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Originally Posted by bambihelton View Post

bmcneal, I'm not sure why you think that way! I was initially really interested in doing it because I thought it would be SO fun... We just bought a new car and I'm starting to stress over money! I might hop on over there and sign up anyway. Beads can't be that freakin' expensive. lol! 

I'm just going to take a minute to vent because there's really nowhere else that I can do this. I apologize in advance. 

I live in Southwest Virginia where everyone thinks that things have to be done just like everyone else is doing it. Talking about keeping your son intact rather than circumcising him turns into a huge deal, because everyone is convinced that there are so many "health benefits" to circumcision. If you mention cloth diapering, you better be ready to hear 3,000 reasons on why it is "nasty" or "not convenient enough." Small minded people. 


Anyway, I'm sick of hearing the same things every time I tell someone that I will be cloth diapering my son. People clearly think that they know everything and that they will always be right and I will always be wrong. I'm SO sick of hearing people say "That won't last! You'll be buying Pamper's in two weeks!" or "That's nasty! You're going to wash poopy diapers in the same washing machine as your clothes?!" and even the occasional "You're going to seriously ring out a wet diaper with your HANDS?!" I'm doing my bank account and the earth a huge favor, so please take your negativity elsewhere. 


Maybe I'm just REALLY crabby because I can't sleep at all... sleep at 27 weeks is a fairy tale. I can never be comfortable and this baby does NOT appreciate me laying on either side. He kicks SO hard and it's really becoming an uncomfortable sensation. 

I had to go to the doctor yesterday to have a urine sample taken. I have been having a little bit of dull pain in my left kidney the last few days and was worried that I may have an infection, even though I didn't notice any other symptoms. Luckily, my doctor assured me that my urine was clear BUT the kidney pain was most likely caused by positioning of baby. He likely "has a knee jabbed into that area and it will only get worse." Great. 

I'm going to apologize again because I really sound like a big fat whiny baby and I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for being this way. I'm surprised I'm even posting it! lAsol

As annoying as it is to hear people giving you their opinion, know that you might make a difference for a family! People are often scared/opposed to ideas they aren't familiar with or don't understand, but after hearing your opinion, they might just go do more research and make a change. You never know how you might influence someone for the better :-) I'm amused that people find their baby's poop so "nasty." I mean, it's bound to get on you at some point, and it's easy as can be to just wash your hands! I used sposies with DD and am determined to use cloth this time. I haven't bought any yet, and don't know which ones to use. I need some serious help! Can you share what you've figured out so far?


I hear you on the lack of sleep. I was sleeping beautifully until about a week ago. Now I'm feeling large and baby is laying on nerves at night. My dreams are also SO weird, they wake me up when other things don't. It's rough, but I guess I keep thinking, this is nothing compared to how tired I'll be after he's born! I hope your kidney heals quickly!

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Sick again this morning. But I think it's probably something I ate, as there's no sulphur smell. Ew. Trying to figure out what I ate that DD didn't, since she, thankfully, is just fine.

So glad her Uncle is home to help. DP is at work and they're short staffed today. So he can't come home. But my brother-in-law was recently laid off and hasn't found a new job yet. So he's home today. They're playing a board game right now. Typing this on the iPad is the most movement I've felt up to in hours.

Baby has decided mows a good time to wiggle and kick, which my brain just reads as more nausea. greensad.gif

ETA: OK, so this may just be morning sickness. Apparently it can come back in the 3rd tri, even if it was mild in the first.
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Funny I'm also feeling a bit of nausea, but nothing quite as bad as 1st trimester. I thought it was maybe because I had a cough, which triggers nausea.


About the beads, you can really buy cheap ones. You can get a whole package at Joann's or Michaels for just a few dollars.

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30 weeks.. meaning we have 4 weeks from today for the scheduled C section.....


Sleep is a fairy tale here too.. The boys get pretty ticked off if I lie on "their side" and start kicking me or elbowing me.. Its tough to sleep for sure.. I am very un comfy and very whiny . thank god my DP is very tolerant! 


