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I've been obsessed w/TTC lately so I've been hanging out on the fertility forum more than here, but I thought I should come say hi and see if anyone else new wants to chime in w/an introduction...?

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Hello ladies, my name is Yolanda, I'm 32. DH and I have been married for 8 years. We have 6 children and I'm expecting #7 in August. We're really hoping for a girl this time around. We have 5 boys and 1 girl and she can be a "tomboy" at times. I made the decision to UP/UC with baby#6 and it was the best decision I could have made. Despite the criticism and disbelief from friends and family it was totally awesome and he was the biggest yet at 10lbs, 6ozs. DH really stepped up to the plate and took care of everything during labor. He remembered everything he was supposed to check for and he remained calm and supportive throughout the entire 3 hour process. I find the more kids I have the shorter labor last and the bigger they get. I believe that God controls all things good and bad. I home school my little ones ages 2-6. I don't post very often but I'm always checking in to read amazing birth stories and see what's up in the UC community. 

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Welcome Yolanda! Great to meet you!! and Congrats on expecting #7-Wow!!

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Well I have been lurking for a bit now... My name is GG and we are curently expecting our second after a long subfertility battle. DH has been really great through all of it and we have fortunately grown closer in the process. DH and I have been together for nearly 20 years and welcomed our first child after almost 5. Our son was born via cesarean and that was Not the plan. I endured 36 hours of med-free labor w/o any complications and then the OB's decided I was done. Told my DH an outrageous lie and convinced  him a c-section was needed. I balled throughout the whole thing and was miserable afterwards. Physically I recovered great, but mentally and emotionally I was lost. I just pushed it all under the rug because everyone around me was so happy and I was "Fine" so what did it matter how he got here. DH and I worked so hard going to hypnobirthing classes together and we really connected during the tail end of the pregnancy.


Fast forward almost 7 years and I have grown soooo much. I jumped in headfirst in cesarean awareness and support to the point of being obsessive and highly annoying. I realized how much I had suppressed and repressed from our son's birth and allowed myself to grieve my loss. It was a long hard road, but I have come out so much stronger for it.


I knew a hospital birth was not going to be an option for me once I interviewed every OB that said they were VBAC supportive in my area. What a joke! Well I would just have a homebirth and use a midwife. NOT! See in my state CPM's or CNM's can attend an Out Of Hospital Birth of a VBAC, Breech or Multiples. I cannot even go to the local Birth Center.


So Now I am doing a UWBAC sometime in October. DH is totally on board and also supports my wishes for not having any US's, use of doppler or any other extra tests unless the mw I am getting prenatal care from thinks it might be prudent. I wanted my next pregnancy to be as stress and carefree as my first. I am well on the road to that.


Sorry it was so long but once I started it just cacm pouring out. Thanks for reading.



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A quick hello, I'm Kelly, 25 and we just had our fourth child via UP/UC in December. I wish I had more time to be active on these boards but life is zany right now with four little ones five and under, lol. It is soooo nice to see so many mamas here, it was pretty quiet throughout my pregnancy and I hope that this board livens up and can provide support to you all! :) Wishing all of you safe, happy, and healthy pregnancies!

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Hello Ladies!  (And maybe gentlemen?  Maybe some are lurking out there).  I have been wandering around this forum for a few months now ever since I found it.  I am currently 7 months along with my first child and ever since the beginning I knew I wanted to UC.  Something about it just felt right for me.  I read a lot of info about it the first trimester and even though I had initially thought about having someone do prenatal care, I sort of skipped it.  Now that I am so far along I fear if I went to someone I would be scolded for waiting for long.  I don't want to hear it.  I do what feels best for my body, I listen to Baby's heart beat with a fetoscope, and I read, read, read, read, read!


DP is on full board and very excited to have it just be us and my mom at the birth.  She will be acting "midwife."  She has had 4 children, all vaginal and no drugs.  Plus she has helped countless farm animals give birth, so I trust her knowledge and intuition.  Both her and DP have had moments of doubt and fear, wanting me to go in for one ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay and find out placental placement, but I have kept away from all doctors and don't want any ultrasounds.  I work for an acupuncturists and see her regularly, so I consider her my primary care provider.


I have gotten a LOT of negativity from the few family members who "know" my plan.  (They know nothing, I have only expressed interest to one sibling, who is a nurse.  The others all have heard little bits from my mom, but haven't actually spoken to me about it, except in moments of anger when they were yelling at me for "fucking up my life" and thinking I will surely die and so will Baby.  Thanks for the support.)  I really didn't want anyone to know of my plan, even telling people you aren't getting US's is risk because they jump down on your back about all the things that could go wrong if you don't know what's going on in there.  My mother has told a few people and my best friend has told a few people.  Luckily it's only been family members who feel the need to tell me I'm not strong enough to do it along (my brother threatened to call CPS on me!).  I feel blessed that both my parents have trust in me and my ability, so at least that part of my family is supportive in this decision.


