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newborn, poppable carrier

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I'm looking for something suitable for newborns and also quick and easy to get in and out.  Baby is due early August, so something cooler is also a plus.  My DDs will be 6 and close to 4 when the baby comes.   We're going to be doing 3 in the backseat  for a while (though DD1 will be at school by late Aug, and I shouldn't need to take them all out at once by myself for a while).  We're considering a convertible seat rather than a bucket for the baby.  If we go with that, I really would need something quick and easy for the baby.  I have an ergo, which I love, for when baby is older.  I really need something suitable for littles though. 

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I loved my Baby K'tan. The way the carrier holds the baby is similar to a moby but it is not a wrap. You just put it over your head,put your arms through and pop the baby in. It was a lifesaver for us.

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I have been using my Beco Gemini almost exclusively for this babe. In fact I'm so dependant on it that we just ordered another one because I can't cope when we have to wash it!

I've been using it since my LO was just a few days old and it is summer here now. We are both sweaty but it's not unbearable.

I froggied her legs the first time but after that I have just left her legs out and she seems more comfortable that way.
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I like the idea of the K'tan.  I know a lot of people like the Moby, but I've always been intimidated by all the wrapping. 


The becos are more than I want to spend for my last baby, but they sure are beautiful. 


Anybody have experience with a ring sling or hotsling-type and infants?   I know they're supposed to be ok for newborns, but I'm wondering if head support might be harder to get correctly than the k'tan.

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I loved my stretchy wrap for DS when he was a newborn.  t was super easy to pre-tie and pop him in and out of when we were running errands, going to the park etc.  It was also awesome to get him to nap in; I have an older child as well and getting baby to lay down somewhere for a nap just isn't always an option when another one needs you too!! I love ring slings and mei tai's, but they just weren't great options for me when he was a newborn-I don't find that they're as supportive for a teeny baby.


My wrap was the same material as a Moby, but it was waaayyyy shorter, and therefore so much easier to use.  Mine was a Canadian brand called a Monkeywrap (not sure where you're located) but I'm pretty sure that there are some similar, shorter options in the States too. 

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I love my ringslings for newborns! Very quick and easy!

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I was happy with my hotsling for my newborns. You do need to be aware of positioning, but I found it poppable and comfy. I also did the pretied moby. Mostly used the ergo with the insert--pretty quick to use also.

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I tried both ring and pouch slings with my first babe and didn't like them. I found it too hard to get a secure upright position (both my newborns want to be upright) and, even at that size I found a one shoulder carry uncomfortable.
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Have you tried eBay? There are some Beco Geminis on there for less than $100.
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