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I love reading how everyone's doing, I just don't feel chatty this pregnancy. Hmmm. Maybe I'm just exhausted with the other kids, my brain turns off when I finally get some quiet.
But I'm always here lurking... smile.gif
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delilahbeau: As far as hypnobirthing classes, I took a one on one session during my first pregnancy and found the practice with someone very helpful the first time through. I used a different practitioner for a refresher when I was pregnant with my daughter and she was a quack. I could never relax when I worked with her and she didn't help me at all. The books would have been enough in that case, but the first time through it did help working with someone who knew what they were doing, didn't try to tell me horror stories about hospital births vs home births and listened to what I wanted to get out of the experience.


babytoes: We saw the hobbit a week ago. We had arranged for a baby sitter for my MW appointment and when my MW canceled to attend a birth, we took the opportunity to have a date night. Fun movie! My 8 year old wants to see it since he read the book, but it was a bit too scary for him to see in the theater. We'll wait until it's on DVD so he can skip the scenes that scare him. For some reason, the scary scenes in a book don't bother him, but they do on the screen.

BUT, I did laugh in the theater when it occurred to me that the one big elf was the guy from the matrix. 


writermama: Hope the writing is going well! 

scruffy too: Congrats on getting the baby room finished. I am getting frustrated with my hubby. He keeps dumping stuff in there when he's cleaning. I just noticed he put all the Christmas decoration bins in there instead of putting them away. I can't do a thing in there until those are out. 


spughy: I think I have the same wish. :) No breastfeeding problems being my #1, and I could do without the PPD. 9 lb baby doesn't scare me as much as it should, but does a little. 


withlittlelungs: I would cry about pricking my finger, too. Hope things are going ok for you.


buko: Good luck with working with your DP. I sometimes wish my husband and I could work together. We actually met in college when we were assigned together as lab partners. (Found out later he spoke to the prof to ask if we could be assigned together). We arranged to have our schedule as close as possible and worked together a lot. I miss that time.


ClumsySugarPlum: It was so much fun when the kids figured out santa. I think my son is onto me for who santa is. My daughter asked me if I believe in Santa this year, and I replied with a question, "Do you?" I'll be sad when it ends.


Chapsie: Sorry you're sick, too. Hope you're on the mend.


AFM: I had thought I had food poisoning, but 2 kids went home from my son's class with the same symptoms and lots of friends are complaining on FB. So, it is some nasty bug going around. Not at all fun. Still not up for eating much, but keeping things down. 

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I haven't been posting much lately, but I am keeping up and reading along.  :)

DH and I are off this morning to go on a trip to NYC!  We are going to have a great time just relaxing and doing what we want to 3 days.  Can't wait to come back refreshed!  :)


Talk to you all soon!



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I am reconsidering my birth practitioner. I really want a home birth and this MW is my only option for that, but it's becoming apparent that there are some things that are a problem for me. My biggest concern is how hard it is to get a hold of her and how hard it is to schedule an appointment. She told me at my last appointment that I should be seen every two weeks. My last appointment was Nov 30th. She canceled for a birth on the 14th, rescheduled for the 21st. Canceled for the 21st for another birth and rescheduled for the 4th with her back-up MW, who just sent me a text that she is canceling and will reschedule for the 11th. I would blame it on the holidays, but the same fiasco happened prior to my last appointment and it was 6 weeks between those appointments for the same reason, cancelations. So, I've called her about rescheduling on numerous occasions and she never calls me back. Then when she does, she complains that she isn't getting her voice mails, like they will show up 6 days later. She made a comment during my last call that she had a mom call her in early labor on Monday and had just got the message on Wednesday. I am having nightmares about this situation. I hate to give up on the idea of a home birth, but if I can't trust my birth practitioner to show up and end up at the hospital with whoever is on call, am I any better off? The other part that is freaking me out is we didn't hire a doula this time because we had a MW who assured me she would act as a doula if I went to the hospital, but if I end up not using her that option is out. I attribute my positive outcomes in my previous births to having a doula present. Ugh. I hate to have to make this decision at 30 weeks pregnant, but I don't believe I can wait.

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Melany that doesn't sound good - it sounds like your midwife is overbooking herself.  My MW is a sole practitioner as well but I have yet to have her cancel an appointment.  I hope you can find someone else.


