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Real - I'd be really wary too, given the circumstances. There have been times out on a run when my radar was going off and I took a different route, picked up my pace, or turned back. Better safe than sorry.

Plady - glad both of you children are back to school, even if DD1's mood was not so hot. The "glass half empty" thinking can really wear on you, I know.

RR - nice long walk in the sunshine this morning. I am trying to be outside in the sun as much as possible to increase my Vit. D levels. I think low D contributes to a crappy mood. As for running/biking/etc., the doctor wants me to wait and see how the epidural effects my leg pain before I start up again. After that, I will restart PT to strengthen my back, hips and abdominals and "may" be able to run. Unfortunately, the rotation of swimming REALLY irritates my back, so that is out for now. And my road bike also puts me in a very uncomfortable position, so I may switch entirely to my mountain bike and just ride that. Anyone want a 2010 Cannondale road bike? It probably has less than 200 miles on it total! Of course, it's very small sized.

NRR - not much. Ready for the weekend, although we are supposed to go from rain, to sleet, to snow from Saturday to Sunday. I wish it was all snow!
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Lofty ~ My goals are going pretty good.  I wish I could find a bread that James like that I bake.  I fear he likes the airy bread from the store and won't like dense homemade bread no matter what I try.  I'm going to try french bread tomorrow for lasagna at a friend's house.  And we're eating sprouts that I sprouted.  I need to start more this weekend.


JayGee ~ Sorry to hear about the arthritis. :(  I hope you find relief soon!


Any CrossFit ladies here?  I found a Crossfit Mamas site that I pinned on Pinterest and I think that's what I would like to try doing.  Do I just jump in with the workouts?!  Help!  So many moves and new vocabulary to learn.


Alright for now I'm off to pick up after my two tornados, vaccum, get laundry switched, start pizza dough, and maybe squeeze in a workout tonight?  That would be AMAZING!!!

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jaygee~Sorry about the diagnosis, but I'm glad it's not worse! Hopefully the epidural is a good start to getting you back to your normal active self. I had a series of 3 nearly 15 years ago for a bulging disc, it was a beautiful thing!

We are bracing for the arctic cold front heading our way. It's not going to be TOO terrible down here in town (high of 16 tomorrow), but the high in Breckenridge on Sunday, just in time for us to get up there for our ski "weekend" is....1. Yeah. Monday may be a ski a run/drink a warm beverage kind of rotation. DS is off with XH for the weekend as of last night after cub scouts, so it's just me and the dog for the moment. Although, he's going to be pretty mad at me since I work tonight and tomorrow night and am heading up to the mountains right after work on Sunday...

rr~I *could* have slept in this morning, since I didn't need to get DS up for school, But, no, I was good and did exactly what I would have done even if I had to take him to school...quick run on the hamster wheel at the Y, followed by spin class. It was a good, tough class, so hopefully that will help counteract the lack of workouts for the next week. bag.gif
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RR: ran 10 miles today which actually felt amazing. Iced foot right after run, took 2 ibuprofens, and wore heeled boots for the next 4 hours. It actually doesn't really hurt much right now. I'm icing now and will sleep in my boot so here's to hoping I found the right treatment.

NRR: friends hubby bought her two tickets to a women's conference at our church today and tomorrow, and she took me! It was great tonight and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is also ds2's 11th bday and we'll be going out to dinner. He wanted a unicycle and its actually really challenging but lots of laughs.
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JayGee, I'm sorry for the arthritis but hopeful that you will get some pain relief.

RM, I hope the foot keeps holding up with the current "regime"

Gaye, good luck with the chilly ski weekend. Brrrr!

RR- Bootcamp tonight and it was packed for the New Year. We went from 10 people last week to 22 this week. It made things really crowded when you add about 15 kids to gym, too.

NRR- This is the best clinical group I have ever taught. Other than needing to leave the house by 6, I am loving this course!

I have completely submitted one grad school application and the second is going in tonight or tomorrow. My 3rd choice school has a March 1st instead of Feb 1st deadline and that application needs a lot of work (totally different program focus so I can recycle my other essays/letters).
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I'm sooo behind. I posted 2 days ago but it disappeared. greensad.gif

RR: Got in a run yesterday. Really need to increase my runs to at least 3 days a week but it has rained almost every day. The creeks have all overflowed and some roads are washed out. Including ours. At least we've maintained electricity so far and no trees down as far as we can tell.

Yoga: Still working on organizing the yoga retreat for next weekend. I'm getting excited but I'm starting to get that hyperventilating busy feeling. Pant, pant. Anyway, I need to get in a good, long yoga session this weekend and then every other day or I'm going to ache all over. Just got my Yoga pedicure since I'll be barefoot all weekend. Had to shave first. Whoops, it's been a long time!

Plady, how are the girls?

JG, that bites! greensad.gif How frustrating! Have you considered alternative solutions? I have a few ideas but they may sound like old wives' tales.

JenLove, Yay for working on the resolutions. Have you tried substituting spelt for ww in bread recipes? One compromise we make is to use half ww and half white. It's not quite as fluffy as store-bought bread but not as dense as the pure ww bread either.