I am now on house arrest .. full on bed rest.. I ended up in L/D thurs night because I lost my balance crossing the street and fell on my stomach .. It scared me and we had an ambulance come and take me there.. I twisted my ankle pretty bad .. but thankfully the babies are OK.. I was so worried I hurt them :( It was scary.. They are tough cookies! 

Therefore I am stuck at home.. I can go to dr visits.. and they prefer I not go there alone.. Its hard with DP working so much. but we will try to work it out....


i cant believe how close we are all getting..


we toured the NICU and met a lot of the staff.. it is a good nicu and I know the boys will be in great hands!!

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Wow I'm glad you're okay Cananny!  That's scary!  Good thing they have lots of padding in there.  Theres a couple times I have been worried about my cat jumping up on my stomach but apparently it takes a lot to really do any damage from what I've read.  Still that's scary especially when you have triplets!  Hope your ankle feels better soon.


bambihelton i think some people just feel threatened by parents that want to do things differently than they did because rather than thinking "maybe there is a better way of doing things" they think "this girl thinks she knows better than me, how silly!"  I have encountered the same thing myself many times during this pregnancy.  It's frustrating but I just smile and try to be polite until I can find a sympathetic ear to vent to.  This happens all the time with my MIL.  She thinks I'm crazy already and I haven't even told her I'm thinking about cloth diapers.  She's been buying us a pack of diapers every now and then for when the baby comes.  I'm sure she'll have a fit if I decide not to use them.


I've been having a hard time sleeping too, there isn't a single position that is comfortable anymore and I wake up with a horrible backache.  Thank god I haven't had any nausea yet at least.  I had the worst morning sickness until 14 weeks so hopefully I won't have to go through that again.  Good luck all hope you start feeling better.

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For anyone still on the fence about joining the bead swap, here is a link to March's "results" - some of the necklaces that have been made with the beads from their swap:



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OMG Cananny, glad you and the babies are ok.  I hope your ankle heals quickly!


Firespiritmelody - Those are so pretty!


I checked around in my area and found a bead shop that sells precious stone beads for anywhere from 10 to 50 cents a piece.  I don't know if other shops are like this but I was surprised by how cheap they were.

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A coworker of DH's and her husband took us out for lunch at a Persian place today. It was SO good. I think my absolute favorite part of the meal was the tea though! I'm going to have to practice brewing a good cup of Persian-style tea now. And the portion sizes were huge. I at less than half my share of the meal and took the rest home. Then I could only eat half that for supper tonight, so I'll have more leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The saffron rice is sooo good. I may have to splurge on some saffron and try making my own. It's not easy to find, but the place we ate also sells a small selection of groceries. So maybe they carry it.


I'm officially in the third trimester today. No throwing up, so that's good. I ate two or three saltines before I even got out of bed, which may have helped prevent it. Or it may have been a fluke. Who knows?

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So I'm having my first experience (ever) with pregnancy carpal tunnel!  So weird, it started out of the blue but is quite unmistakable.  It's better this morning than it was last night, and I go to the chiro tomorrow so hopefully he can fix it (he does that thing where he can give a person CT and then fix it right after LOL).  But dang!  I was loading the dishwasher at my mom's house shortly after it started and it hurt so bad and I kept thinking I was going to drop the dishes and break them!!


In other non-pg related news...I just moved my almost 7 year old to a high back booster.  AHHHH.  One, she looks SO old in it.  Two, it freaks me out to go through my first experience of having a child move to a seatbelt for harness instead of a 5-pt!  I am probably the last of my friends to move my eldest to a booster (and she's one of the older ones of them all LOL...but she's also very petite) so at least I don't feel alone in it, but it's still hard to get used to.


Sleep is not exactly pleasant here, either.  This is definitely the point where it's not just difficult to GET comfortable, but where just laying in one position for any length of time BECOMES uncomfortable, no matter how it started out.  I always have one pillow between my legs at all times (to prevent/lessen SPD), but I want one behind my back too, and I like to curl my Boppy around my belly sometimes to sort of "lift" it and take pressure off.  Speaking of pressure, I think I MUST be carrying this baby a little higher, because I have a lot more trouble breathing than I remember in the past.  Hmmm....


