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Oh Mel, I'm so sorry to hear that about your dh. hug.gif

JG, mecry.gif I totally understand. It's the worst kind of feeling. I don't know how you do manage to stay upbeat. Crossing my fingers for answers... fingersx.gif

Plady, both girls? greensad.gif Sending big hugs and healing vibes goodvibes.gif

Jo, what a great mantra. I may repeat it. "Do not be defeated by circumstance." My head is bursting to write... notes.gif

Real, ugh. I can't believe that kind of drama! irked.gif Seriously, you're offering help!

Today, my dh gave me the day off. Both boys wanted to go to work with him and I happily agreed. I have a new yoga DVD that I've been wanting to try and actually got to do the whole thing including pauses, rewinds, etc. But I hurt my thumb, badly. I always feel so stupid when I hurt myself doing yoga. rolleyes.gif Weirdly, the entire sequence was almost my exact sequence that I already do. That was weird. And she says this blessing at the end that I actually say. I think my yoga retreat instructor must have gotten some ideas from this viddy. Anyway, I have 3 more I plan to go through this week, all with different instructors, so I can make a recommendation for my niece, a high-school cross-country runner who wants to add yoga to her life. Then I tried to go for a run but the rain started coming down too hard and my feet were sinking too deep in the mud to make it much fun so I came back. Tomorrow, I will try again.

I had 2 thoughts why I've failed so abysmally at my resolutions so far. 1) We were gone for 10 days, then came back to multiple animal and car crises plus I watched twins all day for 11 hours in a row. Then friends came from out of town and we stayed up till 2 am talking. I realized that I just need this week to decompress which is what I'm doing. (The Long Exhale) The boys are happily and eagerly (!) reading their assigned books from my list so I'll have to roll with that this week and just realize I've got next week's lessons already planned! Oh and 2) I just need Jan to decompress, take stock of the previous year, detox, look back over my accomplishments, go deep inside myself, be quiet with my family, etc before I make new resolutions which is why 3) the first day of Spring is my real new year. Those resolutions always work and my mid-winter ones usually don't - feels like I'm jumping the gun. So, I'm tearing up my list till then. wink1.gif As far as I'm concerned, I'm just finishing my resolutions from last year - the ones I made on my Treasure Map. wink1.gif
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Hi, I missed posting for a fewe days!

Lofty-how's your doggie? So sad for him. greensad.gif

jenlove- how's tripod? Is he staying near now?

Mamajb- glad you sent the girls out back for some break time and that they entertained themselves.

Poppy- thrilled for your good news!!!

Jaygee- please let us know your results ASAP. Really hoping you have something fixable that will bring carefree running back into your life soon.

Kerc-how's your finger? Saw that you were skiing and cooking so must be on the mend?

Plady-hope your sick girls are better.

RR: ran 7 yesterday and today I solidified my running plan for the Indy mini and put one months worth onto my calendar for now. Love having a plan! Foot still hurting like a son-of-a-gun after runs which irritates me but I'm not giving up running as long as I'm not doing any damage. On good note the orthotics feel good now. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

I will not be defeated by circumstance--this is a mantra I am trying out.
I need to adopt that too. It's a fabulous mantra.

JayGee--really, really hoping you get answers.

tjsmama--WTG on working off those calories. I think I need to do something similar.

RM--hope your foot feels better soon.

lofty--love your idea for first-day-of-spring resolutions.

MelW--what a great neighbor you are! Sorry to hear about your DH's arthritis stuff though.

Plady--hope everyone gets better in your house soon.

Shanti--hope you get enough snow for snowshoeing.

NRR: my sister was doing better today, largely because Baby C is now on nighttime oxygen only, and up to 8 lbs too. (Go Baby C!) She's not usually passive-aggressive, but both she and my mom have huge martyr complexes and box themselves in (i.e., "I can't because...and I can't to that either because..."). Actually, my mom isn't usually passive-aggressive either. She's usually assertive with a generous helping of guilt trips when unsatisfied with her own life.

