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Lol, Kirsten, your roomie's crying night weaned babies give me less hope about nightweaning helping but my kids co-slept until they were 6. They both night weaned between 1.5 and 2 (but dd started night nursing again after a move and was night weaned a second time between 2 and 3). All my friends said, just have your partner start handling the wake ups. That was attempted a couple of times with the oldest but my partner was not about getting up at night. She would try offering him a snack or drink or cuddles. Eventually we put a nightlight on a timer and told him the milk was sleeping and he could nurse when the nightlight came on they would wake up. We would cuddle or sing and a couple of times we did discretely turn the nightlight on because he was obviously having none if it. The rest of the night I would tell him (we did this during the day, too) we will nurse while I sing this song. Then I will sing another song while we cuddle. During the day I would start the song when I felt almost done. At night I would start it right away. I was pregnant at the time, so I was motivated. My milk supply was also dropping which surely helped. He nightweaned but went on to nurse for years more. I had read the no cry sleep solution much earlier but waking up and writing down things in the middle of the night exhausted me more than the sleeping through nursing I was doing. I did pick up some of her unlatching advice and I became a master unlatcher. I unlatch in a way where I push on the side of my breast and that both allows air in and flips my nipple sideways out of his mouth. The breast stays against his lips and he doesn't seem to notice when he's asleep.

With DD, I did some nightlight and some singing. I was motivated to nightwean her because I changed to a night shift job. She was nearly 2 and it was very smooth but she continued night waking for drinks of water and to go potty. She's 7 and she still wakes at night to drink from her water bottle or go potty. She does that independently.

Shay has been a pretty great sleeper all his life for nights, anyway. He wakes more when he's sick but generally only nurses when I come to bed and about an hour before I want to get up.

Soren seems to be reverse cycling. He is up every 45-90 minutes. Sara goes out of town tomorrow and I'm going to try my hardest to get him on a day nursing routine. I'm hoping to nurse and give him lots of bottles during the day and change his diaper and rock him to sleep every other wake up. And nurse the other wake ups. Sara isn't planning to pump at night, so hopefully when she comes home her night supply will be lower than her day supply and we will all be sleeping better. I'm going to do daily weights because he's on the small side to begin with and I will scrap the plan if I need to.
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I've been following along, but haven't had time to respond much. We are stuck in AR with a broken down bus. They are thinking they can rebuild the engine, so we will be here another 3-4 days at least. Today we are getting a hotel room, mostly for showers an TV! Everyone is bored to bits and cranky.
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I've been following along, but haven't had time to respond much. We are stuck in AR with a broken down bus. They are thinking they can rebuild the engine, so we will be here another 3-4 days at least. Today we are getting a hotel room, mostly for showers an TV! Everyone is bored to bits and cranky.
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About night weaning-  B has not slept better since we night weaned.  Her time up is shorter, and she gets back to sleep easier, but waked up constantly still. 


ODD did not sleep through until she was weaned completely, then it was like a magic switch flipped.

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We tried everything for ODD- preventative garlic/mullein drops, ear plugs in the bath, no dairy...we failed. She got ear tubes in the end. It was the best decision we ever made, she found new happiness after the tubes.

So, I have no advice...just wanted to say, sometimes when nothing else works, the scary thing ends up not being that scary.

Thank you-that's helpful to know. I had chronic ear infections as a child and almost got to the point of tubes but then they resolved.


jhsmama, sorry about the ears! I hope he heels soon. Excellent advice from Ash.



Speaking of ear infections, Jasper still isn't better. I took him in Friday morning, he got abx for the ear infections, seemed better Saturday, but then sick again Sunday. He's been off and on since then, and then seemed worse than ever tonight. What is going on?! I'm thinking maybe he does have a bit of flu on top of the ear thing? I'm not used to the getting better then worse thing. I'm wondering if I need to take him back to the doctor... 

Thanks and I hope Jasper is feeling better soon!


We got decent sleep after he stayed up until 10:30 last night. What a relief. I'm off work today since the doc said to keep him home 1 more day til he's had 24 hrs of eye drops. And, geez, I'm not sure he's even getting much of the eye drops-he closes his eyes to tightly.


My DH lacks patience and is only now learning to help a little when I get completely desperate. Overall he's doing better now that J is older and can express himself more. He does try to help out in other areas though so I should give him credit for that.


Just noticed another tooth coming through, this is only his 7th.

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About night weaning-  B has not slept better since we night weaned.  Her time up is shorter, and she gets back to sleep easier, but waked up constantly still. 


ODD did not sleep through until she was weaned completely, then it was like a magic switch flipped.


Greta started sleeping through the night when she weaned too. So did DD1. Not that I'm recommending any of you wean... my weaning experience with both girls was not planned by any means and I would have preferred to nurse longer for a lot of different reasons. Going into #2, I had the goal to nurse 2 years since DD1 weaned at 14 months. I adjusted my goals when it was clear to me that Greta was going to fight nursing all the time. It did get better when I was off work over the summer and it seemed she was forming an attachment to it finally. But... then I had to go back to work and I think that's when my supply really started to take a hit again. We did start offering cow's milk after her birthday because I felt like her minimal nursing just wasn't enough for her and suspected low milk supply on my part. So, for her weaning was a smooth transition. In fact, much smoother than nursing has ever been. Our nighttime nursing sessions were always her best though, so I wondered if she would still wake for those. But she completely weaned all at once, including nightweaning. Now, she very, very rarely wakes at night. Last night she woke, but had settled back to sleep by the time I made it to their room. I think the girls sharing a room is helping both of them go to bed a lot easier. DD1 will turn on the nightlight if she hears Greta wake. Having each other keeps DD1 from getting too scared and I think the same for Greta. She will start to fuss and stop once DD1 turns on the nightlight and they can see each other. 


