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You can put me down for the Vermont City Marathon on May 26th.



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Quick swing by to sub for January.


Welcome back, Ann15!!


Thinking of you, poppy. May the process be smooth and low stress.

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Kristin vs squash
Squash takes it for three stitches.
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Kerc - we are having a day, huh? Ouch! Sorry you lost the battle round with the squash, but hoping you'll get 'em next time.

Thanks so much for all the kind thoughts and good vibes, ladies! It was an experience I won't soon forget, that is for sure. It's funny because I compare all pain now to the pain of childbirth, so it doesn't even come close. HOWEVER, I am not fond of having my breasts handled so much within a 2 hour time span by total strangers bigeyes.gif

Quick funny story: I was all set, the surgeon had just given me the spiel (what to expect, what to do, like no moving so he doesn't puncture my lung, etc). Then he meticulously starts to go through all the steps. I had my left arm above my shoulder while a wedge made me lay a little off center to my right side (so, left side up in the air, as it were). He cleans off the area with that brown stuff, gets the whole thing sterile, gives me two short anesthesia shots, then turns around to get the next set of shots. Since I knew I would be in that position for a while longer, I went to move my arm, because it was starting to ache, just so I would NOT move it while he had instruments in me, and he turns around right at that moment. He firmly says "Don't. Move.This is why I went through all of that in the beginning" I was so busted! What I really wanted to say was: "Yes, I remember the spiel, yes, I know you don't want to puncture my lung but you weren't sticking anything in me right at that moment! I thought I was OK right then to move just a tiny bit!" Instead what I said was "I'm sorry I'm so sorry!" surrender.gif He was all nono02.gif

Can I just say, though, that the ultrasound tech/nurse lady was so awesome. She was the same one who did the diagnostic ultrasound a few weeks ago, and I liked her then, so we had some time to chat and she's great. During the procedure when I made a little sound from pain, she held my hand and squeezed it. She's a mom (we talked about our kids) and I was like - yes, that is exactly what I would do and thank you!

Now that the numbing stuff has worn off, I feel the pain. It feels like I have been in a bar fight....not that I know what that is like. I feel like I have been pummeled.

Pathology should be back on Friday, but more likely on Monday. And so I wait! I am seriously so very sure that it will come back fine, I am not worried. Just another life experience down, I suppose.

THANK YOU AWESOME MAMAS for keeping me in your thoughts today. Those Dingo vibes are STRONG! blowkiss.gif
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Love you, Poppy! I'm so glad that experience is over and I'm ready for the results to be behind you, as well! Still sending the goodvibes.gifhearts.gif

Mel38, Thank you for that race list. Wow, it is so inspiring.

Dingos everywhere, I am in awe of you! bow.gif
Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

I am trying to explain to dd the value of thinking thoughts without always vocalizing them. I guess I am glad they feel so free to express themselves, but jeez.
So could you share that explanation? I think this is just what one of mine could use.

Kristin, stitches? greensad.gif

No run today. Another crazy day. Wanted to start W30 - but actually I don't even know what that is. eyesroll.gif Well I guess I wanted to start a sugar-free, grains-free month but I have not had a chance to organize, orchestrate, plan anything nutritional yet. Returned home today after car debacle and pick up car from shop tomorrow. Good friend is popping in town Friday which is turning into a bit of a party. So, maybe next week? But what is W30 anyway?

RR: not yet but I can hardly wait to get back out in my new shoes. Maybe tomorrow afternoon if we are back from the "big city" before dark.
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W30= Whole30= http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/

Poppy, I'm glad everything went well today. Now I'll focus my healing energy on your cells in the lab.

Kerc, yikes!!! Where are the stitches?

NRR- First day of clinical teaching. I'm chugging along until Saturday, which will have been 6 days (or nights) straight of work. My youngest is unimpressed.

RR- Trying to work out an exercise plan for while husband is in Ireland. I considered joining a gym with child care, but the child care hours suck. I can do bootcamp and wall climbing, both once a week with kids there, but other than that I might be limited by what I can do at home. We might try some more kids bike/mum runs, but speed and distance are both limited by what a three year old (who is not keen on a stroller) can do.
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Poppy - Sending happy healing energy towards your cells too.  I'm so glad it's so far so good and the biopsy wasn't a nightmare.


Lofty - lol.gif Love your enthusiasm for the mysterious W30!  We're off and running and the kids are tearing through the fruit.  I hope that that helps curb the withdrawal and doesn't totally invalidate any benefits.


Kerc - Poor finger!  It seems unfair to have to hold off on skiing for a finger issue. 