A big thanks again for advice on itchiness. I saw the doctor today and it is BV. She wrote a prescription, but the pharmacy somehow hadn't received it when I drove there around 5. They said they'd call me when it was in and ready, but never did. Hopefully they'll have it tomorrow and it can finally go away. Wouldn't that be nice!

Tomorrow's goal: another day at the gym. Speaking of which, I'm wondering whether Planet Fitness's weights are accurate. I was surprised to find myself lifting much lighter weights at Bally's than I have been at PF.
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Where did my christmas break with no classes go?  (Ok in fairness I have about 10 days left). I have a work to-do list a mile long. and then we can talk about all the crap I need to do at home. But first, the paid gig. The homefront is holding together.


Finger is healing nicely. I got the stitches out yesterday. Swam this morning and its sore and after an hour in the pool the skin looked a little raw. I managed to swim without banging it into anyone I was swimming with (yes!). But yesterday I did take it upon myself to get a flu shot because of so many sick kids around me. By the time I'm actually covered by the shot the bug will hopefully be gone. But wowza! sore arm.


Sparkle I hope your dd is better soon!

Real: oy. It's been a doozey of a few weeks/months around there.


Melw: sorry to hear about the arthritis.


Jo: we had soup last night and I thought of you.


Loftmama: I'm right there with you on not feeling the mojo to do ny resolutions in january.


Everyone else, my timer for cutting myself off the internet for browsing reasons goes off in 45 seconds. must jet.

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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

She's not usually passive-aggressive, but both she and my mom have huge martyr complexes and box themselves in (i.e., "I can't because...and I can't to that either because..."). Actually, my mom isn't usually passive-aggressive either. She's usually assertive with a generous helping of guilt trips when unsatisfied with her own life.

lol.gif  and it's so familiar.  Like Gaye said, makes me grateful for the distance I've got.  What's BV?


Girls are on the mend.  Little one wants to go to school but woke up too late for the bus so she'll have to wait to go to her afternoon school only.  Big one still feels "terrible" so she'll probably stay in bed all day.  Dh and I need to do some tag team minding, I'm wondering how sick of my kids being sick my work is by now.  It seems like they've been sick a lot since I started this job.  Dd1 asked the other day, "Mom, would you lose your job for us?"  I think the answer she wanted was, "Of course sweetie, nothing is more important than you and your sister." but I couldn't say it.  I told her that I would always do my best to accommodate her needs and that I hoped that she always manages to have a job she likes.  But I know what she's getting at, she feels like I don't love her enough.  I don't know how to convince her otherwise and that neediness makes me feel like retreating.  Last night she cried because she didn't get to sleep in between dh and I like Alison did but instead on a roll-away cot at the foot of the bed.  Granted she's sick so everything feels worse than it is, but this is a pretty normal complaint.  She doesn't care to reflect on how at the same age she had not yet had her own bed at all, I suppose that could be the problem.  I feel like so much of my attachment parenting that I was so committed to with dd1 is coming back to bite me now.  Is that a UA violation?  <sigh> 


Sparkle - Why do you need a passport to fly domestically?  Also hoping that dd and dh and the rest of your family is healthy for the weekend.  Would dd be as sad as you would be if she were too sick to compete?

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Sparkle - Why do you need a passport to fly domestically?  Also hoping that dd and dh and the rest of your family is healthy for the weekend.  Would dd be as sad as you would be if she were too sick to compete?

Passport, b/c NM doesnt have Homeland Security compliant driver's licenses (apparently, illegal immigrants can get them), and HS has been threatening for years that they would start to make NM-ers fly w/ a passport as I.D. as a way to deter illegals from travel. And apparently they've made good on the threat finally, starting Jan. 15.

