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Tracy: good luck Monday with your FET and Guppy, here's to all those follies developing beautiful eggs! And yes, the injections should seem easier this time but they weren't.
AFM: we have a projected retrival date of 2/4. Our protocol is 450 follistim, 150 menopur with ganirellix added in after our second US. Our last cycle was bcp then lupron and stims, but I reacted badly to lupron, it gave me palpitations.
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Good news today. I have 11 good size follicles for Monday's retrieval. Can't wait! Fingers x'd all goes smoothly, they fertilize and grow into beautiful day 3 embies! Trigger party movie nite tomorrow night! (just borrowed avatar and nemo in 3D)...
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I just got the call from my clinic with the beta results. Negative, as expected so now I'm allowed to stop the meds. DH and I booked ourselves a "consolation prize" trip to Jamaica to help cheer us up. 2 weeks from tomorrow we'll be sitting on the beach!

It sounds like there will be a lot of excitement around here next week! Toothfairy, tracyamber, guppyluv, nievesstevens, I'll be following your developments with interest. I have an appointment with my RE on Wednesday to figure out the next step. I'll be pushing for increased progesterone supplementation and an endometrial biopsy, hopefully those two factors will help our next FET have a different result than this time. I still have one frozen blast remaining and 5 day 3 embryos (2 are grade 1, the others are grade 2). I think I'd rather have a day 3 transferred next time because a) the remaining blast isn't the greatest quality, b) all my best embryos were frozen at day 3, and c) if the blast doesn't survive defrosting then the cycle is a bust, but with my day 3's I'll have a backup plan.
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Sourire: What an awesome consolation prize!! I hope your RE figures out why you always bleed through the meds and can make a change to ensure your embies have the best chance!! I am so glad you have more embabies waiting for you. 


Good luck to those about to retreive and transfer!!



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I am happy you are able to move forward and taking the right steps with your dh to heal. Glad to hear you have some embies on ice!!!!


Yay Guppyluv.....we want to hear all about your retrieval on monday.We'll be on our 2ww together.!


nievesstevens  2/4 is really close!!


AFM these progesterone injections are a pain in the a**..pun intended lol. I don't seem to have much of an appetite but still drinking my gallon of water a day and a bowl of oatmeal . Transfer at 12 noon...

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Tracyamber - ugh. Progesterone shots sound a little miserable. greensad.gif I had good success with Crinone suppositories last time - so am thankful for no more shots. Don't think I could deal. Sending happy thoughts your way for monday.

Sourire - Ahhh jamaica... My friends are on a girls weekend there right now and loving it. Glad you still have some frosties to work with.

Nievesstevens - Menapur and I didn't get along. Lupron was annoying but not so bad for me. At least there is more than one protocol to work with! I'm Follistim 300 am/pm + ganerellix after day of stims.

I'll find out tomorrow afternoon what time my retrieval will be. Now just baking banana bread & waiting for my last two doses of Follistim to be delivered from the pharmacy.
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Tracyamber - I'm with you on the injections! I'm so excited that I don't have to do one tonight! Funny that you aren't hungry, I am always STARVING when I take progesterone!
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Hi all-Popping in to cheer you all on! I'm also still having problems as a result of the PIO injections (3 weeks later)h, so if we do an FET in a couple of years, no PIO for me!

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what problems did you have with the progesterone injections?????

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I had a lot of swelling and discomfort at the injection site to the point that I finally had to insist they get me off because I was crying every time I walked (which I could barely do). Now, I have two nodules on my left butt cheek where there had been injection sites. I go back to the GP on Tuesday to figure out if we need t do surgery to drain them. I'm on blood thinners, so we aren't sure whether it is the best course of action, plus I'm only 9 weeks along as of tomorrow. Right now I have a warm compress on the area.

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it's so quiet here........everyone  must be having a fantastic saturday and friday night. im enjoying a chocolate chip cookie from a batch i made yesterday. i'm amazed i only ate one today and now about to get a little more calcium through some oat milk.

sourire..hope you cannot get you mind off your up coming trip.

guppyluv..are you still watching movies?how was the trigger? what time one monday?


okay..quietly leaving lol! oopsyummy.gif

deborahbkelley...that sucks about your injection site

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I'm lucky that one of the doctors at my internal medicine practice is apparently a skin expert, so he'll be taking a look Tuesday.

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Deborah- I hope it isn't anything serious. I don't look forward to PIO injections when we someday use our frozen embies. 


