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...where the Spirit leads, we will follow.

Sorry my phone has a mind of its own today! It made me reply before I was done lol
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2LilChunklins, I feel the same way about compromises, so I'm sorry that I didn't think it through and I phrased it that way. Nobody said you have to dress up your children as a Saint or as a vampire/witch/ghost.


Here is more information about All Saints Day (the day after Halloween):


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Thanks for your responses. Quite enlightening.

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I just want to say that I don't like Halloween. I just can't get into it. So we do something special. We can get dress-up any day of the year.


As far as the SEEKER church- I just wondering do the people come to an understanding of faith then move on? I trying to understand that part of it???

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My personal feeling is no. Whether they come to an understanding of faith at that church or already have that understanding, seeker churches are where ppl go to get their itchy ears...scratched so to speak. I believe Paul talks about the itchy ear "syndrome" In one of his letters to Timothy....
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Yes, you are right.


Tomorrow I'm get the DD hair cut. I have been putting it off to long. She looks like a bag lady. LOL

AND I am taking a much needed day OFF!!! I'm going to do nothing!!! As little as possible....Friday :joy I love it.


Off to bed :sleepytime 

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Idk how I feel about that article....
Propaganda-ish feeling to me.

I wanted to share a couple websites, but I can't post links with my phone, sorry...

I heard a really convicting message on forgiveness yesterday. Matt 18:21, is where the parable begins, if you do read it, I would encourage you to replace the servant with yourself. This is exactly what we do. I know I'm guilty of it! It has no place though, and I know that I really need to deal with this in my own life, I just don't want anyone to miss out on this. It is a completely vital aspect of salvation! We need to take the blinders off, and let the word of God wash and sanctify our lives :-)
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I watched the videos. Thereward.org was great. I love hearing stories like that. Thanks.


I am trying to get people together to "do" something for Valentine's Day. I'm looking for something to give to people to show God's/Jesus' love for them. If you have any suggests I would love to hear.  I was thinking maybe a book. Or a simple heart with a simple JESUS IS LOVE on it? Please let me know what you think... MAYBE you ladies would join me? Please pray about it. We have 4 months to pray and ask the Lord to let us meet the right people. Where to go.


Also, I'm looking for ways to show Jesus in my everyday life. Praying for ways to minister. 

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Have you thought about checking oriental trading? They always have seasonal items as well as Christian stuff too. Idk, can you explain in more detail about your Valentines day plan? Like giving these hearts to ppl where? At church? On the street? Homeless shelter? Senior citizens?
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Showing the love of Christ, we're commanded to do it, but it's hard to figure out what that looks like today. Who do you have a heart for? DH has a heart for kids and teens, so he focuses on ministering to youth. My heart personally goes out to pregnant women, especially ones who really need help.

I think a big part of showing the love is to be walking in the Spirit. A lot of times it seems like that is contrary to logical thoughts. Like one time, the Spirit told DH to go to the pregnancy center, and he's like, "I'm a man, why would I go to the pregnancy center?" Again, "go to the pregnancy center". (DH was on his way to work too) so he turned around and went to the pregnancy center. Lo and behold, there was a suicidal single dad there who needed Jesus in a bad way!
So if you ask Him, what he has planned for you, he'll tell you, but it might not be what you were expecting.
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Well, I'm just praying about it right now.  I would have to see what the weather is like? If I can go to the town then I would go. Maybe go to the bus stop? Maybe the coffee shop? I'm open.


