & the check back to me in time, I'll have to ship tomorrow.


Hugs & hello to everyone else - I will try to reply when I am not in panic mode & can think.




~Our Medicaid plan will send out bus tokens, so getting to & from my appointment today is paid for except for transfers. They sent extra half fare tokens to pay for transfers, but I'll use those to pay for dd's fare instead.

~appointment with a new endo today - praying it goes okay

~The lovely cool mornings we've been having - so nice after such a hot summer.

~I think we found a playground in the next neighborhood over {just a short walk} that I can take dd to play on if it's open to the public.

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Does anyone here live a month ahead in terms of budgeting? My husband is paid twice a month, but has other pay in between each check.  The base salary is stable, but the bonuses and per diem pay can fluctuate.   Right now we are trying to live on the salary alone, setting the extra pay aside to have a little cushion and get ahead enough that we are paying bills out of last month's pay instead of the current month.  Once we get to that point, I might be able to breathe again. This week, his salary will be paid on Friday, but I had to dip into the extra pay when it hit the account yesterday because we were running really low on some basics (and moving totally blew the budget.)  On the upside though, I have baking supplies again, and I purchased a bunch of curtains/linens at a half-off sale at the thrift store, so I feel like the spending was 'worth' it.  

We aren't eligible for any assistance, though we have been previously, and that transition is actually almost harder than receiving assistance as we have less money available in the budget to create wiggle room. 

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I hear you on the moving from assistance to not, Rainbow, as we were recently there.  It is hard. Hugs to all the mamas.  And look at those kids grown, Justmama!  You seem to be doing so well, keep it up!


I'm slogging through housework today.  My jaw and ear are bothering me.  I think it's sinuses caused by allergies even though the index wasn't as high as usual.  Of course the index is a city sixty miles away so things could be a bit higher here.  Just froze some appleauce and I need to start on pumpkin baked oatmeal for breakfasts.  I also want to spray paint a shelf I have laying around and do a thorough vacuum.  The applesauce isn't a huge savings once everything is said and done, but it is also a bit more vitamins in our muffins and breads (that usually get butter spread ontop of them anyway) and overtime it will probably add up to a big help.  Butter is expensive, yo!  But no way am I going to margarine or fake stuff. 

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I have a job interview tomorrow at the local grocery store and I am NERVOUS. It helps my husband grew up with the girl interviewing me, and I use to work for the company 11 years ago. I will just be working nights there from 5p-9p and all day on weekends. I work a regular job 8am-430pm mon-friday but it is on call so sometimes off all week. I am not sure how I am going to wing it all but it will work out.

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so i probably be studying but thought i would check in here:


I went to a mother support group yesterday. it is geared toward low income families. we learned about the 5 love languages while all the kids played in the church nursery. It is was neat, and they had lots of snacks and a donation type room that we could get things we wanted. It was mostly clothes and i got a few things for us but most the sizes werent right for me or the kiddos. I then won a door prize and got a free picture frame. They are having a picnic next month with bingo and lots of prizes they said, but i don't know if i can make it or not, i will have to see. But it is a neat program and the kids seemed to have fun, so i may go back. 


Today I ran to the goodwill and savers and aldis of course! Goodwill was a pretty good hall. I found a ton for dd, lots of hannah andersen leggings and a nice old navy jean jacket +lots more. I bought me some jean shorts, a jean skirt, a lands end vest jacket and a couple other goodies. I was short on time so didn't get to look much at savers but did find a neat circo brand block set still new in the package for 5$. I will either give it to dd for xmas or keep it for a gift for my cousins toddler next spring. 


So ds decided he wants to try cub scouts and i guess xdh will be paying for most of it. Good thing is the meeting are held on tuesdays so xdh can bring him most the time as i really want them to do more father son bonding. Dd may go with them some, not sure yet. 


I glanced over some of the new posts but i come back tomorrow read more thoroughly what everyone is up to, but i got to get a couple more hours of studying in on my kidfree night! these classes are a bit intense! 

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yeah for those good deals, babybird!  And well wishes on the job interview, averysmom.  I hope it works out so that you make the money you need without getting burnt out. 


Right now I'm just feeling like when it rains it pours, ya know?  My nephew came and took the wii.  Thats the way we've been watching netflix since we gave up cable.  I know  you can watch the netflix on the computer.  I know losing out watching netflix on a big screen is a pretty silly first world problem.  But watching a rerun or two was my downtime pleasure. I don't know when we can afford to get a roku.  I can probably borrow my parents wiil but I really don't like having to borrow something from someone again.  The worst thing is I know that my sister  taking her wii was just a passive aggressive move since we got into a fight a couple weeks ago.  I'm honestly just sick of people in general right now. 


Meanwhile we have some yummy meatloaf in the oven.  We'll be finishing off some leftovers and I'll make some homefries and brussel sprouts for hubby and I later. I've managed to get all my housefrau chores done and I pulled out our few fall decor items early as a pick me up. 

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I have a huge stash of tomatoes and onions- our awesome neighbor dropped by yesterday, so today will be a sauce making day for a bit.  It's a bit of work, but it should supply us with at least 10 quarts of sauce pretty much free.  I have some other veggies to sneak into the mix as well. Over the next few weeks we need to buy a new car, and pay a deposit+first month rent on a separate rental for my husband so he has a place near work, so we're feeling a pretty major financial crunch. It should improve after that, but we'll still need a second cheap car (probably for him) as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, that puts some of my house improvements on the back burner- along with oh- furniture...  but it is a matter of priorities for right now.  Once my husband is getting better bonus pay with work it should improve, but that probably won't happen until Oct/Nov. 