Poppy, Love that you followed your instincts. thumb.gif

MelW, that's wonderful!

Tjsmama, I want to go ski and have apres-drinks with you.

Sorry, I can't remember all the other responses I had!

Does anyone here use a dehydrator? Last year, my big purchase was a Vitamix and this year my big purchase is probably going to be an Excalibur. I dehydrate tons. My oven was full all day yesterday with pecans, almonds, walnuts & pumpkin seeds and it's like this about once a week. I want to start dehydrating veggies and fruit and make my own jerky but I can't babysit my oven like that more than I already do. Anyway, I researched a ton last year for the Vitamix and I think Kerc & I both ended up getting one. Kerc, do you still love yours? I'm going to try nut butter this weekend with my almonds, coconut oil & honey, I think. I use it all the time for soups & smoothies, though. Anyway, it's research time for dehydrators so if y'all have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

I'm tired. sleeping.gif
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Hi mamas,

JG - Sorry that that wasn't the kind of answer you were looking for.  I hope there are some fresh ideas to deal with it though now that you know what you're dealing with.


Lofty - Girls are back to normal, yay!


MelW- Congrats on getting the applications in, and on the great clinical group you've got. 


RM - Happy Birthday to ds!  A unicycle!  Whoa.


RR: Nope.


NRR: Last week the theatre held auditions for Into the Woods but I had decided not to go for a variety of reasons that all seemed good at the time.  Once it was too late I had non-auditioner's remorse but consoled myself that I'll have plenty of the show just working on the tech side.  Then yesterday the music director tracked me down and said that they think I might be right for Cinderella and would I come in to the callbacks and audition?  So I just got back from that.  I didn't blow anyone's socks off but I'm still hoarse from the tail end of my cold so hopefully that was obvious and they won't change their minds.  Once such a big role was held out there like a carrot I realized I really really want to do it.  So we'll see. 

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lofty ~ tell me your ideas! I'm open to any and all solutions!
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Lofty, enjoy your retreat! I hope all of the stress from planning fades away quickly.
I have a late 70s/early 80s stacking food dehydrator that does everything I need it to. The reviews are right for stackable a that the heat distribution isn't always equal, but it usually means I pull some trays a bit earlier than others. I use it primarily for kale chips. This summer I did a bunch of dried apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes and fruit leather. I bet newer models are quieter- the noise is my only complaint. I either run it through the night or put it in the garage for longer projects.

Plady, fingers crossed for you for Cinderella.

RR- Climbing gym today. Quite likely tomorrow, too.

NRR- Can you send lots of hurry up AF vibes my way? It's a day overdue, with the attempted IUD removal last month. And everything was supposed to be extra careful because of the radiation from my husband's bone scan. Gulp.

On a more positive note, top two applications are done and just awaiting some transcripts to arrive and references. No need to spend extra money on priority post and rushed transcripts this year!
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JG, before I go into a combination of old wives' tales, alternative medicine ideas, and other things I've read, remind me of the details. I like to hook up people with information and sources that are less medically invasive - not that it's a substitute - but just as something else to try.

RM, meant to say earlier what a cool idea a unicycle is. Dh had one when he was a kid. Loved it. The good thing (for a parent) when you've got a kid with a unicycle is everyone knows who and where he is. Dh says by the time he'd get home, his mom already knew where he'd been, etc. - and that was waaaaay before cell phones! By the way, that worked when he got his first car, too - a VW Thing. He never could get away with anything and maybe that was the idea!

MelW, that's just what I was wondering. Yes, I've read the noise is much quieter with the newer models. Yum, I crave kale chips. yummy.gif
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Lofty ~ Enjoy a few moments of that yoga retreat for me.  Heck, I'd take smooth, silky legs and a pedicure even.  LOL!  Also thanks for the idea of using half white and half wheat in the recipes.  do you have a bread recipe that you use often? 


Thinking of you, MelW!  Keep us posted!


Plady ~ Good luck!!! I'm sure you blew them away! <3


I did a CrossFit workout on Friday and it felt really good.  I'm a little sore, but not terribly.  I think this would be a good way to get back into a routine - it's specific to Moms (CrossFit Mamas on FB) who want to stay at home instead of going to a gym, and I need the strength.  I need to add some bulk for our farming year and it would be a good intro before running this spring. :)

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Morning mamas!


I need ideas!  Dd1 has a friend sleeping over who doesn't like eggs and we're out of milk.  I think I still have some frozen bananas (unless they ate them all last night), and I have nut butters and coconut milk and regular nuts.  Have any of you added coconut to those almond butter/banana 'pancakes'?  I don't usually like to cater to picky eaters but if our 'weird' diet is why dd's friends never want to sleep over here I figure I should make an effort!  She should have come over yesterday when we made jalapeno poppers for breakfast.


JenLove - Is crossfit like the bodyrock.tv stuff?  Body weight hiit?  If it is I bet it will get you nice and buff in time for plowing season!


MelW- goodvibes.gif Come on AF!


RR: I'm going to Just Dance today!


NRR: Had the monthly Bunco night last night and it was a nice night out with friends but everything served was off the wagon so hopefully it won't affect my resolve. 