Nic - I admire you for throwing down that goal!  I'm sure it'll be completely gratifying.


Sparkle - Thinking of you as we devour Season 2 of Downton Abbey on hulu. 


RR: Nothing today, not sure about boxing tomorrow, I'm suddenly fighting a cough and I'm not sure that 90 minutes of killing myself is the right choice.  Any advice?


NRR: I had a totally stupid afternoon of DIY car maintenance.  I've been needing an oil change for months (and killed my last car by putting them off) so today I thought I'd go ahead and do it myself.  It was sunny, I had all the gear and back when I was in college I did it all the time.  So I crawl under the car and empty the transmission fluid. eyesroll.gif  Then I empty the oil, all is well, but then can't get the fricking filter off.  I tried everything I could come up with but in the end had to have dh come out and do it for me bag.gif.  It took hours though I'd only planned for minutes so all sorts of other things didn't happen, mainly promises to little girls to play. Next time, Jiffy Lube!

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Looking forward to hearing an all-clear whistle, poppy. Beaming whatever I can muster. goodvibes.gif


kerc, of all the times of year! Noooooo! I hope you're a quick healer, and that you take whatever steps necessary to ensure that it does heal well enough before embarking. That sucks, mama. But I am glad you still have the finger.


Plady, we're DIYers too and I have been there, where a tiny job like a lightbulb turns into taking apart what feels like a full quarter of the car, and then fitting the damn thing back together is worse than a stupid rubik's cube. Anyway, I'm sure it still felt good to have it done. We obviously no longer have the tools or the space--and then oil disposal would be an issue, etc.--but dh found a place that does oil changes at a fraction of what we paid in Dubai. Man, what is up with Dubai?!


MelW, I think that 3yo age is just the hardest when it comes to working out. They are heavy to carry, they tend to have their own agenda, and of course you can't just tell them to be good and not answer the door for an hour while Mom raises her heart rate a little. But even once or twice a week will at least help until something more regular is possible again? Suit them up in snowsuits and...? I don't know. Those years were hard, and I know I relied on my husband to make the time possible for me. Babysitter?


Re: W30, I am already popping out a little less over the top of my jeans, so that's really good. Been super tired and sleeping a lot, but today walked to the gym with the kids for a short elliptical ride, followed by some ab work, then yoga and then the walk home. Just trying to keep it all moving and stretching until my endocrine self catches up with my superego. Was knees straight and flat palms on the ground easy, first try, today, so I am not making this stuff up. Now roasting a couple pans of vegetables, with potatoes on one side for my starch-eaters. I'm having cauliflower and carrots with my sausages and rocket salad.


It's official back to school online, and I think the kids IRL here go back Sunday. It will be nice to have the outdoors to ourselves again (ourselves + tourists) in a few days. And I am feeling an itch to run, so I hope to report a real-live, both-feet-off-the-ground-at-once gait in the coming days. Long time coming.

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I was curious, too, about W30... until I read that I would have to give up my red wine. disappointed.gif Not gonna happen. lol.gif But seriously, I did re-read the website and am making changes to my diet for the new year. Mostly no refined sugar and limited grains. Not W30 by any stretch, but it gives me some structure to my diet that I sorely need after the holidays. Strange, but I feel immediately better when I tell myself that I'm just not eating such-and-such.


Jo, AD sounds so much better in so many ways than Dubai! So glad to hear it.


Poppy, I hope you are feeling good today and have no pain from the procedure. It sounds uncomfortable! Jeez, I would call that a rather brusque bedside manner. Glad you can laugh about it, I would probably have been all peeved the whole time. irked.gif How nice that the tech was the same one and was such a good comfort-giver. I love that how some people in the medical field just seem to know when someone needs a touch or a kind word.


Kerc, ouch, no! I hope it heals quickly.


Plady. clap.gifdiy oil change (and transmission fluid, too!) You truly rock!


MelW, It is hard fitting in workouts with little ones. Is there any chance of finding a teen willing to come over for a while after school so you can leave the house for an hour or 90 min?


Lofty, what new shoes did you get? I missed that. I'm looking for something new.


Nick, got you down for Vermont City blowkiss.gif

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No time to post the personals I want to but sending lots of hearts.gif to everyone  blowkiss.gif

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Mel, Can you put me down for the Tinkerbell Half on Jan 20th? I may only run in spirit but I am registered and somewhat trained up. wink1.gif
kerc, for some reason I assumed you were playing a racket sport (squash) and got a cut near your eye. Now that I am caught up I am glad you won't have any facial scarring but bummer that it interferes with skiing.
lofty, you are so tuned in to the homeschooling and your boys - I find it inspiring.
jo, I adore how much better things sound in general. goodvibes.gif that W30 does all you need it to for you.
poppy, I know you are getting your all clear soon.
MelW, that is hard. greensad.gif I rely on my older two to be home so I can run early morning even when dh is gone. Is there any way a sitter or friendly swap could work?