Buko - I sure hope working with your DH goes well!  I met my DH at work - I was his project manager, he was a contract software engineer - and I asked to be REMOVED from that project as soon as we started dating!  I would never work with him again, ever.  I have to do enough management at home.  You know that joke about managing software engineers being like herding cats? With DH, it's that particular kind of neurotic cat that spazzes out for no reason and comes barrelling into the room at odd hours with its fur all spiky and a crazed look in its eyes. I wouldn't go back to work in the tech sector, anyway.  Bleh.


Have fun in NYC Jodie!!!


MW appointment for me this morning.  Now I must go prepare food for my small creature.  I am attempting - with her blessing - to train her to do more in the kitchen.  She's quite competent making pizza now (from scratch, dough and everything) and tonight she's going to make chicken wings and coleslaw.  And she's perfectly capable of opening a can of soup and heating it... so as long as the cupboards are well-stocked after the baby arrives, I can probably get away with occasionally not getting off the couch to make her food.

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Aw chapsie! I think that is equal parts distressing and adorable on dd's part. I hope you're recovering with the support of DH. 


I second chocolatechip on the papaya enzyme. It has so many benefits. Oh, you got bit by a centipede? slap a papaya on there. They are miraculous.


Writermama, thinking positive thoughts for you and your mother. 




Ds was overwhelmed on Christmas. We got through the presents and I tried to get him to look in his stockings and he was just over it. Things are going back to normal now, he "pays pay doh" everyday and wants to look at the sonogram picture of "baby sistuw" most days. He likes to climb into the bassinet in the living room and asks for milk bottles but when I explain those things are for "baby sistuw" he tells me I'm silly because baby sister is in my tummy. Mkay. Yup, she's just going to stay in there.. Too bad she has plans to escape ASAP.


My VBAC plans are out the window. She's measuring big, my anemia is back with a vengeance, and the gestational diabetes news was not great either. To compound all of this, I (knock on wood, cross your fingers and whatever else you can spare) am still supposed to be headed to Oklahoma in April. This has huge implications for the future and I do not have an option to delay or not go. I have been primarily seeing the OB for the past few appointments, with my anemia and the need to be within medical standards for my job, and the need to travel so soon after the birth, I am having the elective C-section. We discussed if I go through another long labor, then need the C-section at the end anyway, and how much more traumatic that can be and really end up losing more blood. 


And finally I've been amassing the baby stuff. My health insurance covered my $455 breast pump completely and I am ridiculously happy about that. I think I almost jumped for joy. I also found out I will have $0 out of pocket with the birth. Sweet relief, haha. We have the bassinet set up, have swaddles, bottles (because of my imminent return to work), the car seat and most of the other "big items" or important ones so now the only looming expense is the cordblood banking cost. I've been thinking about asking folks to contribute to that rather than give other gifts but I haven't made up my mind whether that's too tacky yet. Ha. 

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Sorry about your VBAC plans, beautifulnm.  It sounds like you're in a good place with it all mentally though and that's half the battle, right?  And that's awesome about your insurance covering your breast pump!!!


I have not done any research on cordblood banking.  I vaguely remember seeing some statistical analysis that made it seem like a poor use of resources but I really need to look into it more.


My MW appointment went well.  I am measuring appropriately now (29 weeks) yay!  My blood pressure is fine and my MW is okay with me having lost a few pounds and still thinks it's a good idea for me to stick to a GD diet/exercise protocol.  Baby's heartrate is good and strong and it seems to be head-down although my MW wasn't 100% sure about that.  Baby still has plenty of room to rock and roll in there so I'm not too concerned. 

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I haven't heard anything further than the text message cancellation for tomorrows MW appointment. The message said "maybe" my MW's assistant can be there on her own. Still don't know if that maybe is a definite. I'd like to know since I have a sick child at home and would need to arrange for my husband to take a 1/2 day in the AM to stay with her so I can drive to the appointment. I cried a bit. Cuddled my sick 7 year old for a bit. Called my sister when my daughter crashed for a nap and then I made a "meet and greet" appointment with the MW who does hospital births for 1:15 tomorrow. I may have forgotten to mention to the receptionist that I am 30 weeks along, but it will be pretty obvious when I walk in, haha. 

