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I had my first appt with a group of CNMs in my area.  I used them for my last pregnancy, and I was really happy with their care.  When I went back today, they had expanded significantly and now have 5 midwives instead of 2.  The midwife I talked to was a bit concerned about my dates since I haven't had a period since before DS1.  I was charting, so I am 100% sure of the conception date, but DH said she looked a bit skeptical when I told her that.  When she examined me, she said either I had a retroverted uterus and amazing abs (both of which are true), or I am way off on my dates.  She wanted me to get an ultrasound, which I agreed to, since now I was nervous.  We went to the OB's office and got the ultrasound; everything measured perfectly, the hb was 172, and they said I was right on for my guess date.  So there!  I was so relieved to hear and see the little one's heartbeat.  But it made for along and stressful day running around town with DH and DS. 

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intownmom, my uterus is retroverted too and hard to feel; the NP I saw was also skeptical that I knew my dates were firm--surprising how many HCPs don't understand charting and treat the menstrual cycle like a big mystery. Glad you got reassurance w/the US!
Thanks to all who responded to my post above, and glad for everyone getting good news at their appointments. smile.gif
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Had my 1st midwife appt!

Took blood and pee. Talked about medical history. Declined genetic screening. That was about it. We have now met two of four midwives, and really liked them both. :-)
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Go for it! I know of women in the past being in two groups if their EDD was close to the month end or beginning.

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Back from our first ultrasound and SO ECSTATIC to report our little baby had a strong heartbeat of 160bpm! joy.gif


This is quite a milestone for us, one we never reached the first time, so it was a big, big moment. I couldn't look at the monitor I was so nervous but when I did I started crying instantly. The doctor said everything looks perfectly healthy. love.gif Here's a pic: 








I am measuring a few days behind (6w4d, thought I was 7w2d), but this early I know there is room for error. This would put my due date at 10/3 so I guess I may be in the wrong DDC, but since I'm right on the border so I might stick around if that's alright with you ladies!

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intownmom: I too have experience the HCP mindset of "You couldn't possibly know your due date without an ultrasound". It's so frustrating! This pregnancy at my first doctor's appointment I learned from last pregnancy and refused to give them the date of my LMP, just gave them my ovulation date. So they had no choice but to accept my dates smile.gif Thankfully my main doctor and the backup doctor we sometimes see have both learned not to try to argue with me - they learned their lesson when discussing vaccines with me Sheepish.gif So she just said - "Well, then I'm putting your LMP as Dec 1" (14 days prior to Dec 15th ovulation) and I said that's just fine, let's go with that smile.gif Sometimes what they don't know just makes life easier!

Of course now I'm still almost 2 weeks to my first ultrasound and I'm kind of wishing I'd caved and gotten an early ultrasound so I could have seen the bean by now.. but oh well orngbiggrin.gif

ETA: Oh, on that note, I got a date for my first ultrasound! It is February 26th, I'll be 12w4d. I can't wait! joy.gif
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Well, temporary disappointment at my first midwife appointment. Couldn't get the heartbeat today, so we'll go back next week. I'm 10w3d so just barely in the range of being able to hear it. It'll be hard waiting!

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i had my first OB appointment today. it is exciting to feel like we are close to "graduating" from the fertility clinic and into the world of normal pregnant people. the OB was fine. my wife liked her more than i did, but i am kind of hateful toward all medical professionals. the doc was totally fine with declining the pap smear + said they wouldn't force us to induce early (a major fear of mine, with twins). she picked up one heartbeat at 175, but couldn't find the second one. i have my standing ultrasound appt at the fertility clinic tomorrow so we can confirm both twinz are OK, but i am not feeling anxious about not finding the second heartbeat. we are 10w5d, so it is pretty early and i know they are on top of each other. 


I can't believe how many doctors fight people about the LMP/EDD. it seems kind of unreasonable to tell a woman (who you don't regularly treat) that you know more about their ovulation patterns than they do. i guess their lowest common denominator is people who have no idea how their bodies work but some of us do. 

