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Originally Posted by lmnopxz View Post

Hey guys smile.gif.
Im 21 years old, and pregnant with my first! Due the 2nd half of March. From the get go we have wanted a home birth. But the midwife i started seeing only births in the hospital. So i continued prenatal care until they wanted the glucose test. Since we found out at 9 wks pregnant that our nidwife doesnt do home births, weve been excited by UCing! Not getting a whole lot of positive support about UCing from my family, but it makes me happy that hopefully this birth will inspire others and change some opinions about birth and doctors and that whole shebang! I am also using hypnobabies home study.

Nice to meet you! Congrats on your first pregnancy, also. :)

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Hi ladies, 

I spent alot of time on here during my second pregnancy, trying to learn about the nitty gritty of childbirth.   I had a CS the first round, so I wanted to know as much as possible for my planned HBAC.  I especially remember one lady comenting that cutting the baby's cord was the easiest part.  When I went into labor, at home, alone, I thought, oh no, what about the cord?!?!  Wait, the cord cutting part is a no brainer, okay, breathe.  Thirty minutes later, there was DH, but no HBMW.  Fifteen minutes atfter there was a baby but still no midwife.  My mom, dad, husband, and daughter were all there; the first three might never recover, but I was completely fine except for a tear.  And completely thrilled to be blessed with a healthy UBAC daughter.  Soo, having established that I don't even have time to get the the hospital if DH has to drive home from work to get me, UC has moved from plan D to plan C if we are blessed with another baby(in which case,  DH plans to take a course in emergency childbirth, and my mom probably plans to try and get us to move in with them for the last month or somehing drastic like that:)).  Its great to see the forum so active!

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Wow!! 2 new people here on this thread since I was here last! Guess I got kinda wrapped up in the last TWW lol


Welcome lmnop!! So cool that you're so young and going for UC. My family would probably think I'm completely out of my mind doing a UC, except maybe my dad. My mom definitely doesn't get to know until after the fact and maybe not even then. So try not to let other people's opinions about it all get to you and keep it to yourself if you need to. Good luck!!


Faybond-Congrats on your UBAC!! That's super awesome! Hopefully your parents and DH will fall under the spell that mamas do (forgetting the pain of birth) and be excited or at least supportive next time around. 

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hey guys, My name is Maria but my username is Munyeria (22years turning 23 on feb 22). I just registered here since I am trying out for a baby. I hope to share my experiences with you guys and hope to meet a lot of friends :)

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I'm due in about a week or 2! My "due date" is 2 days after my 23rd bday. My husband is 25 and totally on board with UCing! He's the best!
I had always thought I'd want to just have my husband there when we had a child but I didn't know what that looked like and knew no one I knew would be ok with it. So a midwife would be the middle ground, but luckily I kept up my research of natural birth and never found a midwife that worked for me! Lol. We have been having to avoid people or even bringing up our excitement of baby just to not get asked about our prenatal care. Cuz that leads to us saying homebirth which leads to "did u find a good midwife?" and we don't want to lie but.. I'm sure u know the drill.
These last couple weeks have been tough cuz early on you can say "no we haven't found a midwife yet" but now, if we were having one, we should def have her lol
But each day we get stronger and more sure of our convictions and capability.
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Awesome! We've got some young women on here. I'm not "old" but I love seeing people try it for the first time.. :D

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It always seems that people eventually get to home birth or UC after a progression of births with lessening intervention. I'd like to one day say I birthed all my children just me and my husband! smile.gif plus I think I'd have a harder time UCing if I had previous interventions for fear my body had been some how compromised by them. That's me tho lol
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I think that's a common route that many follow, but it's not always the case....like me!! I haven't had any kiddos yet. I've just been obsessed w/babies most of my life, which led me to do a lot of reading, which led me to Mothering Mag, which led me here to the forums where I learned about UC and realized that was how I wanted to birth love.gif

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Hi there!  I'm due end of September/beginning of October with #2 and trying to convince DH.  I don't think it's going to take much to convince him!  I'll be using an OB for prenatal care but will stay home for the birth if everything is going smoothly.  There are no HB midwives in my area at all and my hospital birth for DD was pretty rough - purple pushing for two hours, episiotomy turned fourth degree tear, random people walking in at all times. 