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I hope you found something delicious for the friend, Plady. I've never added coconut, but I fry the pancakes in coconut butter, so I'm sure it would taste good.

JenLove, so cool that you're doing cross-fit at home. I have a friend who got very fit with crossfit.

RR- Climbing gym again today. My arms are feeling stronger all the time.

NRR- ... Still waiting. I'll probably crack and buy a test if nothing by tomorrow. Today's mood is much more dark humour (flipper baby radiation jokes) instead of yesterday's grouchy anxiety.
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JenLove - CrossFit at home? Tell me more! What kind of equipment do you have? I'm really interested.

MelW - hoping for that negative. I hate that feeling of "Oh crap! I'm late!"

RM - happy birthday to your DS! I agree that a unicycle sounds like a really cool gift.

RR - walking today, I hope.

NRR - DH and DD1 have both been sick all weekend. DH is sicker than I've ever seen him. No fever, oddly, but he feels SO BAD. He was literally moaning in pain in his sleep last night. And DD1 woke me around 3:00am because she couldn't sleep so I tossed and turned in her twin bed with her sweating body draped over me until I finally just got up at 6:00. No, I don't think today is going to be particularly wonderful, given my lack of sleep and the family's lack of wellness.
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Hi Mamas.


I'm sorry for not being more present here. I wish I could remember the personals I wanted to say but the truth is I can't. I'm flailing a bit here -- my mom lost another very close friend (who was also like a second 'mom' to me whenever I was in Israel), a close friend lost her father in law, another close friend's husband's cancer treatment is not going very well, and now one of my best friend here has her 6 year old daughter hospitalized with an infection of her mastoid bone and optic nerve impingement from a poorly managed (by a pediatrician who would not listen to my friend that something was not right) ear infection. greensad.gif This little girl who is like a member of my family is in for 4 weeks of IV antibiotics and probably will lose most of the school year if not all of it, her vision and hearing may be permanently affected. My friend is really barely managing.


Added to this -- my asthma seems to be back and I don't know what else to do (the steroid treatment I had a few weeks ago gave me side effects I really don't like, and I can't get a doctor here to see me, long story); my own kids' admittedly minor (but not to them) issues in school lately with ridiculous expectations and a loving but totally anti-progressive approach to education by their teachers/administration and I am sort of beside myself.


Even running isn't calming my anxiety.


So, please keep my friend's daughter in mind for prayers and light (Emunah Sarah bat -- daughter of -- Chana Laila). 


RR: 12 miles yesterday.

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JayGee: I hope your family feels better really soon.  This cold/flu season has been crazy bad. :(


I'm using the workouts from http://calicrossfit.blogspot.com/, and at this point I am playing it by ear what kind of equipment I will need.  I notice today that they are using a substitute workout if we don't have access to a tall wall and are using dumbbells instead of a large straight bar.


Suggested equipment:


10-20 lb dumbbells
jump rope
pull-up bar
10 lb weight ball
18" box 

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JayGee - Ouch.  Here's hoping you all get a nap today and that the worst is over for dh and dd.


MelW - goodvibes.gif Enough joking around AF!


Nic - Sending healing thoughts to you and those you love. 


Jennie - Thanks for posting that link!  I've got it bookmarked, I may even give some of those workouts a go, although some of them are very much like what we do in boxing.  I could benefit from adding a few days a week to my schedule though!

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jaygee~Hope everyone is feeling better!

nic~Hang in there. hug.gif Sending good thoughts to all.

I am checking in from Breckinridge where it is currently a balmy -2. cold.gif And that's up from -14 when we got up a couple of hours ago. We were going to hit the mountain at 10, but are now waiting till after breakfast/lunch so we don't flash freeze. orngtongue.gif In the meantime, we're having a fabulous up here in the ski house with the girls from work. The house is awesome, there was much eating and drinking and gossiping and game-playing and laughing last night. Apparently the party kept going until 4, but I crashed around 1. I literally could not stay awake any more. I worked Saturday night, and then we got a quick workout in and drove straight up. My fellow new grad lives up here, so we went to her place and crashed out for a few hours until everybody else got up here. We WILL ski today. Eventually. Maybe only for one run, but we'll ski!

rr~Only one treadmill was working in the employee workout room, so we split time on the elliptical. 15 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the treadmill before driving up yesterday. Definitely needed to get that workout in, since we consumed mass amounts of chocolate fondue and alcohol last night.

Speaking of chocolate and alcohol...I weighed in for our biggest loser contest yesterday and I was at (actually a pound under) my goal weight! joy.gif Good thing I weighed in yesterday, since I'm sure I'm back up over that today. rolleyes.gif
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AF is here!!! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

AF is here!!! smile.gif





Swam this morning. I'm turning into a crabby old masters swimmer.

But I swam.


Jaygee I hope everyone there is well soon.


Nick: sounds like a heavy time in your life. Fortunately (from FB) you found your ring!


Gaye:  I fantasize about a weekend away -- just me. And a hotel room with a bed as comfy as mine at home. So cold weather would be good for that. And 4 am? nope, never for me.


Sparkle: how'd the climbing event go?

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