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How far are you traveling for prenatals/birth?

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Just curious how far you all are traveling for prenatal care and your delivery?  I'm sure we have hospital birthin', home birthin', UCin', midwife carin', OB carin' mamas here - so I was just curious how far you are having to travel to get the care you desire?

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20 minutes to my OB office for prenatal appointments and about 45minutes (if the traffic is good) to the hospital for delivery smile.gif

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5 minutes for both prenatal care and hospital- they are housed in the same building. 7 minutes in super heavy traffic. :)


I intend on laboring at home until the last. possible. second. because of this.

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At the moment, I travel about 30 mins to midwife appointments at my midwife's home office and it'll be a home birth. So, if she's home, she'd be able to make it in about 30 mins to my house.


It has varied based on location for each of my kids. I think it'd be ideal to be within 30-45 mins tops of where you plan to birth or from the midwife you plan to have at your home. 

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Both midwife and hospital are about 30 minutes away right now, but we are moving next month and will be about 10 minutes closer. 

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I live in the middle of nowhere, so I travel ~15 miles/30 or so minutes. I feel super lucky to have a homebirth-friendly midwifery practice even that close! I was expecting to have to travel an hour!

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Literally across the street :) My doctors office is right next to the hospital and I live a block over and across the street from the hospital. 

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Some of you are so close, how awesome! :)

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My midwife is only 15 minutes away this time instead of 1 hr and 15min. We are planning to have the baby at home so I'm very excited that she is so close. Last labor only lasted about 3 hours before pushing so it's a comfort to know that she is so close.

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About 35 minute drive to the MW, and then we are home birthing. The nearest hospital is about 10 minutes in case of emergency.
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I'm thrilled to be doing a home birth this time and my midwife comes to me! My high risk stuff is a 25 minute drive up there freeway, so not too bad.
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we are homebirthing too and paid a little extra to have her come to us... think she lives about 15-20 minutes away. and we're about 15 minutes from the hospital if needed. 

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My homebirth midwife comes to me. We are 15-20 minutes from a hospital in case of transfer.
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I'm high risk and because of this I can only see an MFM or Perinatologist :(.  The closest group is in Savannah, GA (30 minute drive).  I've been 4 times already for spotting and then NT scan.  Of the 4 times I only met the MFM the last time.  Every other time an ultrasound tech would tell me baby was ok and give me no other info and send me on my way.  I also spend a minimum of an hour in the waiting room before seeing the person each time.  After the last visit and the lack of real concern DH and I decided to transfer to the next nearest office ... 1 hour 20 minute drive to Charleston, SC.  I haven't been yet but go on the 9th for the first time for an ultrasound (they want their own dating scan because the 1st place measured 4 times and got 4 different dates UGH.

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Wow, that stinks. My MFM has always been great. Any chance you could get co-care like I've got? I'm so happy with the midwife I got this time.
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Originally Posted by lolliegee View Post

Wow, that stinks. My MFM has always been great. Any chance you could get co-care like I've got? I'm so happy with the midwife I got this time.

I've never thought about doing that before.  With my last I was transferred at 16w to the MFM for full time care, then he passed the morning of my 1st appt with them at 18w.  How does it work when you have dual care?

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The practice I'll most likely have to go with is 119 miles away....  Yeah....  I'm searching for more options, but they all lead to a dead end road! 

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The OB and MFM I'm seeing are an hour away, at the same hosp. I'm still exploring options on creating a midwife team, in case things line up for a homebirth. Either way, I want the support of a midwife prenatally. The prenatal care at the OB's office is severely lacking, I am anxious leading up to the appointment, and irritated afterwards. The doctors are nice, but just the way it is managed is bizarre.
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We're about 40 minutes from the midwife.  We're home birthing...but if we need to transfer, the hospital is 40 minutes away too.

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I've been co managed with the last three of my pregnancies. And, obviously, this one. Basically, you see the midwives (can be home birth, birth center or hospital MW) for all your basic prenatal care, plus they're the ones to attend your birth. Depending on how high risk you are and what they midwives' policies are, they may require a hospital birth. That's what my last midwife group did. I saw them at the birth center then they attended my in hospital births. This time I've been lucky enough to find a home birth midwife willing to attend me. Then you just see your MFM for the high risk stuff.
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