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Jaimee, sorry about Avery's tooth! How bad is it? Maybe it will give him character...  


Also, I'm not aware of what programs are available just yet... it's very confusing...



Ash, we don't want her to have in class services, at least not now. We don't want extra attention drawn to her. I haven't yet looked into other help she can get through the county. They have set her up with a mentor. It's the librarian, who she loves. The library is her special place. I'm not sure how it will work yet, but it sounds helpful.


Jasper's rash has spread. I'm going to be a worrier and post pics. Does this look concerning, or is it just the viral rash I shouldn't worry about?




Close up




It's from his scalp to his feet. 

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Oh that poor boy! I wonder if that is what Nicole experienced? Have you thought about giving him Benadryl? Does it seem to bother him
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I think if it were me I'd take him in...

So sorry about Avery's tooth, Jaimee!!
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Jaimee, poor kid!

Amanda, that's pretty much what Soren's rash looked like. His fever is gone? And if you press his skin, it turns white where you touched and then red again?
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Ash, I haven't done Benadryl. I didn't think to because the dr said virus. Hmmm. I will try that. Also, it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He's not scratching or anything.

I want to take him back in, but I feel like that crazy over worried mom. (That's not enough to stop me, I'm just saying..!) He was in last Friday, then a phone call Tuesday, back in Wednesday, then a phone call yesterday.

I have to take dd1 to reading bowl tomorrow morning, but if the rash is the same when I get back I think I may take him to an urgent care place.
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Yes, Sara. No more fever, skin turns white them back to red. I'm guessing those are good things? smile.gif

His temp isn't back to normal, which is in the 97s for him. It's been 99ish. But it's not up where it was at all.
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They are used to calls. They don't get upset when you call or bring him in. And yes, those are good things and what we had with our rash. When we took Soren in, they said keep him hydrated.
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That's not what Conner had. His were hives. But Benadryl is safe so I would try it anyways... It won't hurt anything.

And I'd be at the doctor if Conner had looked like that. You aren't being crazy. There's obviously something going on. I hope it heals quickly.

Jaimee, how terrifying. He really is trying to give you grey hair right now. Jeeze!!!
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Amanda, that is what Sora's viral rash looked like. She had one a few months ago that appeared just on her torso and back after what we thought was a minor cold. I didn't take her to the doctor because her daycare provider said she's seen tons of kids have viral rashes like that and they are so short-lived and harmless. It disappeared after 1-2 days. She wasn't on medication, though, and it was isolated to that one portion of her body..... I think I would take Jasper in to the doctor again just in case. I don't know much about these things but it would concern me to see a rash from head to toe. There's nothing wrong with being a worried mama! How many days has he had the rash now?

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Another vote for the viral rash.  I took DD in when she got her first viral rash because I thought it was meningitis!  The doctor said that if the rash stays red after pressing down, the child needs to be seen; if the rash goes from white when pressed back to red, then it is most likely a viral rash and is a sign that the illness is almost over.  I hope that is the case with Jasper!!!!!  Hugs to you!  It's been a rough week!

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It's a pretty big chunk- mostly off one side.  My neighbor's girl had to have the tooth pulled when she chipped it.  This seems to be what others have said, too, b/c the tooth can die due to the chip and then infect the adult tooth below.  I'm going to have it looked at and possibly filed, though I'm unsure what that would entail with a baby.  I know when I chipped a tooth when I was young, I had it filed and it was no big deal, but with a baby, I don't know how that would be done except traumatically.  The problem is that it's sharp and it hurts when he nurses. 


Of course I'm all upset over this.  I cried several times last night.  I'm so frustrated that my kids keep injuring themselves on their faces, especially.  This was a ridiculous situation where Avalon was having a tantrum in the bath tub, Austin was demanding his PJ's be put on b/c he was cold, and dh had left the scene to go to the bathroom b/c he was frustrated with everyone.  While I was attempting to dress Austin, Avery toddled off to the bathtub where Avalon was making a loud fuss and just as I turned to follow him, knowing he would either play in the toilet or try to get in the bath tub, I saw him trip and fall.  He let out that terrible hurt cry with giant sobs.  Dh didn't even come out to see what was wrong.  I was so upset at what had happened and that he didn't come out to comfort either of us.  When he did finally come out, he just went about the night as usual.  When I told him he had chipped his tooth, he seemed nonplussed and couldn't understand my feelings either.  I HATE it when we are not on the same page like this.  I'm still fuming this morning.

