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So my brother posted on FB yesterday that he doesn't believe in GOD! It caught me off guard that he would put something in writing in a public place where everyone can see it.

When I questioned him he said that he lost his faith a few years ago.


Something happened at church on Sunday that really bothered me. My assistant pastor who has always been "iffy" to me asked me to join him and two new families my age at the table for our potluck. I wasn't planning on sitting their but saw it as a good opportunity to meet new families. I went to make the baby her plate and when I came back all the adults had moved to the next table and left all their kids at the table where we were sitting. My pastor said oh I didn't mean to sit you at the kids table, come join us over here. But I just wasn't ok with ditching my kids. I got the vibe from them that they felt superior or something. It was so weird. I could tell he felt bad because he came back to see if I needed anything but it just didn't sit right with me. 


Does this happen at your church?

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glassesgirlnj- If I do teach a lesson it will be for teens. The church elders and I are not on the "same page" So I will be surprised if they let me.


trekkingirl- FIRST what happen with the house? About your brother...did you grow-up in a christian home? Did he walk "away"? I am NOT a fan of facebook. MDC is really my only hang-out.


About the pastor-- I don't get people in general.  I would feel weird about it to. In many ways we think that person is a christian why would they do XYZ???? REALLY WHY???

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trekkingirl, that does sound awkward!  Maybe the other parents aren't as "attached" as your family is, and so they figured all the parents would want to eat separately from their kids? 


Nazsmum, I am not a fan of Facebook either.  I am too paranoid about my privacy!  


I'd like to hear more about the role of pastors in Protestant denominations (it sounds like they're pretty different from Catholic priests in some ways).  What would the "ideal" pastor be like?  Have you ever had a pastor who came close to living up to that? 

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Never had a perfect pastor!! We are all human. The role of a pastor in my eyes is to help the "sheep". To give care in times of need. Basically being an under shepherd to Jesus that is the HEAD of the church. Also the pastor is a part of the over all church not the end all be all. (which has happened in many churchs)


I know that spirituality is not a debate forum.  I do have some "other" views that I will keep to myself. 

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The house is a short sale so it could take months to close. We submitted our offer to the bank with the sellers accepted signatures on the contract. The bank received the offer and has postponed the foreclosure date that had been set for March 5th. So now we are waiting to see if the bank will accept the price that the sellers accepted from us. again with a short sale the seller is selling their house for substantially less than they actually owe on the property so the bank is taking a loss by selling me the house. Their website said it should take about 30 days to hear back from them about our offer.


He's my step brother we're from a really blended family that was raised Christian but both of our parents were recovering addicts. My father died and his mom went on to drugs and is in prison right now. After my father died I moved out on my own when I was 14. He was young, maybe 7 so I don't really know how his upbringing changed when I left. I just have a hard time understanding how someone can turn and walk away. What if Jesus had turned and walked away from the cross and told the father it was just too much? I just have a hard time understanding when Christ gave his everything so we can have it all.

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trekkingirl- I will pray about the house and your brother. It is all in the Lord's hands.


See if you like Rev. Wayne Monbleau. Let's Talk about Jesus. He is a really great teacher. www.lovinggrace.org He is all about grace upon grace.

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Hey, have a question. How do you teach the Bible/ Jesus to your children?

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How do you teach the Bible/ Jesus to your children?


Well, my daughter is only 15 months old, but we have a lot of holy cards and images around the house, which she seems interested in and points to, so we explain, "That's Jesus. He loves you", "That's Mary and baby Jesus," etc. We also pray each night at bedtime. And we read religious-themed board books (I really liked "Who Is Coming To Our House"? for Christmas time - hoping to find a similar one for Easter.)

When we were preparing for A's baptism, we took a class that included ideas on "Keeping a Catholic Home". Unfortunately, it seemed to be more about buying things (pastel crosses for the nursery, etc) than about living Christian values like love and charity! :/ ...I should say that might be specific to my parish, and other parishes might have different prep classes.

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glassesgirl- I did a thread about the spiritualital home...and you made me think of it. Do you say written prayers? Do you have a children's book that you really like?


Have a happy weekend...look forward to spring.upsidedown.gif

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easter plans?

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spending mine with family.

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Hello ladies! I'm a "Crunchy Christian Mama" and thought I'd join in here. winky.gif


I'm married with three kids and one on the way. I'm the keeper of our home and homeschool our children. We currently attend a non-denominational church, but will be moving soon and have to find a new community. Hoping to find a Bible based church that focuses on community and discipleship. 


Our Easter plans are to spend the weekend with family worshipping and celebrating together. I can't wait! Easter is my favorite time of year!! 

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wave.gif fourlittlebirds nice to meet you.  I love spring.joy.gifPassover/Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate the Lord Jesus. When are you due?


The last thread I would do "this day in the Bible" I think that I will start again:


Nisan 1- (3/12) new year (EX 12: 2)

               Flood waters dried up (GEN 8: 13)

               Tabernacle set-up (EX 40:2,17)

                Ezra began his journey from Babylon to Jerusalem(Ezra 7:9)

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I'm always looking for a good book. Does anyone know David Platt?

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Originally Posted by Nazsmum View Post

I'm always looking for a good book. Does anyone know David Platt?
I really liked his book, Radical. I like to watch his sermons online, too.
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Thanks I will check it out. Anyone else?

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I've been sick with the flu and I threw my back out. I could use some prayers for healing.

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praying.gif for healing

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trekkingirl- Hope you are well.

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I sprained my back. Work comp doctor wrote me off work for 4-8 weeks. My flu has passed. My mom took the kids for me today so I could have some down time.

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