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i had my 16th week check up today.

it was pretty non-monumental.

my urine & blood pressure was good.

i was a tad shocked to see that i have gained 11 pounds so far.

(but then again i gained 50 pounds with my DS).


i have my anatomy scan booked for april 25th.

my DH, DS, DSD & DSS have all voted to find out the sex...

i was the only one who was thinking it would be fun to be surprised.

i guess that is not going to happen now....lol

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Just got back from the anatomy scan and it all looks good. We got to see the heart beating, that was very cool, four chambers. Other than that we have dancing feet and boy parts.

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joy.gifcongrats dakipode! joy.gif

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I learned yesterday that I have an anterior placenta... That's why I'm not as "in tune" with baby's movements. I can't feel them!!! smile.gif
But everything looked great. This little GIRL was being super stubborn so we weren't able to get all the pictures of the heart we needed, so we get more pictures at the next appointment. smile.gif
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I had my "big" ultrasound yesterday.  Everything looks good - but I know we still need to follow up with the midwife to hear the actual results.

Officially, we aren't finding out the gender, but dh was watching the whole scan and he thinks it's another girl...

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i love seeing all your ultrasounds.. i can't wait for mine!


we had our 16wk checkup this week. the most impressive thing was that we got to hear the heartbeat again. at 11wks it was hard to find and seemed further away, whereas this time the midwife put the doppler on my belly and it was right there! it was higher up than last time, which makes sense but it still fascinating either way. it was going strong at 146bpm! the midwife called it "perfect". :) i was a littke surprised to hear such a strong heartbeat, somehow i assumed it would be faint and far away sounding. and it all made the baby more real to me too!

other than that, we had a good talk with the midwife. my man comes with me to the exams, which i love. she gave me some good tips on how to get creative with my protein intake, so after the appt we went straight to the grocery store!

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I just had my 20 week scan. All is well with the baby and we got to see all the innards which was cool. It was in an awkward position, so I had to practically do acrobatics to get it to move, as well as lying almost upside down. And we found out that we're having a boy!! I'm so excited! I really didn't expect a boy so it was a really nice surprise, although my daughter is far from impressed. I'm really excited about looking at boy clothes now.

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joy.gifyay nettlesoup!!! congrats!! joy.gif

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Wow, so nice to hear about all of thee great appointments!  Congrats to everyone who has found out the gender! 


I had a crappy appointment today - mixed with a little good.  My blood pressure was high, and it's usually low.  My hyperemesis still sucks, I had ketones and protein in my urine.  My cervical length was short on ultrasound - we're already talking about Procardia.  I sat and cried, but my midwives were awesome.  I was ordered to do less homework, housework, and moming and do more for myself.  One of them gave me a nice massage, but I'm still just bummed out.  All of my other pregnancies have been super easy - and this one is just NOT. 


I read my ultrasound report -the baby is measuring 3-5 days ahead.  I have an anterior placenta, which is why I don't feel the baby move.  We did talk about things that I can do to help - Cal/Mag, drinking enough water (easier said than done when you puke all the time), baths, get a massage, take breaks throughout the day, etc.  I'm working on it!


I'm so excited for the rest of you all to have your ultrasounds!  It is so exciting to see the little baby!

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Congrats nettlesoup! This DDC is amazingly boy-centric right now.
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20 week ultrasound today and it's a boy! DH is super pumped. And everthing looks good for baby, yay!
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Yet another boy! Congrats, MadelynMc! 

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Congrats!! September is definitely turning out to be the boy month
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Except for me, who was hoping for one. LOL
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RRS -- It sounds like you're having a really rough time.  I hope things start getting better.


Those of you who have already had your week 18-20 ultrasound, can you tell me how long it took?  I think I have something badly scheduled at work after and I'm trying to figure out my odds of being late.  Was the whole thing 30 minutes?  45? 20?  Thanks in advance on this one.

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My actual ultrasound was only like 15 minutes. But with waiting and paying, etc., I was probably there for 45 min to an hour.

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Originally Posted by greentomato View Post

RRS -- It sounds like you're having a really rough time.  I hope things start getting better.


Those of you who have already had your week 18-20 ultrasound, can you tell me how long it took?  I think I have something badly scheduled at work after and I'm trying to figure out my odds of being late.  Was the whole thing 30 minutes?  45? 20?  Thanks in advance on this one.

With my OB (first 2 pregnancies) the ultrasound took about 15 minutes, they do it in their office.


With the last 2 pregnancies, I have gone to independent imaging centers - and it has taken about an hour for each appointment.  The actual ultrasound, about 15 minutes - but the registering, the waiting, etc. really draws it out. 


I hope your schedule works out!


Thanks for the kind words!

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rrs-- I am so sorry to hear about your issues. I feel like such a whiner in comparison. But being pregnant is just hard. Even when you have an easy/low risk one. It's still hard! I'm wanted to send you some {{{{hugs}}}}!!!

My appt. is set for 5/3 BUT I'm very concerned my idiotic state insurance (medi-cal) wont actually be effective 5/1 like they claim. And I can't call and do anything until then! *sigh*

I've done 1 of the 2 blood tests for genetic screening and if I can't go to kaiser-- the second blood test won't be taken-- obviously. I'm seriously hoping I can get it or won't get charged for it if I can't. As I understand it's a separate fee from the state? Ugh.

I might just do the imaging center. I've never even looked into this-- do you take your results to your doc or midwife? Do you pay out of pocket or will insurance pay for it? Last time-- my DD was recorded on a DVD we got to keep. I'd love to have that this time! I'm doing this if the medi-cal doesn't become effective. *sigh* Insurance woes over here...
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my 20 week ultrasound was more than 2 hours long, but i'm pregnant with twins and the tech had a hard time getting some of the shots she needed. i think a lot of the timing depends on how much baby cooperates ;) 

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two hours of actually performing the ultrasound?  That seems like a LOT of ultrsound waves being put through the babies.   My ultrsounds have never been more than 5 minutes of actual device-usage, and even then I worry about any long term affects to performing this relatively new procedure on babies in utero.  I'm probably just a paranoid crazy, don't mind me.....

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