I am a mess and sparkle has me checking my calendar when the anxiety strikes. Perhaps there is further action I should take beyond clarifying that I am going crazy but should be better on a particular dates not nearly soon enough?

RR 4 miles today and enough push ups and weights yesterday that knitting felt odd this morning. I know some dingos would understand. knit.gifjog.gif
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Yes. The squash was the organic kind. Intended for a soup. But half moldy and so I cut it before I roasted it. That'll teach me. TMI: The slice left a flap that opens away from the upper part of my body. That's the opposite of what you want for speedy healing. So if might be that after three stitches and careful tending I still end up with a giant scab and a lot of healing. In any event: fitness sorts of activity elevate my heart rate and the pulsing of blood makes it sore. So I continue to lay low.  Also no submergence due to the stitches. I think dh and I are going to try to take the kids on a local ski outting on Saturday. But damn. I use my hands for almost all the stuff I like to do: knitting, sewing, cooking, work. Ah well. Fortunately I just cut the skin and not anything like a tendon or anything. And I type a lot for work. A giant dressing is getting in the way. I think I move to a gauze pad sized one tomorrow (vs. a you broke your finger type splint). and then I think I can shower. Which is good since my options for washing my hair are limited.

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kerc - that sounds like a nasty cut! Damn squash!

poppy - yeah, the bedside manner there leaves a little to be desired. When I had my biopsy done, I had to lie face down on a table with my boob hanging through a hole and then squashed between the u/s plates. Not sure which procedure sounds less comfortable, yours or mine! Fingers crossed for a big old negative biopsy result for you.

I had my follow-up with pain management this morning. The doctor did a couple of physical tests and she really thinks it is a nerve problem in my spine (ie. herniated disc). I have an MRI scheduled for next Tuesday morning. The numbness and burning is driving me insane though. She also told me not to do any of my PT exercises, run or pretty much do anything physical until the MRI is read.

We took the tree down this morning and my house is slowly getting un-Christmased. I'm ready for things to get back to normal on Monday.
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MelW--could you put me down for the Yeti Chase 10K on Jan 27, the Ralston Creek Half Marathon on Feb 10, and the Colfax Marathon on May 19? Thanks!

kerc--that sounds awful. Hands are so important.

Poppy-- goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif
Originally Posted by mommajb View Post

kerc, for some reason I assumed you were playing a racket sport (squash) and got a cut near your eye. Now that I am caught up I am glad you won't have any facial scarring...[snip]
Sorry, but the bolded cracked me up. biglaugh.gif

Happy 2013 everyone!

RR: none this week.*cringe* Tried to run on Monday but the Plattsburgh Rec Center closed at 4--which is when I got there. (No, there was nothing on their website.) The roads are too snowy and narrow to run; it was also only like 13 degrees out and I hadn't packed running clothes for that kind of cold. Yesterday was 14 hours of traveling, though at least that includes feats of strength like pulling my bags while holding a 20-pound kid backpack and carrying a 25-pound kid through the park and ride parking lot. Should have done something today but didn't. And won't. bag.gif

NRR: Meh. I'm tired of being behind. It's very nice to be home, but there's so much to do (bills, laundry, take down Christmas stuff). The school reform people are up and running with their ridiculous school grades website and it's spreading via FB so I need to write an article about why it's misleading like yesterday, and then there's the fact that my Christmas cards are waiting for me to stop tying here and send them. bag.gif The shame.

I won't report on my trip, other than to say that it was cold and snowy and my in-laws new house is just as dirty as their old one, right down to the urine streaks down the toilet. Unlike their old house, it has wall-to-wall carpeting, but somehow that didn't deter them from putting down their large area rugs and smaller throw rugs on top of the carpet, apparently in pursuit of greater cat hair and dander retention. Breathing is overrated.

In good news, the Bally's by my house has a new offer of $10/month with no other fees. I'm going to call and see if it's true. If so, I'm there. They have a pool and Planet Fitness does not. They also have an indoor track and bosu balls and such, and Planet Fitness does not. I'm keeping my finger's crossed.

