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It was chilly here last night.  Lovely today- so I am throwing open windows and airing the house, but last night was cold, and apparently our furnace is cycling on to blow air, but there's no heat coming out.  Brr!  So I need to get that sorted- it's a new furnace, I am sure it is a quick fix, I just need to call the gas company to help me get it sorted.  (Ugh, and then pay the bill.)

My husband will be coming for a few days this week, so that is good, but he is leaving on our soon to be 4 year old's birthday because he has to be back in time to take a course at work.  I am really frustrated, but it has to be done.  It's just that he is about to turn 4 and my husband has never been around to celebrate his birthday with us.  Such is the nature of being married to a man who travels and works 'in the field' for a living, I guess.  I was just so excited when I saw that he was scheduled off that day, when he told me he needed to be back early I was immediately resentful. 


in other news, I had to run into town this morning for a couple items, but managed only to spend one splurge (real cream for my coffee- I really wanted a treat.) I am tired of waiting for the next pay check to be deposited all the time and wishing I could  get back to being a month ahead, but it looks like it will take a bit to get there. 

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Rainbow: i'm sorry your hubby can't be there for your LO birthday. that stinks.

well the kiddos and i braved the downpour and went to the bakery to get our bread for the next few weeks to a month... WOOHOO! the 50 cent a loaf table was packed with good stuff. i love this bakery because they have great deals and the bread is organic. smile.gif i got 14 loaves of bread for $7.00! my freezer is now full up with bread. LOL
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I'm glad most of us are on an upswing finally!  I'm hoping that comes this way as well, and in some ways it has.  I was finally able to use my free coupon, so now I have three shirts coming for absolutely free.  If thredup ever gets here I will have a revitalized wardrobe.  Yeah, not counting on THAT but thats a whole other issue.  I'm going to get my glasses tomorrow, and I got my haircut yesterday so it's free mommy makeover time!  Thanks to meal planning we are doing very well on groceries and finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  A small light but it's getting bigger.  Hopefully next weekend we will have money to start getting things on our "needs" list, and even have money for the craft fair end of month. 

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I just found a very neat website I'm excited about and want to share.  freepianolessons4kids.com.  It's just what it says it is.  I'm sure adults could use it to, of course.  I've always wanted to learn the piano, and I'd love to for my kids to be able to get the opportunity as well but ha ha on having the funds for a weekly or even bi weekly class right now.  Often people are giving away pianos, though I would have to pay for a way to transport it.  I'll also be on the lookout for a secondhand keyboard that has the piano capabilities on it.  Anyway, thought it was neat for us low income mamas whether homeschooling or not. 


I've found lots of free lessons for the kids this month and now I'm just waiting until I have the money for ink, which should be soon.  I've been looking on ebay and found some great prices.

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happyhats: fingers crossed, and yeah on the free shirts. free is such a great price. :)

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Called my bank, was able to get 3 -$29 fees reversed.  Now just to figure out what the heck my credit card company is doing trying to process huge payments mid month..  I have a feeling its fraud and i just don't want to deal with it right now.  Ugh.   At least I have a few dollars until a very small payday.  Just enough to probably get a bountiful basket this week.


It was rainy today - i love the rain in the desert.  But that leads to high humidity tomorrow and the following days.


We are having crockpot soup for dinner with a choice of cheese crisp, chicken or sandwiches.  or the always popular salad.


I've been crocheting again.

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ALmost forgot, met a friend who was in town today. She gave me an entire bag of GF food.  OMG... this is gonna save me a ton at the grocery this month.  Cake mix and frosting, tons of pasta (4-5 boxes), quinoa, 3 trail mix for ds, GF flour, choc chips, 


I was in total grocery heaven!!   

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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

ALmost forgot, met a friend who was in town today. She gave me an entire bag of GF food.  OMG... this is gonna save me a ton at the grocery this month.  Cake mix and frosting, tons of pasta (4-5 boxes), quinoa, 3 trail mix for ds, GF flour, choc chips, 


I was in total grocery heaven!!   


Wow!!!! That is awesome :) I have been MIA lately...Got through first week of opening school and Little girls birthday...She had a wonderful time and come out of it a happy little girl...


I had a cousin call me last night asking me if I would be interested in babysitting a couple days a week 2nd shift for $50 bucks a week...Heck ya....1 toddler 3 days in the evenings..Doesn't interefer with my regular work hours and I dont' keep him on Fridays when I take my classes...And I don't have to worry about Little girl having to go to daycare to make this money...Yup... Made my day and the $$ will help so much..


Hope everyone is doing okay...One day at a time..That is what I keep saying....

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zebra: that is great about the GF food! just wondering what state do you live in? we are in the desert as well and it rained here a goodly part of the day. :)

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i live about 20 miles northwest of you ;)

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Mylie, that's great.  I bet it gives you little one someone to play with too! 

How awesome about the free food, zebra!


Not much new here.  I have a cold so I think we'll be doing chicken noodle soup for dinner today.  Good thing I thawed some orange juice last night, lol. 

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Vampire chicken in the oven (cooked with a whole garlic bulb roasted inside- my daughter named it) and I will make rice and maybe carrots to go with it tonight-  oh, and a batch of fresh bread I need to get going momentarily. 

I am hoping for a quiet afternoon, but I suspect my daughter's friend will show up as soon as she gets off the bus.  The child has no boundaries, and I am not sure what to do about it.  Even when I told her we needed to go out yesterday, she just waited and dragged out leaving for a good 40 minutes.  At one point she asked why she couldn't just hang out at our house waiting until we got back. Bah.  She and my daughter have hit it off smashingly, but she has been here literally every. single. day.  As she left yesterday, she even opened up the car door and filched a couple coins from the inside of the car.  I was a bit too aghast to say much beyond, 'what do you think you are doing?!'   She seems like a generally nice kid, but something sends up a red flag, and I can't quite put my finger on why (it did before the change theft incident as well.)