I have been preparing DD1 for our upcoming trip to Jamaica. It's still a few months off, but she's the kind of kid that needs a lot of prep so she knows what to expect. Her first question was whether or not she would still get to sleep in the same room as Greta. 


Not much to update from us. I'm sorry so many of you are dealing with sleep issues. I feel like DH and I are still in recovery mode from over a year a crappy, baby sleep. So thankful to be sleeping well again, just waiting for my body to catch up with me. I'm actually thinking about getting back to working out now that I'm a little more rested most of the time. MIL is a massage therapist and fitness trainer. She has offered to DH to come down in the mornings and do a work-out with him. He's not taking her up on it, so I think I will. Not sure how I'll get used to getting up before 5 AM, but I think it'll be worth it. Gotta get into to shape for our Jamaica trip!!

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Eli night weaned a few months ago, I found he slept better. Granted, sickness and teeth make for crappy sleep either way. We are down to pretty much one feed a day, before bed. He is just not interested in nursing, even if I bring him to the breast. Too much to see, do .... And EAT! lol he is just doing so many cute things right now. I love this phase of his toddlerhood. But I am sad (in a good way) to see him get so big!
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Coralie still nurses a million times a day, both day and night. She usually wakes 3-4 times, but always falls back to sleep easily. Olivine also weaned day and night at the same time. My milk dried up when I got pregnant again and she just wasn't interested. It was the easiest way to night wean ever, gradually she got less milk and became less interested. As soon as she weaned she sttn.
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Re: Sleep. I second the DH helping thing. Him and I alternate day to day on who gets up with Conner. It's a life saver. And ANYTIME he wakes up at night, DH gets up with him. One because I'm a preggo who seriously needs her beauty sleep, and two because he's making up for when Conner was younger and he couldn't help at nigh, so he didn't get up. I don't know how you ladies do it.
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I think i am the odd one out in this group I think because my Noch sleeps in his own bed and room, which really really helps me sleep. I just cannot sleep if I cosleep. He generally wakes once a night, twice if its an "off" night, none if I'm lucky. He used to nurse for a while but I started cutting him off around ten minutes, giving him the paci and putting him back in his bed. It works most nights. He is constantly teething, with fourteen teeth, lacking only two teeth to make a complete set. DH gets him from his bed, changes him if needed, and gives him to me to nurse, then puts him back in bed.
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We don't co sleep either, he sleeps in our room. It never worked for us, and Eli moves a lot while he sleeps. He moves all over the crib while he sleeps...

Eli is on 6 teeth now...still lots more to come wink1.gif
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I honestly think it might be time for us to start putting Levi on the extra twin sized mattress we have. It's just too hard to sleep with Levi in the bed with us anymore.

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I think I need to get B a nice memory foam mattress.  Do they have those for cribs?  They should...  She sleeps terrible in her crib, but will totally melt into our mattress when I lay her in our bed.  She LOVES our bed.  Its her happy place.  I dont even have to be in it with her.

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I think I need to get B a nice memory foam mattress.  Do they have those for cribs? 

They definitely do and they make mattress toppers, too. 

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Conner has 12 teeth, just missing his eye stomach teeth... And he's been in his own room since about eight weeks. He wouldn't cosleep if I tried (I've tried).
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All 16 of Shay's teeth have parts sticking out, but some of his molars are still are still partly buried.
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Coralie is in the process of getting her eye teeth (2 are poked through), then we will be done for a while! Coralie is easy to co-sleep with, while she wakes up at night, she's a pretty calm sleeper. Cyan needed his own space by 4mo, which happened to be the other side of my queen bed. I can totally relate with having a kid that needs his own space though.
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R is still nursing LOTS. Probably 10-12 times a day (most are for less than 5 minutes. GULP GULP GULP!) and then 3-4 times a night. If I'm not around he can go a long time without nursing (longest I've been away was 6.5 hours). He's a pretty good sleeper right now, though.

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Audrey had four teeth for the longest time and then they all came in at once.  I think she has twelve so far. 


Do any of you have problems with your little ones climbing on everything?  Audrey is getting into lots of trouble these days!

Last week she climbed up the stairs at my mom's and fell down from 3/4 of the way up.  I'm talking steep,wooden stairs with no

carpeting and a tile floor at the bottom.  Somehow, she managed to not get injured, not even a scratch.  It scared the crap out of

her and me and my husband though. She has been climbing onto DD1's small chairs and today she climbed up on the couch.  The

problem is she has no sense of danger and will stand up on whatever she climbs up on.  I can't even leave her for a second

anymore!  Any tips on how to teach her how to get off the couch by herself?  I try to turn her around backwards so she can

get off feet first but she still doesn't seem to get it. 


I've been thinking about trying to night wean.  Audrey still wakes up 3-4 times a night and i'm just so tired.  DD1 sleeps with us also and

it is messing up her night's sleep.  For those of you that have done it, how did you do it? 

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I would love to know how to night wean a cosleeper, as well. It sounds tough. Sigh...

Jasper is also a climber. We just kept practicing the correct way to get down. Over and over and over again. He finally got it. Now he can climb off the bed, couch, coffee table, etc all by himself. He can even go down the stairs safely. We walk behind him on the stairs, of course. I try to give him as many opportunities to climb up and down the stairs as possible. So changing floors is super slow for me now. Lol! I let him sit on the coffee table. He climbs on the lunch table at daycare. I say just keep practicing until she gets it. And stack pillows around the things she likes to climb on?
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