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Congrats haurelia and tilly for great ultrsounds!

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i feel bad for those of you that have gotten challenging news, that's got to be disappointing - and i'm happy for those of you who are getting all thumb's up - there is such a wide range of possibilities, isn't there?  i didn't even know about the all the challenges that can come up in pregnancy but as i learn them from all of your experiences, i find it even more miraculous that it so often happens without any significant concerns.  


i don't plan on getting any other scans or doing anything else with the hospital ob dept and will focus the rest of my care with my homebirth midwife.  i find that each time i go to the hospital midwife, i feel more worried about things and less confident and that's definitely not the energy i want in my pregnancy.

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Well I had my appt today and it was not the normal no stress everything is great appt I am used to. I'm being monitored for cervical changes. He measured it via ultrasound today and said it looks ok, but he wants to see me every 2 weeks now to keep a closer eye on it. And also said to limit sex since semen, climax, and breast stimulation can cause contractions. He also mentioned that the ultrasound tech noted she thought one of the baby's kidneys was a little dilated. He looked at it today and said the kidney looked fine though. Anyone know what that could mean? I'm forcing myself not to google it..
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Hydronephrosis. Fluid in the kidneys. It's caused by the ureter being a little constricted right where it meets the kidneys, so the fluid can't flow freely.
My son was born with both kidneys like that. They monitor it with quarterly or yearly ultrasounds (his was pretty severe) and it's fixing itself. The Perinatologist told us 99% of the time, it does fix itself.
Also really common in little boys for some reason.
Let me know if you have more questions. smile.gif
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Thank you CDsMom! That makes me feel better. Hers must not be too bad if it wasn't dilated today?
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I wouldn't think so. We had biweekly ultrasounds to monitor his after they found it at the anatomy scan. I think if he didn't see it, it might have just been a fluke? Or it was really minor.
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Yeah I'll be having biweekly ultrasounds for cervical monitoring anyways, I'll be sure to ask him each time.
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We had our 20 week US today and everything looked great!! Confirmed that baby is a boy smile.gif
We see a radiologist for our ultrasounds, and he's got the most wonderful bedside manner. It's great to get the results of the scan thoroughly and in real time, too!
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Congrats Jennyanydots! And, that's awesome you have such a nice radiologist:) 

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Congrats Jenny smile.gif
We're going in tomorrow for our 20 wk ultrasound - also the first one we're having. Cannot wait to see the baby!!!
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Yay congrats! I wish I would have waited till 20wks so I could have gone through just one U/S. my girl wasn't cooperating so now I'm having another in a week. I guess it's sort of a happy occasion because I love seeing the baby!
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Almost 24 wks and have an ultrasound tomorrow(the 14th). Hopefully we will be able to see if its just a cleft lip or if the palate is cleft too. I want to be able to stop seeing this OB so I can just see my homebirth midwife. I was seeing a super cool OB and my midwife but the OB referred me to a highrisk OB because he had more Hyperemesis experience,.... and I HATE him.


Hoping its just the cleft lip so I can nurse! =D

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Yay for good ultrasound results, Jenny!  biggrinbounce.gif


MadameXCupcake - I am really rooting for you and your hopes to nurse your baby despite the obstacle!  You are clearly one very dedicated mama with a truly wonderful attitude!  Your kids are lucky.

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Yay, Jenny, good to hear about your positive experience. And yay for boys!


madamexcupcake, I agree with Serafina: you seem like a very dedicated, and committed mom!

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So glad to hear everything is good with your little boy jenny!

You are so positive madamexcupcake! I truly hope it is just a cleft lip so you can still nurse. But I can tell you're the kind who can roll with the punches and either way you'll do what is best for your baby. Good luck! And update us when you can smile.gif
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Glad to hear about so many positive appointments!


MamaMash - Good luck with your cervix (that sounds so weird! LOL), and I'm sure the baby's kidney will be just fine. probably a one-time fluke.


Madamexcupcake - I will hope for just a cleft lip for your baby and you. That still sounds challenging to nurse with, but it sounds like you're up to the task! 

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I forgot to update after my appointment last week, but there wasn't a lot to report. The results of the ultrasound were great: everything is looking fine, healthy, and the right size. There was a bit of concern about the location of my placenta, very near the cervix, but the tech was able to see that it doesn't obstruct it, so it should be fine.


Other than that, the midwives always ask if I have any questions, to which I repsond "Um.... not really!" Hee! I guess the third time's a charm. winky.gif

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Thanks, ladies :)


MadameXCupcake, I hope it's just the lip.  I'll be thinking happy, hopeful thoughts for you!

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Bromache glad everything was good on your ultrasound, and hoping all is well with your placenta even though its placement is a little weird. smile.gif The ultrasound tech today said I had an ugly placenta but that she has seen uglier. LOL


Ultrasound update - Today they weren't sure about a cleft lip! There is still a line on the lip but it is much smaller now, maybe baby is just filling out. The tech and doctor said they think it will be very minor or possibly not at all. The tech was also able to see the hard palate very well and said it didn't look affected, but we couldn't see the soft palate. Everything else looked really good! Baby was really active yawning and even licked the placenta a couple times, Haha, it was adorable! =D


EDIT to add.

Even though the ultrasound and midwife appointment after went well, today was pretty rough. I'm still upset about things but getting over it. I'm not sure what it is about babies/pregnancy that make people so outspoken, opinionated, and,... nuts? But DP's family has lost it!! I tried saying it was my issues(privacy, etc) not the way they act for why I didn't want them at the birth but I guess for the last couple of days they have been getting more and more upset about this and just went overboard today. DP's grandmother flipped out and then had her son call and threaten violence on ME and DP if we didn't allow them at the birth. The whole thing escalated and was just out of control even though DP and I tried to remain peaceful and calm. We finally stopped answering the phone and DP's uncle left an angry violent voicemail. I dont understand how DP's family can bash and say horrible things about homebirth and midwifery and expect us to want them at the birth!!! x_x  DP is totally on board with them not being there, but its really horrible how my pregnancy affected all of them. I dont think I have ever met more controlling passive aggressive folks.

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Glad to hear it, MadameXCupcake! Hope it turns out to be nothing after all!

My placenta, as it turns out is anterior again this time, so that explains why I only started feeling movement last week. Feeling more and more now smile.gif
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