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the first time i did not do a home pregnancy test.. didnt even think about it. now all you make me wonder if i will test at home. will i resist.....will i wait for the beta. it helps being 1 hour away from any store. hummm....... lol


hope you are resting sourire


welcome guppyluv! you'll be having your retrieval the day i have my transfer!


lilac I had such intense cramps after the trial transfer. They were really bad. I empathize.

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Holy wow Cait!  My stalking skills are obviously lacking, because I am super late to the party. 


So excited for you!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!







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PS goodvibes.gif Sourire

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Sourire- Visualizing implantation for your embie. Glad your transfer went well! Lilac- Glad things are starting to move forward for you.

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tracy, at least I know that this can be "normal" after an HSG - any other ladies have bad cramps after the mock ET or HSG?


I am still having cramps, although not as bad as yesterday, I have taken several doses of ibuprofen and right now it is at the "I can handle the pain" level, but every now and then there is a cramp that makes me want to double over.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Lilac- I'd think the cramps are probably just from the HSG & the transfer just happened to be at the same time. Don't be worried that your actual transfer would feel that way. My HSG was super crampy & other than having to pee, my transfer I felt nothing. It might be also that close to AF you just weren't done bleeding so your body is confused. Feel better soon!

Milk- thank you!!

Sourire- I went back to work the next day too & so far so good! The cramping didn't start til 5 days later & it was so mild I couldn't tell if I was just crazy.

Welcome guppyluv - hope this time is the lucky one!

Tracy- I've never waited for beta day.... I'd be panicking if I had to wait for a call!

AFM- today is beta day, I know tests change with urine concentration but I feel like last nights was so much lighter I'm a little freaked out. So now I'll be on edge til Friday when my repeat is done!
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Sourire - Lurking and thinking of you! I really hope this is it!!!

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Thanks to everyone cheering me on! It blows my mind to think that I have a live embryo inside me right now! Wait, what if the embryo isn't still alive? After all it's been 24h since anyone checked. Ok deep breaths!!!! I need to stay calm!

Toothfairy - I am excited to hear your beta results! My fingers are crossed for a great number.

Welcome guppyluv! I'm glad you're joining us!
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Beta was 92.5, my progesterone is only 6.28. I'm feeling anxious and can't wait to get through Friday. I just want answers.

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Are you taking endometrin toothfairy? I'm sure you've heard that a lot of forms of progesterone don't show up on blood tests but they are still doing their job where it counts. Your beta sounds promising though!
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Toothfairy- Sourire is right- I was told that a 4 with the suppositories is like a 40 with the injections. They can also up your dose if they are concerned. 

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I'm taking Crinone. I know it doesn't show up in the blood work. It was just that after getting a lighter test last night and this morning I panicked. After having a good solid pity party I went to acupuncture and she assured me that there is nothing to be concerned about. I also had no headache or cramping yesterday so I was assuming the worst. Now I am considering that I did much better staying hydrated yesterday which would improve both the headaches and the cramping & the progesterone is probably fine because I am on the suppository. So the next 2 days are going to be hard but I am trying to stay positive. It would be nice if for once something would just be perfect so I had nothing to worry about. There is just no way to know for sure, right...

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congrats again!

when they told you your progesterone level did  they say there was some concern? from what i know ,10 is average so 6.28 is not that low and when i was pregnant mine was low and my beta. i only remember the beta because that seemed more important. it was 83. and everything was beautiful after that...besides having 12 fibroids 2 the size of grapefruits .

i know it's real easy to freak out.

dance and rock out for the next two days..

word puzzles are good.

do you have a favorite series to get immersed in?   downtown abbey???

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toothfairy and sourire, I am praying that all is well for both of the little ones that are growing inside you.


AFM, this morning I still am feeling crampy. It probably was the HSG because the doctor said I didn't make any mention of pain or even feeling when he did the mock embryo transfer and being close to my period is probably what the blood was from. I am still going to call the nurse because since I didn't know I was going to do those procedures, I hadn't taken the antibiotic before the procedure and when I did take the antibiotic a couple hours after the procedure I didn't know I was supposed to take it on an empty stomach.

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Hi Cait, For what it is worth, while using suppositories, both my 2nd and 3rd RE liked to see numbers over 20, preferably over 25. They both put me on the PIO shots immediately when the suppositories didn't put me over the mark. They may be really intimidating, but you get used to them. And, with the IVF, you are an old pro with the shots. Also, that is a great starting beta!! Can't wait to hear about the doubling number tomorrow!!

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Sourire - I am crossing my fingers for you!!


TF - That is a great beta. Congrats!!

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Toothfairy - I'll be thinking of you today as you go for your second beta!
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toothfairy    waiting to hear those numbers..... i know all is well

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Second beta was 162, doubling time of 54 hours. Follow up on Tuesday. Progesterone was 9.41 so that's better too . I'll update more tomorrow!!
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Glad to hear those numbers toothfairy!
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