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Oh, Zebra.  I hated having to make those calls asking for some help from family, but that was reality more than once for a couple years. 

I hope yo find something that works out better for you. 

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Originally Posted by zebra15 View Post

OK you all are scaring me with the FS cuts... I have to go for recertification -hopefully monday- and we can NOT afford any cuts in this house.

DS is eating more than ever, GF is so dang expensive... I can NOT have them cut my FS...


Your right...GF is $$$ ....my 6 year old is gf,df,sf and apple allergic and we now get $291 in FS....I am lucky that my girl doesn't care for the sweets much...But damn...1 box of King Arthur GF muffin mix is $5...I buy 2 a mnth...I buy Udi's gf bread when my local store puts is on sale $3.99...I just bought 4 loaves...They will last the month for her lunches and breaksfasts...I do without...I buy mainly meats,white rice and potatoes..Her big splurge is Amy's gluten,dairy  and soy free mac and cheese..she loves it so much she can eat the whole container(it isn't very big)and I buy her 2 a month but they are $5.00 a box too...Crazy what it costs.... 



I was hoping when I did my review last week mine would go up because I though when you had a food allergy they take that into consideration and you get more...Guess not....But I wasn't expecting to loose what I did.... :(

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JustMama, i'm with you on making huge $ transactions at work and wearing cheap stuff, lol. I feel so silly sometimes ringing up merchandise and boat rentals, the average total more than a week's pay! It's shocking how easily people throw money away. Glad they do though. Keeps me employed.
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Ugh, the first kid started feeling crummy last night, by this morning the youngest was coming down with it and now the oldest is feeling crappy as well.  My 5 year old and I are the last holdouts. I need our interim pay to come in as my medicine cabinet (well, box really) is not stocked for a proper miserable creeping crud yet.   Of course, I thought it would be in today, but the  checking account is looking pretty low.  

My husband had to sign a purchase order last night for a piece of equipment that was over a million dollars.  It makes me nuts that that kind of money is thought of as nothing to his company,when we are having to budget so carefully.  I know it will be better soon, but ugh. 

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Hugs, lady.  Justmama, I think if you can afford the glasses and think you can keep them from destructive hands it's really an investment.  My husband bought oakleys a few years ago and they are still in great shape.  He wears them pretty much daily, he doesn't use a case, and he isn't the most gentle on things. 


Roast for supper today.  Fall is rolling in and I'm loving it.  We got the new printer hooked up, and yay for ink again!  I am doing some fall unit studies with the kiddos the next couple weeks/month.  I was able to print out some halloween shape coloring pages, and we are going to watch a video on photosynthesis.  I also went through the kiddos Christmas gifts.  We aren't 100 percent ready yet, but we're pretty close, and at least I know what else I want to buy.  Of course all the winter expenses are breaking me out in hives, lol, but I do still look forward to it. 


Thankfully things are starting to look up finances wise, in large part because October is a five week month.

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Originally Posted by RainbowAsylum View Post

Ugh, the first kid started feeling crummy last night, by this morning the youngest was coming down with it and now the oldest is feeling crappy as well.  My 5 year old and I are the last holdouts. I need our interim pay to come in as my medicine cabinet (well, box really) is not stocked for a proper miserable creeping crud yet.   Of course, I thought it would be in today, but the  checking account is looking pretty low.  

Rainbow - not sure where you are, but if you have a CVS near you they have Triminic kids stuff on sale for $4.99 and there was a $3 off coupon in Sunday's paper. Plus they are doing a deal buy $30 of food stuff, get $10 back in store buck , so you can convert SNAP to cvs bucks & use them for non-food items.


Finally something has gone right - thanks to very patient tech support from some online friends, I was able to get my laptop semi-functioning again & get on FaceBook! And the water leak looks like it's FINALLY fixed - hoping I don't jinx it by saying that.


Now just hoping somehow I'm able to pull the money for the electric bill from somewhere. It's $267 and gotta be paid by Thursday or they will shut it off. Going tomorrow to a local place that might help me pay it. I have $145 of it, but if I paid that much I don't have money for any of the rest of the bills that are late either. Really hoping the place I"m going will pay all or a big chunk of it.

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1. Rescheduled my ultrasound to Weds this week.  Yeah because I need the dr next weds... my side is killing me.  (justmama look for a pm please)

2. DES 'only' took 3 hrs today... 2 hrs to wait and 1 hr for recertification.  Found out that FS will be going down $20 in November and onward.. I was panicked and trying to prepare to lose like $100... I can handle 'finding' $5 a week.  And honestly if I prepare and make mindful use of bountiful baskets each week I *should* be ok.

3. Darn therapist deposited his payment early, it bounced...:irked  back to paying him CASH and cash only when i have it.  T can not be trusted to hold a check until a certain day then he does not get paid 'early'.


Kiddo is having hamburger helper for dinner with some ground turkey that was $1.69/lb this weekend.  Yummy.  I made tons of roasted veggies this weekend while the oven was on.  Planning on GF spaghetti for tomorrow.


