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Thanks everyone! I think the best part of the scan was seeing the baby roll onto its side in such a human way, just like my daughter rolling over in bed.


CookAMH; I'm glad you got to hear the heartbeat, it's nice to have proof that everything's okay!

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I finally had my first midwife appointment today (a day shy of 9 weeks)!  So, I'm now officially in the health care system.  In about 3 or 4 weeks we'll do a scan, and hopefully hear a heartbeat.  In the meantime, I guess I need to trust my body and have patience.  Easier said than done.

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we had our 12 week US at the fertility clinic today and "graduated." they won't see us anymore! it was kind of sad, but mostly exciting and sweet. the twins are doing well. baby a did a lot of kicking and baby b did a lot of waving today. i can't believe how much they grew since last week - they are like 35% bigger! 


next week we meet with the MFM (high-risk OB) for our nuchal scan ultrasound and maternit21 test, and then we are pretty much going down to a "normal" pregnancy schedule. which i am excited about. it will be nice to go a few weeks between appointments, just focusing on growing fat healthy babies and being happy. 

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I had my first prenatal appointment today and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! I had to do some jumping jacks and downward dog to move the baby so we could hear the heartbeat. Lol
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After tons of discussion with DP and my best friend, I actually decided to switch to an OB that does water births at the local hospital rather than the birth center. (Mostly because I've been dividing care between my primary doc and my midwife and feeling like I'm kinda lost in the middle of it all, if that makes sense)

The first appointment was today, and I really liked the NP I saw. We discussed my progesterone supplements and she agreed it was very excessive and started backing me of it. I'm excited about it, because I've been SO sick from it, and kind of irked because she said there really wasn't anything indicating the need to suppliment in the first place, but its in the past and we're moving on. Next appt is in 4 weeks.
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The u/s went great today! DH and DD were in the exam room and saw the little pulsing heartbeat with me. It was a great moment and just what I needed right now! DH was so sweet and hugged and kissed me. I'm so happy everything looks good so far.

My bday is in 3 days and I obviously won't be celebrating a winery like I did last year. Darn it! I have so many food aversions and nausea I can't even enjoy food right now! Any tips for me ladies who have been through a bday while pregnant?

I'm also thinking of starting a thread about testing. I'd really like to discuss what tests you ladies are getting and which ones your not.

Yay happy u/s day! Nettle-- your bean is so perfect! Mine is just a bitty bean right now. What a crazy difference a few weeks make!
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Are you 2/25, Tillymonster? Me too! I haven't been preggo on a b day, but had one b-day where we were trying so I had to be good. Surprisingly, mock tails will often hit the spot. I like G&Ts, for example, but I've found that tonic & lime (w an optional dash of bitters) works just as well.
If it's an occasion like our anniversary, I will steal a sip of DH's drink. If I know I can have a sip, I don't feel so deprived.
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Yay we are bday twins AND in the same due date club! How awesome! I'm 1980 so I'll be 33 this year. Can't believe how fast the 30s are going whew! I will totally be having a sip of something but OMG a mock G&T with the lime and bitters sounds good right now. My poor fragile belly.

Wha are you planning cmu? I'm thinking about getting a cabin at Big Bear Lake which has a huge jacuzzi tub. All the perks of a hot tub but I'll have temp control! Ahhhh I can't wait!!!
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You're still a baby, Tilly! I will be celebrating the big 40 this year. smile.gif
I had been hoped to do a splashy celebration, but baby has changed our plans: we are having work done on our upstairs bedrooms to make some space for the little one. This is not too big a hardship for me, as I have wanted to do this ever since we bought the house -- the upstairs has a weird layout.

So DH and I will do our usual celebration tonight (a fabulous dinner and some live jazz).
The actual day, I'll be attending observation at bio babe #1s school, going to class myself, and attendng a "kindergarten info night."
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Being pregnant on your birthday... This year will be the second time I've been pregnant on my birthday in three years. I'm normally so tired, I just have a nice relaxing day with DH. Dinner, movie...
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Tilly; that's good to hear, isn't it great seeing actual proof that something's in there? And the difference between a few weeks really is crazy!


My symptoms started on my 30th birthday, which was January the 3rd. It was annoying, because not only could I not enjoy a glass or three of Bailey's, but that's when my dodgy stomach started and I went to a mexican restaurant. My stomach wasn't very happy after that, but it was well worth it.

