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Abra, yeah, I agree that their understanding keeps a lot of my anxiety at bay. A funny milestone to me is that all my babies would cry when I put on scrubs. They all knew what that meant.

Shay fell off a trampoline before dinner tonight. Went too close to the edge and fell backward through the springs, did a flip and landed on his belly. I think Monday I'll put something over the springs. He was the only one on it and I think all the space went to his head. He plays on there with the big kids all the time. A friend with half a dozen kids said that the more she had the crazier they got. My older kids were much safer and saner.
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Oh no, Sara. Did he freak out?? Jasper loves the trampoline. We just got it, so it's got all the safety features- spring cover, net. I think they all come like that now.
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We actually thought he broke a finger or two for a minute. Ours had the safety stuff but the sun broke it down and we didn't put it back on when we moved it.
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 I'm glad he's okay.
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Levi said Daddy instead of Dada! hehe :D It sounds like da-eeee. lol it's cute! biggrinbounce.gif

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Becky, that's cute. Shay started saying Mama and Baba deliberately to address us this week. It's so adorable.
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I think Jasper has the flu. Maybe. High fever, cough, runny nose, lethargic. I'm running him to the dr for the test. Probably false alarm, but I'd like to be able to tell his daycare if he does. Other parents need to be prepared. We are at epidemic level in GA right now.

Speaking of daycare, I think we've decided to put him in the fancy, Reggio daycare. Christina, your thoughts were super helpful on that. Thank you. Everyone's were, of course!!! There probably won't be an opening until June, but he's going on the waiting list. The center serves my work, Emory University, and the CDC. My work gets priority as there are fewer kids from there. So that's the only reason we will even get in in June! If it were t for that, it might be a year. Wow. But he will stay put for now. Also, I can't quit my job until he is 5. Lol.
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Poor kid. Way to go on the daycare decision.
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Whoa, glad Shay's okay!


Amanda, sorry to hear how sick Jasper is!  Congrats on making a decision about daycare!

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So glad Shay is ok! When DD1 was about 1.5 we went on a camping trip with some friends. She fell while sleeping in the pop up camper two different times! First was our first night and just from the bed to the floor, even with her being surrounded by pillows and blankets. The second time was while she was napping with DH. She rolled into the canvas side and fell through all the way to the ground outside. Scared the sh!t out of all of us! And the camper was set up on a hill, so the fall was pretty significant. It was a damn good thing she was sleeping when she fell. Since she was limp when she hit the ground, she wasn't really hurt, just scared. But immediately went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Hope Jasper gets well. So far the flu has not hit our area too terribly and I pray it stays that way!
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Mal, wow! I didn't realize it was possible to fall out of a camper.
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That's crazy, Mal!

Thanks for the thoughts. Jasper has a double ear infection, and it is pretty bad. So that is likely the problem. His dr said the rapid flu test is very unreliable, so it's not worth it. He's doing ok. Still has a high fever, but I'm giving him medicine for it. Lots of sleeping and cuddling.
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Oooo all those things sound pretty scary :(  The worst so far for us was when Eli was playing hear the computer chair and fell forwards towards the coffee table and smashed his face - he had a bloody nose :(  it was a pretty scary moment with all the blood!  


Eli is not doing so well either today - nothing significant I think, maybe just his cold coming back or his teeth.  He got 2 molars last week... he looks funny, he has the 2 top and bottom teeth, and then 1 molar top and 1 molar bottom on his right hand side of the mouth.  He is sleeping a lot and when not sleeping, very clingy and whiny.  Thankfully I was homeward bound all day so I could snuggle him.  I LOVE the Pain and Fever meds I got, totally homeopathic and they work so well!  (Plus, I don't have to worry about side effects from something like Tylenol, and I don't feel bad about giving it to him when he needs it).  


Hope Jasper feels well soon!  I have been struggling with an earache for over a week now, that combined with a sore throat and coughing.  It doesn't get worse, but it doesn't get better either.... just kinda hanging around which is rather annoying.  Oh well.

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What homeopathic are you using Sonja?

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Amanda, that's wonderful that you guys made a decision that you're comfortable with regarding daycare! I can't imagine how stressful it must be, but I'm happy that my thoughts helped in your decision making! hug2.gifSorry J is sick, though! That's pants. Rhyko is, too. Caught my cold. Boo.

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I bought some of this today for R's cold (caught from me) and I hope it works! I just watched a documentary on homeopathy and I really want to think it works. We'll see.


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I am using a brand called Kids 0-9. http://kids0-9.ca/ I have the cold/cough one and it worked super well when Eli had his cold over Christmas - i think it dfinitely shortened the duration of his cold. I then saw they made one for Pain and fever, so I got my pharmacy to order it for me (since they carried the cold one), and I also bought the Calm one. It is a great product. I actually saw that my Babies R Us carried it too, when I was there the other day.
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I love homeopathy in theory, but I am absolutely terrified to try anything for B. I'm worried she will be allergic. The poor girl is always catching colds her older siblings bring home.
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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

I love homeopathy in theory, but I am absolutely terrified to try anything for B. I'm worried she will be allergic. The poor girl is always catching colds her older siblings bring home.


I can understand - the one i got is in a base of lactose and sugar. Both not so great or GAPS legal. But the pellets are pretty small and R will only be taking it for a few days. I think there are a few that are in a base of saline. I know the teething remedy I got is in saline. 

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I know this has probably been discussed before, but what is everyone's little person eating during the day? I am struggling to come up with healthy choices to have in the house for Eli. We have plenty of fresh fruit around, cheese, yogurt and he gets whatever we are having for breakfast (eggs/oatmeal) /lunch/dinner ... Any input would be appreciated. No dietary restrictions here, I do try to limit excessive sugar and he gets almost no processed foods. He nurses twice in a day, morning when he wakes (which has just changed to a very short nursing spurt) and at night when he goes to sleep. He gets some hemp milk during the day. I need to get Eli to bed... it is late, he is asleep on my lap :)
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