I have subbing jobs for T//Fri this week. (history, math).  Hoping to get a full day on thurs.  Had to cancel weds cuz of the u/s.  Reallyl need to keep at 3 full days which is about $250/week, that keeps $$ coming in and doesn't make me craxxy.


The following week I can't work weds either cuz of the dr appt.


Hoping none of us get sick here.  THe weather has finally turned nice.  Not humid and back in the 90's... ahhhh

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I am in Canada, so a lot of the coupon deals aren't available here. Hopefully, the money that should have been in the account today will be there tomorrow.  I hate that I have no guarantees. Usually it is in by about 6 days after payday,  but we are already at 10, and there is nothing to do about it.  (This is bonus/perdiem pay.  It probably shouldn't be an important part of the budget,  but for now, it is mostly what I use for groceries/gas/day to day.)

So, because I was in the mood for a sweet treat, I made some cottage pudding for everyone to enjoy after dinner. Sweets are a healthy way to deal with stress... really! :W

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Originally Posted by RyvreWillow View Post

JustMama, i'm with you on making huge $ transactions at work and wearing cheap stuff, lol. I feel so silly sometimes ringing up merchandise and boat rentals, the average total more than a week's pay! It's shocking how easily people throw money away. Glad they do though. Keeps me employed.

I am in sort of the opposite situation. Most of my clients are living in much deeper poverty than I am - really, like nearly homeless, or income of $700/month and their rent is $650 (cheap for the area), and really scrambling each month. I feel guilty worrying and stressing over my finances. I don't have much left after the basic bills, but at least I don't have to deal with shut-off notices every month. But I have a college degree, and am working full-time - shouldn't I be doing better than this?


I am going to stop before I get into my well-practiced rant about poverty, living wages, healthcare, and all that.



Bountiful Baskets was pretty great this week - in addition to the regular basket, I got the salsa makings, and canned 7 pints of great salsa.


Next Saturday is the monthly Gleaners - sort of like a low-cost version of BB. Random what they will have, but last month I got 10 lbs each of potatoes, apples, and carrots, plus frozen peas and bell peppers, a couple lbs of rice, a dozen eggs, 6 small yogurts, and a few other little things - they are only open once a month, but it only costs $20/year!


I am getting re-energized to start a home business, sewing and selling on Etsy. Got almost all the materials I need to get started for $15 at the thrift store! Now I just have to wait till payday (the 1st) to get a camera to list items, and to get my serger repaired.

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Hi guys. Can I join? DH lost his job (2nd round of retrenchments in just over a month). Businesses everywhere aren't doing too well, so I'm not sure what is in store for us. I've called and applied for the appropriate financial assistance but need to go through the process of having them approved etc, so there is no money until then.


Could anyone please share their absolute cheapest gluten free meal ideas? I've got lentil soup on my list only. I need really cheap meal ideas to carry the six of us through the next 2-3 weeks until assistance comes through. 

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Love our babies, I've made chili with beans, lentils venison and fresh tomatoes it's tasty! Zebra, that's pretty crumby fees from dumb mistakes are a budget buster for us . The Gleaners sounds amazing! We've done angel food ministries before, we might have to get another box once our meat is all gone. Though I'd rather trade with my cousin for some venison. He said he'd process our own when we get a freezer, if we help pay for his license fee. I'm waiting for the acme sale with a freezer full of food for around $150 I think. I wound up not getting the flu clinic job this season which we were hoping for, so I've half heartedly applied for other lpn positions but I'm due in March and DH will be glad if nothing comes of it.
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Thank you for the ideas abihayil. I make dinner and lunch (for the next day) in one swoop, so all my dishes are mostly of the one pot kind.. chilli beans sounds perfect. :) 

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That gleaners sounds awesome! 


Things will be a bit busy here this weekend.  There is an arts and crafts fair we go to every year, no matter how much or how little we spend its just really fun.  It's sort of my welcoming my favorite time of year tradition.  Anywho.  On the way I'm making two freecycle exchanges.  A lady is giving me a coffee table and I have a few bags of misc for her.  Another lady is giving me some clothes, which as you ladies know I can def use.  Then later that afternoon we will be hitting our local jcpenney's for some shirts for my husband.  While I know Jcpenney sounds pricey (or at least it always did to me as a kid, walmart or secondhand was it for us, lol) he has great luck getting tshirts for ten bucks and under at that store and he needs big and tall shirts. 


Roasting us a chicken tonight, with red potatoes and brussel sprouts on the side.  Then the chicken will go on to be chicken fettucini and chicken tacos.  Having a meal plan has been helping me immensely with prepping food ahead of time, etc.  I don't know that it's saving us money but it's helping us keep the budget under control and do stock ups on sale items so we will save in the long run. 