But, DD1 is up! She's alive! She's at school! Would she be as sad? I really dont know. I dont know if its middle age or if Ive always been like this, but I am neurotic, and Im not kidding. I get very obsessive about things; I think it's perfectionism, and that somehow it's gotten worse. In the case of DD1, I see so much potential in her that I dont think she is fully tapping, and untapped potential is like nails on a chalkboard to me. It makes me crazy. I cant seem to just let it be what it will be. Im not like this with the other two b/c their personalities are SO strong, assertive, and independent that I am sure they will barrel into and through whatever they decide they want, but DD1 is more tepid. I mean, she is immensely disciplined and a very hard worker, but I dont see the drive on the surface the way I do with the other two, so it makes me anxious that she is being lacadaisical about whatever (school [yes, she's "gifted"], climbing, friendships ...). I try to keep my distance and just point things out to her " notice how you tend to X when Y happens" and let her do what she will, but its SO hard with her for some reason. She voluntarily stopped eating sugar when she got sick though, b/c she remembered me saying that sugar depresses your immune system for 2 hours after you eat it. So something is happening under that calm surface. Sigh.

I hear you on the struggle to balance what the kids get. DS has been complaining for months that we dont give him enough attention at bedtime, b/c DD2 gets read to and laid down with until she is asleep. He forgets that we did the exact same with him until he was her age! So now Ive started reading to him for 30 minutes every night like the old days, even though he is an INSANE reader (he read 3 books of over 400 pages during break, one in 2 days!). I have to keep reminding myself that in exactly 12 years I will have ONE child at home, and no dogs. I'll go from 80mph to 5mph in one year. That will feel sad, so Im trying to appreciate all the demands now eyesroll.gif Yeah lol.gif

p.s. BV is bacterial Vaginosis. A bacterial infection rather than yeast. And just to clarify y'all, the only reason I know this is b/c I had 3 yeast infections last year after having only 1 in my life, and so Dh mentioned the possibility of BV (when 2 of them were back to back). Turns out the culprit was my cross-training accoutrement blush.gifbag.gifshrug.gif
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Don't take this the wrong way....it's meant as a joke, but....

Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post
 I am neurotic, and Im not kidding. I get very obsessive about things;

You don't say.





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sparkle ~ my DS sounds exactly like your DD1! SO, much potential, so little "fire in the belly". Makes DH (who has an overabundance of drive and internal motivation) absolutely crazy!

Plady ~ I really hope your DD1 is feeling better and isn't quite to needy. My littlest is like that, and it also makes me want to retreat rather than draw her closer. She is back to needing me to lay with her at night to fall asleep. Last night it was over an hour. I think I fell asleep before she did. And my "plans" with DH for after the kids were in bed went "poof"..... again.

RR ~ 45 minute walk in the lovely sunshine and 50 degree temps. My foot was numb, but the walk was lovely.

NRR ~ heading out for a much needed haircut this morning. I'm on Day 9 of a Whole30 and entering the "WOW! I feel GREAT!" part of it! DD1 came home yesterday and told me she has a boyfriend. Oy. She's only 8. And I heard two 4th grade boys talking about "that cute third grader, with glasses and a ponytail, and a blue plaid shirt". Yeah, that was her. Again, oy!
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kerc~I hear ya on the sore arm. I don't know what it was about this year's flu shot, but it hurt like a mother. The past two years, I barely even noticed it, but this year, I could barely lift my arm the next day!

jaygee~Ooh, I am so not ready for girlfriend/boyfriend stuff. I hope we're still many years from that.

I wonder how many days it's going to be before DS is back to eating normally. He's barely eaten since the pukies hit on Sunday. Yesterday he ate a frozen waffle for breakfast, his fruit cup and one bite of his PB&J at lunch (didn't even eat the candy I packed for dessert!), and a few bites of pasta and cottage cheese for dinner. This morning he ate half of a bagel thin and had to be prodded to eat that much. At least he's eating something, right? Of course, I made big dinners with lots of leftovers on Saturday and Sunday and had plans to make another big dinner with lots of leftovers tonight, but I have no room in the fridge and no containers for leftovers right now because he hasn't been helping me eat them. He really needs to get his strength back since XH and his stepmother and stepbrother are coming for the weekend. Poor kiddo.