I am so excited to be able to go through this experience and am so glad that this forum is around for us to communicate and share with each other! stillheart.gif

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Hi everyone!

I've been checking this forum for the last 6 months or so and have been grateful to learn so much! 

I am 21 years old and have been married to my incredibly supportive husband for just over three years now! We have a 19 month old daughter and are expecting a little surprise sometime toward the end of May! 

My daughter was born at home when we were living in Fargo, ND. I had a wonderful midwife (who I greatly miss) and would probably be seeing her again this time around except that now we live in McDowell County WV and my husband works as a missionary. McDowell County is NOT the place to be into homebirth, nursing or mothering in general... there is no support and no community. We have an abysmal teen pregnancy rate as well.

It didn't take us long to both (almost at the same time) come to the conclusion that doing things unassisted was totally for us! He is extremely passionate about natural birth and even lets me quiz him on what to do in the case of stuck shoulders, what tinctures to give in case of excessive bleeding before the placenta is out, ways to asess dialation without touching, etc.

I know a very nice midwife who is over 2 hours away who will be giving me "proof of pregnancy" for birth certificate filing (as if this huge belly isn't proof enough!), administering Rhogam after the fact if my little one happens to be rh +, and stitching me up if I, God-forbid, tear again! 

Everything seems to be in order and we're super excited! I'll be checking this forum daily just to pass the time and hope to glean much more info... I love to learn!

Nice to meet everyone!

@Renaissance 31 it's my goal to be a midwife when my kids are a little older too! :) I just love all things birth and babies!

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Glad to 'meet' you GG & congratulations Kelly!

RaeRaell aren't you in the June DDC? I've been popping in there once in awhile but didn't want to go into the UC aspect too much.

mngreyday, our baby is due May 27th, but so was my second & she didn't arrive until June 5th. It's kind of neat to see a mini UC DDC here. We're a lot further south down the Appalachians, but I have to wonder if highly medicalized birth is a cultural thing in the mountains? I had to look under a lot of rocks before I found a doula, she said she attends maybe 3 births a year as most ladies want nothing to do w/ natural birth.

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I have been lurking on here for a LONG time. My story's kind of long, but I'l try to be brief. My husband and I got started on our journey to parenthood over 5 years ago. We lost our first child in June 2009. I checked myself out of the hospital AMA and had an unassisted miscarriage at home. It took years for us to conceive again. I felt pretty traumatized for a while because all the medical people assumed it was me (it wasn't, not that it made it any easier or anything) and refused to check my husband. Our internist finally listened to me, and diagnosed the issue at hand. My husband was given a drug that luckily helped us, and now, we are expecting a child in August. A huge part of me wants to do an unassisted birth. If anyone else had been there during the miscarriage, I don't think that I could have focused as well as I did. It was a terrible loss, but it brought me closer to my husband, who did a fantastic job of supporting me. Has anyone on here read any of Marilyn Moran's works? She was a huge advocate of the father being the one to support the mother at birth, so that he and she could bond more closely, instead of the mother bonding with her midwife or doctor. I'm not saying I agree with everything Moran wrote, but this idea of hers really resonates with me. I've done a lot of reading and research about UC--it never ends for me, LOL. I have found works by Laura Shanley, Lynn Griesemer, and Patricia Cloyd Carter to be really helpful, as well as Sheila Kitzinger (don't think she supports UC--someone please correct me if I'm wrong--but she does support homebirthing) and Elizabeth Davis. I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone would have, as far as books to read or good sources of info. I feel kind of isolated here, as homebirth is considered crazy and risky, let alone UC. I look forward to talking to people here and I'm happy that this thread got started. My husband and I have been together for over 7 years now. My parents and brother live 2 hours from us, and my husband's family are all in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. My husband's mother was greatly blessed with fertility. She had 11 kids, 8 of whom survived to adulthood. She was 41 when she had my husband, and 48 when my youngest sister-in-law was born. She birthed all her kids at home with a midwife. I know, this is a long post, but in real life, I tend to ramble on, LOL. It's just nice to be able to say that you support UC and to have others understand and agree with you.
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Voondrop- I am over in the June DDC!  I have been open about my UC plans over there, but there isn't much conversation about it (mentioned it in a home birth thread and one other I think).  No one has said anything negative to me in the DDC.  Thank goodness!  I am due the very end of June, but I like the thought of our own little UC DDC!!

