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CatholicMama- nice to see you here. :joy I hope that you will stick around!!!!!

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Thank you Nazsmum! It is so nice to be welcomed and it really made my very frustrating (parenting) morning better.

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We all have days like that :Hug

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Hi Nazsmum,



I can't multi-quote you for some reason!


Yay, baby news-- my water broke the afternoon of the 6th & Zemira was born the evening of the 7th, after 27 hours of my most grueling labor yet, & easiest actual delivery. After a few hiccups with nursing, everyone is doing very well C:



Originally Posted by 3LilChunklins View Post

I'm trying to get a clearer understanding of what intersession is. Anyone have any input? How would you define intersession?


I agree w PP who said intercession, basically is interceding on someone else's behalf-- theologically, it's the same concept as the English dictionary definition; usually in the form of prayer.


It would be good to talk about it over tea-- great idea! bc it seems like your question goes a bit deeper...

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BABY!!!! :joy:joy:joy Blessings.

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Congratulations mum4vr!

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Mum4vr, congrats on your LO! They are the one of the most precious gifts we can receive in this life!

Nazsmum, about the tattoo thing, I already had 3 prior to my encounter with Jesus. So I've wondered if they glorify the Lord if they're ok or not. I think it boils down to your personal convictions on the matter since the bible doesn't expressly forbid it. If I ever did get another one at this point in my life, I would get "my redeemer lives" on the back of my neck where a t shirt collar would comfortably lay, idk if I will ever get any more ink tho... DH will prob get at least one more. He has a portrait of our 1st 3 kids on his back (we thought we were done) but surprise, along came #4, so he's going to add him to the cubby faced gallery at some point in the future. And it's only fair, once he's old enough to figure out that he's the only one missing on dads back, that will definitely hurt ya know!

The whole intersession thing, I've always thought it's more than just praying for someone. That can be kinda generic, "dear Lord plz bless John doe, plz help little Johnny pass his math test this week..." So my disconnect lays between desiring deep prayer, and trying to learn how to leave ppl's iniquity, transgression, sin out of it. I want to be able to step into the gap yet not bring condemnation on anyone... Idk if that makes sense or not.

Also just wanted to say that I really wanna post on here way more than I can! I can only get online via cell phone and usually I have a pretty crappy signal. Tonight I actually have decent service. But if I'm not back for a while, that's why....
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3LilChunklins- I'm just thinking about the tattoo. I'm going to be 40 in a few months and want to DO something!? So I just throwing around ideas.


Sept is almost over. Just today I got MORE bad news.

 :candle A very good friend of the family died last night.

guitar.gif I wanted to a concert and that when BUST!!

:(  I am so sad!!!! So sad.


Thanks for letting me vent

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So sorry for your loss
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Today I when to the funeral. I had to bring the kids. (LONG STORY) So we talked about what would happen. We also talked about death. Very interesting the question that they asked and the way they look at things. I hope this will help them in the future as more people that they "know" pass away.


Very sad week:(

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"God will wipe away every tear" rev.21:4
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You, your family, and your friend's other survivors will be in my prayers.


I know I'm only an acquaintance but here's a hug.

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Catholic Mama & 3LilChunklins- Thank you for your prayers and kind words.

Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. :joyJesus is the Rock of my salvation.



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:heartbeat OCT!!! So happy for a new month.


So ladies what can we talk about??? What do you ladies think of seeker church? This came up in Bible study last week.


OR how about dealing with Halloween? Do you celebrate? Bring the kids out? 

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Wow too funny! I was just about to bring up the whole Halloween topic!
This will actually be our first year not celebrating it. We thought about it last year but let the kids trick or treat with the knowledge that it would be the last time. But my kids love playing dress up so I am letting them buy costumes for playing at home.

Seeker churches....I'll just say this, they're not for me! I need some spiritual meat! I like churches that serve steak and potatoes, not milk.
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Hello all,


How have you been? I have been following the posts on this forum for a while but just didn't have much to say.

Now I do and it's about Halloween.


I am an African who recently relocated to Europe so pardon my ignorance. Halloween isn't something celebrated in our side of the world.


So what is the whole concept of  Halloween about and when is it celebrated? My husband says it's some celebration of dead people or spirits and does not support it. I don't give a hoot about it either, would just like to know and understand. Would be starting a family soon and would like to have an informed decision on whether to allow our children celebrate or not.



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Supposedly its a tradition based on "all hallows eve" basically a holiday to remember/celebrate those who have passed away. Sounds innocent enough right? Until you begin to really question it.....
I claim to be a Christian, Christian means follower of Christ. Well to me Christ represents life. Life eternal, abundant life, and to live for Christ. So if I'm following Christ without compromise, why would I want to celebrate death?? That's how I look at anyway.
That and alot of kids/adults dress up in some awful costumes! Just completely demonic if you ask me... Some costumes are really cute, and this is like the only time of year that you can find cute dress up costumes that come in all sizes. My bigger kids still like to play super heros, ninjas, prince & princess, or knight & princess. So I let them pick out "nice" costumes.

Welcome aboard, hoping to get to know ya!
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Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows Eve, and it is the vigil (night before) of All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) on November 1. All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church, which means all Catholics are obliged to go to Mass and to refrain from servile work as on Sundays.


Many Catholics I've known dress their children as Saints, like Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Dominic Savio, Saint Don Bosco (his teacher), Saint Margaret of Scotland, and many more. If you do choose to celebrate it somehow, dressing up as a saint instead of a witch/ghost/? could be a nice compromise.

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Well see its not really talked about in scripture, so that would leave you to base your decision solely on personal discernment and conviction. So I don't think people who do celebrate it are wrong or sinning. I believe if you're not convicted by the Holy Spirit then your fine.
Catholic mama, I get what you're saying, but there was one word in the last sentence of your post that sums it up for me, *compromise* my family has a standard to hold, and in the spiritual sense Our standard says, "no compromise"!
But that's wear the Spirit has led us,a so
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