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Had a busy day today and am realizing how pregnant I really am! 


Started with a visit to my mw. Everything looks good - heart rate was strong, my bp was good, belly was measuring basically on target (I think, she never says much unless there is a problem), and my weight is OK although it's clear that I'll be going over my initial "goal" of 20-25 lbs. I'm OK with it, but the numbers on the scale are screwing with my mind a bit. I think I'll be closer to 30-35 lbs when it's all said & done. We did talk about my needing to get a little more activity in, other than the classes I'm teaching (prenatal yoga) and I totally agree. It's just been so hard to fit it in this pregnancy. I'm a horrible fitness client for myself... I have all of the excuses that I would point out to someone else. I was also supposed to attend a prenatal/postpartum yoga training in a few weeks, but my mw seemed concerned that it could be too much for me at that point (I'd be almost 35 weeks). So I might see about postponing it. It won't be too active, but it is a long day compounded by an hour plus drive each way. So we'll see. Oh, and she thinks that baby is head down right now. It's still early to worry about and she's still a little small to get a good idea through palpation. But it was good to hear nonetheless.


After the appointment I met a friend for the "all you can eat" sushi lunch. I stuck to rolls & things, but man did I overdo it! I sent myself into a food coma -- DS & I each slept for about 3 hours today. Now I'm still stuffed and feeling foggy from too much sleep. I needed it, but now I know that it will mess with my sleep tonight. Oh well. I'll remember to set my alarm tomorrow.


Other than that, everything is good. Crossing my fingers that it stays that way.

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I love reading how everyone's doing, I just don't feel chatty this pregnancy. Hmmm. Maybe I'm just exhausted with the other kids, my brain turns off when I finally get some quiet.
But I'm always here lurking... smile.gif

privateeyes.gif Me too. innocent.gif
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Sorry about your VBAC plans, beautifulnm.  It sounds like you're in a good place with it all mentally though and that's half the battle, right?  And that's awesome about your insurance covering your breast pump!!!


I have not done any research on cordblood banking.  I vaguely remember seeing some statistical analysis that made it seem like a poor use of resources but I really need to look into it more.


My MW appointment went well.  I am measuring appropriately now (29 weeks) yay!  My blood pressure is fine and my MW is okay with me having lost a few pounds and still thinks it's a good idea for me to stick to a GD diet/exercise protocol.  Baby's heartrate is good and strong and it seems to be head-down although my MW wasn't 100% sure about that.  Baby still has plenty of room to rock and roll in there so I'm not too concerned. 

Indeed. It's one of those things you have to weigh out.. The work thing is really once in a lifetime and opens a lot of doors in the future. I survived the last C-section, and at least planning it in advance this time might mitigate some of the worst parts.


I guess there's two sides to the cord blood argument, like anything else.. i.e., it should be left alone, and let the cord stop pulsing.. and I guess it is a little cost prohibitive. It might be my own fears that are motivating me, not to use the cord blood for myself, but I did think about how scared I was when they thought I had leukemia because my anemia was so bad.. and having an option that does not require waiting on a donor even if it is expensive seems OK. 


What are your gd guidelines/exercise protocol? I haven't had my appointment yet and am just curious. 

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Wow, I've missed so much! So glad to go through and see how you have all been!

Beautifulnm, sorry about having to make that very difficult rpt c/s vs VBAC decision. It is a tough choice! Now that you made the decision, own it, love it, and know that it is right for you and your family!!! You mentioned anemia--- ever taken floradix liquid iron and herbs? It's really amazing stuff. You can order on amazon.com. After my first miscarriage, I hemorrhaged severely and even after 6 units of blood products, I was still rather anemic. With a one month bottle of floradix, my hemoglobin went up two points!!! And it's easy on the gut (non constipation). I really love the stuff!

Melany- ay yay yay! Hearing about how unavailable your mw is literally makes me feel sick. My Homebirth MW is also a solo practitioner but she only takes on 2-3 births a month and maintains a large well woman care practice as well. She has only cancelled one appt for a birth in the 2 years I have seen her. The other local Homebirth MW is notorious for missing births... I wouldn't be able to stand that! My midwife is always available through texts, calls, emails. If I text her and she doesn't answer right away, she tells me to call and leave a voicemail. She is very good about responding even if just to say "got your message, can't talk now, but I'll call back tonight."