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Hi there! Im pretty new to this whole mdc place. The first I heard of mothering was through the magazines some 4 years back, right around the time everything went strictly online!!! I've been reading lots on all these forums though, and love it! Im 23 married to my 33 yr husband for 6 years this summer(when I turn 24:)). We've got a soon-to-be 5 yr old gal, 3 yr old boy and also soon-to-be 2 yr old boy. And Im just over halfway with my fourth, due in the middle of July. Im Canadian, my husband Finnish, and so we are living in Finland. Its hard to be happy sometimes when Im missing home so much:) Our first birth was in a teaching hospital that didnt quite go how I would have liked, but seeing I knew nothing about birth then, its no wonder things turned out how they did.(epidural, heart rate dropped bad, episiotmy, bad tear with vacuum extraction,etc......) Breastfeeding never worked either. With our second, he was born 15min after we got to the hospital. It was a nice med-free birth that I was high on for quite a while, but the stay afterwards in the hospital was nightmareish for me. My milk didnt come in so quick and we did what they call here ''feed weighings''?(weigh the baby, breastfeed it, weigh it again to see how much it got) 5 grams. Said this old cranky (annoying!) nurse: ''He's not gonna get fat on THAT!!!'' -SO much support for a day or two old mom!!! So on with the formula again. Though later, I strictly breastfed my chubbiest:) The last birth was pretty much the same, except that pushing him out hurt SO bad so it took a little bit longer(the pushing in the hospital). I went to the hospital (only like 10min away) when I started feeling pushy, like the last. And this time did what they call a ''clinical birth''- I left after 6 hours. And was that the best thing I have done so far! (my milk came in right away:)) Here in Finland EVERYBODY goes to the hospital to give birth. There are a handful of midwives who do homebirths (literally, like, only 5!) and it costs an arm and a leg......out of pocket!! So that option is not for us, as we are struggling along the way it is. I heard maybe 10 births each year here are at home. So, very unpopular still, tho Im thinking it will grow. I have not wanted to go to the hospital anymore, and since my husband doesnt want to go into debt (me either:)) to get a midwife, I have been telling him Im giving birth at home then wíth no one but him. I was so happy when I heard him say just the other day with a smile ''I guess Im getting a bit excited to do so too!'' So, as long as nothing goes wacko, we're here at home to stay. All 4 hospitals are at equal distance (30min) and its just too long of a rushed ride for me when Im in transition or pushing-unless of course its for an emergency-thats a little different, but how often does that actually happen? Everyone always asks what hospital we're going to and so far its easy to say we havent decided:) there are 4! Im trying not to get super excited about birth yet. I find it good for me to go gung-ho during the last weeks, when everything will be fresh in my mind. Though every night hubby asks when he sees me reading off my phone ''birth stories (AGAIN?!?!?!'':) Yeah, so looks like were UCing this time around and I am so looking forward to it! I just hope I dont cause a ruckous in this tiny country with the first intentional UC, lol:)!! Its nice to read other's situations-see where they are at. Its so encouraging when there are other moms who've had  even more than 1 or 2 kids at home UA! (and the stories that come with:)) Gives me, anyways, courage and confidence in myself and especially God's plan to trust the whole process....... Nice meeting you all!!!!

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Hi everybody!


I don't really come on MDC much, but I'm around sometimes.


My DH is about to get his doctorate, and I am about to have our third child.  We have two very active and SMART sons, who are 3.5 and 2.5 years old.  The younger, born about a year into my midwifery studies, was our first UHB.  I am on a sabbatical from studying for my CPM-- we live in a VERY unfriendly state for DH's schooling, so I can't apprentice here-- to have this baby, who is due in a couple of weeks.


Sorry to be so vague, but I also don't give out much information online :/

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Hello, my name is Ashley.
I will be having my first UC around the first of October. I have had three uneventful hospital births, and I know that this is what I want to do. I have two daughter 11 & 7 from my first marriage, and I had a surrogate son for a close friend 4 years ago. I am currently married to an amazing man who has two children, 7 & 8, we have full custody of. We were both teenagers when we had our other children, and we want this time to be different. We are becoming very educated on the subject of UC and plan a water birth at home with just us and our other children. I also recently decided on an UP. I just know I don't want any intervention during my journey. This will be my last child and I am unbelievably excited! My family had a few "what if" issues at first, but are very supportive. Everyone knows that I will do what I want to matter what they say smile.gif I am an RN at a local psychiatric hospital, and I love my job! I will be taking quite a bit of time off after the birth, however! I am excited for this new journey in my life, and I can't wait to keep up with all that's going on in the world of UC!!

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Originally Posted by Voondrop View Post


mngreyday, our baby is due May 27th, but so was my second & she didn't arrive until June 5th. It's kind of neat to see a mini UC DDC here. We're a lot further south down the Appalachians, but I have to wonder if highly medicalized birth is a cultural thing in the mountains? I had to look under a lot of rocks before I found a doula, she said she attends maybe 3 births a year as most ladies want nothing to do w/ natural birth.

