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Managing the moods?

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How are you all staying sane and managing the emotionl ups and downs these days? Lately I just feel miserable and sad and can't seem to stop the feelings from getting out of control. I wasted most of the day crying and being anxious the other day, didn't get done what I'd hoped, and now I'm stressed and overwhelmed about that! I've been going to yoga classes and trying to sleep more, but of course this week we're not at home so all that plus my normal eating habits went out the window. So anyway... What works for you?
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I find myself being a bit more emotional about things while pregnant, but nothing as severe as what you describe.  Have you talked with your provider about it? How's your diet, could you be deficient in anything? From experience I know nutrient deficiencies can cause emotional problems, and diet can absolutely affect your mood. 


When I do get emotional about something, I usually try to honor the emotion and address the root cause of it.  Sometimes I'm crying over a stupid commercial or a song on the radio, and other times it's an event or a feeling of helplessness.  If I can address WHY it's making me anxious or sad or angry, then I try to do what I can to fix the problem. 


Hugs! I hope that someone can give you a better answer than this! I would definitely try to find someone IRL to talk to about it though...that's something else that helps keep me in balance. 

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I don't have a lot of tips other than regular exercise, good diet and honoring your moods but I wanted to say that I"m feeling in the same boat as you.


Lots of anxiety, lots of past 'triggers' I think that are getting stronger, lots of sad emotions. I link a lot of them to anxieties I have (about my gaining excessive weight, about my relationship -again more linked to past bad relationships and those triggers then my current one) and just feeling more sensitive and taking things more personally.


I keep harping at my husband lately. I read a lot of his actions as paternalistic (even if they aren't) and keep convincing myself he doesn't want to be around me as much anymore, which then plays into my weight anxieties, etc. I know I could work on my exercise and yoga more (those were abandoned in the first trimester when I felt so sick and I haven't seemed to get back into a schedule with them since).


I think a big piece of advice other people gave me was to really honor my emotions and not try to write them off. It's hard because although I might disagree with why I'm feeling a certain way, they almost always have a root that is a genuine concern / anxiety / fear that I seem to be experiencing (usually from past issues I am learning I haven't fully dealt with). One person explained it to me like this:


       A lot of the moods and emotions you will feel are going to be very strong... this is the universe's way of speeding up old emotional garbage that doesn't serve you anymore and it's in your best interest to identify, and deal with them or at least become aware of them as you prepare yourself to enter into motherhood


So that's how I try to look at it.


I feel like i'm ranting right now because I just so happen to be in a somewhat hyper-emotional state as I write this. I think I wrote it more for me to get it out and remind myself of some things than anything else :)


Know you aren't alone and there's nothing wrong with what you're going through!

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I find exercise, music, energy work with my dear friend http://www.attunementsforthesoul.com/, ritual/women's circle (birth circle, red tent....), allowing myself to feel the emotion and therapy, all help me. Sometimes I am really out of it and don't know how to handle it and I call my friend to book a session with her. I am personally pretty good abotu navigating emotions on my own now, but it took a LOT of work to get here and it is a lot to maintain. sometimes these crazy hormones have me do things like wake DH up at 450AM in the morning to tell him I think the marriage is falling apart and I plan to move out (??? dizzy.gif)


Oh I also find it helpful to tell people what my needs/desires are instead of hoping they will guess... Like I say to my DH "I'd like a hug right now"


It is pretty normal to feel a little out of sorts, sometimes it is triggers, sometimes I find I am "leveling up" with my hormones...


Hope you're feeling better today. hug2.gif

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