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Guppyluv - That sounds great! Enjoy your movies & picture those eggs fertilizing!

Tracy- you must be going soon, are you having a 5 day blast or 3 day?

Sourire- that is so strange that even with the patches you still had spotting. I hope they can figure out what happened.
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Thanks Toothfairy!

This retrieval was MUCH better pain-wise than my one in Sept, which was miserably painful like nothing I ever imagined. So very happy to feel less pain this time - as I'm in meetings allllllllllll day tomorrow. Yuck.
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Sorry my mobile browser has an annoying way of double posting. Whoops.
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thanks everyone for the cheering on.

im in bed with the family reading curious george.

had a warm meal and pineapple core.

transfer was pretty easy. i had acupuncture before and afterwards.the embies are 3 day blasts.

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Go embies, go embies. S-T-I-C-K!! Stick! Woot smile.gif rest well.
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Tracy- Yay for a successful transfer!! Snuggle in little embies!

Guppy- Glad it was easier than last time! Good luck with the meetings tomorrow, boooo!
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vent..how am i going to get through all these progesterone shots? i screamed tonight. i swear it felt like.....my skin was ripping. we use heat pads and massage. just venting i guess. now i wish i was doing the suppositories like last time.OUCH!

no stress mantra..stick embies stick

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Tracy - glad everything went well. I'm a bit confused about your embryos though. By definition a blast is a 5 day old embryo. So your embryos are either 3 days old or they are blasts. There's no such thing as a 3 day blast.

How many embryos did you transfer?
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Ok ladies! Any tips for encouraging those follies to grow, grow, grow? I had two at 12 on the right and a few more that were smaller on each side, in the 4-5 range. I need these puppies to GROW! We need 4 to go to retrieval. (side rant: why do THEY get to decide the cut off for retrival ? I just want to get to retrival so that we can even know if my egg quality is even worth pursuing). Things I know to do: drink more water, increase protein, keep the abdomen warm-ish, no heavy activity. What else? Also, we started ganirelix today and last night was day 5 of stims. I really hate this roller coaster ride.
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Nieves - do you know any acupuncturists in your area that do electro-acupuncture? I've noticed that it makes a big difference for my follies when I do it (not that I need more follies - my biggest problem is having too many).
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oh..3 day...you are right..not blast just 3 day

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  sourire   3 embies that were 3 day lol

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Nievesstevens - your day 5 numbers were similar to mine on day 6 -- three measurable around 12mm. I started Ganerellix on day 8 though. By day 8 they were around 15.5-16mm and several more had caught up (or were now measurable). At my clinic "smaller" includes anything under 12mm - so I had two at day 5 that were 11.5 (my u/s tech rocks and shows me all the scans before i leave- love her!) but those two were not counted in the tottal number when the nurse called that afternoon. They're projected to grow ~2mm/day - so you can project a bit. I triggered on day 12 - and was told they can still grow some more even before O. Last time I stalled on day 11 which freaked everyone out but this time things were smoother. By day 11, I had two at 18.9 and the rest between 16.5-17.5 (with two trailers at 15) - for a total of 11 and ended up with 10 eggs. Will hear later today about fertilization results. Definitely found protein & electrolytes water helped me fight the bloat & dehydration issues and seemed to help my eggs this time (I wasn't as good at eating more protein last time and had significant bloating all along, which I didn't this time).

If nothing else acupuncture helped me relax since we're not supposed to exercise... Sigh...
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Ok not as good news as I had hoped. Only 5 of 10 fertilized. Last time 8 of 9 did. Ugh... Well let's hope those 5 are good enough to make it to day 3... (last time only 3 of 8 made it to day 3)
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Tracy: sticky wishes coming your way!
Guppy: here's hoping those 5 are fighters!
AFM: Sitting here with a warming pad, drinking a warm beverage and drinking lots of water. My moment of frustration has mostly passed, even if the nagging doubtful voices pop up here and there. Accepting that sometimes we have to hurry up and wait can be maddeningly hard to do.
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tracy, I hope your little embies find a nice place to plant themselves!


guppyluv, I hope those that did fertilize grow, grow, grow!


nieve, hope you can enjoy your restful time.


AFM, last night I got bad news.  My current job will end in June 2013. Now I need to find a new job. It takes so much work to fill out job applications. I have been at the same teaching/counseling job since 2001 so it is a major mind shift.  Filled out 4 job apps today. Hopefully some other teaching jobs will open up as "that time of year" comes into season.


We have our money saved for our IVF that is covered by my current job's insurance so we are moving forward with that in March. Changes afoot. Must relax.

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Lilacviolet: Are you planning to stay home with baby? Perhaps it is the universe opening that up for you? Sorry for you stress. I hope you find something that makes you happy. So hard to just relax and wait once the applications are in! 


Cheering all of you on!!



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Yes, I want to stay home with my baby. But I will lose my 12 weeks of accumulated paid maternity leave and my maternity benefits for insurance. To get on DH's insurance for maternity benefits we have to do it a year ahead and not have any insurance for me through another source.  I just shake my head at that. As if maternity is a "pre-existing" condition.

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nievesstevens- thanks for the support. you sound like you are doing all the right things.  keep us informed.

lilacvioletiris- thank you too. that sucks about the job. as a teacher i know the stress that goes into finding the right place. luckily i found it to be at home with my son. it is worth being frugal to stay home with him. maybe cindy is right. then again we only have my student loan to pay off.


still in bed staying warm and trying not to be controlling from the bed. my son just came into bed with beans all over is face and in need of a diaper change.

i have been having slight cramping to since the transfer. humm, i know it is not implantation because it is too soon but i wonder what medical reason would cause this. i cannot find anything online and i know lots of women experience this after a fet.

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toothfairy how are you doing?

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