In the meantime, I found a hidden room off our basement last night- turns out we have an amazing HUGE root cellar down there.  I'm excited about that as it means I can really work on building a good stockpile of things when they are on sale so in the long run, our groceries will be cheaper. I need to get a chest freezer yet, but I don't see that heppening until after Christmas unless I find a great deal somewhere. Friday is going to be a thrift store day- I need curtains still and if I can snag some toys/clothes/furniture at good prices (and figure out how to fit them in the car) it would be a big help.  I may try to find a second tv set as well to hook up to the kids' Wii upstairs. The rooms up there need a ton of work (who paints a beautiful old arts and crafts style house with black paint on the walls?!~), but I want to get the kids playing up there more. 

Overall, I'm overwhelmed with the reality that we really need to come up with at least $3000 over our 'normal' budget in the next few weeks, but we'll sort it out somehow.  My husband has enough days off banked that he's going to sell 5 back for $1100 to help make up the gap, but that won't come through until the end of September.  

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wow cub scouts is expensive, i cannot believe the fees they charge! xdh was saying i would have to pay 50% i was like um no i already paid for his swimming which was 50$! In theory i should go get my child support modified, he is making double of what my support is based on. I just throw that out there any time he tries to say oh i cannot pay for blah blah blah. The scouts is something like 140$ plus the uniform and extra events cost extra over the 140$, what in the heck is all that money for? But, i want ds to get more involved and as long xdh pays for most of the things i be okay. 

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uh so on the child support note, would you advise of getting it modified? Xdh mentioned he made 180000 so far this year, my support is based on 98000, grhh,  i dont want to ask him for more money i want to be able to support myself, but jeeze, his income has doubled in  a year. He went from sales to management just before the divorce and his income is based on his sales income. I kind of don't want to poke the bear, so to speak. He has been really goood at paying support and alimony and gives me money for their bday parties, school clothes, etc stuff that he doesn't have to do etc. I have money to pay my monthly bills we are not destitute, but once alimony runs out then things may change if don't get a teaching position. 

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Hey all.... I"m around. Just really stressed. I like reading up on everyone, I just don't really have anything good to say, so I'm not saying anything. Lol. Sort of boyfriend is well..... super flaky and has apologized, doesn't want to break up, etc., but is still being super flaky and I'm not taking anything he says as, well, anything. And I'm frustrated bc I need to talk to him about money regarding the new baby, I'm just afraid that he will be all, 'i don't want to give you anything.' I'm worried to avoid paying anything for his child he will fight for joint custody, soley to keep from having to give me child support. Ugh. And my job sucks. And I'm constantly stressed about being able just pay rent. UGH! See... nothing good. 

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highlandsmum, even if he has visitation he should have to pay child support.  Don't take his behavior.  Better said than done, I'm sure. 


I get my eye exam tomorrow, and if it lets out in time I can get some grocery shopping done at the same time.  I think it's time for my presciption to be upped or changed a tiny bit.  My eyes feel a bit more strained.  But really, I can't complain since I've had the same prescription since I was fifteen.  Now I just really hope that nothing goes wrong, and that somehow I can't get new glasses or frames, etc.  I have pretty good vision insurance so the exam is free, frames are free to a certain amount, and even lenses are free if they are your basic model.  Then tinted lenses are only a few bucks more, and frames over a certain amt get a discount, both of which are SUPPOSED to be eligible under our deductible plan, which the company pays up to 500 dollars upfront.  But ya know, after this month I'm paranoid.  I guess worse comes to worse I can keep the current glasses as as sunglasses and get a new pair with cheaper frames. 


The kids are fighting, hubby and I had an argument before he went to work, I'm sick of money problems, and I'm sick of making due for every last thing.  Off to fix a styrofoam pumpkin the kids cracked and then make some more applesauce.  Oh, how I hope Sept is better than August has been!

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Anyone have suggestions for god sources of beds/mattresses?  I am limited by having a small vehicle for transport for a couple weeks more, but ropes and ratchet straps should make  safe short distance travel ok.  I am thinking of getting two twin mattresses and a good king size topper for our room and building a low (cosleeping friendly) platform bed.  Also, the house was built in the early 1900s and I know there are places larger boxsprings won't fit up stairs and through certain doors/corners. 

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Do you have a big lots nearby?  We got a Serta mattress there for a good price. As far as not having room on the stairs for a boxspring, would a split box spring work?  Or else maybe build the platform in the room?


Off to get my glasses!  Wish me luck!  My father and younger sister are coming over.  My sister is bringing me some soap and lotion she's purging, and a sample box of cereal.  I made them some banana bread. 


I hope everything goes well, I can pick out new spiffy glasses, and we can make an aldi run.


On the plus side we splurged and bought our roku box.  We probably should have waited since everything is running behind but the kids try to turn off the computer whenever they watch a show on it and its just been a craptacular month, and I'm tired of borrowing things.  It comes out to the price of one month of cable.

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I used to be a regular in this thread but I have mostly been off of MDC for a while.  However, I am popping in to second the suggestion to try Big Lots for a mattress.


We got our Serta there and strapped it to the roof of the car to transport home.  It was a very low price.  I would not get a box spring from Big Lots though, unless the people who it is intended for are very low in weight.  We got a box spring there and it broke right away.  It was not structured like a regular box spring is in that the springs are so flimsy and it looked like they were almost wire hanger in thickness.  I would only get a box spring from there if a child was using it, not an adult of an average weight.  My DP and I are heavy, however, the box spring should not have given out that quickly.  The regular mattress though is great and I do not regret getting it there.


Some Goodwills have mattresses and we checked those out too.  They were not substantial or comfortable at all, so we went with Big Lots. 

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