I did not get called in last night (which I was glad for from a logistical perspective, although I could have really used the money), so tonight will be my first night back to work in two weeks. It feels like it's been forever! At least not getting called in allowed me to go to track this morning. And since I headed over right after dropping DS at school, I was way early and got a looooong 2 mile warmup in before the workout. We did 1000's. I got 3, because I am slow, most of the group did 4. We were to run the first 800 strong (10kish pace) and the last 200 hard. I went out way too hard on the first one and then struggled hard with the last two. And then, of course, we did all the fun lunges and stuff that will make me super sore when I have to squat down to empty out a catheter bag tonight. orngtongue.gif
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Sparkle - blush.gif and lol.gif at accoutrement.

I am feeling better, less sore after the needle biopsy but it still hurts too much to run, so I took my dog out to Redwood Regional yesterday, East Ridge trail (ahem, Sparkle) . I just wanted to go for a brisk, heart rate accelerating, walk. Middle of the day on a Tuesday, not many people up there except retired folks taking their dogs for a walk on the well-traveled part of the ridge and back. My route was a 3 mile loop, which involves diving down into the park (steep descent) for a bit, following the stream for a bit, then head back up. I KNEW it would be empty in this part of the park, but I figured - hey I have my dog, it's fine. (For the record, my dog is tiny, like a jack russell type, but still a terrier and likes to bark).

The trail is super muddy still from all the rain we've had, and the redwoods are so very tall that sunlight doesn't get through to dry it out much at the bottom, so that is also keeping people out of this part. At one point, kind of early into my dropping in on the descent, I see a guy ahead of me that gave me some pause. You know how sometimes you can just ..feel..that something might be off? I don't know. I think he was talking to himself and gesturing, that was probably it. My dog ran ahead (off leash) so I couldn't just turn around and bail on that route. Sometimes my dog barks at large men, so of course he does his little terrier bit and I think made the guy a little scared or miffed and he stopped so I could pass by. I apologized and went past him. At that point, my internal beacon was like "get moving, faster" and I started to run. It was downhill, so not that hard! I really just wanted to put some distance between me and this guy, the only two people seemingly around for miles. I told my kids later I felt like it was real-life Zombie, Runs app! So, I inadvertently went for a run yesterday lol.gif ( I was telling them the story in relation to following your intuition, not trying to scare them into thinking I was about to be hurt or anything)

I don't know, it was probably fine and I hate feeling paranoid. This guy was just off, though. He had a backpack on, no biggie, but as I passed, he was carrying some large plastic bag thing in his arms. Severed body part disposal? I don't know, its happened before in that park!

Jaygee- hug.gif I totally understand that feeling and you have been through so much! I hope you get some answers soon. Also, that stereotactic biopsy you described (lying face down, etc) sounds worse, I think! Glad you also made it through unscathed

Jenlove - how did the bread turn out? I would totally try that. My crockpot is a large oval one, though - the recipes I have seen have been for the small round ones.

Kerc- we didn't get flu shots yet, and I hope I don't regret that. The news looks so bleak (but oddly not for California, yet)

Real - yay for diagnosis! Hope it clears right up now

Lofty - I have been meaning to post that the story about your dog breaks my heart (except that he is now back with you guys, feeling warm and safe). Glad it turned out to be less serious injuries than you thought. Isn't ND the BEST? I have been lucky to meet her and share a glass of wine, she is great.

I want to write more but work is calling. Thank you so much, again, for all your positive thoughts and vibes put out into the universe. Our collective greatness and warmth as a group of mothers. I feel it! I am so happy the path reports were fine and I can resume worry free for now.
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Jaygee-any news?

Kerc- glad you are healing nicely.

Mamajb-how were things today?

so... How does bv happen by way of accoutrements? I'm lost, lol!

Real-Glad that you have a dx though and relief is in sight. Hope your prescript came in today.