I am dreeeeeaaaaaming of going into labor though.  I can't wait.  It's so ridiculous.  I still have so long left!!!!


Ironmam, glad you had a good non-pukey day!!!

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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post


In other non-pg related news...I just moved my almost 7 year old to a high back booster.  AHHHH.  One, she looks SO old in it.  Two, it freaks me out to go through my first experience of having a child move to a seatbelt for harness instead of a 5-pt!  I am probably the last of my friends to move my eldest to a booster (and she's one of the older ones of them all LOL...but she's also very petite) so at least I don't feel alone in it, but it's still hard to get used to.


DD is pretty petite too. She still has a couple of pounds and an inch or so to go before we can move her to the booster. But I really hope she hits that before baby is here. The car seat isn't fitting as well as I'd like, and I think she might actually be safer in a booster that's easier to strap into, than the backed seat that is almost impossible to adjust the straps properly. She's tall enough in the seat that the there are no more levels up we can move the shoulder straps, but they're below her shoulders which is supposed to be a no-no. But here in Canada the booster limit is 40 inches and 40 pounds and she's just not there yet. I'm also looking forward to being able to buckle her much faster (especially since I'll have two kiddos to buckle in). We got a backless booster for $15 on clearance, so it's ready when she is. And at that price I let her pick out the pink one instead of getting a gender-neutral we can re-use for Theo. By the time he needs a booster, I'm sure we can spring another 15-30 bucks. And I figure this might help her feel less threatened by her brother when he takes over her current car seat (which is brown), when he outgrows the bucket.


No sickness today either. So, here's hoping it was a one-time thing. I've switched to taking my vitamins at night, just in case.

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I'm just exhausted. I don't know if it's from being sick this weekend or from the pregnancy or what. My house is a wreck and I just keep looking at it and feeling....tired. It'll get cleaned up, I know, but right now it's a little overwhelming! I had to go out this morning to run errands that I have put off and it wiped me out. 


My back seems to feel a bit better though, and that's nice. Maybe because I have been too tired to do anything and therefore I'm not doing anything that aggravates it.


I've been feeling oddly nauseous at night. It's just a slight feeling, but definitely there. 


Nap time. Hopefully I will wake up with the energy to clean up this horrible mess!

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I feel so swollen, but don't look it. UGH! THIS is the side of pregnancy that should be shown to teens, not the cute bump and little baby at the end of it :P!

Mmmm, IronMam, Persian food is to die for <3 So jealous!


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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post
In other non-pg related news...I just moved my almost 7 year old to a high back booster.  AHHHH.  One, she looks SO old in it.  Two, it freaks me out to go through my first experience of having a child move to a seatbelt for harness instead of a 5-pt!  I am probably the last of my friends to move my eldest to a booster (and she's one of the older ones of them all LOL...but she's also very petite) so at least I don't feel alone in it, but it's still hard to get used to.


My middle DD didn't move out of her 5 point and into a high backed booster until last year - I think it was just after she turned 7. She's a petite little thing too and I just felt safer with her strapped in tight! She does really good with the booster and seat belt but still needs reminders about making sure the top of the belt is in the groove and things like that. I'm pretty sure none of her friends are still in a booster either.


My oldest was a much bigger kid, big for her age, and we moved her to a non-backed booster at 4yo because it made sense and she was well over the requirements. In retrospect, I wish we had waited a bit but that was 9 years ago too lol. My current 4 1/2 year old is still in a 5 point and will be for quite some time, even though she's big like her oldest sister.

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My 4 1/2 year old is now very excited for a booster too!!! Lol it's gonna be a while though. DD1 is only JUST like 41lbs at 7 yrs (but was about to tall for her Recaro 5pt, which is one reason we moved her) and DD2 is the same build (she's somethine like 30lbs...I think DS weighs more than her and he's not even 3 yet!!) so she's got a few more years. LOL. But at least it's something for her to look forward too! Haha!
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My DD just turned 6 and is petite, as well, so she'll be in the 5 pt harness for a while, still.