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Amanda, I'd give it another day or two b/c the rash is usually the end of the illness, so everything could be much better very soon.  You could call the nurse just to ease your mind?  But a spike in fever or he starts to be uncomfortable, I would go in.  I'm sorry he's still going through this!

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Oh, Jaimee, I'm so sorry! I hate situations like that. The mindset... Can you imagine just walking away because you were frustrated and leaving the kids with your dh!? I try to explain that to dh sometimes, how I am the default parent. He doesn't get it. He is great, but he will do that at times. Or, he will just wander off to work in the basement, etc, without saying anything. If I leave the room, I'm like "honey, keep an eye on J!" It's just taken for granted that I will be on duty.
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Jaimee, my oldest had dental work at that age. They used no anesthesia to drill and fill. He cried, not a pain cry but an,"I don't want to lay down" cry. It took only a few minutes and he sat on my lap while it was done. He broke off teeth like crazy. It does hurt to nurse if they aren't fixed.

You are politer than I. I would have yelled for assistance.

Back to dental work, some pediatric dentists are different than others. I have run the gamut from a dentist who walked in and said, "hold him down" to the baby clinic at the children's hospital.

The baby clinic way was my favorite and my babies' favorite.

In this picture O is the dentist and A is the parent. Soren is the baby. He straddled "mom" and laid his head in the dentis lap. He was comfortable and the dentis had easy access to a calm baby. Win win.
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Jaimee-  my older daughter knocked both of her front teeth out when she was 2.  I pushed them back in, and they took but they both died.  She is 6 now and has lost one and one is loose- and not because the adult tooth is coming in, but because the roots are dead and the teeth are falling out.  So, my point, even if the tooth "dies"  it can still hang in there normally for a few years without problems.  I would definitely take him in and have it filed though, ouch!

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Thank you ladies for all your stories and your picture, Sara!  The olders have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks so I may just wait until then if I can.  There was a very small amount of blood at the gum line, which worries me that the tooth was really knocked hard to its root.  We'll see, I guess.

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If it hurts to nurse, see if they can get him in sooner?
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Jaimeehug2.gifI'm really sorry you're dealing with all this.  This seems like a rough spot for a lot of us right now and you sure seem to have your plate full.  I can only imagine how terribly upsetting it is to have that happen to Avery, especially in the midst of a chaotic scene from which your husband just excused himself (?!?!?!?!!!!!) because he was frustrated.  Um... really?  Girl I'm livid for you! Life is frustrating, you gotta cope, I wish he could have been there for you and backed you up (PUT THE MOTHER BLEEPING PJS ON THE COLD BABY PLEASE) instead of leaving.  That's just so lame.  Let us know what the dentist says about Avery.  I'm sure that kind of thing is so, so common.  I'm sorry.  Tell your husband you're frustrated so you're leaving by yourself for a spa for a long weekend.  I mean come on.


I saw a black spot on KJ's gum right behind her front tooth the other day and decided she had gum cancer and had to close myself in the bathroom and cry (I really, really haven't been sleeping well.  I know most of you can relate.  Ugh).  Turns out it was an incredibly well-lodged piece of lettuce.  Now on to the next catastrophe...

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Oh, Jaimee, I am so sorry!  The whole situation sounds so rough, and I will admit that my blood pressure went up when I read about your DH.  That really sets me off in my own relationship with DH.  Does changing the nursing position help at all?  Hugs to you and Avery!

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LOL, Katie!  Thanks, I needed that.  And all of you.  It helps to hear the empathy.  I'm NAK right now and man does it hurt... I will have to take him in, I think.

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