I know my midwife would have come to see me in l&d if I was there with an IV like you just were. I'm assuming your MW wasn't there?

I feel so bad for you... Trusting your care giver is SO important!!! That's why I am shelling out 4 grand out if pocket for my Homebirth-- the care is worth it to me! I don't care as much about actually giving birth at home, I just love my MW. I had to switch providers for similar reasons in my last pregnancy at 27 weeks, and it was TOTALLY worth it. I hope you have peace about whatever choice you have to make! Do what is best for you. What will give you more peace of mind about your birth?

Delilah, I think it was you asking about hypnobirthing? I'll throw my 2 cents in. I did half of a hypnobirthing course last pregnancy and didn't care so much for it. I dropped out and ordered the hypnobabies home study course (about $135, worth every Penney) and did the whole thing at home. It is so amazing and effective! I would highly recommend.

AFM... I am still super sick. This is day 7. My flu turned into a nasty sinus infection. Fevers, exhaustion, violent coughing, blowing my nose literally every 2-5 minutes. I saw the doctor today who gave me a script for amoxicillin (not much else to take when you are pregnant!) and put me on "bed rest" for the next few days (ie no going to work and stay on my bed or couch all day). Since that is what I've been doing all week anyway, I'll just keep it up! This is week has been so hard. It just further confirms to me that this is my last baby! Being sick and pregnant is just too miserable!

I also bought some new diaper covers, prefolds, and mama cloth for postpartum. My favorite part of my day is checking for fluffy mail. smile.gif. 29 weeks... It's starting to hit me how much I need to do before baby comes!!!
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What are your gd guidelines/exercise protocol? I haven't had my appointment yet and am just curious. 


Well, for me it's just going back to a mostly paleo-style diet: focus on meat (including eggs & seafood) & veg (majority of calories from the former, bulk from the latter) with some nuts, fruits (not dried) and dairy (which I tolerate well).  It's a little stricter than the standard advice which also involves whole grain products, but I do not tolerate those at all well and would prefer to manage my diet without aching joints and gastrointestinal distress. My "cheats" are Nut Thins crackers (an excellent vehicle for cream cheese) and trail mix that I don't pick ALL the dried fruit out of.  Exercise is just as much as I can manage at this point, which is walking, swimming, and weights workouts, just something every day, and as much low-level constant puttering (conventionally known as "housework" as possible.)  I feel best on this type of diet & exercise ANYWAY and have followed it for much of the past 3-4 years so it's hardly a big adjustment or anything.  Here's a typical day for me:


breakfast #1: 2 hardboiled eggs with butter

breakfast #2: kefir smoothie with protein powder, nut butter, prunes & rhubarb (been having some constipation in the past week, this works like a hot damn), plus kale if I have it

lunch: green salad with whatever veggies are in my fridge and yummy raw, topped with leftover meat from a previous dinner (steak is yummiest)

afternoon snack: cheese, crackers and 1/2 apple, pear or orange

dinner: good serving of protein (fish or meat), 2 or 3 kinds of vegetables prepared in whatever way turns my crank, and maybe a very small serving of potato if the rest of the family is having some.

later snack: frozen blueberries & cheese, nuts or salami-type things


Fortunately this is pretty much what DD and DH would choose to eat as well (minus the dairy for DH, plus occasional morning oatmeal or toast soldiers for DD).  I also need to make some jerky for snacks because we all really like it and I need some extra iron as my hemoglobin's a bit low (I usually make it from beef heart, which is a GREAT source of iron).  The hardest thing is eating this MANY meals a day - I prefer to not eat so frequently, but small meals every few hours keep the blood sugar more even, which is better.  Small meals also don't spike blood sugar like large ones, regardless of content.

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Chapsie, did you have some sort of norovirus?  I've been seeing a lot of stuff in the news about it - apparently several large hospitals here have closed wards or wings because of noroviruses and a lot of hospital staff have gotten sick.  It sounds awful.  I hope you feel better soon.  I'm glad your doctor is making you take time off and rest.

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I know my midwife would have come to see me in l&d if I was there with an IV like you just were. I'm assuming your MW wasn't there?