1babysmom I hear you on carpel tunnel and not sleeping! I start out the night with my body pillow between my legs and under my belly and a regular sized pillow behind me. It's gloriously comfy to fall asleep that way, but the comfort doesn't last long! DD comes into my room sometime during the night every night. We cuddle in bed for a minute, then she moves to her spot on the floor and I have to get my pregnant self up out of bed to cover her up with her blankets. She was waking me up constantly when she was in bed with me, so this way I get a little more sleep, but I wish I wasn't getting woken again and having to get out of bed to cover her up. Then there are the countless wakings to change position and weird dreams. The carpel tunnel for me right now is mostly numbness/tingling. It was very painful when I was pregnant with DD, and it's not as bad this time. I guess that makes up for the bleeding hemorrhoids lol


I had an appointment with my midwife today and baby boy was head down!!! I know he still has room to move, but just knowing that he can get into the right position makes me feel SO much better! I probably wouldn't even think of it if DD hadn't been breech. Of course my midwife said that there's no correlation between siblings being breech, but she did calm my fears a lot. Everything else looks great and I got an insurance waiver, so they'll pay in-network prices, which means we'll have to cover less of the cost. All good news! If only I could get some sleep :-P

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I think my 7 year old also weighs somewhere around 43-45 lbs, and she is in a low booster. I made her wait until 40 lbs for that (and it took a long time). She has older sibs and her friends are bigger, so it was a big deal.


So although I thought I shook this flu thing, I am still feeling really exhausted and can't get rid of the cough. Coughs and weak pregnancy bladders are NOT a good combination! I am mourning the loss of my nesting energy from before I got sick. My kids were off from school for a few days and I feel guilty that I didn't take them anywhere.


So far I am sooo tired that I am still sleeping fairly well. 


I am so glad to be due in April and not now, although for some odd reason it is 50 degrees today.


I'm pretty sure we are all just about in the 3rd trimester now (we should all be at least about 27 weeks if due in April)!!!

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I did cloth diapers with my 1st two kids and have never rinsed anything in the toilet LOL! I did however, use my shower head to spray off any big chunks that weren't coming off when I shook it in the toilet. If you don't have a detachable shower head you can get a spray hose that attaches to your toilet to use instead. And poop from a breastfed baby is water soluble so you don't have to worry about shaking that off.  I am lucky in that my mom used cloth with all 4 of her kids and I believe my MIL used them somewhat too. My sister used them for her daughter too. I have a lot of support for cloth diapering.


In other news, I am beyond exhausted. We moved over the weekend and my kids got fevers the night we moved in, and they still have them today! They range from mild (100 or so) to 104 degrees depending on the time of day. Last night was the first night I didn't have to sleep on the floor with one of them, or be up all night with them. They caught a nasty virus, but I've been filling them full of vitamin D so I'm hoping they get better soon. I can't miss anymore work. Plus they aren't really eating, complaining of stomach aches and have runny noses.


So, okay. I'm ready for this baby to be born. I'm done. My belly is getting waaaaay too big. And I still have 13 weeks left! I feel pretty good other than being tired...but I'm done feeling like a house.

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We got a diaper sprayer, which came in handy once DD started eating solids. But before that, we didn't rinse or dunk or anything. Breastmilk poop just washes away entirely in the wash. And the hot water sterilizes.