I know that I was lonely and sad many a Valentines Day. THE BABY IS CRYING...I will be back

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back for a min...


ty for congrats & good wishes; looks like I've missed good discussion (but gained time w baby which is so precious n goes by so quickly!)


re seeker churches... there is a time when we were all babes & needed milk; I think that's the purpose of seeker churches-- like thr previous generations' "missionary church"... for almost- believers n babes in Christ.


re halloween-- we used to trick-or-treat, but don't anymore. (even when we did, our age limit was 10 yo-- I don't support super-extending adolescence, I guess, lol)-- for us it was mostly about the costume fun... no gore or occult. When a couple unbelievers challenged me on it, I took a more serious look-- now we don't do halloween-- too much of the occult & paganism involved for us as Chistians, imo. We make time for other costume fun-- for example, this year we'll host a character costume party-- guests dress as their fav literary characters; books as door prizes; costume competitions in dif categories; etc... bc for us it was always about the dress up fun & parties w friends anyways... and candy!


re intercession-- ime it goes as deep as you go, if that makes sense; it's a shame if prayer or intercession becomes dry or rote-- it shouldn't be that way, but I understand what you mean, I think. I don't think you're in danger of bringing condemnation on others via intercession, tho-- we each give an account of self... very very few are called to account for others ( such as elders, teachers, etc) & I don't see how you interceding for them could bring condemnation...? It seems you have a specific situation in mind, maybe you couls share a "for instance" with us? I think I may see what you're getting at, but still not sure...


blessings all, done OHNAK & off to snuggle w baby getting undivided mummy time!

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I just had a big question mark over my head as my pastor talked about intersession, and how we need to be taking ground from the enemy, then says how we are not to bring anothers iniquity to the Lords remembrance. So I'm like "uhhhhhh.......???"
I think I've worked it out in my mind. The pastor meant going to the Lord bringing someones iniquity to His remembrance as in, "Lord, you know what so and do did today...!" Almost as a kid would tattle tale. So it comes down to the heart behind the prayer
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Sorry, I'm back. Baby had her hand stuck in a draw. + I have been super busy.


Val Day-  I would like to give a "gift" of some kind. Something little but like "you did that for me?" Something?  Then let them know that I am doing this  because of Jesus LOVE for them. If the person would like to talk more or not at all is fine. Just love.


I'm planning for Hanukkah. I have started inviting people over. I feel weird in a way. I keep trying to be a friend to a few people they never reciprocate. I feel like banghead.gif  Why do I do this to myself??? This is love, right.

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That is love yes. And as long as you are doing it to show Gods love, it doesn't matter if they receive it or not, because you are doing it for God. And He sees, He knows what you did and whether or not they cared. But that is how you put jewels on your crown. Live for the Lord, and keep showing His love. This, is what the word is talking about when its talking about bearing fruit! Good trees bear good fruit!
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Happy Friday :joy Hope everyone is doing well.

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So last night I was thinking. I want to go to the untouchables for V-day. I want to find the people that most Christians don't "touch". I still thinking about it but that is where my head is at right now...

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Yea, I like that idea. Who did Jesus hang out with? The sinners, tax collectors, the woman caught in adultery, people who were sick or unclean by the standards in that day. He loved the unloveable!
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Originally Posted by Nazsmum View Post

So last night I was thinking. I want to go to the untouchables for V-day. I want to find the people that most Christians don't "touch". I still thinking about it but that is where my head is at right now...

it is sad, but the most-overlooked ppl in ou rcommunity are found in nursing homes n homeless shelters. a few years ago we baked inividual loaves of dessert breads n delivered them to nursing home residents n talked n prayed w them all afternoon n evening around thanksgiving. the last person we tt was a Christian man who, in his youth had built our church's building, almost single-handed (this wasn't his own claim, rather what others, including old news clippings reported about him & his great work). He been abandonned in that home by his (non-believing) daughters n no one from our cong even knew he was still alive- although a few recalled hearing him preach as children. He asked re the current work of the church extensively. we visited late into the evening n the nurses allowed us to far overstay visiting hours bc he never had visitors n they felt for him. When we finally left after several attempts & returns, he reached out for us like a clingly toddler, holding onto our arms n hands, wheeling over to his window n pressing his hand on the glass as we waved goodbye one last time. He died that very night & we were so blessed by our time w him & I hope we were a blessing to him-- I only wish we'd stayed longer.

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