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Yikes!! That doesn't sound like a good time at all! So glad you found us with plenty of time to gather the information you need to have a successful UC! Congratulations on your very new pregnancy!! So exciting joy.gif

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Originally Posted by lisasparks View Post

It always seems that people eventually get to home birth or UC after a progression of births with lessening intervention. I'd like to one day say I birthed all my children just me and my husband! smile.gif plus I think I'd have a harder time UCing if I had previous interventions for fear my body had been some how compromised by them. That's me tho lol

I first had two midwife attended births. And I was really fortunate because she was such a good midwife, letting my husband catch and letting me call the shots. Of course, she also was chosen - we were not the type to settle for the first pushy midwife that came along. The other midwife we talked to wanted to put me on a diet I didn't believe was healthy and had no plans to budge with her requirements. We took it as a sign we didn't need her rather than compromising, LOL.


Anyway. My experience was still a good example of what you are talking about.

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Ok, I'll get on board with the introductions. I've been lurking on here for over 6 months now I think. I've been trying to learn as much as I can about up/uc. I am 29 years old and I've been married to my amazing husband for over 10 years now. We have 3 sons ages 9, 7, and 5. Our first daughter was stillborn at 39 weeks just over a year ago. We are now expecting number 5. I'm 6 weeks along so I'm not telling any one in real life yet. I've had 3 unnecessary c-sections, so this will be my first unassisted pregnancy and birth., I'm really excited. I've done loads of research and I'm very confidant in my ability and my choice to have a up/uc. My husband is very supportive. I'm not sure if we will tell anyone our plans. I have told everyone that we will birth our next baby at home but I'm sure they assume there will be a midwife present.
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Welcome Slyons!! Blessings on your new pregnancy!! joy.gif

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Hello! I'm Courtney, and I'm 21. My husband and I got married last August and we are TTC. I am hoping this is our cycle to get pregnant, it is our first month "trying", but I have been taking my basal temperature for 3 months now. And I went off of birth control and started tracking my cycles over a year ago. I get to take a test on Valentines Day! Unless af shows up first of course.


I am thankful that I was able to learn from the experiences of other women, and be educated on the option of homebirth, before the time comes for me. In a previous thread I was able to get opinions from other members about my questions concerning UC. Right now I am thinking I should have a midwife do my prenatal care, and perhaps be in another room when I am birthing. I want the beauty of UC, but I think I would like a midwife I can trust with my concerns. I probably shouldn't be thinking this much into it since I'm not pregnant yet, but I am a planner and I can't help myself :)


I also plan to encapsulate my own placenta (yeah I'm crazy), breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep, babywear, all that normal "attachment parenting" stuff.


Right now I am enjoying reading books about birth and babies and learning all I can.

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Hello! I'm new here. I have 3 kids- one boy (10) and two girls 6 and 3 months. I'm pregnant again and UCing. Due in Oct 2013!
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Originally Posted by CLplus1 View Post

I also plan to encapsulate my own placenta (yeah I'm crazy), breastfeed, cloth diaper, co-sleep, babywear, all that normal "attachment parenting" stuff.

Totally not crazy!! I did my last 2 placenta's myself, too. Very simple and inexpensive!!
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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post

Totally not crazy!! I did my last 2 placenta's myself, too. Very simple and inexpensive!!

It really is, I watched all the youtube videos I can find, and I'm not sure why people pay a few hundred to have it done. Did you find taking it helped you postpartum? I figure why not do something that might make my life as a new mother easier.