Tracy- your FET is tomorrow, right? Good Luck! How are you doing with the PIO? Everyone reacts differently to progesterone supplements as far as side effects. Did you have a loss of appetite when you were pregnant with your first?


Sourire- Enjoy every minute of your vacation. You certainly deserve it after all you've been through. Did they have you on estrogen pills along with the PIO for after your transfer? When do you see your doctor again and plan or another FET? I hope they can make a change and give you a better chance of success. 


guppyluv- Good luck to you tomorrow too! Is this your first IVF? I found the retrieval much easier than I expected. Hope your 11 eggs are beautiful and mature for them to take out tomorrow. Exciting times!


nieves- Sorry the injections aren't treating you as nicely this time around. I hope the days go by quickly and this is all a thing of the past. Do you have to do PIO too??


krunchyk- Thanks for the progesterone advice before, I realize I never responded to you. I guess they aren't as concerned because it went up by Friday and with the Crinone not showing in bloodwork I should be okay. I haven't had any spotting since the implantation spotting stopped either. 


AFM- My ultrasound is scheduled for Wednesday. Hopefully once that is over I will feel more like embracing pregnancy. There is so much unknown. I really don't feel like it is ectopic but it is hard to get attached when there are so many things potentially wrong. My bigger fear than ectopic is that we will see a heartbeat and then in a few more weeks it will be gone. I guess I can be moved to graduates since for now I am pregnant. If I have to rejoin for a FET that won't discount that this child existed for however long.

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Ahhh we did Alice & Wonderland in 3D. Triggered at 8:30p. In tomorrow early by 7:30.

Annoyed today by the nurse calling with "extra" pre-op instructions to take prevacid before surgery tonight and tomorrow. Ive never done that before with 3 D&Cs and my other egg retrieval (which I had no problems with and no adverse reactions to anesthesia). She said it was b/c of my weight (which hasn't really changed - well went down 5 lbs - since my first ER last sept) but I'm guessing it's b/c I now tripped the post 40 mark in Nov. & am a bit overweight . Anyway she didn't really know more than "it's protocol" - which I always find really frustrating. I don't like taking unnecessary Meds I've never taken before just b/c it's protocol - and esp. when I have zero history of reflux. So just a bit annoyed. but deep breathing.

Trying to find a ride tomorrow was a royal pain (between sick friends with the flu and everyone else traveling for work), so I'm spending the night at a friends and hour from home (but closer to the clinic). Not a biggie since its so early tomorrow, but I like my own bed so much better!

But still... Excited for tomorrow...

Tracyamber - good luck tomorrow!!! Yay smile.gif
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afm ....hi and thanks for dealing with my silliness last night. just been in a good mood.


toothfairy2be  no i did not lose appetite  but about 6 weeks in morning sickness hit. i had it all the time for 22 weeks. i  couldn't keep anything down and lost a lot of weight. i could not even drink water. ginger chews helped .if you get morning sickness i have lots of advice.


guppyluv  we'll be at the doctor's at the same time because 7:30 you time is about 10:30 my time. i have acupuncture at 11. im sorry you had a hard time getting a ride.  we too live an hour away from the clinic in the middle of a forest.

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Fingers crossed for Tracy and guppy today! My nurse gave me a great tip for the PIO. If you are having someone help with the injections, have them seated with you standing so that the injection site is eye level, then massage the injection site vigorously for a bit after administering (my husband just used his knuckles in a circular motion) so that the oil disperses quickly and doesn't stay in one location. I had no discomfort at all.
AFM: second US tomorrow and probably starting Ganirelix, had a second round of blood work yesterday and our office doesn't call you unless something comes up, which they didn't. Also, why does Menopur have to sting so damn much, at least for me. But as a distraction, DH and I made mozzarella and ricotta cheese yesterday! Excellent way to occupy the mind and fairly easy to boot.
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Am at clinic waiting... Thankfully still have my iPhone smile.gif anyway should be shortly. Wheee...
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Good luck today tracyamber and guppyluv!

Toothfairy - I was on estrogen patches for the entire cycle. My appointment with the doctor is this Wednesday, same day as yours.
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Back home. They retrieved 10. So just have to wait for them to fertilize. On the couch with hot cocoa and a movie.

Good luck Tracyamber
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busy today huh?

thanks for the support !!!!!

we are eating organic multigrain squares and about to get ready. relaxing all day and tuesday so i will be around if anyone wants to "hang out" lolyummy.gif


nievesstevens. that is exactly how we do it! i cannot imagine what it would feel like if we didn't. my butt aches and feels like i have knots.


guppyluv 11 is a great number yay. enjoy your movies.

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