No, she was not. She also didn't call. I texted her with an update the next day (her request). But, I did get a 1/2 hour lecture on the danger of home birth from the doctor on call from my GP since they had to call him

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Spughy-- what a yummy diet! I think I'm going to try some things from your list. My appetite is coming back full force and I want to eat!

It wasn't norovirus--- my stomach wasn't affected at all (no vomiting or diarrhea). It seems to me that it as a classic case of influenza that turned into a sinus infection. It started out with fever, chills, body aches and muscle pain with some upper respiratory stuff (stuffy nose and sore throat and coughing) which got better for a day after 3 days of being sick. I did too much (new years eve) and I took a turn for the worse and my fever came back and the congestion/ coughing got a thousand times worse. It was to the point where I couldn't chew because the sinuses above my molars on my maxilla were so tender that it hurt to touch my teeth together even the slightest. I wound up losing 4 pounds in a couple of days and I lived off of broth and milkshakes. I am definitely recovering-- maybe 50% better? Muscle aches are all gone, still have a fever, and my face hurts from sinus pressure (which causes headaches. I am most sore now above my eyebrows and in my cheekbones). I've gone through hundreds of tissues. I will spare you the gory details of what the "stuff" in the tissues looks like (its not pretty!)

Really glad to even be aware enough to be writing this. I was so out of it from sheer exhaustion for a few days that I couldn't concentrate for more than 15 to 20 minutes, after that time I'd get really dizzy and have to close my eyes.

Being sick while pregnant is the pits!
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Originally Posted by Melany View Post

No, she was not. She also didn't call. I texted her with an update the next day (her request). But, I did get a 1/2 hour lecture on the danger of home birth from the doctor on call from my GP since they had to call him

Ugh, so frustrating. So sorry that you got "the talk" from "well meaning" hospital staff. I have also been a recipient of "the talk." When I was admitted to the ER last summer for post miscarriage hemorrhage, they asked me who my primary OBGYN was. When I said I saw a certified nurse midwife and they realized that she did homebirths, I got lectured about how dangerous Homebirth was and how it was a poor decision that I was making and how could I be that careless with my baby's life? What really made me LIVID was the fact that I was in critical condition at the time, totally defenseless, I was no longer pregnant (my baby had just been miscarried!), and the hemorrhage had absolutely nothing to do with the fact I had a Homebirth midwife. In fact, the ER was who had sent me home and dismissed me the day before with no idea what to expect, and the Homebirth midwife is the one who urged me to call 911 when I began bleeding.

Anyway... My midwife, although she didn't have privileges there at the time, came to be with my husband and I in the ER and stayed with my husband until I was out of surgery. She served as kind of a doula-- caring advocate. I was so grateful to her that she was there for me during such a scary time. I know I can really count on her when I need her.

It sounds like in the vet least, you need to have a long talk with your midwife and tell her what your concerns are and see how she will address them. Be honest. Tell her you are frustrated at all the cancelled appointments and that she is so hard to get a hold of. If she doesn't apologize and make some attempt to fix things for you, I think it would be wise to seek care elsewhere. I would be so mad if I contacted my midwife in early labor and she didn't get the message until 2 days later!!!! That's unacceptable IMO.

Good luck...

How have you been feeling since your night in hospital, btw?
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Chapsie, thanks for the floradix recommendation. I had just looked at that on amazon yesterday. I think I'm going to give it a shot since the regular red iron pills destroy my stomach and for a good hour I feel dizzy/nauseated after taking them. 


Spughy, I agree your diet sounds good. I've tried to limit my fish intake because of the mercury warnings but it's so good.. I'm always hungry for the opakapaka, the opah, and the ahi.. the big offenders on the list. I need to rethink salmon and other "freebie" fish. I just like bad stuff :\ I love my grains/carbs too, but since I found out I'm trying to focus on the ones with a decent amount of soluble fiber.. Also have been craving pb+j. If that won't spike your blood sugar idk what will haha. 


and I second Chapsie on it being downright unacceptable that she knows she isn't getting all of her messages and is not adamant about getting that handled when she is a midwife, needing to be available essentially ALWAYS. 


finally, I'm having nosebleeds. Is anyone else? Disconcerting to be cooking dinner and realize there is blood dripping from one's nose :\ 

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I'm always reading, too, just don't have much to add right now.