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We had our 3rd ultrasound today at the fertility clinic. Baby caught up by a day and is now only 4 days behind. Heart beat was 168 and we got to listen to it twice, which was awesome. Gestational sac is still measuring small which really freaks me out but I am trying to just trust and have faith that baby will be okay. We were finally released into the real world so my first OB appointment is next Wednesday. Not sure if they will do an u/s at that point but it seems likely since my gestational sac has been so small. We chose a midwife group of 5 and will consider switching to a home birth midwife toward the end of pregnancy if everything is going well. 

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mrsandmrs: I am sure the twins are great...as you said it is most likely because of their position the second heartbeat was hard to find.

hopefully all your worries will be alleviated after your u/s tomorrow.


toothfairy2be: great news about heartbeat! 

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thanks for the reassurance, amanda. i really dont feel worked up about it (usual for me) because i'm so sick ! everything must be fine ! that's all i can believe.

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I know a few people have mentioned not being able to pick up the heartbeat on Doppler. With my son, I was 15 weeks and my OB still had trouble, because of his position. She actually ended up doing a quickie ultrasound to check and we also peeked at his parts so we knew really early he was a boy.

I know it's hard, but try not to worry if the Doppler is still not able to pick up baby. smile.gif
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freckledmama - that is a good point. position & placenta can really affect how well you can hear the heartbeat. hearing the heartbeat with a doppler is a quick and easy way to be reassured but not hearing it doesn't mean there's anything wrong. 


we had our regular ultrasound today, and as i suspected, everything is fine with Thing 1 & Thing 2. healthy heartbeats, growth is measuring on track, and omg this week they are flipping around like little dolphins in there. they were sleeping at the beginning and the doctor told me to give a "strong cough" to wake them up. fake coughing is so stupid, so i started cracking up. and it turns out my giggling wakes up the babies!!! they started dancing around and it was really cute. i mean, i know i said this when they wiggled for the first time, but seeing our fetii doing dolphin flips was the cutest thing ever. then i would stop giggling and they would settle down. then i would laugh again, and they would flip out all over again. i laugh A LOT, so they probably get woken up frequently.

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Mrsandmrs, that story just made my day. I can just imagine the visual.
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I have my first appointment tonight. The last snow storm took out my mailbox so I will have to go early to pick up the papers I should have already filled out eyesroll.gif My last first appointment started about the same so maybe that is a good sign.


I'm nervous since I don't have too many symptoms especially compared to my last two pregnancies, and today is only 8w6d so I don't know if my midwife will even try to check hb. This is prob why I'm here when I should be prepping for a meeting.


Now I have to go sit in a work meeting till its time to leave for my appointment...yep, I can just guess how much I'll be paying attention <insert oye face of your choice here-I couldn't pick one>


Update: Appt went well. My midwife thought I might be further along than I thought so we did try the doppler but didn't have any success. Took lots of vials of blood (seriously, like 15- much more than I remember from last time) and some urine. I will have to wait till my next appt in March to hear the heartbeat-pooie! Oh well, hope everyone else is doing well this morning :-)

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I had my second appointment today. He initially tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler but couldn't. So we did a quick ultrasound. Everything is looking good. I'm 11 weeks and the baby is measuring at 12 weeks. I'm positive on my dates so this baby is just growing fast.
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I did the doppler on Feb 6.  We heard the HB and it was cool.  I didn't research it before and I don't know if I would have used it if I had.  I'm not sure about having u/s. My 19 week u/s is not until March, so I have a while to decide.  My SO wants to see the baby, but idk if I want to put myself and baby through it.  Any opinions about ultrasounds and the effects on our and our babies bodies? 

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I had my second appointment today. He initially tried to find the heartbeat with the Doppler but couldn't. So we did a quick ultrasound. Everything is looking good. I'm 11 weeks and the baby is measuring at 12 weeks. I'm positive on my dates so this baby is just growing fast.


I'm wondering if we'll even hear it this week at our quick 10-min drop in to try for the heartbeat again. I'll be 11w3d.

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CookAMH- my uterus seems really low still. It hasn't "popped" up at all. Can you feel yours yet?
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I can only feel mine in the morning when I have an extremely full bladder.
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Sometimes when my bladder is full I think maybe I can feel it. But I have a c section scar right above my pubic bone so that seems to confuse me with all the scar tissue.
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