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Hey, othersoul, I'm with you, but not really. What I mean is: when I go off my O date and plug it into a calculator it gives me Sept 13th as my due date. However, I think the nurse at the clinic read my chart wrong and plugged in the 24th instead of 21st and she gave me Sept 16th as my "official" due date. I'm thinking on some level that's probably not a bad thing since first pregnancies tend to go long anyway so I haven't mentioned anything.
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I thought the EDD was worked out from the first day of your last AF?
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Most of the time yes but if you know your O date that's more accurate and I have always O'd late (usually around CD21 but as late as CD28). Since my temp readings give me an exact date that's the one I plugged in.
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I was going to a fertility clinic, so I had an ultrasound the day before I O'd to see my follicles, and the day after to see the ruptured corpus luteum(s) so I know pretty precisely when I ovulated. Using that date would make me EDD a few days earlier, but I've been told it's better to go with the later date so you have less pressure and anxiety through the pregnancy from medical professionals. Every little bit help.

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Kerry (MsBe) EDD for #2 is September 9th.  Our son will be three in June.  We called him Cecelia right up until he emerged, so I am again hoping for a girl, although having a boy has been, uh, eye-opening...

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Thanks for organizing this. I'm on #3, due 9/8, and hoping for a boy. We might find out this time.

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Mattie42, Sept. 21st, #1
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Ok I think I have everyone updated. I'm sorry for your loss dejagerw.


Sorry it took me so long to update. This past week has been crazy with new school semester, dr appts, my DS 7th bday party and other stuff.


Welcome to all the newbies. Love how long our list is getting!!!!

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Countrybound, thanks for updating! Pretty cool to see how the list is growing.
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Oops!  I'm listed as 9/5, and I am really 9/15.  It's not the end of the world, but on the next round of updates, could I be fixed?  :)

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Hi, I am Catherine. Expecing #3 on the 22nd.(although I wet to 41 and 42 wks with other pgs so prbably should wait for Oct Due Date Club!) I have 2 girls, 4.5 and 2. I would love a boy but my gut says girl... :)

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My due date has been changed to Sept. 16. Thanks!
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Hi mamas! I was reluctant to join so early, but I just received great first betas from my doc (176!) so I decided, what the hell, I'm joining! 


I am currently 4w3d pregnant with #1. I'm due Sept 29 or 30. I have had two previous pregnancies, both in 2012, both ending in miscarriage. The last miscarriage was a month ago, so needless to say I was pretty surprised when I got my BFP. 


Earlier this month I was diagnosed with homo MTHFR (C677T) so I am on a crop of B-vitamins, Lovenox, progesterone, baby aspirin, and a regular prenatal plus DHA. It's quite the process, but if it will get me a healthy baby I will do anything! 


Great to meet you all :) 

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Welcome.gifWelcome Sarah - how cool is it that we're in the same DDC again! joy.gifSo, happy you're here!!

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Hello!  I'm an American mama living in Europe so I feel a little isolated sometimes and want to connect with english speaking mamas.  So---hi!

I'm just over 4 weeks, due Sep 30, I think.

I have two sons so I really hope for a girl!  But my current partner will be a first time dad and would be thrilled with a boy so that would be great.


I hope to meet some other moms out there who have just recently found out they were pregnant and are due towards the end of September, also!  :)

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Suzie, I know!!! biggrinbounce.gif I can hardly believe it! Yay for September babies, though mine might very well be an October baby. Ha! 

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Welcome Serafina!! Looks like you and I are just about the same, right at the end of Sept! :) Glad I'm not the only late-joiner to the DDC! Congrats! 

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EDD: 9/26/13

this will be bio baby #2 for me but 4th child.

as for gender right now we have two boys and 1 girl.

i am hoping for a girl but in all honesty would be just as happy with another boy!

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Opps I double posted so I will take the opportunity to say it is nice to see so many mamas due in late September!!!!
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