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Well, I think we are a lot alike. I'm NOT into Christian music. Even thou my friend is in a real Christian rock band.


So, I have gone to many concerts. My favorites are Sarah McLachlan, Train, Weird Al, Better than Ezar, and Jars of Clay. (Jars was because of my friend. They are a good live band) I want to see Sarah McLachian and Train before anyone know who they were.


I meet many bands along the way. Train was very cool and even signed my shirt. I met one Christian singer that was not nice at all! I even told him that I could not believe that he was acting that way. He did not care and was very full of himself.:irked


My favorite person that I met was a person that you might have never heard of. Duncan Sheik? He was so nice and I LOVED hearing him live. He wrote the music for some Broadway shows. (Spring Awakings)


Anyway, I loving going and hearing live music. I wish that I liked Christian music more. I'm not sure Why I don't?headscratch.gif My friend was always giving new stuff to listen to. But I don't get it??

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I very very rarely listen to secular music. It just takes me back into my old self too much. I start thinking like the old man, and before I know it my flesh has over taken me!
I haven't been to many concerts since I've had kids. The last one I think was Jeremy Camp and that was probably like 3 years ago. DH and DS went to go see Jesus culture in April,they had a really good time : D
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Funny, not to many Christian bands come this way. You would think that NYC would be one place that they would stop? But no.

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I enjoy some Christian music, but there's probably only one or two bands that I like as much as the secular bands I listen to. I try, but I just don't get into it the same! I understand how you feel, Nazsmum! And I saw Weird Al, too! Haha. It was mostly a fun show...

My favorite Christian artists are David Crowder and Sanctus Real.

3LilChunklins, I also understand where you're coming from. There are quite a few groups that I just don't listen to at all anymore. They don't complement my faith so they were left behind. :-)
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Nazsmum, I'm also surprised to hear that more Christian bands don't play such a big city. Maybe the venues are too expensive?? I don't know.
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I went to see Jars of Clay a few times. Each time the crowd was on the smaller side. I think it was not promoted very well. Maybe?

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This weekend I almost lost a family member. Praise the Lord everything went well!!!


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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That's so scary! Thank God all is well. Please let me know if/how I can be praying for you and your family.
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Thank you, we are fine! It was crazy.

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Maybe a crazy question? Whom or what is the Duck Dynasty? I got a Christian catalog in the mail and they have season 1? I don't have TV so whom are these people???? Are they pastors or missionaires? OR what???

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Haha, I'm in the same boat. We got a trick-or-treater dressed in camo who said something about it. DH said it's some sort of TV show about hunting but didn't elaborate. We don't have TV either.
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Re: music... hmm... there are differing opinions in our family as to what's appropriate, what's enjoyable, and even what may constitute sin! So I MISS good music-- there is very little we agree on enough to listen to together, either secular or "Christian"


Re: Duck Dynasty... hmmm... idk exactly who they are, but I think they claim to be a Christian family-- they pray at the end of each show-- they are quite popular around here! I've seen a couple of their shows at a friend's house-- we don't do tv either, as a rule-- I believe they became wealthy suddenly running a family business making duck calls (yk, like the things hunters blow thru to make duck sounds & call the prey closer... my boys know all about that stuff, but not me). The show seems to be about the funny exploits & what they do w their new wealth & time-- like one brother tried to open a winery & it flopped, but had some funny moments. I wonder what wikipedia has to say?

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We don't do TV either. Idk about the duck dynasty deal, my local Christian book store if full of their merchandise. Always did seem strange to me....
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I think that it is funny that we are all NO TV moms.:lol

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 Billy Graham 95 birthday.gif God Bless


How are you ladies this week? I can't believe that it is ONLY Thurs??? This weeeekkkk is going so llllloooonnnnggggg.

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We've had a really hard but really good week. We're starting the process of tackling our debt following Dave Ramsey's plan. So that's been tough but positive. And we had our daughter evaluated for some sensory processing issues. They determined that she does qualify for services, so she'll start getting occupational therapy soon and hopefully our family will be much happier. DD has a very difficult time sleeping and eating, so all three of us are so strung out. She was up a lot last night and I feel like a zombie today. But thank God for the therapy she'll get!! We never could have afforded it on our own.

How has your week been, Nazsmum? I was also pleasantly surprised to see how many of us don't watch TV. DH's coworkers think we're crazy for that, among other things. But I see how much time we spend on other more fulfilling activities and I lament all the hours I've wasted on TV in the past. Feels good to be free of that distraction!
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I have heard Dave Ramsey on the radio. I like what he has to say.  I hope that you get everything going in the right direction. Good for you.


I will pray for your DD. And a :Hug for you. How old is she? I worked with children with sensory issues. A good OT can do so much!  You might want to look into the Miller method. Miller is from Boston? I think that it is a good program. Whole child care. Just something to look at.


ME-- THIS week is just not ending. I'm just I don't know...dragging? OR something? we are "doing" school. We had the pastor & his wife over. She is having a baby and wanted me to share some crunchy things with her. ( ladies, please pray for her? She wants a natural birth.) 


This to will pass.  

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This week has went by shockingly fast for me lol.
Our head pastor and their family is going out of town for a week, so DH will be taking on his duties while he's away.
Also my sister is getting married the end of this month, DH is performing their ceremony, it will be his 1st wedding, so that's exciting!

I'll keep your DD in my prayers skinny.
And your pastors DW, nazsmum.

Have a lovely evening ladies ; )
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3LilChunklins- I love weddings. Are you in the wedding party? Big or small wedding?


I went to a wedding on the beach that was the greatest. It was early in the summer and the weather was beautiful. I really joy. partners.gif I even cried.


Blessings to your sister. May the Lord bless them and give them many year together.

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Happy Friday :joy


Yeshua spoke to them again: "I am the light of the World; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life." :candle

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