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It's February!

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So sorry about all the sick little babies! I think (I hope) we had the flu at the very beginning of the outbreak. Everyone was quite sick for 3+ days. But no one had a fever except Mirabel, so I don't know.

I have been laid up for a week now with some kind of back/pelvic/hip/lower abdomen pain, that is OK when I lay flat on my back, but becomes horrible if I sit, pick up babies, bend over etc. I have very literally been going crazy - being cooped up indoors for 6 days straight (with 5 kids that I can't do anything for) has not done my mental state any favours. I finally popped a bunch of painkillers and we went out for dinner with the kids last night.

Luckily (I guess?) DH quit his job so he was home all week. Also kind of good he was home because we had to take our car in for a very expensive repair. The expense is obviously not good, since DH is unemployed, but at least we didn't have to worry about how he was going to get to and from work.

We are all currently healthy, for which I am extremely grateful. I hope everyone's littles feel better soon!
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Yes, they both saw them eat it, haha. I don't know what's so appetizing about a needle... Sometimes I wish animals could talk.

Still healthy over here... Crossing fingers.
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

How the heck do you know your pet swallowed a needle?!? Do you see it happen? So strange!!!

I am so glad the emergency vet exists, but I hate going. I've had some sad emergency vet visits in my day. greensad.gif


I have too. When I 7 months pregnant with with Michael, my older sister's pit bull bit my mom's german shepherd/chow mix and we came home to find her that way, laying in her dog bed. We decided to take her in to end her suffering. They could have done emergency surgery but there was just too much damage for her to pull through for full recovery because of her age.

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