I love the idea of a UC DDC! :) 

My first was 19 days "late", so I fully anticipate going into June too!

I bet you're right about highly medicalized birth be a cultural thing! It's supre depressing and I get on crazy kicks where I feel like it's my presonal responsibility to change that (which is of course crazy!) and it's extremely overwhleming! I met a woman last week who was being induced at 37 weeks because her ob was going on vacation for 5 days... ridiculous!


@RaeRae My full name is Raeanne and my family has always called me RaeRae! :)


Nice to "meet" you all! It's so nice to feel not quite so alone in the world! :)

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Hi mngreyday. Your first was 19 days "late"--I myself (my mom's first child) was 18 days "late". Her original due date was October 1st and I showed up on the 19th. My parent's first wedding anniversary was the 20th. I (jokingly) asked Mom once when I was younger, "Why couldn't you have held off for another day and had me on your anniversary?" She gave me a stern look and said, "I was starting to think that you were NEVER going to be born and that there wasn't even a baby in there anymore--I had just gotten really fat or something. I couldn't WAIT to have you at that point!" Then, my brother was born 5 and a half years later, a week early. I put no stock in "due dates"--all they are is a guess. Mine is due on July 28th, but I have a feeling that I'm going to have the baby in August.

I met a woman who was induced at only 35 or 36 weeks (insane!) because her doctor was going on vacation, too. She ended up with a C-section. Crazy, and she thought that I was crazy for wanting to NOT be induced, and to have a homebirth. Different strokes for different folks, indeed.

Any other ladies who are due in July or August?
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this was an oops=)
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o its fun to hear all the stories! welcome ladies! I do hope our mw makes it if we have another birth, but if not, its nice to know others have/can do this on thier own.  :)

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Hi Everyone!  I'm expecting my 3rd this Nov/Dec.  After careful consideration of my options, I think this will be unattended.  Kinda shocked at how my attitude has changed since my eldest girl.  I hope to find support here, as we've moved to my guy's hometown so I'm far away from friends.  I don't think they'd get it anyway.  We're telling everyone we're using a local midwife, but I'm just doing self-care.  My girls are 7 and 9, so its been a while, but I had them naturally with only a slight shoulder dystocia with the first.  I really attribute that to the guys' mom bursting in and frightening me during the pushing/descending portion.  With my youngest, I went 3 weeks over, but I was much more comfortable laboring alone the first 13 hours.  I only went in after the birth center opened, about 3 hours before I delivered.  I'm a real pain if there is anyone to complain to, so the midwives left me alone mostly.  Later, I watched my young wise midwife employ the same technique of leaving the woman alone, on others as they made the journey.  I have read a bit of midwifery textbooks, but I find a woman seems to know by instinct what to do.  I guess my only real concern is what if I don't want my guy around...he's really excited to catch his first baby.  Thanks for having me. 

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Hi i'm becky i joined mothering some time ago but not been on for a while, i'm expecting my 6th baby november/december time, i'm planning my first up/uc my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th were homebirths my 5th hospital due to gbs , this time i'm taking preventitive meassures so i'm not caught out i regret my hospital birth but felt pressured into which is why i'm going it alone this time
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Wow!! So much action here since I last checked in 2 weeks ago! Gads! Welcome everyone!

I'm officially in TWW #5 so figured I should get caught up w/everyone over here again!! It's really exciting to see so many of you here that are expecting this year love.gif  I love the idea of someone starting a UC DDC thread w/a list of everyone & their "due dates" so we can keep tabs easier. It'd be a good place to link all the UC birth stories too for the year.


Carolinamama-So glad you found us! It sounds like it's been a long journey.


Darkblue-you definitely have your hands full!! Chime in when ya can and congrats on your new little one!


RaeRae-That the trouble when word gets out about UC...people's fears get triggered...So So glad you have a strong support system despite the worry warts!


MNGreyday-Your DH sounds awesome!! Congrats on your little one arriving soon!


TizTaz-Read old threads here!! There's a wealth of information that will go beyond any books you might find. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


Mommyemma-So cool to hear from an international mama! One of my good friends moved here to the States a few years ago from Finland and I'm Finnish by heritage so I have a special fondness for Finland I guess winky.gif So glad you found us!!


Missanthrope-No need to be sorry! Glad you're here!


Abk-So excited you're here-Congrats!!


Shaktidevi-You've got plenty of time to sort out details & make a plan with DP...Don't worry now about if you'll want him in the room with you or not thumb.gif


Becky-Congrats on #6! Wow. I see you have a Xander! My nephew is Xander too-looks like they're almost exactly a year apart!

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