We were approved for car financing with zero down, and a reasonable monthly payment.  We really could use a newer reliable car, but ugh- a payment again.  We will discuss it tonight.  I am currently driving a POS and I know something is going to go for good sooner rather than later- I already have to top off the transmission fluid and oil on a regular basis. But still, another car payment is going to be a challenge. 

For now though, we have food, shelter, transportation, and a light at the end of the tunnel.  In another month my husband will be done his training wage and on to his regular pay- the extra 1200+ a month will be a great help. 

And- I took the kids out for a walk today, and it appears to be fall!  My favorite season.  The leaves are beginning to flutter down, and a flock of snow geese flew over while we walked.  It was a good reminder to try to stay in the present instead of worrying too much about tomorrow. 


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ugh. dh took 12yo ds to the dentist and they wanted to charge us $125 for a filling. we have dental insurance and should only have to pay 20% (it was a small one too, he didn't even get Novocaine) there is no way one filling cost $800.00. when dh questioned them they said we also had a balance of over $300. which can not be possible. the last time we went was the 6th month check up and those are free with our insurance, at that point (i had asked) we had no balance at all (12 yo ds is having major mouth issues so we have a running tab and a payment plan for his braces) and we haven't received a bill in at least 2 months. plus the insurance sends out sort of statements saying what they have paid and our last visit (the 6th month check up) was completely covered. so now i have to call them up and deal with that mess. i HATE this.

we also have a HUGE bill from a surgery my 15 yo ds had this summer. the hospital wants all $3000 paid for in 10 months and i was like, ahhh, not happening. we want to make payments and set stuff up but they said we will be sent to collections if we do not pay what they want in 6 months. WTH?? what is the point of insurance?? (well i know we would have much bigger bills but still frustrating)

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Hugs, mamaofthree.  I hate medical bills. 


Got some sad news.  The pumpkin patch we frequent every year, and love, is now charging an admission price.  The first year the place was absolutely free.  The second year they had tickets and wristbands.  I had no problem with those.  You could pay for what  you wanted to do, etc.  Now they are charging a flat fee.  It's a bummer because really it's all kids activities, so the parents have to pay five dollars a piece to enter just to supervise their children.  Now I have to look for another place for our fall fun. 

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Happyhats- is it only $5 for the entire day?  or $5 plus tickets and wristbands??    $5 is a steal around here and we would be all over that.

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so i called the dentist office to find out what was up, it seems our insurance has not been paying them. i swear this happens all the time. MONTHS will go by before they pay stuff and by then i am getting hate mail. so i have to call them tomorrow and get it all straightened out. more than likely it is that they want me to verify (AGAIN) that we only have them as insurance. we do this every time. i end up yelling at people because we will have just done this. and we are not even sick people who use it all the time, there is just a lot of us. AGH!!! 


ok all done with that. lol

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Zebra-it is five dollars an adult per day, and then seven dollars a child per day.  So it would be 24 dollars for my family of four, plus the gas since it's over half hour away.  I know you live in a higher col area so in some places it wouldn't seem like a lot of money, but here it's actually high for what it offers.  I suppose what bothers me the most is that it went from free, to about twelve dollars for our family, to now 24 in two years.  it has some slides, a small petting zoo, a hayride, and some corn bins.   However I did find a couple other places in the same amount of distance for better prices.  One is five dollars a person across the board with more adult friendly things so the whole family could really join in.  One is 3 dollars for children but free for adults, and one is completely free as far as I know but there may be charges for some events and I'm afraid that one may be too loud for my children since there is a live band and its in a parking lot.  I'm leaning towards the one for 3 dollars per child as they make their own cider onsite and we can see a beehive in action.  For that twenty four dollars the children can play, we can all do hayrides, pick out a small pumpkin, and probably bring home a goodie. 

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I miss the pumpkin farm days. DS is 13, i was hoping to get 'one last year' out of it... IDK, we didnt go last year cuz it was so dang hot.  Its hard to find a 'pumpkin farm' in the middle of the city desert anyway.  


I'm trying to take him to the pottery paint place this week for a belated bday treat.  Hes been wanting to go forever and I think he would super duper enjoy it.  I have a coupone for 50% off the studio fee so that helps.


I was super late sending in his art school application and scholarship forms, I doubt he will be taking saturday classes - they start this week and well the school probably get the forms today.

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happyhats, I just copied and pasted from our local pumpkin place: 


Pumpkin Express
Begining Saturday, Sept. 28th
Runs weekends through October
11am to 4pm
$7.00/person, kids 2 and under are FREE



It's a tractor-pulled hayride around the farm and a corn ma*e and then you pick out a pumpkin that you have to pay extra for.  And they aren't cheap.  Jack o Lantern si*e but not huge would be about $15-20.  Even the tiny circle pumpkins that toddlers can carry are $7-8.  And there's no way to avoid the "Pumpkin Express" since the pumpkin field is in the back of the farm and they don't let you walk there.  So that's $28 for a ride out to the patch and about $10 per kid per pumpkin so I'm looking at a $60 day easily if we don't get any treats and JUST get pumpkins.  Littlest girl tried to grow our own pumpkins this year but it rained so bad this spring that they all got root rot and didn't produce.  I'm thinking it's a farmer's market pumpkin year again for us.  A little sugar pumpkin each and htey'll be happy.  They mostly enjoy the carving and seed roasting anyway.

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FWIW regarding pumpkins- in years past I've gotten them at the grocery store and my EBT/FS has covered the cost.


Going to try to take DS to the pottery place tomorrow. Going to call today and see how much 'plates' are to paint.  Hoping they are around $10.

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