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GREAT NEWS: finally got my NT results back & all is groovy! i ended up calling the office today & spoke with another nurse who was super cool. while i was talking to her the OB walked by & she flagged him down. apparently they had reviewed my scan results but not blood work so she promised that the dr. would review & call me backs ASAP. 2 hours later i received a phone call with the news that all is fantastic! super stoked! 

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amanda bee - that is wonderful! Glad that you finally got to speak with the OB about everything and received such great news!!


Thanks everyone for your input about the anatomy scan. I'm going to go ahead and book mine as close to 20 weeks as possible:)  

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Amanda Bee; that's really good to hear smile.gif

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joy.gifyay amanda!

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Terrific news, Amanda!!

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thanks ladies!!!! i am so relieved! jumpers.gif

i'm planning to get an anatomy scan at 18 weeks & that is it for testing...no more stress or worry!

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I had my midwife visit today, listened to baby's hb, it's still in there which is reassuring lol. Just a bit of paper work, peeing on a stick and chatting. Next app is for 20 week scan on 27th April.
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I wish my midwife chatted. She doesn't seem to have much interest in me.

Good to hear that all is well and good.

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Ugh, nettlesoup, I know what you mean. The one I met at my first appointment seemed like a perfectly fine woman but I just didn't feel an instant click with her. She's one of three and at this point, unless I get to know her better by September, I really hope she's not the one on call when it's time...

serena, what was the peeing on a stick for?
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Dakipode- was to check for gestational diabetes and pre eclampsia.
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I pee at every appointment... Checks for protein, infection, etc.
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Me too.

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I was just wondering about the "on a stick" part, they make me do it in a cup and then I hand it over. I've only peed for them once so far but I can tell you now those cups are just too small! My aim's not that good and I dread that part of every next appt.
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I pee in a cup, stick the stick in it, then take them the stick on a paper towel.
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I pee in a cup, stick the stick in it, then take them the stick on a paper towel.

Don't you feel gross doing that? I wish they'd just take care of that part like my OB did the first time around. I feel so strange carrying a cup of urine, opening the cap and watching then insert the stick. I don't want to be part of that process! Lol I guess I'm a priss.
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I have to bring pee from home. They want first morning urine for some reason so I get the glory of keeping a jar of pee in my car on appointment days... When i get to the exam room the nurse dips this multi test strip in the cup and compares the colors it changes to a chart.
Its strange that each office seems to do it so differently.
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I think I just pee straight on the stick coz the midwife comes to my house to see me. It was hard to hit the stick though, my aims rubbish lol
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I just pee in a cup and put it in a little cubby. They take it from there. I am not involved in anything after that. Which I am just fine with haha
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My doctor's office sounds the same as yours MamaMash. Also, the cup's are pretty big. Thank goodness! This last time, the OB said they were checking for ketones.


Nettlesoup and dakipode, I have the same problem with unchatty appointments. My office has 5 OBs and a nurse coordinator. I could end up with any of the OBs when the time comes. So far I have met two of them, and only one of them seemed chatty and friendly. Of course, my view may be skewed because I felt really sick during all of my appointments except the most recent one.

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I pee in a cup, stick the stick in it, then take them the stick on a paper towel.

I pee on the strip directly and tell them the colors, no need to take it over.


ETA: Which, BTW, tests for glucose and protein (also something else that they don't care about).

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