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Red rasberry leaf tea

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I just started my first cup tonight. I finally got it in the mail. My next order will be with loose tea and Nettles tea. I'm happy to have started my tea regime!! This will be the earliest I've started in my pregnancies. I'm 8 weeks.

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Sounds good, I think I have some pregnancy tea left over from last time.  I'll start in the 2nd tri.  When I run out I may order the loose stuff.

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I keep hearing about Red Raspberry Leaf tea, but what is it for?

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I think there are supposed to be multiple benefits, but the main one is that it helps tone the uterine muscles.

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I'm taking RRL tea too, trying to do it daily.  Its supposed to help and support women at every stage of life including pregnancy and breastfeeding and it tones the uterine muscles which is especially important if this is not your first.

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It's in the tincture I am taking to encourage my supply to stay. I drank really strong infusions daily--mixed with nettle and alfalfa-- starting at 25 weeks with my last pregnancy. It gave me a lot of BH but I ended up having a great labor so I plan to do it again this time around so I don't jinx it :) There is a RRL tribe on here you can subscribe too, btw.

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In the "I'm Pregnant" board, there is a topic started there that has tons of info on the benefits of it.

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There is a super long thread. I think it's "RRL tribe" in the pregnancy board. (sorry for the slight MDC faux pas there) there's all kinds of info there.

I have some left over from my last pregnancy, but it loses potency after a year. I order my bulk herbs from mountain rose herbs, I've always been happy with their products.
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