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Movement significantly decreased

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I'm feeling worried and am hoping you ladies can help to decrease my anxiety.  Baby's movement has decreased significantly over the past 2 days.  This baby has been so, so very active and then suddenly seems to rarely move except for the odd stretch or re-position.  I know its normal for baby to decrease a bit due to lack of space (this is baby #3 for me) but I just don't remember it being this much with my other 2.  Mind you - I have never carried a baby this low before....is that part of it?  Luckily I'm going to see my OB tomorrow so I can be sure everything is okay....but in the mean time....should I be worried?

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Well, honestly only you yourself can say whether or not to worry.  :)  Are you doing kick counts?


I know that there are stretches this kid has been less active too.  Sometimes it's because he/she is faced inwards, so the movements are more or less only felt when he/she squishes his butt around.  Before, I was feeling all the foot and arm jabs.  He/she is still insanely active on the NST's though, even though I can't feel all of it.


That said, if you cant' get ANY movement after drinking some ice water, juice, shaking your belly... that sort of thing... I would probably get checked out.


I know it's not a "totally normal!!!" reply - it could very WELL be totally normal... but really if you're concerned it's best to take some time to figure it out. :)

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With my 2nd I had several bouts of worry because of lack of movement. What would get her moving (some) was drinking coffee or tea & eating something sugary, then lying on my left side. As it turns out, a lot of that was her personality. Lol
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My first baby was SO active, she was like a tazmanian devil in my uterus.  I never did any official "kick counts" because she barely stopped moving and I would get to 10 movements in a matter of minutes whenever I thought about it.  She is still this way at almost 2 years old...DH's dad has been visiting lately because he is on business trips in the area and comments every time about how "busy" she always is (compared to the more docile granddaughter where he lives).


This baby is so opposite!  He does move sometimes, especially during and after a meal, and sometimes he'll move more right when I lay down in bed for the night, but most of the time he's just chilling out I guess.  I don't worry about it because I do feel him move every day, but I have to take a mental note of it when he moves otherwise I'll forget.  I'm hoping he'll be more chilled out than DD outside of the womb too, because two tazmanian devils sounds exhausting :)

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Thanks everyone.  Tiqa - I've started doing kick counts (thanks for the reminder!) and that has really helped to keep me feeling good about things.  Baby is still moving and kicking but I'm just not feeling those moments where he/she goes wild kicking and rolling around.  I think there just isn't any room in there anymore!  I had things checked out on Monday at my appointment and baby seems well...HR is perfect and measuring right on target.  It certaintly helps to get that reassurance!!  I'm going to continue doing kick counts each day just to be certain that all is well....

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