Melany - sorry to hear about your Midwife.  Mine is a sole practitioner, too, and only takes 2-3 clients a month.  However, despite how many clients your midwife has, I'd still expect professionalism at all times (which includes returning phone calls / texts...)  


Since September, I'm my Midwife's only client (it's pretty small where I live and having a midwife isn't as popular as I had thought).  But it's great!  I have my very own midwife all to myself!! energy.gifShe's having DP and I over to her place for supper next Friday as part of our scheduled appointment, so I get to meet her 6 kids.  Should be fun!  And I have a sneaking suspicion she'll be serving bear...  At our last appointment last week, she and my mom met (my mom was a maternity nurse and will be attending the birth).  They got along very well and I think my mom feels better about my decision to go with a midwife since meeting her.  I also gained 2 lbs since my last appointment (which pleased everyone - not that anyone was concerned about my weight loss but my midwife is quite happy to see a gain on the scale.)  So I'm officially back to what I weighed at my first appointment at 8 wks pregnant (242 lbs in case anyone's interested.)  AND, my blood pressure was the best it's ever been measured at!!!


I've been much less emotional these last few weeks.  Until today (and yesterday...)  Today I have an appointment to hear an apology from the mean boss at work who call me "entitled" for wanting to keep myself and the baby safe by not working with violent/assaultive criminals.  I've known about this appointment for a couple weeks, and have felt really positive about it, but this morning I was working on what I have to say first (I'm supposed to tell him how it made me feel, which I'm not really doing, just saying it was a low blow to kick me when I was already down) and I'm all teary.  It's very frustrating to me, to say the least.


Beautifulnm - I second the floradix recommendation.  I tried the liquid stuff (Midwife gave me a sample) and it's quite iron-y.  But not bad.  But I went with the tablets/pills.  My iron isn't too bad, so I only take it when I know my diet was low in iron for the day.  I am not getting nose bleeds, but my nose is soooo dry at night I'm surprised I'm not.  And during the day, it's constantly running.  Go figure!!


Chapsie - feel better soon!!  Being sick sucks.


Jodie - have a great vacay!


I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of you, but like I said in the beginning, I may not be posting, but I'm always lurking!! 

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I opted to try to get past my feelings and anger and decided to go to my 10AM canceled and then un-cancelled appointment with my MW. Good appointment, but I had to bring my daughter since she is home sick, again. This made me nervous for a MW, so we also brought our own toys so she wouldn't play with the ones in the waiting room and I asked her if she had something we could use to wipe down anything Neva played with. She was feeling well enough to eat this morning, but wasn't 100%, so we kept her home since it was a half day at school, anyway.


When my MW pulled out the big Rhogram shot and my little girls eyes turned to saucers, I took her out to the waiting room which was ideal so I could talk to her without scaring my daughter. I've tried to bring Neva to appointments, but it's mostly to hear the hearbeat and the fun stuff to help her feel involved in this. Once Neva was out of the room, I had to make a MAJOR effort to not go into emotional Mel mode (it is so much harder to not slip into that mode, lately) and I told her I needed to address the phone calls, even though I know she's working on it. I told her that I am having nightmares about not being able to contact her and that I am really feeling unsettled about it. I didn't tear up (phew) and I think I managed to sound level headed (it IS possible!).


She sighed and talked about what has been going on with her phone. Apparently her cell provider has redone their service area near her home and she has gone from being covered at home to no service. She has filed complaint after complaint. They finally are putting in a new antenna near her house and if that doesn't fix it she is planning to move to a satellite phone. She also gave me her husband's phone (which isn't going out of service, I forgot to ask why) and the number for another assistant. So, now I have 5 phone numbers to contact her. She then told me in the worst case situation, her fax machine is next to her head and to send a fax, which always gets through.  


I don't think I addressed my concerns with the repeated cancellations very well, so I'm not sure how I feel about that. Granted, the last few in a row have been around big holidays. Should I give her the benefit of the doubt and hope it is resolved?  


I'm still meeting with the hospital birth MW at 1:15. Not sure if I should take my sick little girl, but I want my husband there, too. Maybe I'll be one of the mom's who hands her 7 year old her iphone with some headphones. Ugh! I just don't think it's kind of me to bring my sick daughter while this woman is going to be around newborn babies.

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