Trying to figure our kindergarten registration for DD. Way more stressful than I expected. We're trying to get her into a science-focused program in town, especially since her assigned school only has one kindergarten teacher who is, by all accounts, a grouch. I've seen her yelling at the kids. I struggle enough with not raising my voice with DD at home. The last thing I need is her learning to hate school because her teacher yells at her. As parents, when we lose our temper, our kids are so fast to forgive and forget because we show them so much love all the rest of the time. But a child/teacher relationship can't withstand that sort of contention, IMO. But for all we know, we could move to the States this summer if that's where DP gets into school (knock on wood that he gets on somewhere this year). Then we'll have to figure it out all over again. *sigh* I'm not interested in enrolling her in the French immersion school (I'm terrible with French, TERRIBLE...great with other languages, but French? no way), and DH doesn't want to enroll her in the German immersion school. I love that there are so many options here in our city...but it can be nearly impossible to get a spot for your kid, especially if they don't already have an older sibling attending that particular school.


I am so behind on my before-baby-get's-here-to-do list. I don't even want to post in the thread about it, because my list will be so long and stressful.

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Thanks everybody, for the input!


I called yesterday the other OB office that's close. They said that it's really late for me to be changing providers, but that she would see if the doctor would take me on, and they would call back today. Well, they didn't, so I'm going to call tomorrow. If he won't take me, I guess we'll be looking to somewhere in Indianapolis. I'm not terribly thrilled about moving that far, but at the same time, it's no further than I went with DS, and it *is* that important to me to find someone who will let me have at least as close to the birth that I want, so, if I have to, I have to.


My mom said I really need to get seen about my sinus issues, and I said that's why I'm trying to get in with this new practice. She said, "It's really late to be switching. Don't you think it would be better to just stay where you were?" and I told her that I would have preferred that, but the seeming reluctance to my having a VBAC, the attitude with which they handled the situation when I called to try and reschedule, and the situation that my friend told me about her birth, I would rather not. She said something like, "Well, I"m sure they wouldn't do a c-section if it wasn't completely necessary." I was like, "Yeah... I'm glad you're so confident. My experience is I can't be." Then DD said, "My mommy's *not* having a c-section!!!" And that got DD all upset. I don't know why I even talk to her about stuff anymore.


My mom said something about needing the contact information for some of my friends, so she could throw me a baby shower. I got a couple of my friends' information for her, and she was like, "Oh, I'm not planning anything. It was just a thought of 'Oh, that's really something I should do at some point.'" Which really just made me feel bad, because she's been spending all her free time knitting baby stuff for a girl at her church, because she's throwing a baby shower for her. My one friend asked me around what date(s) was my mom thinking about throwing the shower, so she could make sure she was free, and I had to tell her that she said she wasn't actually planning anything. I just feel let down again.

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May I vent to you all for a minute?  I'm feeling really frustrated with myself today.  I had a script to get blood work done this week (week 28) and I knew I had to do the glucose test at some point but didn't realize it was on the same script.  So anyway rather than taking the glucola or whatever it's called and fasting for an hour, my midwife and I discussed me having a large breakfast, waiting an hour and getting tested.  I've been so busy lately I completely forgot all about it last week when I actually had a weekday off.  I've been searching for a new house (we have until the end of March to find a place!), searching for a pediatrician for after the baby comes (finally found one last week!), and I got picked to be a grand juror so I have that every thursday now.  Oh and we've started our childbirth class too!  And of course I work full time too.  Anyway I forgot all about it and thank God I remembered to get my blood work done today (half an hour before the lab closed!).  I looked at the sheet and remembered the glucose test and realized that I wasn't ready for it at all.  So now I'm going to have to ask for a new script for it and I guess I'll just have to do it next week after my midwife appointment.  But it bugs me because it was supposed to be done in weeks 24-28. One week shouldn't matter right?  The thing I feel most guilty about though is that I barely had anything to eat today before I got my blood drawn!  I was so busy at work today all I had was a bowl of cereal, a cereal bar and then a sandwich from the time I woke up until getting my blood drawn at 3:45pm.  I didn't even remember to take my vitamin today!  And I haven't been eating quite as healthy the past couple days so I feel like my results are going to look much worse than they would normally.  I usually do eat very healthy!  I just feel disappointed with myself that I haven't been putting my pregnancy first.  Anyone else ever feel like that?  Sorry to vent I know I shouldn't worry so much but I just felt like I needed some reassurance that not being perfect is okay sometimes..

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