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Wonderful news Toothfairy!

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great numbers!!!!!!

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TF, I love seeing your ticker!


Sourire, how are you doing?

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I'm doing pretty good. Thank god for my meditations, they are the only thing keeping me sane right now!!!! I'm meditating a lot on surrendering to whatever outcome is in store for me. This afternoon I have a massage scheduled so that should help me relax!


I've been having cramping on and off ever since the transfer, and it doesn't really feel like menstrual cramps, so there is plenty of fuel for my imagination!!! I'm hopeful but at the same time I have trouble believing it could ever happen to me.


DH has convinced me to wait until Wednesday (13dpo) to test because he's afraid I'll have a total mental breakdown if I get a BFN and I already have an appointment scheduled with my psychologist for Wednesday so she can stop me from going completely out of control.

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Sounds like some really good planning for these last few days. The cramping does sound interesting... Cautiously optimistic is a good state to be in, I would think. I'm SO rooting for you!!!

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i don't know what exactly to say to you because the mind can be interesting in times of question. and i will be in your same position in a week. damn...intense sourire. i am sending all the possible energy i can to you up there in canada. be nice to yourself. if you feel like spinning put the nano in your ears and blare your favorite song. is there a mini series you could watch for distraction? a book? how about long conversations on the phone listening to someone else's life? i think dh is right in waiting for the test on wednesday. also, you'd take the test at home and convince yourself the lines are not dark enough or maybe something is wrong with the test. this way you can go straight to the re and know everything is accurate.

enjoy your massage and if you need to talk i will be on and off today.


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Sourire- The meditations seriously are a life-saver. I agree with waiting to test until 13 DPO, what day is your bloodtest? My advice obviously after the last week is exactly what tracy said, don't take multiple tests to compare! The cramping sounds like a great sign too. Enjoy your massage and try to stay hydrated (especially after getting massaged!). Sending all my best to you and embaby. The disbelief that it can happen won't go away even after your BFP... We are starting to think it won't feel real until there is a belly to show for it.


tracy- Just one more week for you too! 

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yes exactly one week toothfairy.

how are you doing? feeling?

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Doing good. Hoping my last betais tomorrow & praying hard for good numbers! Feeling crappy. Moody & super bad heatburn today. Strangly I'm starving & have no cramps. So, weird change in symptoms but I'm hangin in. As long as all goes well tomorrow I'll move to graduates.
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goodvibes.gifToothfairy & Sourire - Waiting on pins and needles for good news!!

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Hope the numbers are great!

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Toothfairy - I'm hoping for a fabulous beta for you today!

AFM - Things arent looking good. I've had increasing quantities of spotting since Saturday. I've also started having nightmares about pregnancy tests. I just want to get it over with!
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I had some spotting too. Hopefully it is just baby making a sweet home. The dreams are awful, I dreamed my DH was having anal sex with a transvestite, last night I dreamed I totaled my car... There was another crazy one too. I'm still praying for the best.

Still no word from my doc today... Agh!
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TF2B - Fingers crossed for you!!!  This will be your 3rd beta, is that right?  Hoping and praying for a great number!!!  Those sound like some crazy pregnancy dreams for sure!!!!


Sourire - Tomorrow is the testing at home day right???  Fingers crossed for you for sure!!!! Just remember that it still might not be right.  I took one the day before my beta and it was neg and then beta said positive one time.  PUPO!!!!!  Hormones/pregnancy can make us women have crazy dreams for sure. I think its a good sign and lets hope that the spotting is that embie just digging in deeper which is very common!!!  Keep us posted... sending you lots of sticky vibes  goodvibes.gif


Hi to everyone else!!!!

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Sourire  wednesday is the testing at the re correct? You must be so anxious..you are almost there . and plenty of women have spotting so please try not to stress that too much. Thinking of you!!!

Toothfairy crazy dreams!!!!! beta numbers please!

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Sourire; I think spotting is a great sign!! I had a good amount of it with my IVF baby. It is made worse if you are on baby aspirin too. Honestly, it's pretty darn hard to get your period on all the progesterone they make you take (though it does occasionally happen) - so spotting is often caused by a preg, not getting your period. Praying for good news for you tomorrow!!!


Toothfairy: Wow, crazy dreams!!



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549. 54 hour doubling time, 85% rise... At least baby is consistent! Still won't be confident until the ultrasound. They put me in Monday but I can't go til Wednesday so I have to reschedule.
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TF2B - joy.gif  Awesome number!!!!  So do you have to go again or are you done now and get to schedule your u/s???

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tracyamber - tomorrow I am testing at home, the beta with the RE is on Friday.


Vegan - I'm trying to believe that spotting is good but I've had spotting in every single cycle where I was not pregnant (aka every single cycle I've had ever in my life), including various cycles on various different types of progesterone. Spotting has never been good news in the past. What concerns me is that the quantity of blood I am spotting is increasing every day, just like it has in every other cycle. If it were just a little bit every day I wouldn't worry but I actually have to wear a pad! I don't actually think I'm about to get my period though... I can easily spot for 2 weeks straight :P


toothfairy - your number sounds great! Feel free to stick around until after the ultrasound if you don't feel confident enough to move to grads yet.

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TF2B -  oops just re-read your post about the u/s sorry.  Yay!!!! Can't wait to hear your update after that/!!!

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