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anyone else?

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have period like cramping? Last night they were horrid. I watched some TV on my phone in bed then was able to drift off luckily. Today back to some cramping and my usual contractions. Oye!


To you wise mamas, this is the first time I've had cramping. If anyone has had it, or is having it, what did it mean for you?



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I have had it the past few days as well. I have always related the cramping to actual dilation. The other contractions seem to be trying to get the baby to move (this one has part of its head in my hip) & move down, but the cramping feelings produce some cervical sensations for me as well. I guess I'll find out if I'm right tomorrow at my appointment with the midwife.
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I have had cramping for the past few weeks but since I'm planning a UC VBAC I have no real idea what that means as far as dilation.  Yesterday I had some cramps and regular braxton hicks all day, some strong but none painful.  I dtd early in the day, though, and that seems to make me contract for a good twelve hours after so I didn't get too excited.  I'm 39 weeks, 2 days and the most interesting thing I've experienced so far was two days ago when I woke up at 6:30 feeling terrible.  I had about an hour of diarrhea, vomiting, sweating/hot flashes all accompanied by a racing heart.  I calmed down and went back to sleep by 7:30 and woke up two hours later feeling totally normal/healthy.  It was really strange.  I've hardly left the house in weeks and nobody else has been sick so I thought at first maybe I was 'clearing out' for labor, but I haven't lost any mucus plug and nothing feels imminent.  I did go by the hospital today to preregister just in case we need to head there for some reason (ER is two blocks from my front door).  They scheduled an appointment for me tomorrow at 2 to fill out paperwork.  DH is nervous they will give us a hard time about our 'plan' and I told him hey, it's not like we wouldn't love to VBAC in the hospital.  I'll just tell them we feel stuck between a rock and an unnecessary surgery so we're sorry but this feels like the safest way for us to actually get a VBAC.  If they 'allowed' them at the hospital we'd be all for it.  Hope you ladies are all doing well!  Happy New Year and here's hoping one of us has a babe soon!

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Yup, I am getting them the past few days. I didnt't with the other two, so I am not sure what this means. I am also having timable contractions and pink tinged mucus, and baby has dropped low into my pelvis, so hopefully it means something!


I keep checking for updates from you Organicviolin; you seem so close I keep expecting to log in and see your birth story! :)

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Off and on for the past few weeks, yep. :)

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I've had more frequent and stronger BH the past several days. After hot flashes and clearing out my bowels yesterday evening followed by several hours of contractions that kept me awake last last night/early this morning I thought today would be the day. I think I may have lost my plug this morning in the shower but with only a couple teensy drops of blood I'm not sure. Last time it was way more red but this seemed far too thick and sticky to be regular discharge. Midwife decided not to check me today when I saw her. My blood pressure was totally wacky and different from this entire pregnancy, so I assume that's a sign. We decided either I'll not be pregnant anymore by next week or we'll check then. As of now, I'm back to just the occasional BH that don't feel like anything but a bit of tightening.  So I wait. Slightly impatiently.

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and the contractions continue...the cramping continues...and yet, no baby yet. Tomorrow I see my mw and let her know all that's happened. Hopefully something beneficial (as in baby to be here sooner rather than later!). Tomorrow leads to 3 weeks of this obnoxious prodromal labor. Nearly at my max with it!


I so hope to be able to deliver (HA! no pun intended) a good birth story.


Tonight I'm going out so I hope that distracts me enough. Today I did a TON of stuff...was on my feet most of the day. Cleaned out the car, vacuumed it, had a car wash, installed all 3 seats, did 3 loads of laundry, folded and put away. Up and down, bending and straight. I hope it means baby soon! I feel even more pressure and am waddling even more!!! How is that even humanly possible?


I'm so glad to have all of you lovely ladies to vent to about this, the worst part of pregnancy for me. It makes me feel like a little less of a nut for obsessing :-) lol

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Yes, I have had the same on and off for the past 2 weeks or so.  I'm due 1/18 but really hoping things will happen sooner!  I am totally with you on the prodromal labor misery.  Hopefully it means a short active labor!!

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This is my first time around when I've had period like cramping.  Never had it with my other pregnancies.  I don't know if it's doing anything as far as dilation but I imagine not because it's been going on for a few weeks... But who knows.

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I am having some more serious-feeling contractions!  Well, I've had sporadic ones that were pretty intense for the past few weeks, but there are many more of these today.  No bloody show or water breaking but I am a bit hopeful! ^_^

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The prodromal labor became so intense at work that I had to leave a bit early. Afraid to go to hospital though bc I don't want to be turned away. I just want to either be in agony or my water to break!
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Originally Posted by organicviolin View Post
 I just want to either be in agony or my water to break!


Ack, me too!  I am afraid my contractions are tapering off again greensad.gif

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Same here.  I told my husband that even though I typically have long labors (a day and a half of somewhat intense early labor, then a few minutes of transition, then baby), I am afraid that I might actually not make it to the hospital this time because I've had so many contractions that feel like my early labor contractions feel like, but just stop- that I'm going to completely ignore it when labor does begin.

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Yea no kidding. It's just driving me batty. The ctx are still coming but vary in intensity and time. Dh doesn't help asking if we need to leave yet
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Mine has been asking me that for weeks.  By now I don't even bother answering, just give him the death stare.  I'll LET you know, believe me.  ;)

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Tiqa that's hysterical. Dh is going out of town on business tomorrow am until Thursday night. He keeps telling me to hold the kid in until then. Riiiight
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