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Hello all! Thought I'd introduce myself too. My name is Laura. I am 29. My husband Ben and I have been married for 3 years and we have two awesome toddlers, DS Dade turned 2 in October and DD Elloree will be 14 months on Valentine's Day. Their personalities are like night and day and it is such a joy to watch them interact - they are best buds and I hope their bond stays strong throughout life. DH is in the Army and we live in El Paso, TX currently. We plan on homeschooling when the time comes. Let's see what else.... Birth stories! With DS we were living in GA and had no good midwife options, really wanted to do a waterbirth at a free standing birth center and there is nothing like that where we lived... So we planned to deliver across the border in SC at a birth center there. Labored a whole day at home and then went in to the birth center and labored about 12 hours and I began having severe sciatica down both legs to the point where I could no longer breathe thru contractions and all I could do was hold my breath and cry and writhe in pain. His head was turned to the side and combined with my having one hip severely out of alignment it just wasn't working. I was exhausted and really felt like something was wrong so we transferred to the hospital at that point. I was devastated by having to go there and it was an ugly experience with interventions and fighting for everything we wanted at every turn. He was born 20 hours or so after we got to the hosptial. Born at 41 weeks 4 days. Fast forward to my pregnancy with DD- we now lived in TX and I really wanted again to go to a birth center or get a homebirth midwife... But with what happened with DS I was scared it would happen again so we opted for a midwife at the hospital. A very hands off midwife- she was amazing. I started having sciatica really bad at 38 weeks to the point where I couldnt walk at times... Ugh... So I was even more discouraged. Then a doula friend of mine enlightened me to The Miles Circuit for better baby position... And wow! I did the circuit just once in early labor at home and no more sciatica... It was great. We were getting ready to head to the hospital at about 2:30 on DD's birthday (she was born at 41 weeks 6 days).... I headed to the bathroom and boom...in the short walk across our bedroom I was feeling very transitiony! I told DH I needed to get in the tub and when I did things got even more intense. I told DH we weren't going to the hospital and I was already resisting the urge to push at this point. My mom was there to watch DS so I had DH go get her and I went into EMT mode and started giving instructions to DH and my mom on what things to get ready... All the while lifting myself up and holding DD in with each contraction until they had things ready. When they had everything prepped I told DH to break my water... We drained the tub and refilled it and I pushed two quick times in one contraction and we had our beautiful DD! She was turned slightly to the side just like DS and also had a nuchal hand and yet I had no tearing and she was fully out in two quick pushes. I had a few small tears with DS because I had TWO OB/gyns hands all up in there unnecessarily. Ugh. So anyway... Called my midwife and told her the birthstory and she said we were good to just see our pediatrician and she'd see me in 2 weeks. It was glorious. We now plan on birthing all future children at home and if a midwife is there she will not be in the room unless something goes wrong, though I am really thinking we probably won't have one present at all. DH is 100% on board with it and loves to tell people about our UC experience. Lol he is great. The whole experience has made me want to pursue homebirth midwifery once our children are all HS age or so. smile.gif

Wow this got long. I am sort of a classic oversharer so please forgive me. Lol
Great to meet all you ladies!

Oh! We are TTC # 3 right now too. smile.gif
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Hey everyone. I am lurking on the UC forum so I thought I would say hi. I don't plan on UC but my support team all lives 45-90 minutes away so it is in the scope of pregnancy. I love reading the stories here an being reminded how amazing the human body is and how spending time checking in with myself the baby and my body can tell me so much. Ultimately I am looking to have a very inward experience and trusting my body. Really the midwives are present to just hold the space. All of them I have done ritual with and feel blessed to have them present with me.
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Welcome CL!! I'm a total planner too!  So I get that you're thinking things through about how you want your birth to be already. And I don't think anyone in this part of the forum will think you're crazy for wanting to encapsulate your placenta! I say go for it thumb.gif


And welcome Wildmoon! wave.gif


Wow! Renaissance! Super cool birth experience! Thanks so much for sharing and for joining us here love.gif  Blessings on your TTC journey.


Welcome Amlikam! Blessings on your pregnancy!

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