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This will be the second time I'm pregnant on my birthday, but my first pregnancy I got pregnant ON my birthday...lol! I really like club soda, cranberry, and lime when I'm pregnant-or driving. It's pretty and has the acidity most alcoholic drinks have so it hits that spot. I'm also not opposed to the occasional sip of a drink or tiny glass of champagne during pregnancy.

My oldest daughter's birthday is 2/25 as well. She will be 11. smile.gif
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Quick little update, I've been too nauseous to be really active around here so my apologies! Went for our 2nd u/s today and got a more accurate due date - 9/30. Here's a picture of the little bugger, whose heart is still beating away fast as can be. He/she even did a little stretch for us! 



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Wow, that is an amazing photo, Nettlesoup!  My due date is just a few days behind yours so that was awesome for me to see. :)

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one whose pregnancy landed on the bday. Oh man cmu-- the big 40! Congrats to you! Btw the mock gin and tonic was so freaking good I ordered 2! Totally hit the spot and felt more special then a sparkling water would have. Freckled mama-- I'm trying that cranberry drink next time around.

Big bear was so beautiful but gawd I'm SO TIRED and grumpy! I got to sled and had a nice bath so I'm a happy mama.

I get another ultrasound for the neck measurement at 10-13wks. I'm debating even doing it-- any thoughts on that ladies?
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I had my NT scan this morning and got to see the baby! Everything looked good, though we're still going to hold on on announcing till we get the screen results (since there's also the blood work part), though the wait is going to be long - I'm ready to tell everyone!


Big head, cute little arms and legs - human looking. Beating heart, nose bone, stomach in belly, kidneys or bladder present. At the end, the ultrasound tech jiggled by belly to try to get the little bean to move, and it was the cutest thing ever! It just rolled over onto its side curling up a bit, as if saying "duuuuude, I'm trying to sleep here, go away". It's measuring a few days ahead, but well within the margin of error.


DH has the photos, I'll try to scan and post them when he gets home.


Of course, after all that it was damn hard to concentrate at work and get anything done!

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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post

I get another ultrasound for the neck measurement at 10-13wks. I'm debating even doing it-- any thoughts on that ladies?

Would it change anything?

Would you like knowing beforehand to prepare even if it changes nothing?

Are you high risk for Downs or any of the other trisomies?


It's a very personal decision, I'd say just think of what you would do with the information you get from it - be it good or bad.

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I was pregnant on my birthday with my first. I will be again this time around also but turning 42, I would really rather NOT celebrate, LOL!!!


My first pregnancy, I was only 11 days from my due date. I walked and walked for miles that day at a car show trying to make myself go into labor for 8/31, mine or 9/1 my grandmothers bday. It didn't work :(


I highly doubt I will be doing a car show on my bday this year! But it is a saturday so maybe something fun :)

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I'll be pregnant on my birthday for the second time this year as well. I guess statistically 3 out of 4 of us will be pregnant on our birthday smile.gif Last time DH and I went out for a fancy dinner, I had a sip or two of his wine but that was about it. I'm not a big drinker even when not pregnant so I don't miss it while pregnant most of the time. I'm a believer that alcohol in moderation (read: less than a half glass of wine) isn't terrible during pregnancy so I don't stress about it either way smile.gif

This year for my birthday (Hey, I'm a 1980 model as well tillymonster!) we'll be going to a Brazilian steakhouse that serves all you can eat meat. Steak, ribs, pork chops, pork roast, chicken wings, chicken breast, plus roasted pineapple all cut to order off a skewer. YUM. Can you tell I'm a carnivore at heart? LOL

First ultrasound is today - this is our NT scan. We believe in doing it because I'd like to have some warning if soemthing is wrong. Unfortunately the Maternit21 test is not yet available in Canada so the NT scan and 20 week anatomy scan are our only options here for detecting if we have a higher than normal chance of a problem.
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I'll b pregnant on my bday in may when I'm 37, I'm not a big drinker normally so I don't miss it now, but I do want a super delicious meal out.

Got my first 12 week scan tomorrow, can't wait, it still doesn't feel real yet, I want see if there's anything actually in there! Lol
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