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Any New Years Babies?

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Anyone get to meet their little one over New Years?

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I'm wondering the same thing!  Or if maybe any New Years Day babes are on their way!  My little one is still tucked away inside, no signs of coming out yet.

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Same here!

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I was really hoping for one.  (Right, like the rest of you weren't? lol)  No win...

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I did have my hopes up briefly during a bout of contractions... But they stopped. 39 weeks today. Right smack dab in the middle of when my other two came (38+5 & 39+2). This one seems in no hurry to make his appearance.

Getting a ridiculous amount of questions and comments from people which is making me feel a little stabby (not literally... lol... but every response I give is a little more sarcastic than the last.) I'm seriously considering turning off all of the electronics and phones and hiding away until after birth.
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I think I'm going away from any kind of social media as well.

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I don't mind other people asking when the baby is coming. I am driving myself nuts though. Every time I feel anything I think I must be going into labor! I wish I could just let myself relax.
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I always fudge my EDD by a good couple weeks (and even then keep it vague - "oh, late January-ish") to family and all but a couple close local friends who are on call to keep my kids company.  After my family drove me crazy with the calls with #1 I swore I'd never give a due date again.  Of course, every pregnancy my stepmom would ask if "they" have given me a DD yet.  eyesroll.gif

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Lol, a little "stabby." It seems I look a lot smaller than people expect so everyone who's asked when I'm due is surprised that it's so soon. Even so, I haven't told many people anything more specific than "January." Who really knows when it will be, anyway.


I'm in the making myself crazy boat. Every twinge or leaky feeling I wonder if it's beginning. And then it's not.

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I'm already getting texts & Facebook messages asking if I've had the baby, or declaring unbelief that I'm STILL pregnant- I'm only 37 weeks! I so dread going back to work next week...I am going to hide out in my classroom & avoid the hallways as much as possible, I think.
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I'm already getting texts & Facebook messages asking if I've had the baby, or declaring unbelief that I'm STILL pregnant- I'm only 37 weeks! I so dread going back to work next week...I am going to hide out in my classroom & avoid the hallways as much as possible, I think.
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Oh, I can handle the random "is baby here yet"'s... It's the constant hounding from people who 1/ have been asked to stop and aren't respecting those boundaries and 2/ will be the first people to know when something is up and have been told this.
My usual response when telling people I'm due is "in January", but that still hasn't stopped people from hounding me this time. There's a few people who check in daily and sometimes multiple times a day wanting a progress report of how I'm feeling, questions about my cervix, and suggestions on how to induce at home ( uh... No thanks). At 37 weeks I as told to "a soap enema will get things moving"... Among other things. And the daily check-ins/suggestions started around Thanksgiving, so it's a little old and frustrating at this point since I'm still not even at my due date yet.

This is #3 and this is the worst these few people have ever been. I don't know wtf is up with them this time. I'm not doing anything new that I didn't do last time; Homebirth and waiting for baby to come when he's ready. *shrug*
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When I got up yesterday I thought for sure it was the day-several hrs of decent contractions. Oh well. My 'due date' is saturday and except for my oldest dd I've never gone this long!

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I'm due Friday but I've decided to convince myself that my due date is actually the 12th.  I'm hoping that this will keep me from thinking every twinge is "IT." 

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I've been telling myself from the beginning that I should just plan to be pregnant until January 21st (my "due date" is January 6th) so that anything before the 21st is "early!" lol.  It worked up until about 38 weeks...at which point I finally just wanted the baby to come out!  As it stands now, I would be super surprised if I went into labor before Sunday the 6th and I'm trying my hardest to go back to my original intention of being pregnant past 42 weeks.  I would be ever so grateful if baby decided to come sooner than that though, I can't wait to be able to get out of bed by myself, put on my own socks and shoes, NOT have heartburn ALL THE TIME...the last few weeks are hard!

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I'm in the same boat of going back to thinking "42 weeks" now. I generally start off that way, but tend to have a hard time thinking I'll go that long since I've yet to make to 40 weeks. I do get the feeling that this baby will take his sweet time. wink1.gif Besides being uncomfortable, I'm actually feeling good mentally about it all. Especially now that I'm avoiding everything people related except here.
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Not much going on here, but baby did noticably drop a few days ago.  At east I can breathe again!  I had a few rounds of consistent contractions, but other than that, not much going on.  I'm feeling so impatient to get things going so I can stop obsessing about *when*...but then again, I keep thinking, eh, I should just enjoy the last few days or weeks of moderate rest that I can get.

Too much to do, don't want to do it!

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I thought for sure we were going to have a New Years Eve babe! I had several hours of good contractions 6 minutes apart, and by the time I went to bed they were down to 4 mins. They weren't terribly painful, but they were definitely strong - I could feel them through my back, into my cervix and down through the tops of my thighs. I am not due until the end of the month however and had a hard time believing this was 'it', and really did not want to bother my midwife at midnight on New Years Eve for a possible false alarm, so I went to bed figuring they will either get worse and wake me up, or peter off.


Throughout this entire pregnancy I have had such a strong feeling that this babe wouldn't come until the due date at the earliest, which is completely opposite how I felt the first two times. Since Monday however I've had pink tinged mucus, strong contractions and can feel the baby very low in my pelvis, so maybe he will be the wildcard and come earlier than I was expecting.

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I had my baby girl, Lydia Jane, on New Year's Eve!  I posted a pic and short story. :)

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Yay!!! Congrats! I'm off to go look at your pic!
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