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Rib pain remedies?

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Anyone else having strong rib pain under right breast- feels like a big sharp bruise. I'm trying: ice, heat, tensor/ace bandage, Tylenol, rest, Epsom salts, stretching by crossing my arms over my head against the wall, and I'm going to go get some arnica cream today.
Any other suggestions appreciated!
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I had really bad rip pain with DD.  None so far with this one. I did get a bit of relief with acupuncture but I didn't find anything worked *really* well.  Whining/complaining at the baby and physically pushing her little feet down helped psychologically. winky.gif

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I've been trying everything. For me, hanging over an exercise ball, or finding something to almost hang on, like a bar over my head provides the most relief. Usually at night I end up having dh rub down my right side with a drop of lavender. It's excruciating I know,
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I had this last time and have it again, boo. I'm trying to stand up more at work and be conscious of my posture, but ugh. I'm going to start yoga again next week, hope that helps. Anybody know why it's the right side?

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Sorry I had to join to answer. It it's your gal bladder. It's normal for it to get irritated or inflamed in pregnancy. Flax sees tea helps a lot. Cucumbers fresh grated beets with flax sees oil 1 tap every hour. I hear cucumbers help too. Certain foods tributes mine.
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I wrapped an ace bandage around my lower ribs last night and that felt kind of good. But then I woke up with pain at night, which I hadn't thus far, so I don't know...

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I've been using a tensor/ace bandage as well.  But mostly in the day when sitting.  I've found a hot water bottle at night - something about the form fitting warm weight feels good at night and improves my chances of less pain upon wake up. 

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I've been getting rib pain--on both sides--for a few weeks, now. The only thing that seems to help is sitting in a semi-reclined position most of the day. It's really frustrating, because I've gone from walking 4-5 miles a day to not being able to hardly do any walking, because, by the end of the day, it's just excruciating. I'd been hoping that it was muscle strain from the belly pulling down and that maybe some support would help...

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cabitdancer: that sounds really awful. Have you tried a tensor/Ace bandage - I find some relief, sometimes for this.  


AFM: My rib pain has remained, but not as pronounced.  However it has shifted into some days where my back really hurts and no it feels topically really irritated (perhaps from the bandage/too hot water bottle?)

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I found some relief - though many said it was not possible - today I am hopeful.  A very skilled prenatal massage, 2 days later a chiro, and I have a massage again in a few days.  An expensive remedy, but I can sit up and move around as a result = very good.

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I did a prenatal yoga video yesterday, used the shower massage head thingy, and rearranged my pillow situation (sort of hugging a poofy pillow?) and had hardly any pain during the night, at least. Trying to really focus on my posture seems to help. I like hearing all the ideas because I'm still not sure completely what is helping and what isn't.

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