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Hi everyone I was a busy mdcer years ago but got busy iykwim. I belong here more than anywhere else in the world right now. I have been a.nurse for 23 years. Three years ago I opened my own business. I was totally burnt out of nursing. With the economy in our area my business has failed. We now have thousands in creditcard debt. My husband has thankfully been steadily employed or we would be homeless. I am now back working as a nurse but could only find part time. We have had health insurance but our deductible is5000$. My son had 1600$ in medical bills this summer. Today I filed for charity care from the hospital where I work! I just started back to nursing last week. We have one in college, a 16 yr old and a 13 yr old. We aren't paying for sons college he is going on grants and loans. He is super bright and is the engineering program for computers with a minor in math. He lives with us so at least we are able to provide room and board for him. My kids are all homeschooled. But I give zero credit to me for his accomplishment of a 3.9 gpa lol.
We are one month behind on car payment. We can't get any foodstamps because my husband has a 401k. He's totally vested and we could payoff our debt with it but unless your mortgage is in foreclosure they won't let us have it. We've begged. We sold our house a year ago and downsized to a much smaller place. Thankfully we did that or we would be in foreclosure. We have a couple of "go phones". No cable or house phone or data plans. We have internet and will do anything to keep it. College and homeschooled teens need it!

We pay around 600$ a month for insurance. House cars and health. It sucks!

We do have a garden and can all that we can. We never eat out.

We do have netflix as our one luxury item.

Anyway I'm so glad to be here. I started at the beginning and read the whole thread. Its nice to be among friends!
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Welcome home, Mommaof3boz:w

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Welcome! I also have 3 boys but mine are littles. 6 mo, 2 and 4.


I'm confused about health insurance. Right now I have tricare because we're still married but we will soon be divorced. I will be a full time student just living on child support (I will have full custody). I recently had a LEEP done (like, last week) so I definitely need to keep up with regular paps (and potential colpos/leeps). I also recently got a diagnosis of adult add (inattentivesu i type) and after being treated, I can't imagine going back to being untreated. :( So my mom says I should get medicaid since I'll be living on 1500/mo but I can't apply while I still have tricare...but if I wait until my tricare is gone and I'm denied for medicaid I will have a gap in coverage and likely won't be approved due to my health issues. It feels like a gamble! Luckily stbx will always be responsible for the boys healthcare.

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this might not be right but. in a week they are opening the new healthcare web site you can sign up for. you shouldn't be disquailifed for it. I would go to the heath exchange web site(sorry no link) and apply. I know i'm not much help but until next week I can't apply myself so not sure what to expect.

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Micah, I'm not sure what you mean by not being approved because of your current health issues. Is this an approval for medicaid? Or is there a cover in the interim between tricare and medicaid?


I'm not sure if this helps:



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Welcome to our two new members!!!!  Love Our Babies, here's another recipe for you that's tried, true, and delicious.  AND CHEAP!!!






Good to see you again Micah_Mae.  How's the recovery going?  How's the separation?  I know you got down to legal before he did so how's the process going for you?  I've been thinking of you for a while now and hoping things are progressing as they should.  I should check in in the single parents forum soon.  I haven't even thought of it in a few weeks.


Rhu, how 'bout an update?  How's the foster prep situation going?  How are things going with the caregiver situation with your Aunt?  





I'm all in a panic.  I have to be by myself AND close the store all alone tonight for 4 hours!  UGH.  I just KNOW something big is gonna happen that I don't know how to do or the deposit will be wrong and I am freaking out over it.  Somehow I have to fit in work at all 3 jobs today so that's a lot.  And I heard that thing that no single working mom wants to hear yesterday.  :(  I was telling the kids at breakfast abotu the schedule for the next few days and who's picking them up and when they see dad, etc. and Middle Girl goes, "So let me get this right mom.  You are leaving us tonight and won't tuck us in.  You are leaving us tomorrow night and won't tuck us in.  You suck."  Yes, yes I do.  I'm sorry.  rolleyes.gif  Gee kid, I DID find two babysitters for you for two days, PLUS you won't have to miss Brownies, AND I'm picking you up at the bus stop both days AND you get to go to bed on time in your own bed.  Cut me some damn slack.  Do you know what kind of process that was?????


So I need to find time to do at least two loads of laundry today plus make some mini-muffins and granola bars at the very LEAST.  That might be 10pm tonight when I get out of work but......hell I don't sleep much anyway so I'll be up.  The good news is, I have Saturday completely off this week.  No job that day!  I'm thrilled.  A day of rest and catching up on errands would be excellent.  


As grateful as I am for my jobs and my increased child support coming next week, I'm still a little panicky about finances.  I'm in that crappy grey area where you make too much for assistance but can barely support yourself without it.  I LOVE that I'm almost done with food stamps after 5 years on them.  Truly, I'm thrilled.  But we won't be that much better off with all the financial increases because food will eat them all up.  I think I'm only $150 over that amt after the food costs are deducted?  *sigh*  Sometimes you just can't win.  But at least I don't have that dangling over my head and I won't have to jump through hoops for DHS anymore aside from medicaid.

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The new healthcare programs are being administered state-by-state, so we each will need to get our own details. But my state's website opens October 1st also, so that may be standard.

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