Had a yeast infection in December, took diflucan, it didn't clear up (first time it's not worked), called the nurse, she said try the 3-day monistat. Did that, mostly fine, little itchy before AF but figured no problem. AF finished and yeast infection returned last week, like Wednesday pm/Thursday. Tried to ignore it 'cause we were traveling but soon gave up and bought 1-day monistat and garlic on Friday (to make the rest of the day and the 2-hour drive to DH's grandmother's house bearable). Did the treatment that night, feeling both itchy and inflamed. Things felt better about 18 hours later. Kept eating garlic to be on the safe side, and dosing myself with probiotics. On Monday I was feeling itchy again and bought the 3-day monistat. The last dose was last night, but I'm still feeling a tiny bit itchy. Not sure if it's in my head at this point or whether it will flare again tomorrow. Took the last diflucan I had this afternoon to be on the safe side but am not noticing a difference. Not thrilled that the weekend is approaching 'cause either I need to see if someone can take a look tomorrow or get through the weekend one way or the other.

Thoughts? Am I doing something wrong? Missing something?
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Real - hug2.gif I don't know what else you could do that you haven't already other than dose yourself up with some Mommy's Little Blue Helpers and try to get a solid night's sleep.  And then do it again and again and again and again.  I worry about you mama, you need a break.

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Real - are you sure its not BV? The symptoms can be very similar. You should definitely go in and get checked, b/c if its BV you are making it worse with the yeast treatment. If its in fact yeast, eating garlic and probiotics at the same time will kill the probiotics. Also, garlic should be raw (sounds like yours was), and also you can put a clove inside your lady bits over night. I know, it sounds gross, but this will kill both BV and yeast, so if there is something else going on it could address that until you are able to see someone. Maybe take probiotics at night before bed, separated from eating garlic by at least 2 hours. Otherwise shrug.gif. I dont know.

Shanti - I have a knitting Q. I just finished a scarf with a lace pattern. Anyway, there were a lot of YO's. Is a YO just the putting over of the strand of yarn, or does it include taking the next stitch. I knit the pattern like a YO = put the yarn over and knit the next stitch, but the pattern did not turn out like the picture (still pretty but not the same) and it got me thinking that I was supposed to YO but the next K stitch is its own thing. So there were a lot of YO, SSK; do I do the YO and then immediately slip those two stitches, or YO/K1 first and then do the ssk?

RR: I seem to be waiting for the kids to be back in school. Its now been about 2 months since my last work-out? Something close. I am back to square one. Not a biggie; btdt, but the first few workouts are not going to be so fun, and somehow I cant seem to muster the psychic strength to just do it while using so much psychic strength to be with my kids 16 hours a day for nearing 3 weeks. Home-schoolers, I literally am in awe.

NRR: 3 more days. My DD2/baby turned 5 yesterday. I now officially have a 10, 8, and 5 year old.
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Real, your description of the IL's carpeting make me LOL.  I hope you feel better soon!


DH and I are getting serious about doing the house renovations we planned when we moved in 8 years ago.  We're paralyzed by options and cost.  I've got an architect coming on Sunday.  Getting real. 


I'm doing as much course prep for the semester as possible.  I'm teaching 2 class (one of which is brand new and team taught with a brand new prof) and I'm terrified. 


kerc, I hope your squash injury heals.  Those healthy foods are dangerous!


poppy, I hope you get positive news today and they don't make you wait through the weekend.  Glad it went well, and I'm even happier to hear they didn't puncture your lung in your quest to move you arm.


hola.gif Dingoes!

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Geo - do you know about Houzz.com Talk about endless options and being overwhelmed lol.gif and we're just re-doing bathrooms

Plady - better get cracking on Downton; season 3 starts Sunday - Woot!
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Yup, discovered in the last 24 hours via pinterest.

The conflicting needs are mostly what's so hard. The kitchen faces east and is light via the windows. We want to add a mud room. The logical place is exactly there, which would result in a dark kitchen. We have doors that run into each other, but I can't see where to put them. Adding an outside door with the mud room will screw up the back porch, making overhangs all weird. The kitchen needs triangles. We need to get the fridge out of the main doorway. It's a mess.

YO SSK: add the yarn over. Then slip the next two stitches and knit them together. You'll end up with the same number of stitches. A YO adds a loop on the needle in your right hand (with the worked stitches) and gives you a loop to knit on the next row.
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Geo - I know how to do the YO and the ssk lol.gif But Im wondering if I put the yarn over and then k1, or put the yarn over and then slip the two stitches. Does that make sense?

Can you leave the windows in the kitchen but just have them look into the mud room. It wold be second-hand natural light but still some natural light?
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