Poppy -got a chuckle at the plastic bag comment (body parts?-lol). Super glad you followed your gut because crazy bad people do exist unfortunately and we never know where or when. Good job sharing that with your kids. I tell mine that if it doesn't feel right (gut instinct) it isn't.

RR: 3 miles today at 8:28. Then I did 15 min ZWOW workout. She has a new website and a set of DVD's. I have to add that her website is better than her ex husbands. Lol
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post

I don't know, it was probably fine and I hate feeling paranoid.
You're not paranoid and you did EXACTLY the right thing by getting the heck outta Dodge after passing him. I used to think that kind of stuff was me being paranoid but now we have had a guy who tried to kidnap a runner and he did kidnap a 10-year-old and he did dispose of some of her body parts in a plastic bag in a somewhat remote area with trails. So, yeah, run like the wind and call it being realistic, not paranoid.

tjsmama--hope he's feeling better soon. That's what I've heard about that bug: that people don't feel quite right for a few days after either.

kerc--yeah, this year's flu shot hurt. I had a sore arm for a few days too, though I'm comforted to know it wasn't just me being a wuss. Glad to hear your stitches are out too.

RR: 7M with 6 3-min hill repeats at the gym tonight. Most of it was spent going round and round the indoor track (13 laps/mile!) but I did the hill repeats on the TM. I think I'm also appreciating the gym even more this time around because it's a safe place for me to run. I was finally feeling better about being outside near the holidays, but the moments of panic on a run, although brief, started in against last week. Not sure what the trigger was (besides running past the open space they searched), but this week the coverage of the James Holmes pre-trial stuff is definitely not helping, despite the fact that I've largely avoided it.
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Real - mecry.gif Oh my goodness, I forgot. You are right, and I will remember your words. I am sorry you are still having some trouble with feelings on panic on runs in the area, it is completely understandable. Just awful.
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Poppy - Better to wonder if you were imagining something from the comfort of your own home later than wondering why you didn't listen to that inner voice when it told you to haul ass.  hug2.gif


Real - I am glad you've got the sanctuary of the indoor track.


RR: Off to box, hopefully with a little umph today.


NRR: Both kids got on the bus today.  DD1 looked healthy but unhappy.  I trust that she'll feel better once she sees her friends but man, that girl is dedicated to finding the downside of any situation!

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I hope it didn't come across as me belittling the situation by chuckling at th e plastic bag comment. As I did add that following gut instinct is crucial to survival.

Real- hugs to you and so glad you can run at the gym where you feel safe.
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I got my MRI results - degerative changes at L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1. Basically more arthritis. Now I have arthritis in both knees, my left hip and my back. This cannot be normal for a 44 year old, otherwise healthy woman, can it????? Anyway, I'm getting an epidural steroid injection at L5-S1 (since that is the area where I am feeling all the pain and numbness) next Tuesday.

Gotta run pick up kids from school. BBL with personals smile.gif.
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Oh Jaygee, I'm sorry about the arthritis! How frustrating but at the same time an answer to work with right? Keep us posted how the shot works for you.
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jaygee - hug2.gif
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Jaygee, :hugs did you get any advice regarding running or other physical outlets?
it is not fun to post from my phone, I hope I have more time tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

I hope it didn't come across as me belittling the situation by chuckling at th e plastic bag comment.
No, of course not. Dark humor is funny too. You don't want to know the number of times I've put on my Road ID and bit back a comment about "well, at least you'll be able to identify me when they find my dismembered hand" -- and what's kept me from saying it is that the kids are listening and they don't know about the dismembered bit.

It's just put a whole new perspective on what's paranoid and what's not, especially give that he tried to kidnap and apparently intended to rape, kill and dismember the runner he attacked in May (at least from the charges the prosecution filed against him). So that could have been any one of us, yk? Thus, bad vibe = good insight and not paranoid.

JayGee--so sorry to hear that diagnosis. I don't know how to define normal, but DH has relatives that started suffering from arthritis in their 40s.
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